suitable days for conception


  • Age expectant parents
  • Efficiency of spermatozoa on different days
  • Determination of ovulation
  • The reasons for the lack of ovulation

Planning for pregnancy is especially important for young couple who want to give birth to a healthy baby in the favorites of the year, pre-solve domestic issues and prepare for the arrival of a new family member. In any case, planned pregnancy, it is necessary to ensure their health and then determine favorable days for conception. It is necessary to advance both spouses be tested for the presence of infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and undergo a medical examination. If you have some deviations in the health of the parents likely problems with conception and childbearing.

Talking about what is considered the best time for conception, it must be said that the main role in determining the favorable days for conception plays the menstrual cycle of the female body.

To as quickly as possible to achieve this goal - pregnancy, you need to learn about the features and how to calculate the cycle of ovulation - the most favorable time for conception. Experts advise to use calendar of menstrual cycle to determine that date, which is calculated on this day. However, in the beginning is to talk about other factors affecting the efficiency of conception.

 calculation of ovulation

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Age expectant parents

From a medical point of view, favorable for conception age - 20-30 years. Children born to such couples, rarely suffer from congenital diseases. The human body in the years in most cases, fully formed, stabilized hormones, chronic diseases are unlikely. Tissues and muscles of the female body still possess sufficient elasticity that it becomes a welcome sign for a normal pregnancy and easy delivery. However, in recent years, an increasing number of women having children after age 30, and even after 35 modern woman striving to achieve success in their careers and to stabilize the financial situation before to have children, and often ignores this auspicious period when conception is almost no problems .

This late period is not a harbinger of deviations in the health of both the woman and the unborn child, but the probability of occurrence of these troubles is high compared with younger women. For example, one of the causes of Down syndrome children in the womb becomes a "risky" parental age: for women younger than 18 and older than 35 and men older than 45 years. Genetic abnormalities child gets in most cases due to this factor. Pregnancy often occurs in these cases with complications.
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Efficiency of spermatozoa on different days

As for the male body, its physiology is such that the semen of a healthy man is produced on a regular basis, regardless of the date, day of the week, or other time frames. However, when planning conception should take into account that it is not necessary to perform sexual acts too often, otherwise the sperm will not have time "to gain strength" will be less active and immature. Experts say that the most optimal intervals ejaculation for a successful conception - 3-4 days. Accordingly, abstinence during fertilization will benefit. It is worth considering that quality sperm retain their function, hitting the woman's body for several days.

Future parents can self-assess the period of ovulation and plan intercourse against these "forces" the male seed. Also, some experts argue that the possibility of conception have a role and a psychological state of man. Stress, fatigue, neuroses on a par with a variety of chronic and acute diseases of the body can lead to a lack of ejaculation and affect the quality of semen.

 the correct calculation of ovulation
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Determination of ovulation

What is ovulating and what happens in the female body during this period? Ovulation in gynecology represent the middle of the menstrual cycle - the date of oocyte maturation when it is ready for insemination. It was in the days of the cycle should have intercourse with the purpose of conceiving a child to make this process as efficient as possible. Calculate ovulation with a stable menstrual cycle is very simple. The most accurate conclusions can be drawn in the analysis of 2-3 cycles of menstruation. The standard method for determining the date of "X" is as follows. It is necessary to count one week from the first day of menstruation, add a few more days and get about the middle of the cycle. The next 7-10 days after this date are considered the most favorable for conception.

Another option - to determine the middle of the cycle on the basis of a special calendar, which is the observation of the last cycle. This day corresponds to about ovulation. Then you need to define the limits of possible ovulation - this day should be a mid-week time period. Now it is sufficient to calculate the number of calendar days from the beginning of the month until this week. Focusing on the date of the next menstruation, you can draw conclusions about the onset of the next period of ovulation using the calendar. Calculate this date help and interactive calendars for thematic internet portals, where you specify the first and last days of the previous cycle and become familiar with the nearest date of ovulation.

When unstable menstrual cycle or non-occurrence of pregnancy, despite the timely intercourse during ovulation calculated, doctors recommend to use the method of measuring the basal temperature. It is necessary to measure the daily rectal body temperature and stores performance chart to determine favorable days for conception. Around the middle of the cycle, basal body temperature rises a few degrees, which serves as a signal for ovulation. Moreover, the date of ovulation itself is usually marked decrease in temperature, and after the event period - increase. The schedule will be seen clearly.

