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  • Human Papilloma Virus
  • Papilloma during pregnancy
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Papilloma during pregnancy appear often enough. Moreover, it is not any pathology of the human body. They can appear at any stage of pregnancy and anywhere on the body (eg, in the neck, nipples, armpits, face and so on). The virus can be dangerous for human newborn only if tumors appear inside the vagina. Passing through the birth canal, is an infection of the fetus. Cases intrauterine infection is currently not known. Of course, it is advisable to choose the treatment that HPV (human papilloma virus) did not affect the general state of the person.
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Human Papilloma Virus

It should be noted that the human papilloma virus contained in the blood of almost the entire population of the planet, but it appears not all. Outward symptoms of the disease is warts of various sizes and structures on the surface of the body. Papilloma itself is not dangerous to humans, so the removal is only a cosmetic defect elimination. Danger are consequences that causes the development of infection.

A single infection leads to the fact that even after treatment of humans virus persists in the body, it is its support for the rest.

The disease may not manifest itself in any way. However, treatment is aimed at improving the immune defense of the person, to avoid unpleasant consequences. If the tumors appeared, and if it is exposed areas of the body (nipples, chest, neck, arms or face), you need to delete.

 Diagnosis papillomas
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Papilloma during pregnancy

Not every person is equally dangerous appearance of papillomas. Keep in mind that men infected less dangerous. In some cases, one of the consequences is cervical pathology (including cancer). During the appearance of warts on the cervix is ​​necessary to completely eliminate sex and start treatment.

When planning a pregnancy, it is advisable to pass all the tests, poor performance that may adversely affect the health of the unborn child. If you become pregnant, and the results are positive (human papilloma virus in the blood), it is recommended to terminate the pregnancy. This adversely affects the development of the fetus as well as the use of many tools that make up an effective treatment, are contraindicated during pregnancy. Removal of papillomas is not contraindicated during pregnancy, a treatment will be more gentle.

For the fruit of the danger of the vagina, which is often the cause of condylomatosis larynx. As a rule, it is recommended to resort to surgical intervention, avoiding natural childbirth. During pregnancy, it is advisable to take vitamins to boost immunity, as against decrease in the protective function of the person may develop severe enough disease. Moreover, the presence of the virus in humans during gestation provokes occurrence of thrush, which gives a lot of unpleasant symptoms. On the eve of the birth candidiasis is dangerous for the child. Pregnant man must take care of yourself from any infections.

 removal of papillomas doctor
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Effective treatment of warts during pregnancy

Of course, still have not developed a unique treatment that can cure human papilloma virus quickly and permanently. One can only stifle the symptoms and manifestations. But the virus remains inside the body. Even in many cases, during pregnancy should not remove, because it is often after childbirth tumors disappear on their own. This is due to changes in hormonal levels and blood renewal. The process of delivery is a natural way to clean the blood system, so existing papillomas on the neck or nipples instantly go from the skin surface.

If papilloma cause inconveniences impede vigorous activity, it is appointed by the removal of one of the best ways. One of the common methods by which the removal is carried out, is an acid cauterization. It is also used laser ablation, electric shock treatment, surgical excision with a scalpel. When choosing a method of treatment during pregnancy, many factors are taken into account (for pregnancy dimensions tumors, papillomas structure and so on).

In no event it is impossible to independently engage in the treatment of warts, as an improper removal can lead to blood poisoning and other adverse consequences. Papilloma virus during pregnancy, be sure to investigate the nature of the cells. If you suspect an oncology treatment is delayed until the appearance of a baby into the world, and then begins an effective treatment. At the moment, the early stages of cervical cancer amenable to complete healing, and then a woman's body continues to function normally.

 laser removal of papillomas
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Folk remedies for warts

Virus annoys a lot of people, and after consultation with a specialist can be used traditional medicine. The simplest and most affordable method of treatment is garlic juice, followed by a rub growths on the skin every day. With regular use, there is a significant decrease, and even the complete elimination of warts. A similar effect is produced and soaked in acetic acid plate of onions, which are applied as a compress on the warts or papillomas.

