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  • The favorable posture for conception
  • How to choose a day for conception?
  • Conceiving a child: how it happens?
  • Conception and sex of the child
  • How to prepare to conceive a child?
  • Getting pregnant
  • The birth of twins and twins
  • Summary and Conclusions

Children - this is happiness. Literally every young couple after the wedding, think about the conception of the child.

What you need to conceive how the conception of the child and how to prepare? It turns out there are some tricks that can help as quickly as possible to get pregnant.

Let's deal with them.
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The favorable posture for conception

It is important to realize that conception can occur completely at any position sex. However, if the couple began to think about the baby, it is worth to choose such sex positions at which the sperm will not come out of a woman's body as soon as it got. Standing pose sex will not allow the sperm to penetrate even into the uterine cavity. Equally important is the position in which the woman is at the end of sexual intercourse. Recommended to lie on your back, knees bent, or pulling his knees to his stomach.

Do not forget that the nature has created the conditions for normal conception of the child, so do not particularly strain and zealous.

For the conception of the child does not require a series of sexual acts, one is enough per day. There is one small but very important trick. At a time when a woman experiences an orgasm, the cervix rises and thus creates an obstacle to the penetration of sperm. Therefore, if you decide to conceive a child, it is advisable at this point to refrain from orgasm.

Every woman's body is different: it may have some features peculiar only to him. Thus, the reproductive system can dictate individual posture conducive to conception. From the position of the uterus depends on posture in which it is best to be at the end of sexual intercourse. For example, some women must lie on your side and the other on his stomach. All of this becomes necessary only in the event that after several months of trying to conceive conception has not occurred. In choosing the correct posture you can consult with your doctor, who will select the most favorable for you.

 day for conception
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How to choose a day for conception?

The menstrual cycle of every woman there is always a few days, especially favorable for conceiving a baby. These are the days when the egg have the highest activity, and the gap may be 1-4 days. The sperm penetrated into the female body, have the ability to fertilize an egg during the period - 3-5 days. This means that a whole month there are only a few days (3-4), when the sperm and the egg can be reunited and there will be conceiving a child.

Planning conception of the child, it should give preference to the days when ovulation is approaching, but has not yet begun. This is the moment when the sperm has all the chances to penetrate into the fallopian tubes, and the mucous membrane of the internal female genitals tender. Sperm penetrated into the cervix, have an opportunity to ride out the period until the final oocyte maturation. It was during this period of time is recommended every day to have sex for conception occurred.

As a rule, this interval is in the middle of the menstrual cycle (from 12 to 16 days). It plays an important role is as true calculated ovulation. If ovulation correctly calculated, it is easy to accurately calculate the most favorable days for conception.

Calculate ovulation can be different ways. For example, one method - is the calendar. This calculation method is suitable only for those girls and women who have regular menstrual period. In this case, ovulation occurred on day 14 prior to menstruation.

Another way to calculate ovulation is considered observation of the secretions from the cervix. Just before ovulation, the mucus becomes more viscous and resembles chicken protein.

In addition to these methods, there is the so-called simptomotermalny method, as well as special tests for ovulation, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

 Poses for conception
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Conceiving a child: how it happens?

At that time, as the sperm get into the female body, it is already being created all the conditions for conception. Glands located in the cervix produce mucus, having a specific composition. This mucus, paving the walls of the cervix, creating a kind of grid on which is very convenient to move sperm.

It is at this stage, the screening of low-quality sperm. Until the end point of fertilization (fallopian tubes) of a hundred million sperm reach. This is exactly the place where the child is conceived. But even before the sperm gets to the winner of the egg, he will need to get through two special membranes that protect the female sex cell. After the sperm penetrates into the cavity of the egg, the sperm access to others becomes impossible.

What until recently was a sperm and egg, the egg becomes that already contains a mixture of chromosomes mom and dad. In this step begins the process of cell division. Originally formed 2 cells, after 10 hours the number doubled, and then after every 10 hours the same thing happens.

The embryo gradually moves along the fallopian tube to the uterus itself. Help him to move special cilia that lined pipe surface. Within four days the embryo reaches the uterus, within 1-2 days it gets rid of its shell, and a 7-9 day embryo is ready to penetrate the wall of the uterus. Rare cases when this process is accompanied by a slight discharge of blood.

Do not worry if a child is conceived after a month of attempts did not work, because according to statistics this occurs in only 1/4 of all couples.
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Conception and sex of the child

Who will be a boy or a girl? This question interests of every couple, awaiting completion. Medical statistics show that 103 boys were 100 girls. Nature decides what sex the baby will be. But now there are methods that allow and to plan the sex of the baby. How to calculate the right time to conceive a baby of the desired sex?

Young couple wishing to have a baby girl, should know that sexual intercourse in this case should take place no later than 2-3 days prior to the start of ovulation.

We wish to have a boy should know that you should not have sex a week before ovulation. Sexual intercourse should take place on the day when ovulation occurs, or 1 day prior to its occurrence.

