advice to girls who want to conceive a child

You decide to have a baby and already can not wait, when will this long-awaited moment? But there is one "but" to wait and nobody knows how much. To speed up this point I suggest you read the recommendations of experienced people in this business - gynecologists.

Medical exam

Before you start "to have children" pass a medical examination. Drink a course of vitamins, but first check with your doctor what vitamins are right for you. If you have a health problem, your doctor should monitor their pre-pregnancy. Just visit the gym, go to the bookstore and buy some books and visit the dentist.

Monitor your cycle

You need to know your cycle and a good day for conception. Ovulation - this is the best time to fertilize. You can take advantage of special sets are sold in a pharmacy, they will inform you of the occurrence of ovulation. Usually, those girls who cycle lasts 28 days, ovulation occurs on day 14, but did not exclude any individual differences.

If you are taking birth control, then after giving them the first time, you can not keep track of ovulation. A few years ago it was believed that if a woman takes the pill, after the rejection of them must go through a certain number of times to get pregnant. Today, you can think of conceiving a child right away, as soon as finish the oral contraceptives.

Do not look for the "correct" posture for conception

There are many myths about what this or that posture accelerate the process of conception, but the evidence that the missionary position is better suited than when the girl on top, no. So everything depends on your fantasy!

Surely you've heard this advice - to lie down after sex with your feet up? It is also a myth! Lie down after sex is 10-15 minutes, but there is no need to lift up the legs, since the position of the pelvis does not change. Soak quietly 10-15 minutes at this position probably sperm gets into the cervix.

No need to overdo it

Regular sex during ovulation does not mean that you have a chance of becoming pregnant increases. With frequent ejaculation male sperm loses its value. In fact, having sex every night, you double your chances, since sperm remain active for 72 hours.

To ensure that the quality of sperm in men was good, do not often go to the sauna, wear too tight clothes and wear a cell phone in the genital area.

Relieves stress

If you will constantly be in a state of stress due to the attempts of conception, it can affect ovulation. Also, stress can cause sexual dysfunction in men, and the fear of the possibility of failure. Therefore, use all possible ways to relax.

Stick to a healthy lifestyle

Attend sports, but do not overdo it. It is proved that training for 7 days at 40-45 minutes lead to problems with ovulation. Therefore it is better to reduce the level of exercise intensity. The most optimal option for you - it's walking or aerobic exercises for 30 minutes.

Just do not forget about healthy eating and diet to help conceive a child quickly. If you smoke, you will certainly need to throw the habit, nicotine reduces your fertility.

85% of women may conceive within the first year of trying. If you do not enter a number, then you need to see a doctor. And women older than 35 years should consult a doctor after 6 months of trying conception.

If you have neither the time not wanting to tips and tricks, and you want to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby, it is recommended that the best book in the field "How to get pregnant."

 Tips for women who want to conceive a child soon

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 pigmentation during pregnancy


  • Why are there dark spots?
  • How does the pigmentation during pregnancy?
  • How to deal with pigment spots?
  • What if chloasma persists after birth?

Pregnancy - a time of difficult restructuring of the female organism. During this period, the very hormonal disruptions, malfunctions of internal organs and other troubles, which have compounded unimportant environmental conditions, lack of vitamins, especially vitamin C, the experiences of the future baby and stress.

Under the influence of these factors on the face of the future mother sometimes appear rather large dark spots (or, as they are called, chloasma). They are called "the mask of pregnancy." This pigmentation is often a purely aesthetic problem, it is harmless to the health of both the pregnant woman of the fair sex and the baby. And pass the defect within a few months after birth, yet the appearance of unsightly spots on the skin of the face and body of the pregnant woman can and should be prevented.

 pigmentation in pregnancy

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Why are there dark spots?

Leather woman's face (and not just during pregnancy) has a very thin protective layer, and is constantly experiencing additional stress caused by makeup. In pregnancy sharply increases the production of various hormones which are responsible for childbirth, in particular, epinephrine. At the same time, the production of hormones, non-child-bearing is greatly reduced. Acid-base and water-salt balance of the body change.

