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  • Safe sleeping posture during pregnancy
  • Use pillows to sleep safe and healthy pregnancy

Strong enough sleep - a mandatory component of everyone's health. But for pregnant women, this question is particularly relevant because the body is working in emergency mode. From the first weeks of pregnancy, a woman feels increased tiredness and fatigue. That is why rest is so important for the future moms. It is believed that the pregnancy - a rare period in a woman's life when the time belongs only to her, the right amount of sleep hours, a good rest and good quality food. But just this "sweet time" have trouble sleeping. Palpitations, increased anxiety, digestive disorders - all this is a barrier for a good rest.

Insomnia, chronic sleep deprivation can cause various diseases, such as the future of the baby and of the mother. To dream the woman was calm and not to harm the future of the baby, you should choose a safe stance. What is the best position for sleeping during pregnancy? This issue requires detailed consideration, taking into account all the physiological features of the "interesting situation."

 comfortable posture of sleep during pregnancy
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Safe sleeping posture during pregnancy

In early pregnancy, the expectant mother can take any posture for sleep without harm to the fetus. Up to 12 weeks of the uterus to embryo are within the pelvis. This means that sleeping on the stomach is safe. The only discomfort may cause the breast, the sensitivity is increased significantly.

At 5-7 months of pregnancy on the abdomen, you should not sleep so as not to traumatize the child. The embryo is protected amniotic fluid, but even this fact does not exclude the risk of damage to the fetus of a pregnant heavy weight. In the end, my mother and most uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach, which has increased markedly.

Pose on the back will not interfere with sleep during the first trimester. But with the increase in the period and an increase in the abdomen, pose on the back will also have to be sacrificed. The fact that, after 26 weeks appears syndrome pressure on the inferior vena cava. This means that the already heavy fruit with water under pressure in the intestines and the vena cava, which impedes blood circulation and oxygen supply of the child. The child may be hypoxia - lack of oxygen. On his own discomfort and the baby can "declare", starting to push too. In this case, it is necessary to change position, turning on its side.

At most moms can be dizziness, heart palpitations, lower pressure, difficulty breathing, poor circulation of the internal organs, the aggravation of hemorrhoids. The latter can be a serious problem, especially in the last stages. Aggravation of hemorrhoids and the difficulties with a chair harmful to pregnant women, as the accumulation of toxins in the body is very detrimental effect on the fetus.

The most secure posture, beneficial effect on the restful sleep is the position on the left side . It is in this position, circulation takes place fully, since the blood circulation is not obstructed. So the mother and baby are getting enough oxygen. A bed on the left side is preferable because there is no pressure on the liver, which is located on the right. After sleeping on his side, no pains in the back and the pelvis.

But these rules are unambiguous at the right position in the uterus. When transverse position of the fetus, it is recommended to sleep on the side where the baby's head. If there is a breech presentation of the fetus, it is necessary to roll from side to side 3-4 times per night.

 safe sleeping position during pregnancy
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Use pillows to sleep safe and healthy pregnancy

For a woman accustomed to sleeping on his right side, back or stomach, it is difficult to accustom myself to sleep in the right position. And lovers to sleep on your left side during pregnancy will still feel uncomfortable because of the large belly. For pregnant women there is a great alternative to maintain a healthy sleep while maximizing comfort by means of pillows.

For convenience, take the right posture during sleep, take a few pillows. The pads must be soft enough to take the desired shape. A pillow placed under the belly, the other - between the knees. If the posture of sleep is the left side, it's good to bend the right leg and the left - pull. You can additionally put a cushion under the lower back, it will facilitate the situation.

On sale there are special pillows for pregnant women that their shape is repeated anatomical contours of the abdomen expectant mother. These pillows are in the form of a horseshoe and inside filled with polystyrene. With the help of these pregnant women can comfortably lie down and secure a peaceful sleep. These practical products can then be used to feed the child.

If you can not buy a special pillow, you can sew it. It should be long 1800 - 2000 cm in girth 30 - 50 cm. Cover the pillow can be made of cotton, the nitty zipper for easy removal. The pillow is filled with polystyrene beads inside and firmly sewn. Fill the pillow should not be tight, to make it soft and comfortable.

For the health of the pregnant woman - most importantly a good rest and sleep. Therefore, if the expectant mother is difficult to sleep in the "correct" position, it is necessary not to stop the search for other suitable options. During pregnancy, a good mom always feel your baby and find the correct position, so that she and the baby was fine.

 Safe sleep during pregnancy

 date of birth date of conception


  • What is the lunar cycle
  • Check the time on the day of fertilization

Each representative of the fair sex, which is going to become a mother is experiencing a natural emotion. She thinks a lot about the health of the unborn child, about his upcoming birth of possible complications and so on. In general, the reasons for concern mass. But do not get hung up on the negative - much more useful and more important at this time to think about yourself and tune in a positive way.

