proper nutrition during pregnancy


  • Permissible weight gain
  • Coffee and tea during pregnancy
  • Salt intake during pregnancy
  • Juices, fruits and vegetables during pregnancy
  • Milk and dairy products during pregnancy
  • Seeds and nuts during pregnancy
  • Seafood and fish during pregnancy
  • Consumption of meat and oil while carrying the baby
  • What kind of products during pregnancy should be avoided?

Pregnancy - a great time for any woman. This is exactly the time when women should pay special attention to their diet, lifestyle and daily routine.

Nutrition during pregnancy is very important both for the woman and for the unborn baby. How do you need to eat, nurturing children?

What products will benefit, and what should be avoided during pregnancy?

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Permissible weight gain

Very many women care about, what is the acceptable weight gain for the entire pregnancy? Weight gain for the entire 40 weeks of pregnancy on the average not exceed 9, 5-12, 5 kg. At the same time the first 20 weeks of pregnancy weight gain should not exceed 2, 5-3 kg. During this period the rate of increase is 500 g per month, but in the second trimester of the norm is 500 g per week. Thus, for the 20 weeks of the second trimester, you can dial up to 10 kg.

If the pregnancy is normal, weight gain expectant mother comes only as a result of development of the fetus, increasing the amount of amniotic fluid, the uterus, the rise in blood volume, breast enlargement, due to the accumulation of fat. If you score much more than 12, 5 kg, it is worth paying attention to your diet. Perhaps in the daily diet includes high-calorie foods.

Excessive weight gain (more than 15 kg) and shortage (less than 4 kg) requires an in-depth examination. Nutrition plays a huge role, so the daily diet should be planned. It must necessarily include fresh fruits and vegetables, some meat and dairy products. Some products need to be deleted.

 drinks during pregnancy
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Coffee and tea during pregnancy

As a rule, the most loved and preferred by women, especially during pregnancy, and tea. Immediately it should be noted that tea lovers should give preference to green tea varieties, because they are the most rich in vitamins and nutrients than black. This does not mean that black tea has no nutrients. It is rich in various minerals, magnesium, theophylline, fluorine, potassium, phosphorus, calcium. Both black and green tea can improve the elasticity and permeability of blood vessels, has excellent properties of lowering blood pressure, have a beneficial effect on the health and dental health. Yet it is recommended to use the tea is not very strong or dilute it with milk.

In addition to the green and black, there is also the most rare white tea. It contains quite a little caffeine, which allows safely drink it, even in the later stages of pregnancy. It is necessary to tell, and that white tea has an excellent tonic effect, has an antibacterial effect, strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to various kinds of bacteria, and even prevents the development of any cancer. White tea is able to have a positive impact on the structural condition of the skin and the cardiovascular system.

Incidentally, during pregnancy can not only tea drink. An excellent tool in the fight against toxicosis in early pregnancy are the tea leaves. During nausea simply can chew. Saturate the body with essential vitamins and iron is capable of ginger tea or tea made from rose hips. Ginger tea inter alia also has antibacterial activity.

An excellent relaxing and calming effect has mint tea, and will help improve digestion drink of chamomile flowers, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Despite all the benefits of herbal teas, to treat them is with extreme caution. It is recommended to always consult before taking tea with your doctor. Yes, and to use them in large quantities is not worth a cup of herbal tea a day is enough.

Tea, like any other product that is good in moderation. The excessive amount of it - a lot of caffeine, which is able to penetrate the placenta and harm the baby. Some herbal teas may also result in the tone of the uterus, resulting in may end in miscarriage. The first trimester of pregnancy is considered to be the most dangerous. It was during this period should pay special attention to food. The composition of many herbal teas include various herbs, the effect of which is not fully understood. Buying even a common herbal, get expert advice.

What should be said about many favorite coffee? Unlike tea, coffee is not recommended for use during pregnancy. If the expectant mother is not able at once to give up drink, it is recommended to gradually reduce the dose consumed coffee, and then did bring it to nothing. It is known that caffeine stimulates the nervous system, affects the operation of the internal organs, and adversely affects sleep. Even one cup of coffee drunk affects the kidneys by increasing urine output.

