Vaginismus. This problem did not say out loud. Moreover, this problem rarely go to the doctor - it is so delicate. Meanwhile, if a woman has vaginismus, treatment begins immediately. In order for treatment to be initiated in a timely manner, a woman must clearly understand that it is happening and do not miss the early warning signs that indicate that there are some problems.

What is vaginismus? Doctors give the following definition: vaginismus - is involuntary spasmodic contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and muscles vestibule and the lower third. These reductions occur when attempts to introduce into the vagina penis. From the point of view of psychology, this process is nothing other than a reflex protection against invasion of a foreign body. And you need to look for the causes of vaginismus, as a rule, in the minds of women. That is why, when deciding how to treat vaginismus, a woman simply need to contact a sex therapist.

If a woman has vaginismus, the symptoms are as follows:

  • During the attempted introduction of the penis into the vagina there is a sharp spasm, and she feels a strong sharp pain.
  • When you try on a gynecological examination chair with the help of mirrors the same situation occurs.
  • The woman has difficulty when using tampons. When you try to introduce a tampon into the vagina woman also feels the muscle spasms and pain, though less strong.

Experts say if a woman has vaginismus, the reasons should be sought deep in the subconscious. The most common cause of vaginismus is the first sexual intercourse. In that case, if the woman is very afraid of pain associated with the process of defloration, she unconsciously tries to avoid it. This is why the vaginal spasms. In this case, advice on how to get rid of vaginismus, is only one: the man should show tolerance and understanding. Only in this case it is possible overcoming women's fear of sexual intimacy.

However, if a man showed excessive insistence, he was rude, and the process of defloration occurred yet, and even if it is very painful, the situation is much worse. And in such a situation, this problem is getting rid of vaginismus, it becomes almost impossible on their own, without the intervention of a gynecologist and sexologist.

The psychologist will conduct the necessary work with a woman, find out whether it is true vaginismus and its causes. In some cases, the problem has its roots in adolescence or even childhood. After all, the psychological trauma can be caused by anything:

  • Accidentally seen in childhood sexual intercourse parents. It can cause serious psychological trauma for the children's fragile psyche, because the child does not understand what is happening and why shouting beloved mother.
  • Puritan upbringing of girls. If the mother since childhood inspires girl, that all men are not worthy, but in adolescence suggests that the sex - it's an unpleasant duty and dirt, such education certainly will turn in the future for girls serious psychological problems.
  • Gaining knowledge about the sexual aspect of life from peers, from pornographic literature and films.

In addition, according to psychologists, the most commonly observed symptoms of vaginismus in women with a weak type of mentality and the presence of obsessive phobias of water, heights, darkness, and more. Typically, these women are in need of psychological treatment of their consciousness.

Vaginismus how to treat depends on the extent to which it is expressed. There are three degrees of vaginismus:

  1. Light degree. In this form of vaginismus the penis enters the vagina, without apparent effort, but a woman experiences during intercourse only unpleasant, slightly painful.
  2. The average severity. With this degree of vaginismus penis can also penetrate into the vagina, but even in the most gentle and smooth movement woman feels severe pain in the pelvic area.
  3. Severe form of vaginismus. Woman experiencing panic fear at the thought of sex. Spasms of the vagina is so powerful that you can not enter the vagina not only the penis, but even a fingertip.

Whatever the degree of vaginismus, the woman refers to sex as a duty, and experiencing frank fear of him. When mild vaginismus woman and a man can not even guess at the existence of the problem, just a woman on a subconscious level, will seek by all possible means to avoid sexual intimacy. However, in such cases, women, at first glance, live a full life, and even give birth to children.

It should be noted that vaginismus following delivery runs independently. During the birth process there is a relaxation of the cervix and vaginal muscles are stretched. Of course, after a few months they will return to its former state, but this time is usually enough to make a woman stopped to feel fear before intercourse. In addition, another important reason for the disappearance of vaginismus after birth is self-esteem, which increases after birth in any woman.

