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  • Determine the sex of the baby in the hospital
  • Traditional methods of monitoring and

The emergence of a small child in the family - always joyful and long-awaited event. Perhaps all mom or dad want ka can quickly find out who they will be born: sonny, who urgently need to buy a helicopter, or bunting-daughter. Or even "twins"? Is it possible to do this in advance, so as not to languish next nine months waiting for? Of course! There are many methods to do this. Each method has both pluses and minuses.

Determine the sex of the baby in the hospital

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Determine the floor with a large percentage of probability, you can use ultrasound (briefly called ultrasound). It is best known scientific method, which is used by almost all modern inhabitants of our planet. At week 15, it is already possible to know the answer to your question. But to get a perfect result is possible only in rare cases. In what month do it better? In the 22 week ultrasound gives accurate results already.

  • Chorionic villus sampling

Another scientific method to determine the sex of the child - chorionic villus sampling. Biopsy - the most accurate, wide method. And it can be carried out starting from 6 weeks of pregnancy, of course, depending on the medical indication. Of course, such a procedure is unsafe and may cause a threat to abortion (ie abortion). The whole point of this method is to extract a special needle from a woman's uterus of the future placental cells. This procedure is not prescribed to pregnant the fair sex for the sake of curiosity.

  • Amniocentesis

Sex of the child in the early stages can be determined by amniocentesis. This modern method, which is carried out to determine genetic abnormalities. For him, the analysis of amniotic fluid is taken. In ordinary life, it is not recommended to resort to it if you have everything in order.

  • Hormonal Examination

Doctors also use a modern method of hormonal studies. The child's sex can be determined by the level of hormones contained in mother's blood. Find out who will be born, it is possible at the earliest stages of pregnancy.

 how many months you can find out the sex of the child

Traditional methods of monitoring and

  • The even-odd days

Some people believe that if the age of a mother conceiving a child, and even has been made even in the month, it means that a girl. If the age of the odd and the conception happened in odd months, also a girl. This is not only a popular belief, but also a certain pattern. But it is necessary to conceive a boy to a woman's age was an odd and even months. And vice versa.

  • Sex Life

There is another theory that was developed by scientists - is the theory of sexuality. Through numerous studies, it was found that the sex of the baby depends on the sexual activity of his dad. These experiments were carried out on animals, wherein the continuously increasing, then decreasing the activity of the male sex. The same thing happens with people. Rare sex contributes to conceive a girl, but the boy to work, forgetting about rest and recreation.

  • Statistic

Gender child can learn in advance with the help of statistics. For this method you need to know the woman's age, number of births, status and more. This option is good if the sex of a child is planned. The main role played by the mother's age. So, for example, the older a woman is, the less the likelihood that the light will be a boy. The same applies to the amount of labor: the more births, the lower the chance of conception of the future conqueror of ladies' hearts.

  • Heartbeat

Previously, even the doctors believed that the 12 weeks you can determine the sex of the baby with the help of his pulse. Pulse is 140 beats per minute above said that a girl. At the moment, this theory does not find the evidence. But, if you're interested, you can still try. Suddenly guess.

  • Food

The best-known method of planning the future of the child - the French diet. Special diet must be followed for the last menstruation cycle. Scientists have shown with 80% probability, that if before conception to avoid foods with lots of calcium, magnesium, sodium, it's a boy. So, for the planning of ideal meat, fish, seafood, bread, beans, sausage, salty foods and vegetables.

For the birth of a girl it is desirable to have spices, herbs, a bit of fish and meat, sugar, eggs, vegetables, honey, etc. So, to a baby boy, you have to eat foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium, and for the girls these minerals should be in limited quantities.

  • Ovulation

It is impossible not to mention another popular method of recognizing the sex of the child. It is calculated by the date of ovulation. This method is based on the difference between the so-called "male" and "female" sperm. The laboratory conducts medical research husband semen, semen analyzes. But, since it was not scientifically proven, this method also applies to the "amateur".

