weak myopia during pregnancy


  • The causes of myopia 1 and 2 degrees
  • Pregnancy and myopia: degree
  • Timely Gymnastics for the eyes
  • Prevention of myopia

Myopia, or nearsightedness - it is one of the most common eye diseases in the world. It begins to appear at the age of seven to fifteen years, a long time at an early stage, starts to develop after the load on the body are enhanced. Today is one of the problems of myopia and pregnancy, as future moms and their bodies are exposed to a constant ever-increasing stress, surgery, including hormonal.

Particular attention of the need, as at this time the woman may experience problems such as:

  • in the third trimester sometimes observed complications related to the retina, which can begin to flake;
  • various pathologies of pregnancy, including late toxicosis may lead to development of a high degree of myopia, short-sightedness of two diopters can dramatically increase to five or six;
  • at birth often quite serious problems arise, such as retinal detachment and hemorrhages lead to partial or complete loss of vision.

It is therefore important at the beginning of pregnancy to give enough attention to his vision, in the initial stages, ie, in the presence of 1 and 2 degrees of myopia, treatment is simple and quick, not to be delayed until the moment when surgery may be necessary. 1 degree is not so problematic as 2 - there is still a chance to fix it.
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The causes of myopia 1 and 2 degrees

The causes of myopia can be very different, often it appears in the school or college years in the middle of its stages. Experts today allocate such basic reasons:

  • heredity;
  • regular load on the organs of vision;
  • improper, unbalanced diet;
  • circulatory disorders eye;
  • wrong vision correction.

Among the causes of vision loss during pregnancy is necessary to highlight the strengths of load and stress situations faced by women. This can only worsen the wrong regime and inadequate nutrition. Therefore, already in the first months of pregnancy, especially if there is a predisposition to poor vision or myopia it is already available, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The specialist will appoint the necessary preventative methods may be a need for treatment. Not superfluous will gymnastics for the eyes, a variety of fruits and berries in the form of tinctures and teas.

Signs that should raise concerns

What are the dangers of this disease and what are its symptoms? There are a number of symptoms that should inspire fear in a pregnant woman:

  • If a relatively small myopia rapidly go to a high degree;
  • before the eyes periodically began to appear light spots and "fly";
  • the contours of objects vary bad, they became highly distorted, and the image becomes blurry;
  • field of vision narrowed sharply;
  • habitual lenses or glasses previously become uncomfortable, it is due to the fact that the disease is passed from one stage to the 2nd.

If you have these symptoms or any other complaints about the vision, you should immediately contact a doctor may need urgent correction of a special procedure, or even surgery. A specialist will determine the extent of the disease (1 and 2 is not so dangerous) and prescribe treatment.

 the causes of myopia in pregnancy
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Pregnancy and myopia: degree

Today, doctors are three degrees of myopia, including:

  • Grade 1 (the weakest), characterized by the visually impaired to three diopters;
  • Grade 2 (medium), three to six diopters, there often;
  • Grade 3 (high), characterized by the visually impaired more than six diopters.

Also, it distinguishes progressive and non-progressive myopia, when the first case, special treatment is required for distance vision is slightly reduced, but it can be easily adjusted by means of lenses, eyeglasses and other means.

Progressive myopia is quite serious complications, it is necessary not only to long-term treatment, and surgery. Typically, the disease is high, which may be complicated by pregnancy and childbirth.

Laser coagulation and correction of myopia in pregnancy

Laser photocoagulation and assigned to pregnant correction only when there are some serious problems with the retina of the eye. At one level such intervention is not carried out, and at 2 degrees of the disease is possible. To conduct such operations is recommended only in the first or second trimester of pregnancy, strictly on prescription. If an urgent need for such an operation is not, you can postpone it for a while after birth.