However, very often confused with vaginismus psevdovaginizmom. Very often there is such a thing as bacterial vaginismus. In this case, the pain is caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina. This, as well as adhesions, malformations of the reproductive system and cause psevdovaginizm. In this case, if a woman has symptoms of bacterial vaginismus, treatment should be carried out not a psychologist and gynecologist.

Moreover, before deciding how to cure vaginismus, the physician should be differentiated from the so-called fear of sexual intercourse without the muscle contractions of the vagina. To do this, the woman must visit the gynecologist.

Some doctors advise women with vaginismus occurs, exercises to develop the muscles of the vagina. However, vaginismus similar exercise can aggravate an existing problem, since muscle cramps are trained even harder.

Much more reasonable not tormented with the question of how to cure vaginismus, and when the first symptoms of the problem to seek qualified help. If a woman says you can not use tampons or during intercourse, she should immediately consult a doctor sex therapist, and in his absence to a gynecologist.

Unfortunately, some gynecologists do not notice the obvious problems and deny the existence of such phenomena as vaginismus. In this case, should not give up, and should refer to another doctor, who knows what vaginismus, and how to treat this unpleasant disease.

As a rule, the treatment of vaginismus always quite successful, though it may take quite a long time - from one to three months. Gradually sexual function in women will be fully restored. First, most of all, there is sexual arousal, when it is joined by moistening the vagina. However, to successfully get rid of the problem at a very important support and understanding of the sexual partner. Man, in order to prevent recurrence of the disease, in any case, must not rush things.

 Disease or a myth? Treatment of vaginismus

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 contraceptives new generation

Protection from unwanted pregnancy - is one of the most pressing issues of concern to all women. Everyone understands that abortion brings great harm to the female body. However, gynecologists was seriously concerned about the situation: despite the fact that there is now a new generation of contraceptives, the number of unintended pregnancies end in abortion, is growing every year.

What causes women to abandon the use of effective contraception new generation unthinkingly risk and, in the end, go for an abortion? The financial side of the issue? It is unlikely that it can be called obёktivnoy cause - the methods and means of contraception are very diverse. If desired, a woman with absolutely any income can choose the appropriate means of protection against unwanted pregnancy. In fact, most of the methods and means of contraception do not bring much damage to the budget of women. Abortion will entail much more damage to a woman, both financial and moral.

If the reason for refusing women the means of protection from unwanted pregnancy is not the material side, then what is? What causes women to risk their health and ignore contraceptive methods? As the results of long-term observation of doctors and gynecologists, as well as statistics polls, often guilty of giving up the use of contraceptive methods are banal reasons:

  • Ordinary laziness. Women do not want to search for suitable methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, hope for a "maybe" will sooner or later lead a woman to unwanted pregnancies. If you do not want a long time to pick up methods of contraception - the spiral is exactly what you need. In order to use this method of contraception, like a spiral, you'll have to spend a time only a few hours to hike to the gynecologist, and then for a few years you can forget about the problem of contraception. This is the best method of contraception for women who do not want to keep track of your menstrual cycle or use of pills.
  • The ignorance of the principle of most methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, harmful contraceptives in the minds of many women greatly exaggerated. Often around means of contraception add up the whole legend, passed from one woman to another, each time acquiring a growing number of horrific details about the dangers of contraception. If the woman fears for her health, she should consult a doctor gynecologist to help her choose the safest method of contraception, given its features is the health and needs.
  • Hope for the rhythm method of contraception. A lot of women use contraceptive methods is rhythmic. However, they do not take into account the fact that the successful use of the calendar method of contraception menstrual cycle in a woman to be a very, very stable. Such a method - not the most secure method of contraception.
  • Fear of women used contraceptive methods during breastfeeding. Many mothers believe that it can bring serious harm to the health of the baby. However, in reality, it is not. The use of contraceptives during breastfeeding is safe and can not in any way harm the health of the crumbs. If the woman still - still very afraid, she can always choose a non-hormonal contraceptives. About what they are, you will learn a little lower.