  • Blood type

Blood also affects the conception of the child. So make sure to find out what you and your husband's blood (do not forget to specify the type and Rh). As stated by some experts, if a particular group can be born a boy or a girl.

For example:

  • if the father and mother's blood group 1, then a girl.
  • if one's father and mother Group 2 - boy.
  • if one's father and mother Group 3 - a girl.
  • if one's father and mother Group 4 - girl.

It is believed that the Rh blood can also affect the baby's sex. If both parents have a positive or negative Rh factor, ie the probability that a girl. In other cases, the boy is expected.

  • Updating the blood

Another old "grandfather", but the common method, which helps to determine the sex in the early stages, - method of updating the blood. As we know, the blood of women is changing about once every three years. Representatives of the stronger sex, this process takes place every four years. Find out when there was a change of blood can be so: it is necessary to divide the mother's age of 3, and the Pope - to the number of 4. If the remainder is obtained from his father more than my mother, it's a boy. And vice versa.

Since ancient times, every woman wanted to know the sex of their unborn child. Therefore, grandmother and great-grandmother used different national methods. And if most of the sign come to pass, it attributed to the rank of symptoms. For example, the best-known method that many people use in these days - the shape of the abdomen. Round belly tells about the birth of girls, and sharp - a boy. But this is not a scientific method. Remember that doctors deny it.

Sometimes the sex of the child well-being predicts for women. It is said that when a girl is born toxicosis, but increased appetite and well-being are predicting the emergence of future Defender of the Fatherland. This method is also not confirmed by scientific research. How it happened that the lady ate everything, and she was born a beautiful daughter. So find out the sex of appetite will fail.

Many women say that the appearance of the pregnant woman can also give the floor unborn child. If the fair sex begins to lose its beauty, it is believed that the girl takes it himself. And vice versa. This method is based on the reasonable grain, since the formation of the girls spent the female hormones, which naturally affects the appearance of the mother.

I wonder what our ancestors to determine the sex of the child, referring to the power of love couple. If a man loved his wife more, it must be born a boy, and if a woman, a girl. But how many of the cases where the parents love each other equally!

But no matter what method of determining the sex of the parents choose. Yes, in today's world, a lot of choices, even in the early stages of pregnancy. The important thing is that the light will be a small miracle. The child should be loved and welcome. When you take the baby in her arms, it will not matter who it is: a boy or a girl. After all, children - is everything.

 We determine the sex of the child: the popular and scientific methods

 tan during pregnancy


  • Pregnancy and tan
  • Who and how can sunbathe: phototypes and tan
  • How sunbathing moms
  • As girls sunbathing at the position in the heat
  • How to become dark: instant tan for expectant mothers
  • The more dangerous long sunbathing
  • According to doctors about sunburn
  • How to sunbathe

In the summer, when the weather is hot and sunny weather, swimming and sunbathing wants to each person. And pregnant women who are planning to soon become mothers, and in this case is no exception. Bask on the beach on a clear day is not only pleasant, but incredibly useful. Sunny tan improves the body's immunity, and restores the nervous and endocrine systems. But despite all this, sunbathing only, provided that you comply with certain rules and, of course, not going to abuse pastime on the river or sea. Otherwise, you can earn burns.

Pregnancy and tan

Tan - is the kind of protection of the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. The cells, which gets the sun, produce melanin (this such a special pigment that changes color in a darker shade of chocolate). As mentioned above, moderate sunbathing is not only a pleasure, but also have a strengthening effect on the body of a pregnant woman. In such cases, enhanced and accelerated metabolism, improves glands, increases dramatically the amount of hemoglobin.

