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  • Sexing blood: Fact or Fiction
  • The main essence of this method
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  • How to calculate the sex of the child
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The most important and long-awaited event in the life of every woman - the birth of the baby. And if the sex of the first child may have absolutely no worry, the answer to the question, what would be the second floor, I would like to know much in advance. And in some cases, to predict. Plus, in families where there is already a boy, my mother wants to have a nice cat-daughter. And vice versa.

We now know a great number of ways to determine the sex of the baby. There are scientific methods and folk superstitions and beliefs. In this regard, a large number of modern mothers studying different literature, runs tests, compares the results in the search for truth. So let's see how we can find out who you will be born - a boy or a girl - by the method of rejuvenating blood. Some mothers say that it really gives you almost 100% result. But is it really?

Sexing blood: Fact or Fiction

What is the theory of determining the sex of the baby based on the rejuvenation of the blood? As experts say, each person over time there is a process of renovation of the mucous tissue and the blood itself. In this case each floor, these different intervals. So, for example, a woman's blood rejuvenation is held once in three years, but the men only 1 time in 4 years. In fairness it should be noted that this method does not apply to scientific methods, and therefore the accuracy of the result can not be guaranteed. Its effectiveness, according to scientists, is only about 2%.

 find out the sex of the child to update the blood

The main essence of this method

A method of determining the sex of the baby to update the blood may first seem completely reasonable and quite interesting. A large number of researchers have concluded that once a few years, human blood is completely updated. So, to find out who will be born to moms - girl or boy - it is necessary to find out, as they say in the test, from whom the blood of the parents changed later. In that case, if the blood of mothers is much younger than my father, it is born, most likely girl. Conversely, if the blood parents went update later, it will be a boy.

Features Pack of blood

As mentioned earlier, the rejuvenation of the blood of women held only every three years, for men - four times. But despite this, the blood can be updated and completely in other circumstances. Therefore, if you decide to find out the sex of your baby, be sure to write down on a piece of paper, whether you or your husband is, that could contribute to the upgrade. For example, this is:

  • during a blood transfusion;
  • while giving blood transfusion at the stations;
  • in the case of large blood loss during delivery, operations, abortions, injuries, miscarriages, and so on.

Do not forget that all these factors it is necessary to take into account when calculating. This is to ensure that the result will determine the sex of the tiny creature using the method of rejuvenating the blood was more reliable. That is why it is necessary to make payment from the day when the event occurred, which led to the renewal.

In addition, the calculated floor and blood group. Rh factor expectant mother, too, is of great importance in determining the sex of your unborn baby. If the mother Rh negative, then the floor crumbs will depend on whose blood has changed before.

How to calculate the sex of the child

In order to find out who you will be born - the next boy or girl - it is necessary to use all the data that are based on the cyclical rejuvenation of the blood of men and women (depending on the exact date of birth). It does the calculations based on the exact age of the prospective parents at the time of conception. In this age of the Pope should be divided by 4, and the age of the mother - to 3, with 4 and 3 - update periods of blood in men and women.

Let's take a closer look at how you can determine the sex of the baby, of course, using the update method of blood. So, who will be born in men aged 30 years and women 28 years old? Age mom divide by three. As a result, we get 9 3. Age of Pope divide by four, the result is a 7, 5.

In this case, taking into account the rest of the figures obtained: age dad - 5, which is much more than the age of the mother - 3. Therefore, a woman much younger than the blood that may indicate that the light is likely to appear the girl. But to accurately predict the sex of the child is unlikely to succeed.

Another more complex and interesting example. In the event that the remains will be equal to zero, they can be born twins, or twins. Mother - 24 years. Father - 28 years. Equal to 24/3 8 28/4 equal to 7. seriously this should be the case, if such kind have been cases.

 girl or boy on the Blood

How to plan the birth of a boy or girl?

Date of birthday father - in 1983, and his mother - 1987. Then we take the average age at which some of the fair sex are planning to have a baby - 20 years. Therefore, the man blood is rejuvenated in 2003 and then in 2007. In the case of conception in the period from 2003 to 2007, the light is likely to appear boy. In the period 2008-2011, the female fetuses. In 2011, the blood of the mother and father refreshed so the light this year may appear twins. Gender twins impossible to guess this method.

Of course, sex determination of the child (using the method updates the blood) is subjected to enormous criticism and debate. After all, if there was really a rejuvenation of blood due to its blood transfusion, then what? And if the couple were born in the same year? Then how to make all the calculations to get the exact result?

