Chinese conception calendar


  • Boy or girl - how to predict?
  • Who and why was invented?
  • How does the Chinese calendar of conception?
  • Typical errors in the calculation
  • Reviews of the Chinese calendar and its accuracy

Pregnancy - is always happiness and joy. Even as a child girl playing daughters and mothers and nursing children toy. After a while, the girls and the baby are seriously thinking about the birth of the child. All is good, but many ladies want to influence the fate and give birth to a baby of a particular sex. Why is that? Sometimes the husband looks angry scowl on your daughters, and all kind of showing that he wanted an heir. Perhaps you have friends who have left a lot of cute pink raspashonok and bonnets for the baby. And they are happy to give you all of them good. Perhaps you dream of eldest son and youngest daughter to have a fragile girl was always the defender.

 conceiving a child
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Boy or girl - how to predict?

The reasons may be different, but the need to address this issue. How? There are several ways to conceive a baby of the desired sex:

  1. Japanese calendar determine the sex of the child. It contains 2 tables. In the first plate can be found cherished number, which is located at the intersection of dates of birth of parents. In the second, you will find a hit the first table number and the number of crosses in the columns of boy and girl the right to determine the month of conception. The more crosses to the desired floor, the more likely he was born. This method ensures that up to 79% accuracy.
  2. To plan the sex of the baby at ovulation. Here it plays an important role as a period lasting from ovulation to conception. This method guarantees almost no give, but if a woman can not get pregnant for a long time, it is best suited.
  3. Planning to upgrade the floor baby blood. There is a theory that the blood of women is updated once every 3 years, and men once in 4 years. Then we have to determine what year you want to conceive a baby. Do any of the parents in this year's blood will be younger, this floor will be the future child. This method is very impractical, because it provides only about 49% of self-sex child.
  4. But the most accurate and true is the Chinese Calendar of conception.

On it will be discussed.
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Who and why was invented?

An ancient legend says that the Chinese calendar was written thousands of years ago. And now, in those days in China it was very much appreciated and valued by the boys. Since they are the bearers of the names and successors kind. At present, China introduced a law to tell you the rules of the child's birth. In this country, overpopulation, so the benefits are provided to families with only one child. After the birth of her second baby privileges removed. For this reason the Chinese are very important to know the sex of the baby, and they use to determine the Chinese calendar. His originals are stored at the Beijing Institute of Science.

 Technique of the Chinese calendar
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How does the Chinese calendar of conception?

This calendar contains just one plate with the vertical and horizontal columns. The horizontal poster written numbers from 18 to 45, which means the mother's age at the time of conception. Why are these numbers? Because in this period it is considered to be possible to conceive and bear a baby. The vertical columns contain one of the 2 letters - "e" or "m", painted in blue or pink.

It is not hard to guess that the letter "d" and the color pink represent the birth of a girl, and "m", and blue - the birth of a boy. The original calendar cells were painted, they were written in Chinese characters. But when this method has been recognized in Europe, the construction plates changed and took the usual form. Also, the following method is the easiest. We only need to find a table in the mother's age and the month in which you want to conceive a child. At the intersection of the columns you'll see the floor baby.

In a month, and in particular the age of the probability of the birth of the baby male or female is different. At 21, for example, only in January can get a boy, and in the other months - girls. The system is as follows:

  1. 18 years. Daughter could be born in February and in April. A son - in all the rest.
  2. 19 years. Daughter - February, April, October. Son - other months.
  3. 20 years. Daughter - in January, March and October. Sonny - in the remaining months of the year.
  4. 21 years old. The boy can come only in January, and at other times you will be pleased with the girls.
  5. 22 years old. Kids - February, March. Babes - all the rest.
  6. '23 Daughter - March, June, August and December. Sonny - another time.
  7. 24 years. Boy - January, March, April, June, July. Girl - December, February, May, August and all the autumn days.
  8. 25 years. Girlie - January, April, May, and July. The boy - all the rest.