Myopia 2 degrees (1 degree of the disease does not apply here) may be an indicator of a cesarean section is usually sufficient for this these reasons:

  • the emergence of progressive myopia and high myopia;
  • retinal tear that occurred during pregnancy;
  • gross degenerative phenomena in the retina;
  • retinal detachment (even if the operation was carried out);
  • keratotomy operation and scleroplasty;
  • diabetes mellitus.

In this case, a cesarean section to avoid heavy loads during childbirth, vision can be preserved at the same level, and its post-natal treatment will be much easier to proceed.

Independently, you can give birth in such cases:

  • Myopia is the primary and secondary level, uncomplicated;
  • retinal tear (if it occurred) is fully healed, no complications were observed; positive dynamics;
  • before pregnancy had already been held laser vision correction with positive dynamics.

 exercises for eyes with myopia

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Timely Gymnastics for the eyes

Mild myopia can be cured, and with the help of special exercises for the eyes. The same method is excellent and for the prevention of, and requires very little effort!

Therapeutic exercise (as it is called so) is performed in a sitting position. The eyes should be squeezed his eyes shut for five seconds, then open on the same five seconds. Repeat this simple exercise six to eight times.

Now it is possible for one to two minutes to quickly blink with both eyes. Massage the closed eyes in a circular motion for about a minute.

Excellent fit and such exercises: push on the upper eyelids with three fingers of each hand, the pressure should last one to two seconds, then removed his fingers from his eyes. Repeat this exercise should be three or four times.

At the end of the series may be given the load on the muscles, which put the index fingers on the eyebrows and close eyes. Fingers on the arcs are resisting, muscles tense. This exercise should be repeated eight to ten times.

Suitable such exercises and the average degree of disease but only as a preventive without giving further develop myopia. In severe exercises ineffective, necessary to carry out special treatment, you may need surgery.

The secrets of traditional medicine

Traditional medicine, which is often called unconventional, offers a lot of treatments, but they are effective only at low degrees of myopia, when the disease is still not running. In this case, the visual acuity is stimulated, often it is possible to completely recover good vision.

The best means for myopia (and any deterioration of vision) - is a red mountain ash, currant, sea buckthorn, nettle, blackberries, carrots. Not only can you cook special funds for a very simple recipe, but simply increase the amount of natural foods in their diets (required thus consult with the attending physician, often during pregnancy may have a variety of reactions to foods, even if they are completely natural).

The easiest recipe is the use of Chinese magnolia vine, which is brewed on plain water. This broth is recommended to drink three times a day for three full tablespoons. But there is a more complex mixture, for example, dioica nettle and red ash. To do this, we take the fruits of mountain ash (one part) and nettle (three parts).

Brew a mixture of water (per tablespoon of herbs, two cups of water), boiled for fifteen minutes then filtered. Sweet Tooth can add a little sugar or honey. The infusion is drunk warm or four times a day for half a glass.

 correction of myopia in pregnancy
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Prevention of myopia

In myopia 1 and 2 degrees recommended certain preventive measures that will facilitate the current state, restore sight or prevent its deterioration. It is necessary to deal with the overall strengthening of the body, is very useful moderate exercise, doctors are advised not to sit for a long time before the computer, take breaks if the work is connected with the occupation.

Diet at this time should include vitamins E and C, compulsorily zinc, copper, selenium and the like. If you can not decide on their own food, contact the attending physician, who exactly will paint diet, indicate what action should be taken for prevention.

Myopia - a disease spread quite widely, it is known as nearsightedness. This man is great to distinguish objects that are near it, but here are already a little distance can not normally see. The farther away the object is, the worse the patient sees it.   Particularly acute is this problem of women during pregnancy, often myopia could worsen as a result of increased stress on the body.

Especially dangerous myopia during labor if appropriate measures are not taken, it could lead to almost complete loss of vision. Modern medicine offers a variety of solutions to the problem: from a simple eye exercises to complex surgery, which allows to bring the disease to a low degree or complete cure. In any case, need to consult a specialist who will study appropriate treatment.

 The myopia is dangerous during pregnancy?