Begin to work differently adrenal glands, resulting in the blood of the fair sex raises levels of hormones of the adrenal cortex. Contrary to popular belief, the male sex hormones do not have to do with it. Produces less collagen, responsible for skin elasticity. Because vitamin deficiency, facial skin is dehydrated and becomes not quite healthy.

Scientists is no unequivocal opinion about the fact that as a prerequisite for the appearance of age spots. But among the main reasons are the following:

  • Deep hormonal changes.
  • Hereditary tendency to age spots.
  • Lack of vitamin C.

All this contributes to a more active production of melanin (from the Greek. Μελανος - «black») - natural dark pigment contained in the hair, skin, retina and other tissues of the body. He always behaves in such situations of imbalance in the body to form on the skin pigmentation spots. This production of melanin and causes chloasma.

The notion that the formation of pigment spots associated with metabolic disorders, and excessive production of hormones, is confirmed by the fact that the appearance of chloasma in women with liver disease (chronic viral hepatitis, cirrhosis), genitals (adnexitis, endometritis, etc.), As well from using oral contraceptives.

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How does the pigmentation during pregnancy?

Changes in the skin of the body in women prone to pigmentation occur at the earliest stages of pregnancy. During the first two months darken peripapillary circles. By the end of the first trimester may also darken the navel, is formed flat or curved brown stripe below it, sometimes changing the color of the skin on the inner thighs, nipples darken, the body, new moles and freckles become brighter available. Separately should be said about the pigmentation of nipples. In nulliparous and non-pregnant women the color of pale pink nipples. Pregnancy changes it to brown, and it is usually postpartum for life remains the same.

Facial pigmentation during pregnancy has the form of a fairly large light-brown spots on the cheeks, around the mouth and nose, forehead. They usually disappear within 3-4 months after birth. The size of chloasma are different. Sometimes, their diameter is less than 1 cm in diameter, and sometimes one lentigo takes a whole vast area of ​​the face. They are located mostly on the forehead, upper lip, cheeks, bridge of the nose. The chin and eyelids are usually not painted. No unpleasant sensations (itching, pain) occurrence chloasma causes. However, they bring women more psychological distress.

 pigmentation treatment during pregnancy
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How to deal with pigment spots?

The first and most important condition - the observance of proper diet, especially if there are abnormalities in the liver, kidneys and spleen. The menu must be present fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereals, fish. The consumption of meat, as well as any heavy and fatty foods should be minimized: it creates an additional burden on the liver and thus provokes pigmentation. The same can be said of the strong tea and coffee.

Best of all, if during pregnancy on the table are dishes, steamed - it will ease their digestion. You should not abuse the salt and sugar. Food should not cause allergies. It is necessary to take vitamins A, C, E, folic acid, help to keep the skin in good condition. They must be ingested in pregnant women not only in the multivitamins, but in the form of green, cabbage, beet, carrot, spinach, oils, liver. Vitamin C is particularly rich broth hips, apple, black currant, sauerkraut, citrus.

The second requirement, which is to be observed during pregnancy are active walking outdoors. They help normalize the metabolism and accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body, prevents the appearance of age spots. Very useful exercises for pregnant women. It helps to improve blood flow, and thereby maintain a good complexion. During the motor activity also accelerated collagen synthesis and processes of cell division, which can not but affect the condition of the skin well.

If you still pigmentation should apply natural moisturizing and whitening mask. To do this well will approach the same fruits and vegetables: strawberries, cucumber, grapefruit. Successfully fighting pigmentation and masks based on yogurt, sour cream or yogurt. You can try a proven "granny" methods:

  • apply a little yogurt on pigmented skin, hold for 15 minutes, then rinse with water, preferably boiled;
  • chopped cucumber, put on the spots, rinse with cool water after 20 minutes;
  • prepare a paste of fresh parsley, leave on face about half an hour;
  • ½ pepper grate, glass or plastic (not only on the metal: metal contributes to the destruction of vitamin C, which many in the pepper which is so necessary and pigmented skin). The resulting mass is put on a thick layer of pigmented spots on the half hour. Rinse with cool water and rub the face with a nourishing cream;
  • mask in the form of puree from fresh berries (pureed strawberries, strawberries, cranberries, red currant);
  • Mask of honey, melted water and peeled pumpkin seeds, which should be applied to dark spots on a daily basis for about half an hour.