Blood at the same time getting enough vitamin D, and it is very important for the baby, and for most mothers. It must be remembered that, due to vitamin D, which is synthesized in direct sunlight, exclude the possibility of the emergence of rickets in children. A future mother will not be able to make a pretty serious disease, such as osteoporosis. In addition, the sun's rays have a positive effect on a woman in the doldrums, which is observed throughout pregnancy almost all. Very often tanning is called the best and most useful antidepressant. Therefore, we can safely say that pregnancy and tan are not mutually exclusive.

 pregnancy and tan

Who and how can sunbathe: phototypes and tan

Melanin is distributed differently on the skin. The fact that tan programmed at the genetic level. For example, if your parents are constantly burns in the sun, the likelihood that the same thing will happen to you raises. Therefore, it is important to know whether, in your particular case for a long time to be in the sun or not. So, there are four phototype (reaction to the sun).

  • Type one: absolutely can not sunbathe

The people of the first type (with pale skin, light eyes and hair) can get a sunburn even the slightest exposure to sunlight on the skin, and the Sun will not. They are in normal life should avoid UV. We have to wear closed clothes, use sunscreen, etc. And during pregnancy is generally better not to walk outside in the sunny and clear weather.

  • Type Two: can be carefully sunbathe

Users of the second type (with pale skin, light eyes and hair) barely get a tan, but burns easily earn. If you fall into this category, you should go to the beach in the morning and evening, to be always in the shadows, using only special creams (SPF at least 30).

  • Type Three: allowed to sunbathe

The third type includes people with dark eyes and hair and dark skin. Typically, such individuals rather quickly get a tan, but it is not excluded slight burn. Here, as in the previous case, you should observe basic rules: not to be more than 3 hours in the sun in the afternoon (from 12 to 16) is better to go to the beach.

  • Type Four: safe tan

Swarthy people with dark eyes and hair can easily tolerate direct sunlight for quite a long time. They are easy to get beautiful and even tan, while not burn in the sun. But, despite this, to 30 the lady did not look at all 50, it is better not to abuse the UV.

It turns out, as you have noticed, the higher the number of phototype, the less to be afraid of sunlight. But in the period of high solar activity can cause pregnant the ladies unwanted processes (uterine bleeding or a decrease in muscle tone). As a result - a risk of miscarriage.

How sunbathing moms

Finding the hot sun should not be long. The most optimal time for pregnant women of the fair sex - around 20 minutes, but no more. For any person (especially for a woman in the position) is very bad for a long time to be exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, the probability of occurrence and development of cancer in the skin and mucosal surfaces increases several times.

Always remember that a long tan can lead to sunstroke. If you feel unwell, dizzy, nausea appeared, immediately go to a cool place, drink cold water and be sure to call an ambulance. It is not known, as overheating could affect your child.

Many people think that the longer you are on the beach, the better. The main thing - to know that a small dose of sunlight has a positive effect on the immune system, increasing it, but her long tan sharply reduced. Plus, if you'll be too much on the sea or rivers during the hot time of the day, this love to tan can lead to dysbacteriosis and other inflammatory diseases

The next thing you should pay attention - the optimal time for sunbathing. Experts recommend to be on the beach from 8 to 10 o'clock in the evening - after 17 hours. At this time, the sun's rays are not as active influence on the human body. Pregnant women at lunch time, it is desirable to be in a cool place or just relax in the room.

All two or three hours lying on the beach is not necessary, from time to time need to swim, so as not to overheat. Do not look for that little clouds or clouds will protect from strong sunlight. Sunbathing well in the shade under an awning or umbrella. This tan is very useful for the body, and not bring him harm. Especially good are scattered rays of the sun near the water.

During the Sun, pregnant of the fair sex have to cover your chest and abdomen. Do not expose the unborn child heat. Also remember that in any case it is impossible to sleep on the beach, as it can cause severe burns. Pregnant women should choose loose clothing, as the tight helps prevent overheating and the natural cooling of the skin. You must use a hat, sunglasses, cosmetics and UVA- with UVB- filters.

 tan during pregnancy

As girls sunbathing at the position in the heat

In order to feel comfortable even on hot summer days, it is necessary to use as much of the liquid. So you can rule out dehydration, which can lead to tragic consequences. This is very dangerous for pregnant women: dehydration effect on oxytocin, which is able to trigger a premature birth.