Coffee raises blood pressure, removes calcium from the body, acts as a barrier to assimilation by the body of nutrients and trace elements. If a pregnant woman can not imagine life without coffee, the dose consumed beverage should be no more than 200 milliliters per day. For the health of your baby and you can donate your favorite food and drinks. you have to take care first of all about their future child.

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Salt intake during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the entire system of power of women is significantly different from the normal diet. Nutrition during pregnancy is different, first of all, that the expectant mother should eat for two. Food should be the most useful and balanced. Until recently, salt was considered harmful to pregnant women product. It is known that salt retains fluid in the body, which eventually causes swelling of the extremities. Modern doctors say that salt intake is not only useful in moderation, but a must during pregnancy.

This is due to the fact that salt plays an important role in changing and updating of amniotic fluid. It is necessary to forget about salt-free diets are dangerous even for a healthy person, let alone a pregnant woman. Of course, you need to use salt in moderation. Do not lean too much on salty foods, but eat salt to taste. The most useful or sea salt, and they should give their preference. Seafood and iodized salt enhance the human immune system and normalize metabolic processes.
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Juices, fruits and vegetables during pregnancy

Daily diet of pregnant women should be sure to include a sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fresh juices. During childbearing recommended to consume as much food of vegetable origin. Ideally, it is recommended to eat a total of about a kilogram of fresh fruits and vegetables per day. We should not lean on citrus and exotic fruits, which can cause food allergies like most mother and the unborn baby.

Very useful to use during pregnancy fresh apples. Apples are still in the womb can protect your baby from developing asthma. In addition, apples contain many useful vitamins contribute to increased appetite, normalize the digestive system, excrete cholesterol and boost the immune system of the body.

Very useful grenades. They are able to quench their thirst, significantly helps with indigestion. Pomegranates have a restorative effect on the body and treat atherosclerosis.

Useful during pregnancy and pears. They have a wonderful diuretic, lower blood pressure, relieve swelling of the body, reduce the accumulation of salts and normalize the functioning of the heart.

The daily diet should include and pepper, especially red. He is able to strengthen nails, hair and teeth of a pregnant woman and unborn baby, saturates the body with keratin. Perfect pumpkin has a diuretic effect. It also has a natural laxative effect, it is considered an excellent means to combat toxemia.

Very important role in the formation of red blood cells and the mother of the child plays a beet. It displays the body of radionuclides, saturates the body with magnesium and stimulates bowel function.

It is known that women, especially during pregnancy, it is very useful to use folic acid or products containing it. Folic acid rich melon, also strengthens the nervous system, saturates body sucrose and glucose, markedly improves the blood vessel walls.

Wonderful medicinal properties has grapes. He is able to have a beneficial effect on the immune system of the future baby, has a bactericidal action. In the first trimester of pregnancy it is very useful to use cranberries. Cranberry - a source of huge number of vitamins, necessary both mother and baby.

All fruits and vegetables can be consumed both in fresh and in the form of juices. Fresh juices to saturate the body with vitamins and minerals, quench their thirst. The most useful during pregnancy are considered beetroot, carrot and apple juice. Pomegranate juice is able to significantly increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood and juice from citrus fruits improve the performance of the digestive system. But do not lean heavily on the citrus juices, which can cause an allergic reaction. It is important to know that a number of useful properties have only fresh juice. On the purchased juice is better to forget, they contain many preservatives, no benefit will not bring such juices. Any juice should be consumed in small amounts to avoid allergic reactions.

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Milk and dairy products during pregnancy

Ever since time immemorial, is known for the use of dairy products and milk, especially during childbearing. Milk - it is primarily a source of calcium, which plays the most important role in the formation of bone of the child, his nails and teeth. In addition to calcium milk and dairy products are rich in protein, containing amino acids, lactose, and a lot of useful vitamins. Very often pregnant women limit themselves to the use of milk, citing therein a large amount of fat. This opinion is wrong, because all fats contained in milk is very easily absorbed by the body and broken down quickly. This suggests that the milk is almost impossible to gain extra weight.

