on what week it is possible to know the sex of the child


  • How to determine the sex of the baby: modern methods and science
  • Traditional methods: divination, monitoring, planning
  • To schedule a child's sex

Moms and dads are often eager to find out who they will be born - a boy or a girl. Yes, love sonny or daughter will be in any case, but curiosity, as they say, is no crime. Sometimes couples are willing to do anything to not languishing in happy anticipation. What we had to play hungry for profit individuals, offering almost from the moment of fertilization to guess who will. But when in fact it can be done? For a week, you can find out the sex of the child? And what methods will be more effective in this case? After all, you see, and you can guess on camomile.

How to determine the sex of the baby: modern methods and science

Ultrasound: go to the doctor

In fact, to say exactly child's sex can only be 12 weeks or later. Yes, it's a girl or boy - is still pawned at the conception. But there is one significant but. 8 weeks to determine anything at all possible, as in the embryo until the genitals are not differentiated. It was in this period begin to develop sexual organs: the girls - the labia and clitoris, boys - the penis and scrotum.

Even when fully formed fetus genitals, seen on the ultrasound machine floor, unfortunately, it is not always possible. Some experts argue that it can be set, and for 11 months, but the fruit should be based only on the back. Thus, the later the expectant mother wants to know this information, the higher the probability of obtaining the correct results. Therefore, it is best to contact a specialist to determine sex at 24 weeks.

It is understood that the US does not always produce a perfect result. Sometimes the baby compresses the legs, thus hiding their affiliation to a strong or weaker sex. Sometimes doctors mistaken for a penis cord, other parts of the fetal body (hands, for example).

So what conclusion? As you know, in the first trimester does not make sense to elicit information regarding the doctor sex of the baby. Ultrasound is done in order to identify whether the pathology in the development of the embryo. Re-examination would have to take place at the end of the second trimester ie week 23. By the way, at this time send an ultrasound to determine the sex of the mother and the doctors themselves can to eliminate some hereditary diseases. Such a rare disease like hemophilia, which manifests incoagulability blood, handed down from father to son.

Even at the end of the third trimester to determine who is also difficult. The fetus is too large, less mobile, so finding the right angle or forced to lie in the correct position it already does not. We'll have to just wait, when this miracle was born.

Many women are interested in another question: Does not harm future baby ultrasound. Since almost all modern devices work with pulses, the radiation does not take place. Yet often, and do not need to do these procedures uncontrollably. We go to a specialist only on prescription. Not without reason in ordinary clinics survey done only in clearly defined terms.

Chorionic villus sampling: accurately and dangerous

Typically, chorionic villus sampling is prescribed in cases where the birth of a child of a particular sex is impossible due to family illness. This procedure is done in the first trimester (7-12 weeks). With biopsy forceps (through the vagina), or a special needle (by piercing the lower abdomen) is a puncture of the uterus (takes a small amount of its contents). Results of the analysis you get after only two or three days. Accuracy is almost 99, 9%.

But to do a biopsy of the chorionic just out of curiosity to find out the sex of the child, it is not necessary. Such procedures are dangerous for the health of the pregnant woman of the fair sex, and fruit. In the future, such interference could even lead to miscarriage. It would have to decide on in the following cases:

  • If a woman over 35 years;
  • If the previous child was born with disabilities;
  • If one parent is a carrier of a chromosomal or genetic abnormalities;
  • If any visible abnormalities in fetal development.

Which complications should be prepared to women who have to resort to such procedures. So, after a biopsy may occur spontaneous abortion, heavy bleeding, hematomas occur. Often, for some time after such intervention in pregnant stomach ache, felt discomfort in the abdomen.

 how many weeks you can find out the sex of the child

Traditional methods: divination, monitoring, planning

We go to the witch, witches and prophets

As you remember, believers can not even access the ladies who possess any magical powers. But if you reject these beliefs aside, let us reflect whether the grandmother in a headscarf or a grown man with the ball to guess who you will be born.

So, imagine the office specialist that accepts pregnant women. It can accurately predict the sex of the child, using only his hands. Occasion hands over his stomach, he confidently said that the lady will be a boy. And writes it to the log, and then asked to sign on the second page. A woman leaves an autograph and money, confident that they will be born an heir.

So the husband and wife have time to buy blue sliders, cars, airplanes and other things like that. And on the day X, the light appears the girl. Enraged parents are turning to so-called the magician, to seek moral damages. But it is found that the magazine contains a girl, and my mother just did not look for that sign it.

According to this principle in the early nineties and zero working many "experts". Unfortunately, now there are girls who trust their money to fraudsters. Of course, to believe or not to believe - your business. But remember that during pregnancy, women will melt very sensitive, emotional and trusting. Well, if the magician with the floor only guesses. Poor, if it decides to take advantage of the situation to lure savings.

