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  • Causes of bleeding
  • Actions woman with bleeding

Pregnant woman - the most restless creature in the world. This is understandable, because the woman is responsible not only for himself but also for his future baby - the most important man in her life. Future Mom listens to the slightest changes occurring in her body. Most of these fears are absolutely groundless, but in some cases cause for concern really is.

And one of those reasons are spotting in early pregnancy. Why did the early? Yes, because at high pregnancy bleeding it is clearly a serious danger signal. In the early stages, of course, also can not ignore the selection, but they do not necessarily indicate a threat to the life and health of the baby - in some cases, they are completely harmless.

Causes of bleeding

The reasons for which may appear spotting quite a lot. It goes without saying that to determine the cause in each case can only be a gynecologist. But the worst thing - is unknown, so we will tell you about the main possible reasons that can cause both spotting and excessive bleeding.

  • Implantation of the embryo into the uterus

The most innocent and the most popular reason why an expectant mother in early pregnancy spotting may occur - is the process of implementation of the fertilized egg into the uterus. This happens about the seventh day after fertilization, so often a woman even knows about her pregnancy, or had just received the news of his interesting position.

Incidentally, these spotting often mistaken for the beginning of menstruation. Such scant spotting, have a brownish color and pose no threat to either mother or child. Stops scribble on their own, within two or three days. During this period, the test has shown reliable results, so if your monthly seemed strange to you, make sure that you are not faced with this phenomenon.

  • Threat of abortion

If you know you are pregnant and have noticed spotting, but still felt a nagging pain in the abdomen, it is deeply concerned - a very high probability that you are faced with the scourge of threatened miscarriage. And most importantly, what you should do in this situation - as soon as possible to seek the help of a gynecologist.

Delay in any case impossible. Reasons that may cause rejection of the ovum, very much, but in most cases a pregnancy can be quite saved if timely start appropriate therapy. So calm down and call the brigade "first aid" - is likely to be all right. Soak for a while in the hospital, prokolyut injections prokapat dropper vitaminok will have a drink and go home expect the birth of their little long-awaited miracle. Doctors say that about one in five women admitted to the hospital to save her pregnancy at an early timing. And the kid managed to save the lives of more than 80% of all cases. Agree, the figures are very encouraging?

  • Ectopic pregnancy

In some cases, bleeding in early pregnancy may be indicative of pathological phenomena such as ectopic pregnancy. In this type of pregnancy, the fetus is fixed and begins to develop outside the uterus - for example, on its neck, ovarian, or in the peritoneal cavity, which occurs most often in the fallopian tube. Select with an ectopic pregnancy is usually not very abundant, sukrovichnye accompanied by pain in the abdomen.

Loss of time in a given situation can be very critical consequences turn, threatening the lives of women - as soon as the fetus reaches a certain size, the pipe may burst. Therefore, this can not be allowed in any case - it is necessary to remove the embryo before, to minimize harm to the health of the woman. In no event it is impossible to treat ectopic pregnancy lightly! After all, the lack of health care will inevitably lead to only one possible outcome - the death of a woman.

To diagnose a pregnancy doctor for no difficulty - enough to make most common ultrasound that will determine exactly where the fertilized egg was fixed. Incidentally, in recent years doctors practicing mandatory ultrasound early in pregnancy. This is done in order to identify possible ectopic pregnancy at the very early stages, when it is possible to save the fallopian tube.

  • Missed abortion

Missed abortion still remains poorly studied phenomenon - in most cases the doctors and can not establish the reason why the fetus stops developing. Missed abortion while proceeds without visible symptoms, eventually leading to the occurrence of bleeding. They arise from the fact that the uterus begins to reject missed first trimester fetus.

Spotting in the missed abortion very poor, brown, viscous consistency. Almost always there are pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, reminiscent of the pain during menstruation. In addition, a woman can celebrate the disappearance of the typical signs of pregnancy - morning sickness retreat, reduced earlier in the increased breast size. Of course, on the basis of only indirect evidence of such a diagnosis is not put. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination of a pregnant woman - ultrasound, blood tests for hormone levels, manual pelvic examination and only after that will confirm or refute the fact of missed abortion.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, the woman should be immediately given medical assistance - doctors clean out the uterus, the embryo is removed and the fetal membranes. If this is not done in a timely manner, can develop serious complications, up to sepsis. If the assistance will be provided in a timely manner, the woman will recover quickly and soon be able to become pregnant and have a nice healthy baby.

  • Inflammatory processes

Many people believe that the future mother is not subject to any gynecological diseases. But in fact it is in the early stages of pregnancy are activated all chronic ailments, as well as having inflammation of the reproductive system. Naturally, this period may be heavy vaginal discharge, which can sometimes have a dark yellow or brown, is mistaken for bleeding.