The most important thing in this case - to calculate ovulation. To do this, at least for 2-3 months to monitor basal body temperature. You must create a special schedule, which will be entered everyday temperatures. The schedule should be built based on the knowledge that before ovulation, the body temperature is 36, 6, or 36, 8 degrees, but not above. And during ovulation body temperature falls to 36, 2-36, 4 degrees, and the next day rises to 37 degrees or more.

If a woman feels good and does not get sick, it usually is 12-16 days from the first day of the menstrual cycle.

This method is considered valid in 80% of cases. The meaning of this method is that the sperm that carry the male chromosome faster and sperm with the female chromosome can easily survive in the fallopian tubes for several days, until then, until it is ovulating.

 pregnancy test
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How to prepare to conceive a child?

To conceive a child she will need to prepare very well before conception. Men with these things easier: they can start preparing for the 70 days prior to conception. Preparing to conceive implies the rejection of bad habits, which should include tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs. It is engaged in physical culture and sports. The period before conceiving a child is the best start for a healthy lifestyle.

At this time the only benefit will use special vitamin complexes. This is done so that nothing prevented zachatiyu.Ved lack of any vitamins and minerals can serve as a barrier to pregnancy.

In order to favorably developing baby in the womb is already in the early stages, women should take folic acid. It is important to know if a woman is experiencing severe shortcomings of important vitamins and minerals, it can affect the nervous system of the baby.

It is also recommended to pass a medical examination and pass the bare minimum tests. Experts recommend that prospective parents required to pass tests which determine the presence of urogenital infections and other infectious sexual diseases. Incidentally, the very important role played by the teeth. It is no secret that the expectant mothers should take care of their teeth, as they may suffer due to lack of vitamins during pregnancy. But the future dads should also be given to the health of teeth, because bad teeth are a source of infection, which in the most unexpected moment can start their motion through the body. For these reasons, doctors are advised to visit the dentist and the time to fix any problems.

 birth of a child
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Getting pregnant

Under the conception of the child refers to the process of education and to create a new organism that is the result of combination of the female egg and the male sperm. After the male sperm enters the female body, it creates a special comfort for its existence, making the environment inside the uterus more alkaline. By creating such conditions, the sperm inside the uterus may be up to several days, waiting for the maturation of eggs that can be fertilized.

When sexual intercourse during ovulation female egg is connected to one of the spermatozoa. The woman's body is considerably increased emissions of progesterone, which creates the conditions in a woman's body for implantation of the embryo in the uterus.

In order to successfully conceive a child, in preparation for a woman it is very important the correct and balanced diet. But not only the expectant mother, but the father has to take care of their diet. Man and woman should completely abandon the canned food, all sorts of chemicals and dyes. It is desirable to exclude from the consumption of too much fatty food.

Menu future parents should be enriched with fresh fruits and vegetables. You need to eat often, but small portions. This power will be very important during pregnancy. The number of meals can be up to 5-6 times per day. Food must be complete and balanced.

When rational and balanced diet there is no need to use additional vitamin complexes. Folic acid, which is so necessary to conceive a baby, you can get from potato, carrot, cabbage, bran, vegetables, cereals, etc. At the same time it is not necessary to lean on some products containing vitamins A, because of its overabundance can cause harm to the unborn.

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The birth of twins and twins

Twins having the same appearance and genes are born in the event that in the process of fetal development is the division of the zygote into two. This type of pregnancy is not laid in the genes of the mother and not inherited.

There are times when fraternal twins are born. This ability is inherited. The woman, whose grandmother carried and gave birth to fraternal twins, has a chance to give birth to twins at times more than others. Man does not play a role in the double-fertilization, it depends only on the female line.

There are several methods that can increase the chance of twins. Sometimes doctors prescribe drugs that have a beneficial impact on female ovulatory cycle. Such drugs are in any case should not be taken without medical supervision, because it is worth remembering that they can cause irreparable harm to the female body.

Promote women's ovulation is considered a very dangerous procedure, as a result of the enlargement of the ovaries may happen or even their break.

Sometimes there are cases when these drugs stimulate ovulation and thereby cause a double conception, to which a woman's body is not ready. For a favorable bearing twins resources should be twice as much.

At independent use of drugs that stimulate ovulation can be seriously affected the kidneys, which can lead to loss of both children. It is worth remembering that the birth of twins or twins - is a gift of nature, this is not for every woman. Do not disturb the natural course of events, and risk their health, and perhaps the health of their future child.
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Summary and Conclusions

Many people wonder, as it takes time to conceive a child? A specific answer to this question is not and can not be. It all depends on the characteristics of male and female organisms, the age of the expectant parents on lifestyle, nutrition, disease and available on many other factors that can affect the process of conception.

Statistics says that getting pregnant in the first month after conception attempts can only 20-30% of all couples. A much larger percentage (85%) become pregnant in the first year of active popytok.Vse it says only that someone can get pregnant after 1-2 sexual acts, and someone it will take up to 2 years. Factors affecting the conception, as has been said, there are many. The main thing - to approach the process of conception seriously start preparing long before the conception and create all the conditions to make it happen as soon as possible. We wish you health and success in conceiving a child.

 The process of conceiving a child, what does he mean?