For example, you can answer the one of the frequently asked questions of interest to any parent: when the light will be our baby? To know the exact date, there are several methods, namely:

  • determining a possible date of delivery on the day of ovulation and conception date
  • during the inspection at the gynecologist
  • focusing on the last month
  • based on ultrasound

In some cases, such as a later date, the determination of the future date of birth has its own nuances. We want to dwell on that, how to calculate the day of the birth date of the child's conception.

What is the lunar cycle

Before you can use the method of determining the date (note approximate) delivery of conception, it is necessary to know exactly what day you become pregnant. For this there is a lunar calendar, developed in the mid-19th century Hungarian professor in tandem with a psychologist from the Czech Republic. Surveyed 30,000 women and based on statistical data, scientists have deduced his own theory, which reveals the secret of how to be calculated the date of fertilization, that is conception. To find out the day quite difficult, but not impossible, as we know, no.

According to their observations, in addition to the normal menstrual cycle in women, there is another, the name of which the moon. It directly depends on the phase of the moon. The decisive step is the one month that was when a lady born. From that moment being a direct readout of the lunar cycle. It turns out that the best time to conceive a child - just the moon phase is independent of the female menstrual cycle and the time when fertilization occurred. For example, if you were born on the full moon, the Lifelong most favorable for conception will be periods of full moon and two days before them. However, the monthly cycle plays no role. Followers of this method is recommended when planning a child, not only to take into account the day of ovulation, but also to focus on your moon phase.

However, in fairness, it should be noted that the official medicine to such a method is very skeptical. It is unlikely that your local gynecologist to take seriously such a calculation. But if you really really can not wait to take this method is adopted, then why not take the lunar cycle into service? As they say, the child would not play ...

 determining the date of birth date of conception

Check the time on the day of fertilization

Determine what is the expected date of delivery, based on the conception of the day - not such a difficult process, as it may seem to some at first glance. Everyone knows that a woman's body is capable of fertilization only at the time of ovulation, that is, when ripe "ready" egg leaves the ovary. The menstrual cycle lasts an average of 28-to 35 calendar days, right in the middle of this period and ovulation. Therefore, if you know its exact date, it can easily predict the approximate date of delivery.

Many of the fair sex feel the period of ovulation. This period is characterized by pain, "pricking" sensation in the abdomen, may appear heavy vaginal discharge, some even bloody, increased libido. Most women complain of increased (37-37, 5 degrees) body temperature and sweating. Determine the day of ovulation is also possible with the help of ultrasound.

But how do you know the period when the baby will be in this world, if you do not have an exact idea of ​​when she was ovulating? To do this, you should calculate the middle of the menstrual cycle and add to it 280 days. In this case, you will be able to calculate the possible delivery date based on the date of conception. Let's say the fair half of mankind monthly cycle lasts 28 days, then ovulation occurs in the second week, which is the twelfth to the fourteenth day. It is from this point, and should start the calculation.

Now add to the intended date of fertilization ten lunar months - you get an approximate date of birth. Determination of the final possible date of intercourse. This option is much more reliable, especially when sexual relations have been isolated in the last cycle period. But do not forget that fertilization can occur are not necessarily at the time of sexual union - otherwise the payment will be unreliable.

Spermatozoa "live" ladies body for several days, so if, for example, on the tenth day of the cycle occurred unprotected relationship, ovulation and therefore conception would happen to the twelfth or thirteenth day. Calculate the expected date of birth of the future, based on the date of conception, from the moment of the release of "finished" egg from his "refuge." Only such a settlement will help to more accurately know when the expected appearance of the expected date of birth crumbs.

However, at this conventional method of calculation of the expected date of birth has its disadvantages. More precisely - one very significant drawback - it is absolutely not suitable for those women whose menstrual cycle is unstable. Moreover, the greater the instability, the greater the error in the date of delivery.

Keep in mind that on the date of occurrence of the child may be affected very much. It all depends on the health of mothers, physical data, fetal status and other individual factors. Did you know that doctors isolated a number of factors affecting the date of birth? For example:

  • Increased uterine tone
  • Hypertensive heart disease mother
  • Iron-deficiency anemia
  • Toxicosis second half of pregnancy
  • Malnutrition expectant mother

In the end, even the common cold can affect the baby's appearance day. As the saying goes, man proposes and God disposes. Therefore, no matter what method you use, be aware that the timing of the appearance of a baby in this world that you have calculated is approximate. So is it worth spending a careful calculation, to experience, trying in vain to determine the day, time to waste? Anyway, no one but the kid is not a precise timetable. Even for doctors the precise definition of the date of birth is not under force. Just be prepared for the event in advance and adjusts only positive emotions.

 Date of birth Date of conception: Myth or Reality?

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