What else can be ways to determine ovulation? There are other methods of determining the favorable days without calendars that every woman can observe at home. Natural vaginal discharge becomes more abundant and less viscous. Days of peculiar signs of ovulation, similar to the onset of menstruation: breast tenderness, of oily skin and others. However, this method relates to the most subjective and imprecise, unlike a calendar, for example.
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The reasons for the lack of ovulation

Sometimes it happens that ovulation does not occur. Despite the systematic sexual acts in "lucky" days and careful observance of the calendar of conceiving a child, nothing happens. What are the reasons for this is due? Most often, the reason for that are in violation of the activities of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian system. Dysfunction can provoke stress, chronic disease of the reproductive system, infections and other factors. Health problems of the thyroid gland, adrenal gland, inflammation in the genitals - the main reasons for the deviations. If conception does not occur in a few monthly periods and the menstrual cycle is unstable, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.

Ascertain the reasons for the lack of ovulation, doctors appoint adequate treatment, possibly with the use of hormonal methods. Proper treatment will get rid of the existing problems and to conceive a child in the "successful" days.

 Conceiving a child: how to identify the good times?

 sex of the child


  • Travel sex chromosomes
  • The basic principle of planning
  • Tips Chinese traditional medicine
  • Japanese method
  • Astrological Forecast

Many expectant parents want to know in advance, they will be born a boy or a girl to arrange child and pick things right color. Medical techniques (ultrasound and other tests) allow to determine the sex of the child only in the later stages of pregnancy. But there are other less proven techniques that will help to calculate the sex of the child by date of conception. Moreover, consider the proposed table, you will be able to plan the best time to conceive a baby of the desired sex.
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Travel sex chromosomes

It often happens that fathers blame mothers that they can not give birth to a boy desired. But if we consider the process in terms of biology, the sex of a child is completely dependent on men. The fact is that at conception merge two sex cells (males and females, respectively), and each of them is only half of the genetic heritage of the individual. That is why in every cell contained two chromosomes that are responsible for one test (two chromosomes for eye color, hair length, sex, and others). Sometimes they are the same, and sometimes - different. For example, consider a situation in which the father of the child will get the brown-eyed gene responsible for blue eye color, because in fact he was in the gene pool of his father, but successfully hid until the moment of conception.

And if in the case of the other signs of hard to say, different chromosomes in the cell or the same, something about the sex chromosomes of humanity is authentically known. The woman is two identical X chromosomes, while men - different. One X and one Y.

Depending on which cells are separated from the chromosome men get a certain sex of the child.

Accordingly, all the calendars, offering time planning conception for the desired result, take into account is the phase when the most possible to separate the desired DNA from the male chromosomes.

 principles of planning baby
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The basic principle of planning

All manipulations of the time of conception are to ensure that the sperm to give a specific type of the first to reach the egg. Researchers found that those who bear the male chromosome, more mobile and faster, but less hardy. The sperm with the female chromosome, on the contrary, heavy and unwieldy, but they can survive longer under adverse conditions. Our mission to make sure that one or the other the first to come to the finish line. If you want a boy, then, you must strive to ensure that the sperm meet the egg quickly and to survive those bright. This will help to deep penetration and powerful ejaculation. If you want a girl, you must provide enough sperm obstacles to the goal. At the moment of conception, you should enter shallow and is best to have sex on a regular basis to share sperm depleted.

Just want to say that no one method does not give a 100% guarantee of the result, it is only a generalized experience of many centuries. If you want to guarantee the best use of IVF.
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Tips Chinese traditional medicine

Already in ancient times, people knew how to determine the sex of the child's date of conception. Moreover, traditional methods have all been his. In general, they are based on observation and analysis of the data. And, nevertheless, the efficiency of these tables and calendars was very high.

Consider the Chinese table conception of a particular sex. It is based on two indicators: maternal age at the time of the alleged conception and the month in which to perform sexual contact. There is little subtlety in determining the age of the mother. As part of the calendar of conception is important is not the number of full years of women, and how many years ago it was conceived.

Therefore, to accurately calculate add your biological age 9 months - this will be the final figure, which should be guided in the table. Find a cell at the intersection of maternal age and the month of conception. If it is pink, then you will be a girl, white - boy. This method of determining the sex of the baby is not too high prediction accuracy. And yet, they are still successfully used in China, trying by all means to give birth to a boy under the policy of "one family - one child".

However, some scientific evidence of this method is. We know that more young mothers often give birth to boys, as the table shows.

 different ways of determining the sex of the child
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Japanese method

To calculate the sex of the child with the help of the Japanese calendar, you have some work to do and carefully study the two tables. The first table should compare the month of birth of the future mother and father, and to find a figure at the intersection of the data.