Juice of celandine. The virus is exposed to the juice of celandine. It is advisable to use the fresh plant from which to squeeze out a few drops on the affected area. However, such compositions require care in use because in contact with a healthy patch of skin leads to erosion of epithelial cells. Do not use in the presence of warts on his face.

Chicken protein. At the slightest appearance of papillomas advisable to lubricate the area of ​​egg protein. This recipe does not allow to grow the affected skin tissue.

A prerequisite for any method of treatment is receiving special preparations to enhance the immune defense.   A healthy body is able to fight the infection on their own without the use of any tools.

 Treatment of warts during pregnancy

 causes of genital warts during pregnancy


  • Causes and known viruses
  • Methods of treatment of the virus

First you need to acquire the necessary knowledge and learn about the warts in general. Condyloma outgrowth is on the skin (or genital warts) and may be of various kinds, which will already indicate the beginning of the inflammatory process. By itself, it is a viral disease and the causative agent is human papilloma virus, which can carry people.

Warts during pregnancy can cause infection of newborns and their development is still in early childhood infections and HPV warts, so treatment should be carried out immediately after the slightest suspicion.

And all this may be because the expectant mother has not made adequate treatment and did not bother about the future.

 identification of warts

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Causes and known viruses

Causes of warts during pregnancy may be different - from simple hygiene compliance to close contact with a person who is a carrier of the virus. The period when a woman or any other person is infected with the virus, and to the moment when they begin to appear genital warts can be a very long time - a minimum of a week and a maximum - up to several years. The size of these genital inflammation of one millimeter to one centimeter, or even more. The rash occurs gradually, acquiring a shade similar to cauliflower, because treatment is needed promptly and thoroughly.

Total medicine knows about 100 types of viruses that can be transmitted, carrying papilloma. Some affect human urogenital system, the other - the skin, but most of all as the first. Papilloma virus itself may prevail not only in the skin of the urogenital system and its human mucous membranes, but also in most urine or saliva.

Usually when a woman infected with the virus may be subject to the defeat of the frenulum of the labia, large and small labia, the clitoris, the external opening of the urethra, vestibule, the hymen and the cervix. More warts, particularly genital may occur around the anus, but it can be prevented, if the time to carry out the treatment.

In women, warts during pregnancy and general cases can cause the clinical form of the disease that can result in a large warts.   This could be due to a change in the hormonal background, lead to increased blood flow to tissues, which violates the indicators and their relation to the microbiocenosis vagina, and this in turn affects the activity and function of the immune system. Before pregnancy, be sure to conduct a survey for the presence of any virus infection with HPV.

 removing warts your doctor during pregnancy
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Methods of treatment of the virus

To treat pregnant women who are afflicted with papilloma virus, if the disease has yet been discovered during pregnancy, should be in the first trimester. If you have found exophytic warts, they should go immediately to remove, because if you do not remove and begin treatment, the virus will only continue to grow, and they will still be growing in size. And it is fraught, if not for the life of the patient, the process of pregnancy and the fetus accurately. With the passage of the birth canal may occur infection child that will result in the subsequent defeat of the larynx papillomatosis.

Removing warts is not quite pleasant process, but still hold the treatment necessary, as this will save lives and to the fetus and the mother herself. Once the virus is removed from the labia or the vagina, the doctor will require constant monitoring right up to the birth. It is also necessary to carry out continuous inspection, which is required to identify any cases of relapse. And together with the removal and treatment also need pelvic for their inflammation and normalization of vaginal flora.

Generally, treatment and disposal of the virus occurs by surgical methods. The first one is cryotherapy, which means the removal of the existing warts with liquid nitrogen to demonstrate how that is applied directly to them. Then Warts dies, and later - no longer sama.Takoy method is very effective, but the qualifications of the physician must be very high.

The second method is laser therapy. In this case, it uses a light beam that can simply burn the warts itself. This method is the most modern, but not cheap.

And finally, the third - removal of warts using radio waves or radionozha. This method is used very broadly, it is the most effective, but it is very painful, as carried out only under local anesthesia.

 Treatment of warts during pregnancy