The question arises whether there is a likelihood of a successful prediction by the method of rejuvenating blood? As mentioned earlier, one can not 100% guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the method. So, this forecast realistic ranges from 68 to 88 percent. However, some sources are fully assured that the way to 50 percent truthful. In addition, the lower the difference in the calculation, the lower the accuracy of the result. Therefore, if you want to know the sex of the child, you have yet to try a more serious options. For example, ultrasound.

We know the sex of the child's blood group

It is believed that the blood group can determine the sex of the unborn child. For this test and should not be taken too seriously, since it gives only a fifty percent result. After all, science has not yet proved as it may affect the way that, for example, a boy was born.

So, if Mom and Dad blood belongs to the first group, the chance that the parents will be a girl, is high. The same applies to the second group. The fair sex it somehow like. But the boy is born, if the partners or 3rd 4th. Will my daughter, if the Pope refers to the blood group 2, and my mother - in the 4th group. If the Pope in this case will be the 1st or 3rd, wait a daughter.

But before you start to count, think about why you are so important to know the sex of the unborn child. If you are a boy, you'll be less to love him? Or do you need just the heir and daughter become a burden? Nowadays, gender identity is not so important. The girl - a mother's joy, the assistant and the closest person. The boy will be the defense earner.

By the way, that's why in the eastern countries it is forbidden to go to the US in order to find out the sex of the child. After the boy for them - the best thing that can happen. And from the fairer sex ladies trying to get rid of. But, as experts foresee, the situation will soon change when women will be sorely missed. And then the sex of the child will be not so important.

 Boy or girl: determine the sex of a baby

 green tea during pregnancy


  • Useful than green tea?
  • Why doctors do not recommend pregnant women to drink green tea?
  • Green tea - the enemy of folic acid
  • Green tea provokes a lack of iron
  • What are the benefits of green tea
  • Vitamin and healthful green tea
  • How to monitor your health

With the advent of a new life in a woman's life and her habits are turned upside down. At once there is an infinite number of questions that can be done and what can not. Interviewed doctors, girlfriends, mothers, friends, monitor Internet. All this is done in order to create a new map of the world, a new understanding. Completely changing the rhythm and the quality of life of women. More recently, a beauty ran on thin heels and most expensive cigarettes smoked, and today she walks in soft slippers and drinking only milk.

Review and reassessment amenable daily meals. So many things have to eat, despite his dislike of many dishes. And so many things previously impossible to become a favorite. There are products, whose number should be increased during cooking, and some even need to explicitly remove from the diet. Something doctors unanimously advised to consume in unlimited quantities, and something unanimously prohibited. Listen medical or not - the choice is a woman who is waiting for the baby.

But what about the products, the ratio of which is ambiguous? After all, there is a separate category, which is taken as a panacea, it is considered the number one enemy for the female body. So, for example, during pregnancy, in the ambiguous category of products falls green tea. Despite the fact that this drink, it would seem, is not the main dish on the menu, but that's what the woman is drinking, it depends on the health and condition of the fetus. After baby body is 90% water. There are already on the quality and quantity of liquids should worry. Therefore, many of the fair sex often asked whether it is possible to drink green tea if you are in position.

Useful than green tea?

Green tea has long been considered an absolute cure. The composition of this beverage may be found amino acids, vitamins (A, C, K, B1, B2, B9, B12 and PP), proteins and essential oils. By law, it is considered a treasury and a fount of useful minerals. For women, green tea - a unique drink that gives eternal youth and beauty. And many ladies he conquered the hearts of his invigorating and healing properties.

So why during pregnancy, this miracle drink gets into the zone of questionable products? What is there a downside? And most importantly, to drink or not to drink green tea during pregnancy? What this drink does more: benefit or harm? What are the pros and cons of what is its use? Let us consider in detail all the aspects that make the final decision and act for the benefit of the growing baby.

 whether it is possible for pregnant green tea

Why doctors do not recommend pregnant women to drink green tea?

Recently, in newspapers and magazines wrote that green tea during pregnancy should not drink. The acclaimed study of the Spanish University of Murcia, during which revealed negative effects and negative effects of drink on a woman's body, questioned any healing properties. It turns out that green tea during pregnancy may be harmful. So what's wrong with getting drenched with boiling water brew?

It's all about caffeine. It is known to be a potent stimulant that can have a negative impact on the general state of the expectant mother. It provokes a rapid heartbeat and increases the pressure. Yes, the caffeine in green tea is not as much as in the coffee. But the small number does not interfere to create a zone of risk, especially during the end of the first and second trimesters. Keep in mind that caffeine increases the risk of slowing down the formation of the fetus and causes miscarriage it.

