causes the appearance of age spots during pregnancy


  • Causes of age spots
  • Prevention and treatment of pigmentation during pregnancy
  • Beauty treatments in the fight against pigment spots
  • Allergies in pregnancy

Pregnancy - the most important and exciting period in the life of every woman. People saying characterizes pregnant: blush on the cheeks, eyes - happiness, but inside - a small life. But not always cheeks expectant mother decorate glow. Often there is an unpleasant phenomenon of skin pigmentation.

Brown spots during pregnancy - is a temporary phenomenon and physiological nature. After birth, the color of the skin, usually aligned.

But what if the spots on the face with a woman feels uncomfortable? After all, before delivery can be still far away, and I want to always be beautiful. This question requires a detailed examination, and treatment of this problem should be only after consultation with the doctor.
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Causes of age spots

Pigmented stains during pregnancy are the result of failure of hormone in the body. These spots are called in medicine chloasma pregnant. During pregnancy a woman's body is preparing intensively for childbirth, and breastfeeding, causing the adrenal glands to actively produce hormones progesterone and estrogen. This leads to disruption of the pigment system. Melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation, it is unevenly distributed. Thus the skin appear yellow-brown spots.

The occurrence chloasma may be at different stages of pregnancy, usually during the second trimester. Manifestation of pigmentation characteristic of women who are prone to the appearance of freckles. Chloasma usually occurs during the seasonal period from March to September, when the sun is most active. Melanin plays a role of protecting the skin from UV radiation. Under the influence of the sun melanin pigment is produced faster. Blackened skin indicate an excess of melanin distributed unevenly and in large quantities.

But this fact does not prevent expectant mothers in the sun. Many doctors advise pregnant women to sunbathe in the shade, in the period up to 11 hours and after 17 hours. At this time, the solar activity is reduced, and future mothers can without compromising the health to enjoy the gentle sun.

Hormonal changes - it's one of the reasons for skin imperfections. Very often spots appear on the skin as a result of lack of vitamins B, C, pantothenic and folic acid, iron, zinc, copper. To prevent vitamin deficiency, it is necessary to eat more greens: spinach, lettuce, parsley, cabbage, - are also grain porridge. The bread should be preferred wholemeal.

Brown spots appear in such places:

  • Cheeks and forehead
  • The chin and nose
  • Cheeks
  • Neck
  • Decollete
  • Spina
  • Arms, shoulders
  • Stomach
  • Labia and nipples

Color spots depends on the color of the skin of a pregnant. The lighter the skin, the darker the stain will be. In dark-skinned women "mask of pregnancy" will light. Women with dark skin are most prone to pigmentation.

 the sun can cause the appearance of age spots during pregnancy
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Prevention and treatment of pigmentation during pregnancy

A very important role for the state of the skin plays a diet. As mentioned previously, the food should be rich in vitamins, in particular folic acid. Severe fatty foods have a negative effect on the liver, thus provoking the appearance of chloasma. During pregnancy, it is very useful to comply with milk-vegetable diet. The notion that the expectant mother must eat for two, a mistake! Excess calories are not any good, except extra kilos and the load on the digestive organs. This is especially true of those who suffer from disorders of the liver, spleen, kidneys.

Meat is recommended to use low-fat and boiled, and fish can be themselves and not be limited. Sweets, meats, salty food should be minimized. The diet of the expectant mother must contain herbs, vegetables and fruits, because they contain vitamins A and E, responsible for the beauty of the skin. The food is better to cook in a double boiler. Fried food is desirable to eliminate from the diet.

An important factor in the health of the skin and the organism as a whole, is the fresh air, leisure, exercise. Thanks to the mobile lifestyle, the body of toxins faster and there is a good metabolism. Normal blood circulation ensures a healthy skin color.

Treatment of pigment spots during pregnancy is to use masks made from natural ingredients . For this is well suited vegetables and fruits. Whitening mask can be made at home, based on sauerkraut, lemon, cucumber or strawberry, mixed with yogurt. This mask is applied to the problem area for 15 minutes, then wash with boiled water. Well lightens spots mask from the juice of fresh parsley, if it is applied for 10 minutes. Effect masks enhance washing infusion of herbs: celandine, elderberry, chamomile. For a tonic effect on the skin decoctions of herbs can be frozen in the freezer in special molds. In the evening, after washing, ice cubes from infusions should clean the skin. Masks and washing treatment is preferably carried out at night, because during the day, under the influence of the sun, all the whitening procedure will be ineffective.

Manifestation chloasma can be reduced if you are less than the sun and use sunscreen. Cream "Ahromin" has a fatty texture and its composition is UV protection. A good cream is "Skinoren" evens skin. He lightens the only problem areas rather than the entire skin. However, any use of cosmetics is allowed only after consulting your doctor!

 treatment of age spots
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Beauty treatments in the fight against pigment spots

If after delivery problem age spots fails, please consult your beautician. There are some modern methods of lightening skin with cosmetic procedures:

  • Getting rid of the spots by laser resurfacing. The laser acts on the dotted zone itself chloasma. This procedure is also well-rejuvenates the skin.
  • Aligning color using a chemical peel. It is superficial and deep. The first type is based on a peeling fruit acids. The procedure exfoliates the top layer of skin. After these actions, a new skin with even color. Superficial peels do not require long-term rehabilitation.

Deep chemical peels - the most effective treatment, but also the most traumatic. Under the influence of salicylic and trichloroacetic acid on her face is formed crust. Rehabilitation after the procedure - 7-10 days.

These procedures are contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.
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Allergies in pregnancy

While carrying a child in a woman's body there are many rearrangements, and age spots - not the only problem skin. Some pregnant women face the problem of allergy which appears red spots on the body. Red Spot - a reaction to certain foods, especially such as coffee, chocolate, citrus fruits. And interestingly, pre-pregnancy body could easily react to these products. But during pregnancy may experience various "surprises", including an unexpected allergy.

Red spots are not only aesthetic in nature, but can be confusing, causing itching. Allergies can be, not only because of the food. To prevent the appearance of red spots, should not only be excluded from the diet of allergenic foods, but also to analyze everyday objects: a new pillow, clothes, wash the other powders, etc. After identifying and removing the causative agent of allergy it is necessary to go to a dermatologist. Skilled care specialist to help resolve the issue. It is also good for the skin lotions from chamomile and succession.

Brown spots during pregnancy should not be too much bother a woman because they do not bear any harm either her or the baby. Balanced diet rich in vitamins, fresh air and proper rest will help reduce the manifestation of chloasma. Treatment of pigmentation is easily accomplished with masks made from natural ingredients. It must be remembered that after birth the skin will again become beautiful and healthy! Only a positive attitude will help a woman changes in the body to make peace and joy.

 The appearance of pigmentation and treatment during pregnancy