The technique is extremely clear, so the rest can be seen in the Chinese conception of the table.

 birth of a child
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Typical errors in the calculation

Many people are accustomed to European time division make mistakes when calculating and then complain about the uselessness of the table. But this is not true.

Some do not know that China is not considered a person's age on the date of birth, and the number of conception.

That is already nine-month baby is born. That is why to the age of the mother should be added 9 months. In certain cases 9 months did not solve, and in many - are signed. For example, you want to conceive a baby at the age of 24 years and 5 months. Adding 9 months, mom 25 years. And that is fundamentally changing the results

Why the Chinese are peculiar traditions very different from Western? They have existed since time immemorial in China and have been borrowed by Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia and Korea. Everything went because Asians are mostly Buddhist. In this religion is very much appreciated the soul of man, it is believed that only the conception of the child already has a spiritual origin. And my mom does not have to sin during pregnancy, because the sins of the mother left a footprint on the baby. Also, the New Year in China celebrated the Lunar and does not have the exact date. In 2013, the new year began on February 10 and the first month ended March 10, 2014 in the New Year is celebrated on January 31. So it is also desirable to consider.

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Reviews of the Chinese calendar and its accuracy

Better this calendar people have not come up, because it gives you up to 98% accuracy in determining sex of the child. Those who have not studied before checking the nuances of the Chinese calendar, made a mistake with the definition of gender. And people who have carefully checked everything, get the right results. It is human nature to doubt by nature, but even die-hard skeptics wonder possibility of Chinese astrology.

 Conception of the Child on the Chinese calendar



  • Contraindications vacuum abortion
  • Preparing for suction abortion
  • Anesthesia and surgery
  • Rehabilitation and consequences
  • Possible complications
  • Pregnancy after abortion

Vacuum abortion, sometimes called mini-abortion or vacuum aspiration - a new approach to technology abortion by retrieving fetal special vacuum suction. This procedure is prescribed by a gynecologist to address any patient on such medical conditions as abnormal development of the fetus, a chronic disease that threatens the health of the mother and the unborn child. Vacuum abortion lasts about 5 minutes, and an hour later a woman can be discharged.

Advantages of vacuum abortion:

  • the ability to terminate a pregnancy up to 2 weeks from the day of the delay;
  • the operation under anesthesia;
  • The whole procedure lasts about 5 minutes;
  • removal of the fetus by means of vacuum suction, which is the most secure;
  • rehabilitation period after surgery is significantly lower;
  • no need for the expansion of the cervix;
  • the risk of serious consequences are much lower.

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Contraindications vacuum abortion

For the success of the operation is necessary to prepare, which is the elimination of contraindications to abortion. Contraindications for vacuum aspiration include any gynecological, general inflammation, and infectious diseases. Also, do not hold the vacuum abortion if the pregnancy had already been interrupted, after which has not yet passed the period - 6 months.

The deadline for abortion - 5-6 weeks, so it is very important to keep track of your cycle and know all the symptoms of pregnancy.

This limitation is due to the fact that during this period of time the fruit is not much time to attach to the uterus, and it is easy to remove by means of vacuum suction. The earlier an unwanted pregnancy, the lower the likelihood of complications, but in any case it is present as an artificial intervention in the body can have unpredictable consequences.

An important contraindication to suction abortion is ectopic pregnancy, which is dangerous for a woman's life. Ectopic pregnancy - a serious pathology that requires immediate intervention specialists, it is accompanied by pain and cramps in the abdomen, as well as an unusual discharge. Ectopic pregnancy is detected by transvaginal ultrasound.

 contraindications for vacuum abortion
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Preparing for suction abortion

Vacuum abortion - an operation, so it is necessary to seriously prepare. No doctor will undertake an operation without a general analysis of blood and urine samples, PCR analysis for latent infection, bacteriological seeding flora analysis of beta-hCG, ultrasound analysis on the blood group, the study of syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV, smear on the flora.

