Cryotherapy - a line of body care products

Cryotherapy - cosmetic line for the care of the body is really a pleasant surprise for people who know a good judge. This line has incorporated only the best techniques and a variety of programs aimed at the overall rejuvenation of the body, getting rid of cellulite, and, over the same care during pregnancy and after. The methods that are used by the cosmetics allow greatly change the elasticity of your skin, the shape at the same time, vascular tone, and most importantly, it is a set of procedures that will always help you to take care of your skin. Correction figures to turn you into the procedure, which is a pleasure to use, and from cosmetics, and the total effect.

Anti-cellulite aromaprogramma

It is thanks to the use of cosmetics lines you will not worry about the causes of cellulite, that is, the sprawl of the lipid tissue in the vessels of the reduction of extracellular matrix stagnant lymphatic fluid, or metabolic products - they will be removed, has not yet appeared. Blood circulation will be improved elasticity of skin tissue as much change for the better, and the figure will adjust and you will once and forget about any troubles. In addition, aromatherapy can improve your nervous system - the overwhelming depression, eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome.

Anti-aging treatments

The skin of the body, as well as any other aspect of a healthy lifestyle, clearly in need of proper care and attention. It does not matter, or it is the facial skin, which always makes it all cherish, or it is completely invisible surrounding skin area. Crazy rhythm of life of any modern man, as well as constantly emerging stresses and adverse situations only accelerate the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and other "enemies" of our beauty with you. In order to delay the process as much as possible, and for many years to forget about the fact that skin aging is not just forget about what healing actions are anti-aging treatments.

The program for skin care during and after pregnancy

Every skin has a number of properties that can withstand all kinds of stress the body, not to be common factors of influence, but the pregnancy - is undoubtedly a skin test for any woman. This is a huge load with which the skin is very difficult to cope on their own, thus, care during pregnancy, it is a must. Escape in this case, from all sorts of problems can only be due to professional procedures.

Contrast stone cryotherapy

Probably all heard of the ancient oriental procedure, which is based on the treatment of hot stones. Oddly enough, but this procedure has gained enormous credibility with the experts and ordinary people who have no professional knowledge. Indeed, this procedure relieves the person emotionally and physically, and is very suitable in combination with acupressure. Another extraordinary technique - it cryomassage (cryotherapy), which are quite effectively deliver different bio-components in the human body, namely, the various problem areas due to local stress skin. We have tried to combine the two therapies in an amazing process that runs all the hidden reserves of the organism. Thanks to this procedure, you can get rid of excessive fat, without any physical effort, as well as to prevent the appearance of cellulite.

 Cryotherapy - a line of body care products

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 Vintage and selective fragrances

Perfumes, which we "carry" - a kind of a story about each of us. In the fleeting scent of a man many others can understand. Perhaps that is why people (especially girls!) So scrupulous in choosing a perfume!

That's just in our time, many well-known perfumes - even the most wonderful - made a pipelined manner. This means that buying an expensive bottle once we join the army of fans of the popular brand, but do not become like dreaming, unique and mysterious stranger, wrapped train surprising flavor ...

"Breathing perfumes and mists ..."

Touch the atmosphere of the past, inhale the scent of past epochs, to feel beautiful lady with paintings by old painters help modern women vintage perfume. This is a whole new trend in perfumes, is gaining more and more popularity today.

Vintage perfume - a fragrance of a certain age. They must fully meet the fashion and the mood of the time chosen, harmoniously complement the image in "retro" style. In the wake of the public interest in culture and fashion of the past, such flavors simply could not become popular!

Of course, retro-scents - especially those that were popular a few decades ago - it is quite expensive. Vintage perfumes - something unique, luxurious, and therefore its cost is quite high.

But those who are interested in a particular era or just like to experiment with vivid images, inspired by the past, and has long appreciated the perfume of yesteryear.

 Vintage and selective fragrances

Rare widget

However, and without resorting to the services of famous masters of the past, today you can buy a perfume that will be unique to your business card, find your unusual, memorable, wonderful flavor.

In this age of advanced technology and mass production, for those who do not agree to be "like everyone else", invented selective perfumery. Such spirits are truly unique, is called niche. Quaint, inviting and unique - they are one of a kind.

Famous perfumers, alone or in groups, are working on such compositions for years, and sometimes - for decades! Selective perfumes created for the elite, and thus the process of working on such tracks can not stand no rush and bustle.

Of course, these flavors are valued much more and are - much more weight! However, selective buying perfume connoisseurs not only pay for work of perfumers. In addition, the manufacture of such flavors using only natural ingredients.

Sometimes they go searching for months, they seek out in the most protected parts of the Earth, and then waiting months flowering exotic flowers or very favorable moment for the collection of rare herbs. Sometimes only a preparation for the establishment of a regular selective compositions require several years and several million dollars!

However, despite the obvious belonging to the category of luxury goods, such spirits are not widely advertised, on the contrary - around them carefully preserve an aura of mystery. Thus, the buyer, acquiring niche perfumes, feels elected.

 Vintage and selective fragrances

Anyone can become favorites

Selective perfumes - a luxury and conceptual literally "in one bottle"! And sell such spirits are entitled to only a few hundred stores worldwide. Fortunately, in recent years to buy your favorite perfume was made possible by online perfume store. It is very convenient for those who have not made such purchases and wants to choose slowly.

In our country, vintage, and selective perfumes sold only a few online stores. For example, in BIGZIPPER.RU. This online seller can offer selective perfumes By Kilian, Bond No. 9, Amouage, Honore des Pres, Houbigant, Nasomatolecules, Acqua di Parma, Alexander McQueen, Eutopie, Maison Francis Kurkdjian best vintage flavors.

Of course, such a purchase - is a serious step. Abandon fashionable bestseller in favor of surprising, rare, but the flavor will not obscure it. But if you do make a choice, I regret it you would not have to.

 Luxury encased in crystal - vintage and selective fragrances

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 Natural Shower Gel

Today, fashion is becoming increasingly eco-philosophy - the philosophy of the ecological balance. Her followers pay special attention to the nature and try to live in harmony with the environment.

Realizing the condition of the planet, these people try to choose products made in compliance with environmental standards: this can be clothes made of organic tissues, farm or dairy products, such as cosmetics made from natural ingredients.

In addition, supporters of this concept, try to follow the rule of the three R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, which can be translated as "reduce consumption", "re-use" and "processed". This means that you should try to buy only those products that are really necessary, and seek ways to reuse materials. The rule came after the researchers calculated that at this rate of consumption of the earth's population to survive will require resources of three planets, while we have it is only one.

Eco-philosophy influences the selection of cosmetics - women increasingly prefer funds with natural organic ingredients grown in ecologically clean corners of the Earth.

If you are close to the concept of living in harmony with nature and find inner balance, we advise you to try the cream Shower Gel Pure & Natural by NIVEA with natural oils. The basis of its natural formula based on two components: organic aloe vera and organic argan oil, makes the skin silky and hydrated. Cream-shower gel, enriched with Vitamin E, actively nourishes the skin, and its delicate fragrance gives a harmonious mood. The formula contains no parabens, dyes, silicones, and mineral oils.

 Taking care of nature itself