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  • Treatment of missed abortion
  • Why could happen fading
  • How is the fading of the fetus
  • Planning pregnancy after missed abortion
  • Tests and examinations after fading

For every woman having a baby - it's an event which has been waiting for it eagerly, immediately comes up with the name and prepares together with the Pope dowry. Kids make a person happier, kinder and more mature. Always this must be approached responsibly phased properly plan everything - only if you provide comfort yourself and your kids. But sometimes it can happen and unpredictable situation, which is best approached seriously and wisely.

Missed abortion - is one of the most unpleasant diseases for women, it is a pathology in which a fetus is not formed immediately, although conception was successful or killed already more mature fruit. Stop utero may, at any time, but most often from conception to 14 weeks, that is, in the first trimester. After death usually occurs miscarriage, but in some cases it could remain inside the fruit.

Occasionally this problem affects families, leading a healthy lifestyle and planners of pregnancy, but in any case of such troubles are not perfect. The first symptoms appear after about 1, 5-2 weeks after fruit development stopped. It is important to get tested, to be treated after missed abortion, then to get pregnant again.

 treatment after missed abortion
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Treatment of missed abortion

Unfortunately, not always all at once it develops smoothly due to a number of different reasons and pregnancy may stop while the fetus stops developing or dying. In this case, you need a doctor's operating room or medical intervention to remove the embryo.

If time permits, and you have selected the medication, it will take just a few pills just have assigned to the case doctor and wait for the result. Such treatment is performed at the beginning of pregnancy. Miscarriage happen by itself, but after that definitely need to do an ultrasound of the uterus in the presence of residual tissue, which can lead to inflammation. Otherwise the life of the woman would be exposed to serious risks.

Also, for a short time can make cleaning by vacuum aspiration - is a method of "exhaustion" of the fetus from the womb, less traumatic than the classic scraping. In the later stages the best way to remove the fetus are considered to be artificial birth, when a special solution is injected into the uterus, thus provoking a fight, after which there is stillbirth.

In European countries in the first trimester of trying not to carry out treatment, because they believe that the female body is designed in such a way that he always got along reject or dead embryos. In our country, the doctors feel obliged to act in the first confirmation.

Problems with pregnancy entail stress my mother and changes in the functioning of the female body, so for the next successful conception and gestation, when the girl managed to get pregnant, requires certain conditions, research, and perhaps psychological preparation. In order not to harm your body, pay attention to the signs, whether they match you with the list or not.

Signs of missed abortion:

  • The absence of nausea, heartburn, fatigue or sleepiness, but it's still not a reason to worry;
  • Sharp pains in the abdomen;
  • Spotting;
  • Reducing basal and improving overall body temperature;
  • At a later date - a reduced activity or absence of fetal movements;
  • Chest ceased to swell.

If you see at these signs, you should consult your doctor without fail! Delays in treatment can be bad for a woman's body, and in the most extreme (running) cases and deaths are possible. After the death of the fetus at 1, 5-2 months, if time does not identify the problem, there are complex processes of poor quality, as a result of which the blood loses its ability to clot, which can be fraught with severe bleeding. That is why it is important not to delay treatment to the doctor.

It often happens that missed abortion occurs without visible signs and symptoms, and found only at scheduled scans or ultrasound, when the estimated size of the fetus are not correct size for the date. Stories are cases when a woman is pregnant with twins, she gave birth to a healthy child, and the second died long before the birth. But due to lack of ultrasound machines to determine a few decades ago it was much more difficult.

Why it may be fading, just not yet proven, scientists are actively working on this issue. Indeed, in recent cases of stopping the development of the embryo grow, and some experts notice and "wave" hits women with similar problems.

 after missed abortion
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Why could happen fading

The first reason comes from the genetic parents. If both partners was a certain pathology, and it could be transmitted to the unborn child to be reunited, in this case there is irreparable. It's kind of an accident, or the will of nature. We all know that alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances have a negative impact on the body of any person, and especially in pregnant women. Various infectious diseases of the genitourinary system and lead to similar consequences as work related to the production of harmful, stress, lack of sleep and fatigue, serious illnesses such as measles, chickenpox.

It is only known factors, but it happens that there is a missed abortion have absolutely healthy women for unclear reasons. Which would not seem such a tragic situation, you need to pull myself together and not to kill, but in the near future to start a survey, as well as treatment, to further give birth to a healthy baby. Tell yourself, "I can!" Approach the problem wisely if it so happened that the baby is born, so is the nature of anything, because the child would be born with abnormalities or have died after birth, which may increase the stress status of their parents.
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How is the fading of the fetus

There are two ways to flow missed abortion. In the first case, the desiccation of the deceased fetus that had virtually no impact on the woman's body after his removal. In this case, it is not necessarily a serious and in-depth treatment, other than treating the cause of the problem, but the time for the restoration of the walls of the uterus necessary if it was conducted operational scraping.