This list can be extended if the woman is registered by a cardiologist or other doctor's narrow profile. The purpose of putting the above analysis is to determine the state of health in identifying all possible contraindications or abnormalities that can worsen state of health of women in the time of the transaction and the future.

PCR analysis allows you to see the germs that are not able to identify a simple smear flora. The operation in the presence of any infection can cause inflammation of the uterus and cause infertility. Regarding the blood tests, he will reveal the internal state of the woman's body.
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Anesthesia and surgery

Abortion by vacuum aspiration is performed on an outpatient basis under anesthesia. In the uterus creates an even negative pressure. This ensures that the fertilized egg, which had not yet close contact with the uterus, easily separated from it, with little or no bleeding. When a vacuum abortion trauma cervix is ​​excluded, as there is no need for it by expanding the tool. To minimize all the possible complications, the operation is carried out under the control of ultrasound machine.

Often when a vacuum abortion using local anesthesia, but at the request of the patient can apply the general anesthesia. Operation necessarily be carried out in the presence of an anesthesiologist. The patient should be informed about the possible risks.

To relax the cervix and the reduction of the muscular layer is introduced special preparations. Next, using a special mirror-expander process vaginal mucosa antiseptic. After the surgery, the doctor is obliged to examine the contents aspirated to detect, it is fully recovered fertilized egg. If within an hour after the operation does not appear symptoms of complications, the patient was sent home. To eliminate the infection appoint a special treatment that includes antibiotics and analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs. After abortion of antiplatelet therapy is contraindicated, as they can trigger heavy bleeding.

 the operation
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Rehabilitation and consequences

If after an abortion for 2 weeks there spotting, this is the norm. Also possible spasms in the lower abdomen. Sexual life in the postoperative period should be stopped at least 2 weeks. It is not recommended to use tampons and douche. It is believed that the vacuum abortion is safer medical abortion. When a vacuum abortion bleeding is much faster, and the likelihood of failed the operation is very low.

After an abortion need to pay as much attention. More rest, do not be nervous. You can not call a certain period of rehabilitation, as every woman it is different. For some quite and 1 month, and some may not recover after six months. Of course, a major role is played here by the overall health of women during the operation.

It is not allowed to play sports rehabilitation period, lifting heavy objects. It is recommended to periodically measure blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate. Upon detection of abnormalities should consult a doctor. It is strictly forbidden to take a hot bath, swim in the pool and open water. It is important to properly and fully fed, because the body after an abortion is severely malnourished. To eliminate the risk of inflammatory processes in the pelvis, in time to empty the bowel and bladder.

If the operation is carried out up to 6 weeks of gestation, that is a small probability (2%) the pregnancy continued. In case of refusal of abortion have a real chance of a normal pregnancy. However, this probability is very small, however, as a rule, in this case, resort to repeated interruptions. Repeated abortion is performed surgically.
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Possible complications

The risk of complications after an abortion depends directly on:

  • gestational age;
  • from the experience of the physician;
  • the state of health of the patient;
  • the number of abortions;
  • the thoroughness of the preliminary examination.

There are 2 types of complications - early and late.

Early complications - is an inflammatory disease, severe bleeding, incomplete removal of the ovum.

By late complication may include disruption of normal supply the fetus in subsequent pregnancies. This happens when scraping of the uterus in the case is not completely held vacuum abortion that leads to cervical microtraumas forming her scars.

 Possible complications after abortion
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Pregnancy after abortion

Conception after the abortion possible in the first menstrual cycle, so it is recommended to take contraceptives immediately after the resumption of sexual activity. After an abortion is necessary to undergo treatment and to restore hormonal balance, as disturbances in the hormonal system in a subsequent pregnancy can cause miscarriage.

Vacuum abortion can be called the most gentle method, but in any case - it is an artificial intervention, which contradicts the laws of nature and can affect the performance of the female organism, the ability to carry and give birth to a child in the future.

 Abortion by vacuum aspiration