BB cream Nivea, able to give your skin glow

Shining, soft and velvety skin of the face - every woman's dream. And in order to make this wish a reality, the modern ladies need to choose a cream that can withstand the searing rays of the sun and other natural threats. After all, they dry the skin, leading to premature aging, "drawing" eye mesh of wrinkles and pigment spots covering his cheeks.

And for every woman could prevent the appearance of signs of withering, moisten your face, even out its tone and hide the slightest flaws (redness, circles, and so forth.), Experts say the company creates innovative BB Nivea cream "Perfect skin". This means 1 in 5 different light texture, a delicate aroma and a maximum content of natural ingredients. With these new features cream ideal for women of all ages, regardless of the characteristics of their skin types.

An additional advantage of the reporting funds - the lack of effect of the film remaining on the face after applying the other moisturizing compositions. BB cream Nivea contains trace minerals that do not clog the pores, allowing the skin full breath. Special mention deserves the combination in this part of toning micropigments black, brown, red, and yellow colors. They guarantee giving the skin a light shade of pale, indistinguishable from its natural tone. Moreover, every woman is able to select the optimum means suitable to her, from light to natural shades of beige.

Through the use of patented technology creators cream Hydra IQ, it becomes possible to stimulate the natural moisture of conductors - the so-called aquaporins. They prevent drying of the skin, which can result in premature aging.

The additional care provided by the following ingredients in the cream:

  • provitamin B5, is responsible for water retention and stimulation of regenerative processes. Through this component it is possible to update and complete hydration of the upper layers of the skin;
  • oil extracted from the fruit of shea butter, provides a rich dermis all the necessary vitamins (in particular, such as A, E, and F), and its complete hydration;
  • 10 SPF factor prevents dryness of the skin sunlight.

All these components guarantee BB cream "Perfect skin" marginal efficiency!

 BB cream Nivea, able to give your skin glow


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 Contest from KRASIVA cosmetics: «A beautiful journey: Weekend in Paris"

If you are tired of the monotonous classic manicure and pedicure, you can use decorations for nails, diversity which today is simply amazing.

 Classic pedicure

The main types of decorations for nails

Among the rich variety of different decorations for nails can be identified sequins, foil, paste, dried flowers, feathers, piercing and much more. With their help, and thanks to the imagination and creativity podhoduna nails, you can create real masterpieces. At the same time the use of such jewelry is not limited to manicures. With their help you can create interesting and unique composition on the nails of the feet.


Today, in specialized stores you can find sequins of different sizes, colors and shapes. When used on the nail can be represented by a pattern or picture, and then secure it with clear lacquer. Sequins large-sized and shaped sequins in the form of stars or hearts can be one mounted on each nail. Often, sequins are part of the nail polish.



Just like sequins, crystals of different size and color. Usually, crystals are produced from plastic or glass. In order to securely attach a decoration, it should be applied immediately after the nail polish. With small crystals can be applied to the nail drawing, sketch tentatively recommended to portray on paper.


The foil can be purchased in a specialty store. When the colors are usually selected based on the color varnish used. Interesting design obtained by using contrasting combinations. For example, on a dark-blue shades of nail polish will look advantageous silver foil.

The foil must be applied to the not yet dried paint, and then the nail is recommended to cover a special transparent varnish.

 Pedicure with foil

Dried flowers

This type of jewelry polish can be purchased at the store or do it yourself, small field to dry flowers and petals. In order to fix them on the nail, it is necessary to varnish the surface of a selected color, then leaned against him or flower petal. After drying the composition needs to be fixed with a special transparent coating.

Care of feet

Numerous decorations for nails will look very impressive on the well-groomed feet. Therefore, a comprehensive pedicure is mandatory for every woman cherishes himself. It includes not only giving your nails neat form, cover them with lacquer and using a variety of jewelry, but also full of skin care feet and legs, which usually involves massage, aromatic baths and use special moisturizers.

 Care of feet

Today the market of relevant products, new tools designed to enhance the effectiveness of the procedures, and for securing of the result .  NosochkiBabyFoot - a vivid example of a continuously moving progress .  With these socks you moisten the skin of the feet before a pedicure, get rid of corns and callous skin areas, as well as eliminate sweating and odor .  Before pedicure socks worn on clean feet, do not remove them within an hour, then wash off the remnants of the gel with water .  The active ingredients of the gel, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect .  They prevent the development of skin fungus and stops the aging process of the skin feet .  After using this tool effect lasts an average of two to three months, which is incredibly convenient and profitable .  Get more information on tiptoes BabyFoot - the development of Japanese experts, has earned more than one award of quality - on our website http: // www . mybabyfoot . ru / .

Every woman should always carefully monitor their appearance and health. Because, feeling attractive, it becomes happy. Therefore, despite the fact that the legs we laid bare, as a rule, only in the summer, do not forget about the importance of constant care and regular preventive procedures.

 Well-groomed feet