Protect your lips

Spring - the most romantic time of the year. On the veranda of the cafe, a walk in the park with your loved ones, for the premiere of a new blockbuster movie is very difficult to resist the gentle kisses. But in the spring because of the frequent changes of weather the skin dries and cracked lips. How to avoid this and to save the skin of the lips for kissing?

Leather lips devoid of a layer of fatty tissue - the thinnest skin of the body. Without the daily care she suffers under the influence of negative environmental impact. Here are a few tips to help you avoid unpleasant peeling and cracks:

  • do not lick lips in the wind;
  • often moisturize the skin hygienic lipstick or balm;
  • Apply in the evening on the lips nourishing oils (such as olive oil);
  • from time to time it is possible to smear honey sugar lips - it will act as a gentle scrub.

 Care Lip

If you want to care for lips fast and efficient, use a new line of lip oils from NIVEA. The new formula is enriched with shea butter and almonds. These ingredients soothe the skin thin, fragile blood vessels and seal the lips impart smoothness. When applied to the lips oil slowly melts, releasing the delicate flavors of the new line: "creme caramel", "juicy raspberry", "macadamia nut and vanilla."

Saving lips for spring kisses!

 How to protect the skin of the lips spring

 Golden tan

Studies show that Russian women are particularly partial to sunburn. More than 60% dream of a golden complexion in summer, and about 50% do not mind becoming a dark chocolate color. At the same time less than half of women sunbathing, applied to the skin sunscreen, worrying that they will not tan even and intense.

This neglect means from the sun can cause a number of negative consequences:

  • sun allergy;
  • photoaging of the skin;
  • early wrinkles;
  • burns.

Light-skinned people especially recommended to closely monitor the reaction of the skin to the sun. In light skin is not enough melanin, and therefore a long exposure to the sun can be dangerous.

If you have fair skin, but you can not resist the temptation to give your body a golden hue, follow a few rules:

  • Avoid direct sunlight (from noon to 3 pm);
  • Use tools with the highest degree of protection (SPF 50+);
  • update means for every one and a half to two hours.

For example, try a moisturizing sunscreen spray 50+ from NIVEA SUN, which will provide maximum protection for the skin. Water resistant spray has a light texture, rapidly absorbed and prevents photoaging of the skin, and reduces the risk of sun allergies. It is perfect for people with light skin, as well as with any other type of skin at the holiday hot climates.

 Tender care and golden tan


A woman always likes to please others and herself. It's so nice - catch yourself admiring glances of men like charging extra energy, and see in the mirror every Met this beautiful, well-groomed, stylish and with no apparent age-related changes!

But nature came up with the aging process, and the person - passport offices (age). And when the pages of the passport date of birth is gradually shifting to the past, every woman wants to look younger. So, you have to help yourself and your beauty shine as long as possible.

What is beauty and help prevent damage to your health?

How does age

A woman's age - a relative term. Whatever did not think employees of passport offices, the woman's age - not what is written in her passport, and that reflect the mirror.

What promises us time? If you give up on her hand and let it go, nothing good. Sooner or later we will see in the mirror a tired face, note Emerging bags under the eyes, skin laxity note and cute, but we do not need such "crow's feet" around the eyes ...

The reason for these changes in the biochemical processes occurring in the body of each person, the Earth's gravity (oval face like a "sag" and gravitates to the ground), photo-aging and insufficiently competent care.


What to do?

When the age-related changes are not "erased" standard creams, homemade masks, lotions and serums, many women are thinking about going to a plastic surgeon. It would seem that the p-time - a couple of professional scalpel strokes, and the biological clock show is 10 years ...

But it is not so simple. After plastic - it is a full surgical procedure with anesthesia, a long process of rehabilitation, contraindications, risks and, finally, a common female fear of the knife.

Thanks to modern cosmetology - today women aged 30+ have a great alternative that allows you to postpone the long trek to the plastic surgeons!

Choose alternative

Alternative methods of non-traumatic rejuvenation resorted to today, thousands and hundreds of thousands of women - a delivery to the deep layers of the skin substances that could rejuvenate it from within.

The most common tools include the use of Botox, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Let's talk about each of these methods.