Of course, all these methods are suitable for those who do not have allergic reactions to these products. BLEACH cosmetics manufacturing at this time should not be abused, even if during pregnancy there is a strong pigmentation. Any salon beauty treatments for the skin and is best done only after consulting your doctor.

And should refrain from sunburn, especially from the solarium. Generally in the sun have to happen less: an excessive amount of ultraviolet rays triggers the production of melanin. If sun exposure is still unavoidable, the skin be sure to use sunscreen with a high protection factor. Best current means for protecting the skin from the sun pregnant - cream with inorganic filters titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It is harmless allergenic substances do not penetrate into the skin and perfectly reflecting the ultraviolet rays. Such cosmetics should be used not only during pregnancy. Otherwise, there will be also pigmentation, and wrinkles.

It is necessary to avoid any skin contact with the unknown, or harmful chemicals that can trigger the development of pigmentation. Do not get involved beauty treatments, especially using synthetic cosmetic products, and even more so unsafe procedures such as chemical peels. During pregnancy, generally better stop use aggressive substances, or pigmentation, and other problems can not keep you waiting.

Used cosmetic products must be proven, high-quality and always hypoallergenic. It is better if they are from the children's series. In medical and decorative cosmetics should not contain substances that increase sensitivity to UV radiation: oils of orange, bergamot, cinnamon, licorice, lavender, extracts of clover and St. John's wort. It is necessary to monitor the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, especially when there are chronic problems with the digestive system. The bowels should be emptied regularly, ideally - on a daily basis, is unacceptable occurrence of constipation.

 pigmentation treatment in pregnancy
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What if chloasma persists after birth?

In some cases, this is really happening: pigmentation after pregnancy remains. The fact that dark spots may "lie" of the skin at different depths. If the melanocytes (cells which produce melanin) located only in the surface of its layer (epidermis), the chloasma disappear fairly quickly and without assistance. If melanin penetrated beneath the epidermis, and the dermis even (connective tissue below the epidermis box), in this case, the fight would be difficult pigmentation. In addition to the mentioned folk remedies that are necessary to continue to use, the following treatment options:

  • The use of bleaching creams. However, while breast-feeding to the bleaching cream should be treated with great caution. Some of them may contain substances that penetrate into breast milk and is very harmful to the baby's health, and most mothers: arbutin, hydroquinone, bismuth salts, and even mercury compounds. The cream may be applied on clean skin twice a day for 1-3 months. It acts selectively, bleaching pigmented areas without affecting the surrounding skin.
  • The procedures in beauty salons. Masters Estheticians whiten dark spots using masks of salicylic acid and concoctions; Oxy-stimulating procedures in which the skin is saturated with oxygen and cleared of accumulated toxins; deep cleaning 20-60% glycolic acid and others.
  • To eliminate the existing age spots and prevent the emergence of new physician may prescribe drugs and in the form of tablets or injections: ascorbic acid, calcium pantothenate, nicotinic acid, methionine, vitamin B 2 - As well as bleaching and exfoliating ointment.
  • In the most serious cases, you can resort to abrasive removal of pigmented spots (gradual removal of the top layer of the skin smallest jets sandy crumbs) or laser treatment - the so-called selective photothermolysis. In this procedure, ultrashort laser pulses strictly selective, acupressure on melanocytes - the skin cells that produce melatonin, destroying them without harming surrounding tissue. Pigmented spots "burned" on the depth, as a result melanin is removed from it and it is clarified.

However, this treatment has a number of serious contraindications, such as diseases of the blood and the blood, AIDS and HIV, epilepsy, cancer, held prior chemotherapy, acute infectious diseases, and others. Therefore, before starting treatment need to make an informed decision about the appropriateness of his conduct Of course, after consulting with your doctor.

 How to deal with pigmentation moms