In the second case is more unpleasant phenomenon - the expansion of the fetus inside the woman's body, which, in principle, and involves the poisoning of the total blood flow and blood thinners. In this case, it is important to immediate surgery and subsequent treatment. After this type of treatment is missed abortion necessarily as neglect of the problem can lead to serious consequences.
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Planning pregnancy after missed abortion

Many women asked, "Can I get pregnant after that? "It should be remembered that when the stood subsequent pregnancy is not desirable for six months, as the female body should be given time to recover and get stronger. Allow bounce back walls of the uterus, and most importantly, to restore hormonal background. Do not forget about protection, because otherwise it is possible to terminate a pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage or through repeated fading stop development and death of the embryo.

Often, an important fact is the moral training of women responsible for such phenomenon as first pregnancy, not to mention the non-viable pregnancy after. Often missed abortion or miscarriage, followed by curettage or medication delivery challenge is the strongest stress. If you feel that you are not easy to handle on your own, seek psychological help, because your future child should grow up in favorable conditions in all senses.

In order to start the treatment and recovery of the body after a failed pregnancy, it is necessary to conduct a series of studies and tests, the results of which may be visible cause of the current problems. Lower the arms and hope for a miracle is not necessary. Pregnancy is possible after a missed abortion - just need to exert a little more effort.

 non-viable pregnancy after
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Tests and examinations after fading

  • Karyotyping - the study of genetic structures. It is very expensive analysis, the implementation of which is carried out by geneticists. When fading repeated pregnancy or miscarriage, it can be done on a budgetary basis, but for this you need to ask for a referral from your gynecologist of female consultation.
  • Ultrasound of the pelvis.
  • Various blood tests for hormones progesterone, estrogen, follicle stimulating hormone, thyroid hormone, luteinizing hormone, prolactin.
  • Analyses of a smear on the latent infections such as mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, herpes, papillomavirus, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus.
  • Histological examination of the fetus.

Sometimes doctors do offer the analysis of the genetic compatibility of partners. You should know that not only women need to undergo a full examination, but her partner to certainly determine the cause of which can not be the only one. If for what happened is an infection, it is important to understand what is making further tests.

In most cases, such surveys possible to learn about the emergence of non-viable pregnancy. Next comes the removal of her assigned treatment, after which necessarily need to pass the re-analyzes, but not all, but only some of the original list.

If overt causes of abortion has not been established, treatment may not be necessary, as missed abortion was just an accident and you are absolutely healthy. But to recover the body still needed.

When planning a subsequent pregnancy, should first make the necessary vaccinations, which are relative to your age under the plan. Schedule of vaccinations have your physician. Be sure not to forget vaccinations against measles, rubella may chickenpox, because at present there is such a vaccine.

An excellent option to get rid of stress will visit the resort or aesthetic vacation in the picturesque corners of the world. Also, it will help recharge your positive attitude, send your thoughts to perfect. The scientists found that if a man has in his heart the order, then there will be order in life.

Be sure to discard the bad habits, how hard it was, in fact much more important and your future baby, not suddenly surging desire. Wait pregnancy, and only then to exclude cigarettes and alcohol - indiscretion, even a minimum amount may be the cause of missed abortion. Therefore, it is necessary to act immediately, even before the planned conception.

You may have to pick up the hormonal contraceptives, which have a healing effect and restore the menstrual cycle. But do not self-medicate and to choose the way you think, the best contraceptive. If you have not used them, then they know that their effect on each different, therefore, based on the characteristics of your individual organism, the doctor will prescribe the ones that suit you.

It is important to take care of proper nutrition to include in your daily diet of foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. But this does not exclude the use of multivitamins and prescribed by a doctor. Eat cheese, fish, fruit and vegetables on a mandatory basis, but not to the detriment of your body, if there is any idiosyncrasy of the individual products.

All the research and recovery of the body - this is a very long and laborious process. When doubtful situations, refer to several specialists, or do repeated tests to clearly aware of the presence of the disease or its complete elimination after undergoing the prescribed treatment. As much as you may seem hard, go to his goal, his fists clenched and believing in a favorable outcome, and you are sure to succeed! Even after you take out the stood pregnancy and give birth to completely healthy and active toddler who is always just to please you! The main thing - to say to yourself: "I can conceive! "

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