  • Botox.   Using this method, the impact does not occur on the skin, and muscles located underneath. With directional paralysis of the facial muscles - the ones that are responsible for the "crow's feet" around the eyes and forehead wrinkles - botulinum toxin, they are temporarily immobilized. This helps to reduce wrinkles ... exactly the time which is valid botulinum.
  • Hyaluronic acid.   Intradermal application of hyaluronic acid called biorevitalization. Hyaluronic acid - a powerful natural moisturizer of the skin, and its use allows to achieve a long-term effect of moisture. And with it the visual facial rejuvenation. Perhaps the only important and minus hyaluronic acid is that its application is not able to stimulate the body to produce yourself this important element. Conversely, it relaxes the body, and after several courses of the drug amount of hyaluronic acid produced by the organism, can be somewhat reduced.
  • Collagen.   When injected into the deeper layers of skin collagen specially treated and approximate in structure to human, there is a very important process: the body with new energy begins to independently develop their own young collagen fibers that fill the skin, leaving it smoother, firmer and younger. A good example of a collagen product - a unique gel COLLOST ® . It is composed of 7% or 15% of the collagen of animal origin, purified from extraneous and fiber and processed by a special patented technology, which is at the XXIII International Exhibition of Inventors in Switzerland was awarded the Grand Gold Medal.


Features gel COLLOST ®   almost limitless. It improves skin, tightens and makes clearer shape of the face, smoothes uneven skin relief, makes it less noticeable not only small, but deep wrinkles and visibly smoothes the complexion.

And COLLOST ®   characterized by long-lasting effect, manifested by the rise - which means that for 2-4 months after application of the gel COLLOST every day you'll look younger and younger. Thus, as if your biological clock is reversed.

COLLOST ® : Is not this the dream of every woman?

 Beauty in the mirror

 Barotrenazher Vacustep

Beautiful and well-groomed woman of the 21st century - it is about 70% of success in her life. Fortunately or unfortunately (not judge us), but it so happened today that accept always "dress for success" and the soul and evaluate the professional level already then.

More recently, in the world of sports and fitness equipment industry came out that very quickly took leading positions in the ranking of "The Best for weight loss aids the 21st century!"

Barotrenazher Vacustep and a new era of health and beauty industry

The best engineers in Europe have created equipment to its technical characteristics surpassed all expectations! Barotrenazher Vacustep combines the properties of strength training equipment to strengthen the muscles of the body and a built-in effect of vacuum massage.

This equipment has already won the hearts of millions of women, because it is thanks to him that they finally found a quick and easy way to get rid of cellulite and extra padding. With the advent of barotrenazherov Vacustep increasingly to estimate the traditional fitness began to come the so-called light fitness, or "fitness for lazy people." The main difference between the traditional lung fitness is that the first class do not require heavy physical exertion, and the results often exceed all expectations.

Barotrenazhery Vacustep - a new stage of development of health and beauty industry, the characteristic differences which have become the focus on human health and the search for external beauty through health and beauty of the interior!

 Barotrenazher Vacustep

New breath for your business!

Numerous reviews of business partners on Vacustep are extremely positive evaluation! Owners various wellness studios, spas, beauty centers and health resorts, health resorts and so there is high demand from customers in the procedures Vacistep. Such popularity is linked with high performance unit and the results that it provides: lose weight fast, smooth out cellulite and strengthen the skin's structure - all the main enemies of female beauty, which barotrenazher handles very easily and with little or no application of physical effort of the man himself.

Barotrenazher Vacustep give your business a new breath! Your beauty center will not have a serious competitor in this area - it has already been tested by any of a dozen business partners of our country and the world.

Beautiful figure without dieting and effort you give Vacustep!

Beautiful female figure - a "product" of the international category! Today and for all time aspired to be a beautiful woman. To attract attention and cause admiring glances - it is the properties of nature women, embodied in her since birth. That is why businesses in the beauty industry today is so popular. However, the wellness industry with its "clever simulators" - is something completely innovative. Modern European barotrenazhery Vacustep easily and without strenuous exercise simultaneously solve several problems of women:

  1. To reduce weight, reduce the volume of the body;
  2. Get rid of cellulite;
  3. Strengthen skin to get rid of sagging;
  4. Cleanse the body of harmful substances.

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21st century - this is the era of innovative breakthroughs! It's time to bring your business to the next level ...

 Barotrenazher Vacustep - innovative equipment for the recovery!