development of the fetus from conception to birth


  • First trimester of pregnancy
  • The second trimester of pregnancy
  • The third trimester of pregnancy
  • The ninth month. Waiting for a miracle

What could be more beautiful and mysterious pregnancy? Human life, its origin - a wonderful magic of nature. And to experience it, to feel joy, to have doubts, and finally pressed to his chest warm, a little lump of happiness so dear only by a woman. And when it appears that your body is and how it becomes easier to understand the causes of ailments, the alarm goes off, set composure. And this is a big plus for the baby and for mom. The development of the fetus for months, the main stages of pregnancy - the knowledge necessary future mother.

During the first 9 months of pregnancy in the development of the child's grandiose changes taking place, and how they will be timely and correct it depends on the mother too. First learned she was pregnant, my head is born a thousand questions about what will happen next. And then - the ordinary miracle.

 ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy

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First trimester of pregnancy

First month

During this period, the most rapid rate of development. Celled zygote, which appeared in the process of merging of female and male reproductive cells, is transformed into an embryo. In the first month of pregnancy reaches its size as much as 13 millimeters. In such a short period of four weeks from microscopic cell embryo appears and increases its size by almost 10 000 times. Another important event in the life of the embryo in the first month of development - beginning of the formation of the circulatory system. He already has blood vessels, and it circulates blood. At the same time, there is a tiny heart. With the help of special equipment, you can hear the heartbeat of the embryo (about 60 beats per minute).

It would seem that only one month, and your future baby already appeared rudiments of brain, liver and digestive system. Even defective, but already there in the form of umbilical cord umbilical cord. This bond between mother and baby in nine months. If we consider the month embryo under the microscope, you can see the little bumps in the area of ​​the head. This future hearing, smell and sight. About who you will be born too early to speak.

Second month

The development of the fetus is not in place. And the second month brings him significant changes.

Firstly, the length for 25 mm and a weight of about 2 grams more actively begins to form the front office. In addition to the sensory organs, the foundations of the teeth and tongue. At this stage there is a formation of limbs. Become visible brush pens and fingers. Feet also gradually become familiar to us the outline. Visible kneecap, ankle and foot. The emergence of the first thin layer of the skin also falls on the second month of development.

Development agencies, including the sex, already operates a tiny brain. Liver kid occupied by formation of blood cells and the kidneys purify it from uric acid. A thin layer of the skin of the embryo is already sensitive to touch.

Third Month

New month - new changes. I have a lot, for example, the length of the embryo already is 75 mm, and weight - about '30 Little nogotochki begin their formation. The eyes are covered with centuries laid the foundation cords (voice box), there are upper and lower lips. During this period, possible to determine the sex of the child, but there is a small percentage of error.

It is better to wait for a later date. The kid can already swallow and release the amniotic fluid. The ribs and spine connective tissue is gradually replaced by cartilage. Fetus in the first three months appear reflexes. He is able to move the legs and arms, open and close the mouth, swallowing the liquid.

 the third trimester of pregnancy
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The second trimester of pregnancy

Fourth Month

The fourth month of pregnancy, and your baby is rising almost 20 cm. Development continues reflexes. In addition to arms and legs movements, formed swallowing and sucking reflex. Markedly increased physical activity as strongly developed muscle tissue.

Right now, my mother an opportunity to feel the fetal movements for the first time. The placenta is almost completely formed and provides livelihoods of your baby. The body is now growing faster than the head, fingers and toes have formed. Baby covered with soft hairs and grease. Hair just beginning to grow. There are cilia and eyebrows, eyes open.

Fifth Month

The kid may well have to open his eyes and squinting. Movements are becoming more streamlined, it is rather a reaction to his situation and liaise with my mother. Continues the formation immune system, the body has the power of the baby to produce substances to fight infections (immune globulin and interferon).

Begins its work endocrine glands. Production of hormones facilitates the exchange of substances in the body of the child and its further growth.

That's the end of the fifth month of the spleen into operation. She vigorously begins to produce lymphocytes and monocytes to protect the body. The quality of red blood cells also depends on the work of the spleen, its duties include sorting of red blood cells, destroying substandard.

Already, the baby adheres alternate mode of wakefulness and sleep. But the respiratory system is not yet fully formed. And prematurity give very little chance of survival of the child.

Sixth Month

Activity growth is slightly reduced. Growth of the baby is about 35 cm, weight about 560 g The formation of subcutaneous adipose tissue. At six months, fully formed vision. Eyes are opened and closed using a century, the review is not limited. Sound vibrations are also made available to the ear of the baby. He enjoyed listening to the voice of my mother and pleasant melodies. Ladoshki compressed into fists and unclenched. Modern medicine has a chance to survive the six-month babies in preterm labor.

At the same time there is a formation of sweat glands in the skin of the child. Sometimes you feel lighter periodical startle, it says that your baby hiccups. The appearance of the child and his behavior at the end of six months of pregnancy fully comply with the kid before his birth.

With the passage of ultrasound procedures, you can see how the child frowned, narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth. At your request, a doctor can do for your baby's photo.

 the birth of a baby born
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The third trimester of pregnancy

Seventh Month

Growth of the baby is almost 40 cm, and weight - from 1, 5 to 2 kg with a little. The reflex activity is very high. Kid actively moving, performing swallowing movements, even sucking her finger. More noticeable are the hair on the baby's head. If preterm labor is likely a favorable outcome is possible.

The circulatory system of the baby by the end of the seventh month of pregnancy has already acquired all the necessary cells, and fully capable of delivering oxygen to all parts of the body.

Digestive system is prepared to take his mother's milk and can provide a child with all the necessary nutrients for rapid growth and development.

Eighth Month

By this time the growth of the child is already 50 cm, weight varies from 2, 5 to 3 kg. Places for action is getting smaller, as the baby has grown significantly. Who grows the growth of adipose tissue, which is the birth of the baby will not freeze. Indeed, in my mother's tummy is much warmer.

The child has already taken a final position of the head down, he is ready to be born. His heart rate is reduced from 120 to 160 beats per minute. If you performed this term kardiotokogrammu (CTG), then recorded the heartbeat of your baby and increase the tone of the uterus. With these results, the child's condition is assessed and tone of the uterus. Light baby on the stage of development, there is a generation of surfactants (substances that promote the expanded lungs at birth).

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The ninth month. Waiting for a miracle

The growth of the child stops a week before the birth. Growth data correspond baby 52 cm (+/- 3 cm), the weight also varies - 2, 4 to 8 kg. Girls traditionally less boys, but is not necessarily, there are exceptions. Adipose tissue is actively formed. The pulse becomes more frequent. The skin changes to a lighter shade. With proper previa at 38 weeks the baby's head is lowered closer to the entrance to a small basin. The child lies bent over, clutching his head to his chest, arms crossed on his chest position, and the legs bent at the joints and pulled up to the stomach. This pose is to advance through the birth canal.

The cranial bones are very soft baby. This is provided by nature for easy passage through the birth canal. Fluffy body disappears, leaving only the hair on his head. Lubrication is retained to facilitate the birth process. The liver produces iron in the quantities necessary for hematopoiesis entire first year of life.

The reproductive system is also formed. Fingers decorated nails.

Meeting with your baby can come unexpectedly, so be prepared for this moment. After all, soon will be the first time you hold it in her arms, kissing and feeding. Kid also looking forward to this meeting. He will recognize your voice and feel the mother's warmth.

The moment of birth means the first breath and cry. Light straightened, the child is breathing on their own.

It begins a new period in the life of your baby, and now the whole care of it is just for you.

 Pregnancy. Stages of child development