In the summer of future moms often become swollen (especially after the first half of pregnancy), they begin to swell legs and arms. If the swelling disappear after a short rest, they are not afraid. But when such occurs, immediately seek medical attention.

By the way, eliminating from your diet in the hot season salty and spicy foods, you can reduce the risk of such troubles. Also good on sunny days often drink tea, eat fruits and vegetables, especially carrots and apples are helpful. They help to transfer heat well and neutralize the process of disintegration agents. After the beach should eat dairy products, mineral water, green tea, brew.

How to become dark: instant tan for expectant mothers

Sometimes young moms do not fully realize that they are pregnant, and continue to dream of a chocolate-colored skin. But to get a tan when you are in a position very difficult. After all, it is necessary to spend an incredible amount of time on the beaches, and prolonged exposure in the sun increases the risk of complications. Such carelessness can lead to premature delivery or miscarriage.

What to do in such a case, the fair sex, who do not want to go pale to the birth? The answer is simple - go to the store and buy a special cream. Yes nowadays instant tan can be obtained using special cosmetics. But before their application should consult with your doctor, because not all of them are safe.

The more dangerous long sunbathing

A moderate amount of sunlight is definitely beneficial to the body. For good reason, even doctors recommend to spend at least a week a year near the sea. But there are always nuances and moments when the future mums can not sunbathe. About them just need to remember the ladies who are planning to have a baby soon. Thus, the consequences may be as follows:

  • Overdrying skin sunburn. The epidermis can be lost, the body receives a lot of stress, the skin turns red. Consequences - dry skin, rapid aging, loss of elasticity. After birth, the belly will be covered with stretch marks (striae), which will not get rid of;
  • The appearance of age spots;
  • The emergence and increased chloasma. Outwardly, it looks like, to put it mildly, not very nice. A mask creams they will not succeed;
  • Dehydration, heat stroke;
  • The appearance of defects in the development of the baby;
  • Problems with the veins on the legs;
  • An increase in blood pressure, which can lead to bleeding;
  • The deterioration of the general condition. As mentioned earlier, you should always comply with the measure. Excess, like defect, never a good does not.

What might be the consequences even after the sun? As you know, even at the early stages of a woman's body suffered various changes. First and foremost this applies to hormonal changes. That is why women become nervous, aggressive, tearful and anxious for nothing. But that's not all, what may happen to the fair sex, which is in position.

Specific hormones can affect the pigmentation of the skin, forming melanin. As a result, even on the smallest of pregnancy on the face formed dark spots. But the size of their talk about the amount of time spent in the sun. The fact that develops without pigmentation of skin inflammation. And this process runs very slowly. So, if you're too much sunbathing, eventually may turn out dark freckles.

 beautiful tan during pregnancy

According to doctors about sunburn

Many doctors have a positive attitude to accept sunbathing, even if the representative of the fairer sex in the position. And basically, this is because the body gets plenty of vitamin D3. And it is certainly an excellent remedy for rickets. Moderate to find under the sun provide the body of the child adequate amounts of calcium and phosphorus.

Of course, in some cases, doctors recommend drink special medicine. But the use of this vitamin for the prevention may do more harm than good. So, for example, may occur hypervitaminosis, which would adversely affect the body of mother and child. And you and the rest, and get healthier. However, before you go to a spa, you should consult with your doctor.

How to sunbathe

From the first days do not just be a long time in the sun. Sunbathing should be slowly and gradually. This reduces the risk of burns to receive. Points, an umbrella, a hat will save from sunstroke. It is advisable to use creams against sunburn, but only those that are allowed for pregnant women. Drinks rescue from thirst and will not allow the body to get dehydrated. Do not expose the tan belly and chest.

After returning from the beach on the body and it is necessary to apply a soothing moisturizer. Sunbathing in solarium is strictly prohibited. If you follow all the above rules, sunburn will a pregnant woman and the baby only benefit the future.

 Pregnancy and tan are not mutually exclusive