However, often there are additional accompanying symptoms - unpleasant odor discharge, abdominal pain, weakness, fever. It is not difficult to guess that such a state is threatening the normal course of pregnancy and the health of the future baby. Therefore, treatment should begin as soon as possible - immediately contact your doctor, who will select the optimal therapy.

It is not necessary to hope that everything goes by itself - will not work, and if you do not, run the risk of not only losing the pregnancy, but also earn a very serious health problems. You should not treat your health lightly. Especially in your situation it is not just about your health - do not forget about it!

  • Cervical erosion

Another very frequent reason for which may appear daub - a cervical erosion. And this can happen at any stage of pregnancy - both big and early. When cervical erosion bleeding itself is not - rather, there is a scribble. The cervix begins to bleed at the slightest touch to it. Botched work may begin after sex, after a pelvic exam.

Worry about it not worth it - daub poses no threat to either mother or baby, and stops by itself within a few hours. Daub in this case is very poor, similar to spotting ichor are brown. Of course, the doctor say about it at the next reception need to be more careful next time. And at the same time the doctor will decide what to do with your erosion. Yes, and her husband put in prominence - for sex poses choose those that eliminate the deep penetration of the penis. And indeed during pregnancy sex should be very careful and gentle.

During pregnancy, the treatment of cervical erosion is carried out rarely. Usually, the doctor decides to postpone the treatment for the time after the appearance of the baby and the light. By the way, as experience shows, in most cases, erosion disappears after the birth itself. While visiting the gynecologist would not hurt - prevention has never harmed nobody.

 spotting in early pregnancy

Actions woman with bleeding

So, the expectant mother went to the toilet and noticed traces of blood on the underwear. What do you do in this case? First of all calm down, because the nervous shock is unlikely to lead to anything good. Moreover - the stimulation of the nervous system will inevitably lead to heart palpitations, as a result - accelerated circulation. It is not difficult to guess that in such a situation will only worsen the bleeding.

  • Take a comfortable position

Of course, in this case, the calm is not so simple, but it is possible. First, sit back, relax, and even better to lie down. Secondly, take control of your breath - it should be smooth and deep. But not much carried away - otherwise there will glut of oxygen and as a result, you may lose consciousness.

  • Evaluate your condition

Next, you need to adequately assess his condition. Is there pain in the abdomen or lower back, what is the nature of pain, whether the head is spinning, is there any temperature - all this is very important for diagnosis. Note the number and nature of secretions - this information is also very helpful in the diagnosis of the doctor.

  • Call brigade "first aid"

Independently assess the severity of the problem you are unlikely to succeed, however, in any case, you must seek the assistance of a gynecologist. But go to the hospital alone is not desirable, even if you will have someone to accompany - you may become ill, and no one will help. It is much wiser to call the brigade "first aid".

Very often, people dismiss and prefer to get to the hospital on their own, explaining that the "first aid" have to wait long. But in most cases, we ourselves are to blame because in the call do not give a complete picture, and the controller is not able to assess the gravity of the situation.

When you call to inform the "first aid" the woman's age, the estimated duration of pregnancy, tell us about the nature of bleeding, describe all the accompanying symptoms, call your home address, explain how to get, report code lock on the porch and wait for the arrival of doctors. During standby brigade "first aid" expectant mother should observe complete physical pokoy- let it remain in krovati.Prakticheski always in such cases, doctors take away a woman to the hospital, because only there can it provide the necessary medical care. Therefore, members of the household while waiting for the arrival of doctors is necessary to pack the essentials - underwear, resembling clothes, sanitary towels, hygiene products, cup, comb.

This will save time after the arrival of the brigade "first aid".

  • Compliance with all the doctor's instructions

Unfortunately, in most cases, one can observe the same pattern - as soon as a woman gets a little better and spotting becomes so intense it begins to violate the doctor's recommendation, if not aims to get back home. However, this can not be done in any case! All activities are aimed at preserving the physician pregnancy and your task - to help physicians and not to disturb them!

The doctor said to lie? So, lie, preferably in a hospital - it is not necessary to urge home and even more so to go on their own. Yes, perhaps, the treatment helped, there is no more bleeding and even smears. But if the doctor has not found it necessary to write you home, so for good reason! Most likely, in the near future, you run the risk back to the hospital, and with heavy bleeding.

Of course, you worry for households, but believe me - to death, they will not be lost without you. And you lie, relax, gain strength - you need them, in fact bear a child is not so easy! Light your pregnancy and happy motherhood!

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