On the dangers of abortion that women have to do because of the neglect of modern contraceptive methods, says a lot. Therefore, this article on this issue puts more emphasis will be. It talked about what are the modern contraceptive methods, as well as the classification of methods of contraception.

Natural methods of contraception

Physiological method of contraception is one of the favorite for many women, despite its imperfections. There are two types of physiological methods of contraception:

  • The temperature method of contraception.
  • The calendar method of contraception.

Female body is designed in such a way that a woman can get pregnant, not every day, but strictly on certain days of your menstrual cycle. Pregnancy is possible only during ovulation. Ovulation is the process of exit from the ovaries mature egg.

Any biological method of contraception is based precisely on this feature of the female body. And that is why, for the protection of biological methods of contraception, it is important that a woman has been a steady menstrual cycle.

The natural method of contraception, called the calendar, to determine the time of ovulation by counting and scheduling favorable for conception days. In order to do this, a woman should know some features of the process of conception.

A fertilized egg can only be for one day from the date of release from the ovary. Sperm also retains the ability to fertilize an egg for three days after vaginal penetration. At this point, and based natural contraceptive methods, including calendar.

To start a woman is necessary to determine the duration of her menstrual cycle. During the first day of the cycle is necessary to take the first day of menstruation. From the resulting duration subtract 18 days - you get the first favorable day for conception. Then subtract from the first day of the menstrual cycle 11 - you will get the last "unsafe" day. Keep in mind that the reliability of such a biological method of contraception is only possible in the case of a stable cycle for at least a year.

Temperature contraceptive method - it is more reliable contraceptive device as it is based on accurate measurement of a constant level of basal body temperature. Basal places where the measured temperature is the oral cavity, vagina, rectum.

In the evening prepare a notebook, a pen and a thermometer. Preferably use an ordinary mercury, as his testimony more accurate and effective method of contraception for the accuracy is very important. Immediately after waking up, do not put in the bed, measure the temperature in the rectum for 10 minutes. Try to measure the temperature at the same time. After that, immediately write down readings in a notebook, you should not rely on your memory.

The temperature should be measured for at least a month. After that a woman needs to make the schedule, noting the vertical calendar dates, and across - the basal temperature. Then connect the dots between them. As a result, you get a graph of your menstrual cycle.

Immediately after there was the process of ovulation, basal temperature rises sharply, accounting for about 37, 3 degrees Celsius. The most favorable for conception days - this time for 4 days before and after the temperature rise.

This method is difficult to attribute to the best method of contraception, because it is not reliable enough, but his followers say about some of its advantages over traditional methods of contraception. For objectivity's sake, these advantages are listed below:

  • No need to introduce foreign substances into the body, such as by using a barrier method of contraception.
  • Unlike pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy, these methods belong to the category of safe contraception.
  • Also, these methods prefer to use the believing women, since it is the only church permitted ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • These methods are non-hormonal methods of contraception.

Minus these methods only one, but very significant - they even contraceptives and safe, but very unreliable.

Birth control pills

 methods of contraception

Methods of contraception for women in our time are wide enough.   Including contraceptives - tablets. Tablets - sufficiently reliable contraceptive methods that protect against pregnancy in about 98% of cases. This high degree of protection is achieved due to the incoming of the tablets artificially synthesized sex hormones.

Oral contraceptives inhibit ovulation, as well as alter the normal structure of the lining of the uterus, thus eliminating the possibility of implantation of the embryo, even if fertilization has occurred yet. Thus, tablets for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies provide multi-level protection. That is why the pills are considered to be the most reliable method of contraception.

Some women worry about whether it is possible pregnancy after contraceptive, special hormones. Such fears are totally groundless, everything changes in the female body, fully reversible and disappear after a woman stops taking birth control pills. In addition, these contraceptives like pills, have a very "nice" side effect - almost all women noted a significant improvement of the skin, hair and nails.

In some cases, hormonal contraceptives for women gynecologists prescribed for therapeutic purposes, for the correction of hormonal disorders. Remember that the independent choice of hormonal contraceptives for women is unacceptable. Appoint hormonal contraceptives for women should only gynecologist. For pick of the effective methods of contraception can only be given all the individual characteristics of the female body.

