Chic must be natural, otherwise it is not chic, and attempts.

Evelina Khromchenko

�� How to look like a million


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Look young, well-groomed women seek and effectively at any age. How to save a chic appearance, applying to care for a minimum of effort? The expert in the fashion world Evelina Khromchenko in interviews advises to bet on the naturalness. We decided to calculate how much it will cost the average Muscovite creating a natural way.
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Try brondirovanie or Ombre. These techniques are now popular stars in Hollywood - a painting visually gives volume even sparse hair. The effect of sun-bleached locks and regrown roots - in this part of the coloring technique. Because of this, you can go to the hairdresser every 2-3 months. Service price - from 2000 rubles.


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Natural makeup to face everything and at any age. It allows girls to emphasize the freshness and youth, older women - to demonstrate the delicate taste. When choosing makeup, give preference to Drugs at 1-2 shades darker skin, eyebrows, lips. Cost of consultation make-up artist, who will master the technique of applying natural makeup - from 1000 rubles. Try it!

 Natural Makeover

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To restore the nail plate after the building or just strengthen your nails, try Japanese manicure. This new system of nail care using only natural products. After this procedure, the nail plates are aligned, become stronger and acquire a natural shine - varnish they can not cover a month. In just a few sessions, you can restore even the most weak and damaged nails. The cost of Japanese manicure - from 700 rubles.

 Japanese manicure

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So, to look natural and well-groomed, the correct choice of the masters of Beauty can meet the sum of 3 700 rubles.

Prices for services are taken from the site to search for artists Beauty


Beegoodi . ru - It is:

  • 3000 professionals;
  • 13,500 ideas for a new way;
  • photographs of works of masters;
  • easy search wizard on the list of services;
  • the opportunity to choose the master running next to your house or office, or invite him to a house;
  • customer reviews.

It looks beautiful and expensive - just! Find your master Online!

 How to look like a million, spending 3700 rubles a month

 The world of perfumes and cosmetics

The image is made up of little things. Daily taking care of their appearance, causing high-quality cosmetics and using a nice perfume, you will surely make a good impression on others. However, in the modern variety of cosmetics easily confused. We offer a fascinating journey into the world of perfumes and cosmetics - enjoy online shopping online store

  • No queues at the ticket counter.
  • At a convenient time for you.
  • In a comfortable place.

What is in the range LaCosmetique?

Once on the store page for the first time, you may be taken aback - so diverse range presented. However, we can help you navigate a bit, telling about luxury cosmetics and selective perfumery.

Luxury cosmetics developed by leading experts. For its production using unique technologies and high-quality ingredients. Luxury cosmetics struggling with the problems of the skin, hair and nails.

Cosmetics La Mer popular even among discerning customers. Cream of this brand smooth wrinkles, moisturize the skin and restore it from the inside. The presence of algae in the composition of La Mer cosmetics can add to its membership a minimum number of conservative.

Cellcosmet cosmetics produced using the latest developments in the field of cosmetology. Experts have developed a separate line of products for the protection and revitalization of the skin and fight the signs of aging.

Cosmetic brand Medical Beauty Research offers tools designed to preserve youthful skin. There is a means for both women and men. Cosmetics for women is represented by several lines means: for aging, tired, dry and irritable skin.

Swiss cosmetics La Colline designed for delicate and at the same time effective skin care. Every cosmetic product - a unique combination of therapeutic properties of spring water, the fragrance of flowering meadows and the purity of the Alpine air, as well as the secret of your youth.

Selective perfumes created for people who appreciate the individuality and originality. It is designed for connoisseurs of perfume. Not everyone will appreciate this class of spirits.

France's l'Artisan produces a huge amount of perfumes, starting and ending with the elite spirits fresheners and fragrances. For the production of perfumes l'Artisan using natural products (flower petals, fruits and even the wood).

Amouage - bright and unique perfumes. Spirits, manufactured by the company, never confused with other flavors. All thanks to the unique combinations that are created by professionals.

Kilian - unique and exclusive perfume. Subtle scents created for true connoisseurs of perfume. Kilian Perfume bottles produced in strict black design.

Brand Escentric Molecules revolutionized the world of fragrance, opening it to the unexplored side. These spirits have the effect of pheromones that are attractive to the opposite sex.

Internet shop of perfumes and cosmetics LaCosmetique - it's cosmetics and perfumery, the quality of which was rated by hundreds of buyers!

 The world of perfumes and cosmetics

 Electronic chip for weight loss

In an effort to lose weight quickly and with minimal restrictions in the active life, many are willing to make considerable sacrifices. To prevent gastric bypass and eliminate the need for liposuction is designed an electronic chip for obesity, created by British surgeons.

The staff of Saint Anthony Hospital, located in Surrey, developed and tested the device on its 356 volunteers, including representatives of both sexes. While both bikes, swimming and expanders help strengthen the muscles of the body and get rid of already recruited kilograms, embedded under the skin in the abdomen plastic chip to prevent further accumulation in the body of excess weight.

Operation is based on the suppression of appetite, as well as the prevention of assimilation of calories. Electronic chip emits a special impetus to facilitate activation of the peptide hormone production of PYY. In turn, stimulates the hormone responsible for the feeling of satiety neurons, reducing appetite.

Prior studies suggest that the production of peptide YY positively affect athletic aerobic exercise. For their activation can be used swimming, running, or even popular simulators powerball. Created by British physician chip to a certain extent replaces the similar load, reproducing their effect on the body in the sphere of development of PYY.

In addition, the unique chip by means of pulses helps accelerate the process of digestion and excretion of food, cleaning the gastrointestinal tract without taking any drugs. An indirect effect was the activation of the pancreatic cells responsible for insulin production, as well as reducing salt intake. Thus, the chip can be useful for patients suffering from Type II diabetes, and used for prophylaxis of hypertension and atherosclerosis.

In the test the new development of the British surgeons group, members of which were reported by 15% to 30% above normal body weight, there was a steady decline in weight. And if a cure can not be called an electronic chip - fitness, swimming, exercise bikes and energyball good fit with its use, you count the loss of a fifth of the weight loss in a month when wearing the device is quite real. This is evidenced by the reports of experts and the assurance of the chip developers.

Created to help lose weight without major surgery, expensive and often dangerous operations, the chip has successfully passed the tests and preparing for subsequent certification.

 Electronic chip for weight loss