Determination of sex of the child at heart palpitations

It is believed that calculate the sex of the baby can be the frequency of the heartbeat. Such methods usually resorted obstetricians and gynecologists, who worked in Soviet times. Scientific studies that would confirm or disprove this theory, no. Therefore, you can try, because the damage will not do.

Apply for a stethoscope belly of a pregnant woman to be heard the heartbeat of the child. If you have counted more than 140 beats per minute, it means - it's a girl. Up to 130 - a boy. It is more difficult, if it turns out average. In this case, the probability is 50 to 50.

Observing the behavior and changes in a pregnant figure

  • Appearance

The people have long been observed that girls like to "steal" the beauty of the mother. If a woman becomes more beautiful, her eyes begin to shine, the hair is growing twice as fast, a person acquires a faint blush, then, will be a boy. However modern the fair sex is unlikely to launch themselves into such a state, when the hair is covered with a layer of fat under the eyes formed bruises, and broken nails turn into stumps. If you take care of themselves, even during pregnancy ladies look stunning.

  • Form of Belly

If you look at the back of the figure of a pregnant lady boy, you are unlikely to notice any changes. It remains in the same great shape as before conception: the graceful curves of the body and thighs did not change. But if a girl is growing in the tummy, the expectant mother becomes obese, ie much better. In fact, the figure of the fair sex is changing because of the position of the fetus. Plus, an important role is played by the very constitution of the woman, her lifestyle, diet, etc.

  • Eating Habits

Pregnant ladies tastes are always changing. And that's a fact. Some are beginning to have sharply pickles, and other day can not live without apples. It turns out that if you carefully examine their preferences, we can determine the sex of the baby. So, for example, boys require meats, baked goods, sausages and other "male" food. Bring the sweet girls. And even if in real life mom hates chocolate during pregnancy, she can only eat it.

But do not get too believe and accept this, because the behavior of the ladies are in the position can not be explained. Today, they want a strawberry, which is impossible to get at this time of the year tomorrow - fried potatoes with mushrooms. Plus, how to explain the beauties addicted to completely inedible things: earth, chalk, etc.

  • Toxemia

If a woman is sick the whole nine months so that it does not see the light of day, then - a girl. Again, blame the fair sex, say "know" people. In fact, no matter who it is growing tummy. According to statistics toxicosis occurs in 90% of cases. For those lucky women who are not faced with this, we can only envy.

By the way, note that if you are so bad that you had that day can not eat, should see a doctor for help. The fact that this symptom may indicate the presence of any pathology in fetal development. So take a complete examination as quickly as possible to pass the necessary tests. If all goes well, the doctor will prescribe you medicine to help deal with this nuisance.

 is it possible to know the sex of the baby at 12 weeks

To schedule a child's sex

  • Age gap

More recently, British researchers conducted a little experiment, during which it became clear that in couples where the wife is older than her husband, more girls are born. If the spouse is older than 5 years - boys. Again, it is not necessary to file for divorce and seek another dad, if you want a daughter. Even if it were true, there are always exceptions to the rule. Plus, explained as an active phenomenon scientists still can not.

  • Having more than one child

Have you noticed that women who gave birth to the first girls, two years later the light appears the boy, and vice versa. Thus, the smaller the age difference between the children, the higher the probability of heterosexual children. When my mom makes a break for more than 5 years, the probability of a second little girl, or shoved increases several times.

  • Date of conception

As you may remember from biology lessons, the pair will be a boy or a girl - it depends on the man, since he is the carrier of the X chromosome. If fertilization has occurred precisely the day of ovulation, the chance of his son's birth is quite high. Thus, if you want to give birth to an heir, try to calculate the middle of the cycle. However, even here there are some nuances. For example, hormonal failure may occur, which is why all the knock. So seriously in this experiment is not worth it.

Poking around on the internet and talking to new posts, you can learn a lot of new and interesting information on the definition of sex. For example, many rely on the ancient Chinese table where you want to view the value for the age of the ladies and the month when the fertilization was made. Someone has to like another, no less interesting method - vyschityvanie to update the blood. With the help of special calculations determined, whose age is older - mother or father. After analyzing the different factors that can predict the sex of the baby.

But it is worth considering whether you so need to know who you will be. Is a daughter or a son, you'll be less to love? Of course not. And toys, clothes, stroller and crib can be bought after the birth. This let them take care of Dad while Mom will still be in the hospital. Or you can choose together for the first time neutral things that fit and boys and girls.

If you still very much want to know all the details, refer to specialists. Do not give your money to anybody without health risks (both his own and the baby). Only a doctor can tell you who is in the expectant mother's tummy, and that even when using the latest equipment there is the chance of getting incorrect results.

 For a week, you can find out the sex of the child and how?