If the representative of the fairer sex - passionate lover of green tea, then she should take during pregnancy, the quantity under control. The dose, which is recommended by doctors - 200 mg per day. But it is necessary to consider all the caffeine enters the body. This chocolate, black tea, and cocoa, and, of course, coffee. Therefore, green tea daily dose should not exceed two cups.

But you need to limit yourself to not only during pregnancy but also for some time after. During lactation should also observe the norm, because lead to impairment of excess caffeine in the milk, which, in turn. It can greatly affect health and impact on the tranquility of the baby.

Green tea - the enemy of folic acid

It is well known that folic acid is very important in the early stages of the fetus. Its deficiency can lead to dangerous consequences. And it was after the Spanish university studies around the world have begun to doubt whether it is possible to drink during pregnancy green tea. Scientists analyzed the survey data, said that green tea prevents the absorption of folic acid during pregnancy. This also applies to the assimilation preparations in which it is contained. Violation of this operation and the suppression of acid in the body can cause defects in the spinal cord.

But there are experts and scientists who refute these allegations, accusing the Spanish doctors in research malfunctioning and not particularly deep analysis. Therefore, within the framework of security still is to keep the number of drunk tea (and green, and black) under control.

 pregnant women can drink green tea

Green tea provokes a lack of iron

Among the opponents of the use of green tea during pregnancy, as it turns out, there are doctors and experts who have warned about the difficulties of assimilation of iron from food. This, as is known, can result in anemia. Therefore, experts recommend not to drink tea immediately after a meal or during, and wait twenty or thirty minutes. The ideal time between meals and drinking tea - 40 minutes. But who will endure the 40 minutes before and 40 minutes after? While this time period allows you to keep all the vitamins and acids, received during the meal.

To summarize all of what is said, it is important to note that the categorical ban on the use of green tea during pregnancy is not. As always, it is important to observe the golden mean and know around the measure, and most importantly, consult your doctor, who can assess your individual situation and give accurate advice.

What are the benefits of green tea

To be fair and beneficial properties of green tea, for which the fair sex, so it is loved. And this, of course, and his taste, and the opportunity to make great drinks (both refreshing and warming). Green tea can be to mix and match with honey, ginger, milk, mint and lemon. And enjoy the pleasant moments of bliss taste.

Green tea - thirsty enemy number one. You can drink it during the day (but not in any way during or after a meal), a bit of sugar with a teaspoon of honey. It was a bit of sugar, as Honey should not be dissolved in boiling water. In this state, it becomes poison. And do not spoil the drink with sugar.

Vitamin and healthful green tea

Green tea contains an incredible amount of nutrients, so necessary for pregnant women. This zinc, and magnesium, and calcium, and iron, as well as many other important elements. He has a truly magical properties. Drink improves the condition of pregnant women of the fair sex in toxicosis.

During the period of gestation can not resort to the help of antibiotics. In this situation, green tea - one immune pregnant women. Due to its properties, it fights infections, inflammatory processes, and strengthens overall health.

Green tea - source of calcium. And the bones and teeth - the weakest point of all pregnant women. Many complain of the fair sex that after giving birth to constantly visit the dentist. Drink strengthens bones and solves many dental problems. Thanks tannins contained in tea reduced the risk of developing periodontal disease.

This drink is also contributes to improving the functioning of the brain. Tea invigorates, banishes drowsiness, improves memory and attention. Green tea under the power and control of blood pressure, as well as strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reducing their permeability. Tea protects the fetus from free radicals and other harmful substances.

How to monitor your health

During pregnancy, women try to eat more abundant and more, which in turn leads to an increase in cholesterol. And this fact affects the increase in blood pressure and causes the risk of obesity in children. Green tea is known for its properties of controlling cholesterol levels and pressure. It allows you to keep all records in the state standards.

Women during pregnancy can raise the level of blood sugar. This could trigger the development of diabetes in children. Control and reduce the level of sugar in the blood - this problem is also the power of green tea. This property (the stabilization of the sugar) has been proved. And the drink is advised to take all the women who are at risk.

Unfortunately, many women are accompanied by swelling during pregnancy. Green tea is able to deal with intoxication and is a strong diuretic. The use of this drink promotes the excretion of excess water from the body and facilitate the general condition.

The benefits of green tea can talk endlessly. How many centuries ago, and for many centuries in the future, it will exalt and worship. Its dangers and now continue to argue and conduct research, made presentations on this topic. But you first have to listen to it himself. And then you can answer your own question: whether green tea pregnant. After all, each person's body reacts differently to the same substance. And, of course, is always to comply with the norm.

 Harmful if green tea for pregnant women?