Of course, much good has natural milk, and not what is sold in stores. It must be boiled in order to avoid any unwanted consequences. To milk is better absorbed, it is recommended to drink on an empty stomach in the form of heat. Equally useful to drink milk before going to bed. You can add a spoonful of honey.

Particular preference during pregnancy is to give curd. Cottage cheese contains a lot of protein, the substance of methionine, which is indispensable in the formation of the fetus. Cottage cheese can be eaten almost every day. It can diversify by adding fresh fruit, herbs, sour cream and berries.
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Seeds and nuts during pregnancy

Many carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vegetable protein, fatty acids and vitamins include nuts. They are very useful for the prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Nuts also have a disadvantage - they should not be consumed in large quantities, they are quite slowly absorbed by the body. They should be very carefully and for a long time to chew, you can even soak in water. If there is a tendency to constipation, it is better to limit yourself to the consumption of nuts. If there are any signs of allergy, it is best to exclude nuts from your diet.

Of particular benefit to pregnant women are walnuts and pine nuts. They are also beneficial to the organism in the period of breast-feeding. Nutmeg should eliminate from your diet, because it can cause excessive blood flow to the internal organs, and it is very desirable during the childbearing.

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Seafood and fish during pregnancy

Marine fish richest in minerals and trace elements. It is best to eat fish boiled. The broth from the fish consumed is not worth it. Useful and baked fish dishes, which can be perfectly combined with a variety of vegetables and herbs. During pregnancy, should limit itself to the use of fried fish, which puts a strain on the kidneys and liver, and quite hard to digest.

Most seafood are rich in proteins. Mussels recommended to be used with extreme caution, because they can cause food poisoning. Very useful for pregnant seaweed, which can be used without any restrictions. Especially seaweed useful for women who are prone to obesity. It is necessary to restrict its use only if there is any kidney disease, gastritis, peptic ulcers of the intestine.

Doctors recommend to exclude during the childbearing consumption of swordfish, king mackerel and shark. These fish contain high levels of mercury, which can cause serious damage to the nervous system of the baby.

Lovers of Japanese cuisine during pregnancy should limit itself to the use of sushi and rolls. Raw fish is the main ingredient of sushi, can cause serious harm to the health of mother and baby.
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Consumption of meat and oil while carrying the baby

For pregnant women, the meat should only serve as a supplement to her daily diet. Get a sufficient amount of necessary substances can, consuming 100 grams of meat a day. The rest of the required protein is better obtained from other foods. Of all types of meat is considered the most useful rabbit meat, which is a dietary. Lean poultry, veal and pork - perhaps the best option for pregnant women. You can eat meat and vegetables, which combine perfectly with the product and add to its flavor.

In the later stages of pregnancy should limit consumption of meat. It is very important as it is cooked. It should be carefully roasted and steamed. Keep it should be refrigerated. And after any contact with raw meat, wash hands with soap and utensils that come into contact with him.

The most dominating oil for pregnant women is perhaps the olive. It is an excellent prevention of some diseases. In addition, olive oil has a beneficial effect on the formation of the nervous system of the future baby. It can prevent morning sickness, strengthens the immune system and great fights constipation. By the way, olive oil is considered an excellent tool for the prevention of postpartum depression, and stretch marks on the body.

Sunflower oil can saturate the body with various vitamins, including vitamin A, D, E, K, normalizes metabolism, improves skin elasticity and improves its appearance, struggling with fragility and hair loss.

Normally developing fetus will butter, which should be consumed in small quantities. Suffice it to 100-150 g of butter per day. But do not abuse the butter, because it is very nutritious and can contribute to weight gain.

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What kind of products during pregnancy should be avoided?

Some pregnant women themselves choose for themselves the products they consume, while others have resorted to the help of a doctor who is an individual diet, considering pregnancy related illness or individual characteristics.