Then go on to the next table. You should consider a column with numbers that you identified earlier. This column vertically arranged all 12 months - a potential months of conception. And in the middle of the table shows the scale of the probability of a boy or girl. The more "X", the higher the probability of conceiving a child of this floor.
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Astrological Forecast

Another way to help a rational approach to conception - is a lunar calendar. It shows the best for creating the child days of the lunar month. Please note that the cycle of the moon consists of 29 days, and they do not coincide with the familiar to us, the Julian calendar. Therefore, to find out what day of the lunar calendar, it is necessary in specialized sources.

Lunar calendar helps people since ancient times in many cases. For example, a widely known and confirmed empirically that the plants are best planted in the initial phases of the moon. Determine the child's sex is not such a calendar, but it points to a host of other important factors for the child. So, in the following table indicates the days of the lunar calendar and a description of what the child is born.

  • If you conceive a child in the day, he will leave a mark in society. Among these children many great scientists or politicians. All children born on the first day of the lunar calendar, characterized by a large force of will and spirit, so they can easily cope with the difficulties and never give up. Their life is full of bright events and impressions.
  • On this day, a high probability of conceiving a girl. But no matter what floor you either turned a child, he would walk through life easily, protected by higher powers. That fortune favors children and all they do effortlessly.
  • Parents who want to get obedient child, it is better not to have sex that day. Children conceived in the day, rebels grow. Of course, such a child would be a strong character and a healthy stubbornness, helping to achieve their goals but to get along with him will be very difficult not only to you, but also its potential partner as a child and reckless uncontrollable.
  • A child conceived in the day, it will be extremely childish. It will be hard to coerce at least for some activity and, most likely, it will be the last to sit on the parent's neck, not wanting to work.
  • This day will give you a bright personality. He is intelligent, almost genius. And here is where he will direct their talents, depend on including your education. It can benefit society or to become an outstanding criminal.
  • Such a child is a creator by nature, he would love to travel and to dream. Perhaps his daydreaming and curiosity lead him to a scientific breakthrough.
  • Children conceived in the day, get good health and optimism go through life. They are more socially active and like to be the soul of the company. They are waiting for justice careers fighters: in science, society, or other area.
  • Such a child would never feel comfortable and happy. It seems that misfortune will pursue him wherever he went. But in fact, hidden deep sadness in his soul, and does not allow him to learn the joys of life. He will travel a lot, trying to escape from boredom, but it did not help him too.
  • Stars do not advise to plan conception to this day, because the child waiting for the ordeal, after which the Company or ranked him as a saint or a villain call.
  • It is believed that children conceived in this day of life will help all departed ancestors in the other world, so the day is extremely favorable for the emergence of a new life.
  • On this day born centenarians. Stars promise them wonderful life, active and healthy even in old age.
  • Such a child will be born with the gift of healing and God's foresight, he has a great destiny, is to help others.
  • Man conceived in the day, learns and black and white stripes. In his busy life will be full and happy and unhappy moments.
  • The stars promise that a child conceived in the day, will guard the guardian angel that will give him the ability to anticipate trouble.
  • Parental influence is particularly important for this child, because he will receive fighting qualities and a keen sense of justice. He has sent his good or not - depends on his education.
  • This day will be conceived classic melancholic, subtle feeling the pain of others, quiet and empathic.
  • Such a child can get addicted to alcohol and gambling, it will be light-hearted and frivolous.
  • The child will be an excellent member of society: a hard-working, clever and rich. But perhaps lonely because of too high self-esteem.
  • Risky, but a hard-working, honest and very active child.
  • It is believed that the child conceived on this day, fully reflects karma parents. It can wait like a series of mishaps and happy and full of life.
  • This child will be in danger everywhere, with whom he will cope, accomplished the feat and gaining fame and recognition.
  • The child will grow an exemplary family man, able to bring happiness to your partner and take care of future offspring.
  • Stars warn from conception to this day, because of the high probability of unpleasant mutations.
  • A strong child, a favorite of the whole family. Honest and kind, though a bit lazy and perhaps rude.
  • It is a wise child with great intuition, it will protect the higher powers. It will be a long time to think about everything and solved before you perform an action, because of what the others will feel that he is too slow and secretive.
  • The child will receive the big ambitions and abilities. It is easy to achieve and wealth, and glory, but the inability to take care of loved ones can ruin his life.

  • The kid will be easy to meet people and cause them sympathy and trust. He will grow pet safeguarded in any company that would allow him to be happy in any area, he would have chosen.
  • These children favors success in any endeavor, which is why they can become lazy and forget how to work: everything is a matter of work. Therefore, such a child should learn to work from an early age.
  • It is better not to try to conceive a child in the day, waiting for him undue suffering and loss.
  • A little infantile kid who can be a good family man. He was hard to be around a lot of people, but people close to it will feel comfortable and be able to open.
 Methods for determining the sex of the baby and planning