the correct definition of the term pregnancy


  • The calculation of the monthly period and ovulation
  • Gynecological examination and ultrasound
  • Calculate the first stirring of birth
  • Maternity leave

Scientists estimate that only 10% of babies are born on time. However, how to calculate the duration of pregnancy, it is very important to know. Firstly, you can psychologically tune in childbirth and to prepare in advance the dates for the hospital thing. Secondly, doctors determine whether the child is premature or you perenashivaete fruit.

How to count the period of pregnancy, known gynecologists.

From these data, they choose the tactics of pregnancy and childbirth. Doctors conditional release 3 of the gestation period:

  • I term - from 1 to 13 weeks,
  • II trimester - 14 to 26 weeks,
  • III Plus - from 27 to 40 weeks.

At each trimester obstetricians prescribe the necessary tests, screenings, examinations, ultrasound, identify likelihood of possible pathologies.

There are the following ways to calculate the gestation period:

  • for the last month,
  • on the day of ovulation,
  • examination by a gynecologist,
  • Ultrasound,
  • on the baby move.

 determination of pregnancy by ultrasound

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The calculation of the monthly period and ovulation

Find out how many weeks of pregnancy can be different methods. Among gynecologists adopted the term "due date." And calculate the number of the month, adding to the date of the last menstrual period of 280 days or 40 weeks or 10 menstrual cycles (equivalent to 9 calendar months). The gynecologist said that conception took place 14 days after the start of menstruation. The accepted units of measurement are weeks of pregnancy. Scientists deduced Negele special formula, how to count the period of pregnancy.

The first day of the last menstrual period + 7 days - 3 months.

For example, September 10: + 7 days - 3 months = 17 of June.

If the doctor starts to count weeks of pregnancy from the last menstrual period when conception has not occurred, it is called an obstetric period. It can differ from the ultrasound diagnosis by an average of 2 weeks, since ultrasound determines the period of conception.

According to the second method, gynecologists are counting from the date of ovulation. Some women are very keenly feel your body and are able to experience the day of ovulation. With regular menstrual cycle of 28 days to the day of ovulation added 38 weeks. But this method is rarely used, because the ripe egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube to the 11-17 day cycle. Determine the exact ovulation can only special test. And of course, in this day it is necessary that the partners had intercourse. Moreover, conception may not coincide with ovulation, because sperm can live in a woman's body up to 5 days. A fertilization must occur within days, until the egg is viable.

 definition of pregnancy after a pelvic exam
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Gynecological examination and ultrasound

Gynecologists can calculate the gestational age of the physiological changes that occur in a woman's body after conception. This process is called palpation. Having a vaginal examination, the obstetrician is able to identify the period of pregnancy for weeks. After conception the uterus begins to grow and rises slightly above the pubic bone. With tazomera and tape measures doctor measures the size of the uterus, resulting centimeters corresponds to the period of pregnancy. Measuring the height of the uterine fundus also point to the specific week.

The exact period from the date of conception, pregnancy ultrasound shows the parameters of height and weight of the child. During the ultrasound the doctor fixes the gestational age of the fetus. And to correct a few weeks, ultrasound should be performed in the early stages, ie in 8-12 weeks. During the second trimester of development of the child takes place individually and slight deviation from the norm.

In the US, doctors make measurements of the head, chest, abdomen, thighs fetal fix the degree of development of its organs. And then checks the table and put many weeks of the developing fetus.

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Calculate the first stirring of birth

Calculate the estimated date of delivery can be the first stirring of the baby. During the first pregnancy, they appear in 19-20 weeks, at the following 2 weeks earlier. Gynecologist advance warning pregnant, that she remembered, since when the child began to actively move on a daily basis. This day will wear dispensary card or a pregnant mother's passport. By that date, added 20 weeks for the first birth and 18 weeks for the multiparous. However, according to this principle the exact maternity period can not be determined, since overweight women feel aftershocks later than skinny.

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Maternity leave

Calculate the duration of pregnancy is very important for working women, as 30 weeks of pregnancy are sent on maternity leave. Gynecologist is necessary to appoint a priori laboratory tests and prepare documents. They include a certificate of judgment registered in the early stages of pregnancy, a medical certificate and a birth certificate. With these papers you apply the accounting department on the basis of their pregnant rely social allowances and leave.

Remember that the period of gestation lasts 38 to 42 weeks to see what day of conception, it is very difficult even to the gynecologist. Child development and the duration of the menstrual cycle occurs each woman individually. Date of birth determined by gynecologists, can be shifted and is only supposed to day. you will feel when it is come to pass a joyful event.

 How to determine the time of pregnancy?

 calculate sex of the baby


  • Upgrade blood
  • Planning for ovulation
  • According to the lunar calendar

Birth of a child - an important event in every family. Of course, parents are pleased birth and boys and girls. But sometimes you want a little "outsmart" nature and conceive a baby of a particular sex. This can help and "antiquated" methods, and scientific and technical progress. At all times, a lot of people have the desire to have a baby of a particular sex, and in this regard, a huge number of different methods that affect the sex of the child. However, no method can guarantee you 100% result.

So try interesting methods of forecasting the floor, and in the case of the opposite result is not discouraged, because happiness is not in the child, and children's health!
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Upgrade blood

This method is based on the cyclic update (both men and women) in the blood. Results of researches say that the blood of men is updated 1 time in 4 years, and for women - 1 time in 3 years. Condition of blood (blood force) varies from a maximum (at the beginning of each cycle) to the minimum (end of cycle). At conception, the child's sex depends on whose blood this moment will be younger (stronger). Calculate the state of the blood of expectant parents can be so: the father's age is divisible by 4, and the mother's age - 3, and compares the results. The main figures obtained in a remnant - the figures that came out as a result of the division, after the decimal point. Example: mother at the time of conception 24 years old, and his father - 29.

  • 24: 3 = 8 0
  • 29: 4 = 7, 25

Now, compared to the rest of: Mom - 0, and the Pope - 25. of the parent who is less than the rest of the blood is considered younger and stronger sex, and should be expected of the child. In this case, since the remainder is less a mother, you should expect a girl.

In determining the floor by the method of renovation Blood note: if you have had significant bleeding, you are a donor or a blood transfusion you update the date of blood should be calculated from birth, and from that date, because it will update the date of your blood.

 calculation of the child's sex on the calendar
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Planning for ovulation

Knowing what day ovulation occurred, and the date of intercourse, can make a pregnancy calendar - to calculate the child's sex using a method Hattsolda.

Scientists have found that sperm carrying the Y-chromosome (which is responsible for the birth of a boy) are more mobile than the sperm carrying the X chromosome. However, the sperm with a Y-chromosome die quickly in the acidic environment of the vagina, and their counterparts from the X chromosome can survive a few more days. This means that when you have sex a few days before ovulation, a high probability of conceiving a girl, and if you abstain from sexual intercourse a week before ovulation and resume sexual relations for a day or the day of ovulation - the probability of the birth of a boy.

The method is called "Method Hattsolda" because it has developed a demographer Otfried Hattsold. He and explains how to calculate the time of ovulation using a basal body temperature (the temperature of the body at rest, which is measured immediately after waking up, not getting out of bed). To calculate the day of ovulation, you need every day to measure the basal temperature (it does not matter where - in the mouth, rectum or vagina, most importantly, do not change the location throughout the cycle), and not build data obtained temperature schedule.

In the first half cycle until ovulation, temperature is below 37 ° C, and after ovulation - above 37 ° C, you can see the chart at the temperature jump. For greater reliability, the temperature measured for 2-3 months. Typically, ovulation occurs somewhere in the 12-16 day cycle.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time scheduling, you can try to rely on their own feelings. During ovulation, a woman may feel pulling or stabbing pain in one of the ovaries (at this time the egg is released from the follicle). Due to changes in hormonal levels may occur mood swings, breast swelling, a feeling of irrepressible hunger or appetite loss, and vaginal discharge becomes more viscous and consistency resemble egg white.

But if this method does not suit you - in the pharmacy you can buy ovulation test. With test strips that respond to hormone levels in urine can determine ovulation occurred or not. But the cost of these tests is high enough, and you to determine the time of ovulation, you will need to use them for several days.

Even in the pharmacies you can find a mini-microscope Maybe Baby (Baby Mabe), who at home will help you determine ovulation using saliva droplets. Once spent to acquire it (the price - about 2500 rubles.), You can often use it to determine favorable and unfavorable days for conception for many cycles.

 the child's sex for ovulation
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According to the lunar calendar

Astrologers are confident in the fact that the moon also has its influence on the sex of the child. If conception occurs in the days when the moon is in the "female" zodiac sign, then it is likely the birth of girls. And at conception in those days, when the moon is in a "masculine" sign, it is likely the birthday boy. "Female" characters are considered - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio and fish. "Masculine" - twins, Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra. Dr. Eugene Jonas, a survey of 30,000 women in childbirth, believes that the probability of "hit" with this method is 90%.

They found one more law - if a woman is at the time of conception is an even number of years, in odd months (January, March, and so on. D.) Often originate girls, and even months (February, April, etc.) - Boys . If the woman at the time of conception is an odd number of years, the probability of conceiving a boy rises even months and odd girls.

And another calculation: This method is similar to ancient Chinese table calculating the sex of the child, but is represented by the formula: (ENG + MP + Ms + 3) / 2, where VZ - the woman's age (number of complete years), Mp - the month in which was born a woman, and MH - the month of conception. If in the process of settlement figure has turned out even - wait for the girl, odd - a boy.

And then came the pregnancy! Immediately the question arises as to which of weeks of pregnancy the baby's gender has to be seen on ultrasound. Pregnancy Calendar prompt response. The best period is 21-23 weeks of pregnancy, as at this age the embryo is sufficiently agile and perseverance doctor will tell its sex.

In an effort to calculate the sex of the child do not forget that none of the methods is not 100% guaranteed. But none of the methods will not give you, and less than 50% hit (after all, just get a boy or a girl). Treat it with understanding and sense of humor. And do not forget that your child will be the most intelligent, healthy, beautiful and talented, regardless of whether he was born a girl or a boy. After all, this is your baby!

 How to calculate the sex of the baby before the pregnancy?