Doctors have identified a number of advantages of hormonal contraception for women:

  • The stabilization of the menstrual cycle in women, in whom it was irregular.
  • Also, hormonal methods of female contraception practically eliminate premenstrual syndrome, and physical discomfort during menstruation.
  • Hormonal methods of contraception for women to protect women from such common diseases as iron deficiency anemia.
  • Women who use hormonal methods of female contraception, 60% reduced risk of all kinds of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system.
  • In addition, significantly reduces the risk of various tumor diseases. Moreover, there is a pronounced therapeutic effect. For example, women who used hormonal contraceptives with uterine, doctors reported significant improvement, and even a complete cure.
  • The risk of osteoporosis in women who use hormonal contraceptives for women, reduced at times, which is also important. Unfortunately, osteoporosis is facing a good half of all women. On it is also worth paying attention to when choosing contraception after 35 years.
  • Cross in the future prevention of severe complications such as ectopic pregnancy.
  • Using the female hormonal contraceptives improves skin condition and treats a large number of diseases of the skin associated with hormonal disorders.

However, listing numerous advantages, it should be said also about the negative side, which has the most effective method of contraception:

  • For women who prefer this method of preventing unwanted pregnancies, there may be intermittent increase in blood pressure. However, such a side effect very rare, no more than 5% and usually in women who suffer from hypertension.
  • Modern contraceptives based on hormone can cause bouts of gallstone disease in women who suffer from it.
  • Choosing pill - the most effective contraceptives - you must take into account that the first few months they can cause menstrual irregularities. These disorders can manifest themselves in the form of spotting, or, on the contrary, the complete absence of menstrual bleeding. This phenomenon should not be afraid because it is temporary and disappears on its own, two - three months after the beginning of taking the drug. In the same case, if this did not happen, which is rare, women should consult a doctor who will help you choose another, more optimal drug. After all, the effectiveness of contraceptive methods is provided by individual selection.
  • The main argument against the hormones that promote women who prefer a non-hormonal methods of contraception, is a set of excess body weight. In fact, the concentration of hormone contraceptives in current is so small that does not affect the body weight. But weight gain is due to improperly balanced diet and lack of exercise.
  • Some drugs can cause enough discomfort in the breast-like feeling during pregnancy: the breast can be poured even ache. Typically, these feelings disappear after a few months after starting taking the drug.
  • In very rare cases it may cause severe headaches, wearing paroxysmal character. In that case, if the headache occurs more frequently than twice a week, she must immediately stop taking the drug and seek medical advice.
  • Women using hormonal contraceptives after 40 years, often complain of intermittent feelings of nausea, almost never turning into vomit. Doctors attribute this to age hormonal changes in the body of the woman.
  • Some women complain that after the use of pills they observed emotional instability. However, doctors have denied connection with contraception.
  • Quite often in the first few months of a woman can celebrate the change of sexual attraction. In some women it rises, in part it contributes to this the fact that a woman ceases to be afraid of unwanted pregnancies. And the other woman, on the other hand, complain about the decrease in sexual desire. However, it is also a temporary phenomenon, and worry about this woman is not worth it.
  • In rare cases when taking hormones may cause age spots, especially in those areas of the skin that are exposed to direct sunlight. In the event of such a complication, the woman should inform your doctor. Typically, after a few months, the problem goes away by itself.

Barrier contraception

New methods of contraception provide a wide range of women. If a woman does not want to, for some - any reason to drink the pill, she can choose contraceptives topical. The principle on which are vaginal contraceptives, is very simple: use chemicals that are introduced into the woman's vagina. After contact with the sperm of these chemicals, bearing the name of spermicides, instantly destroying them. In addition, spermicides provide a thin protective film on the vaginal mucosa, as occurs thickening cervical secretions. Thus, there is an additional barrier to sperm.

It provided two chemicals used in vaginal contraceptives: benzalkonium chloride and nonoxynol. It is based on them created many women's favorite contraceptive topical application, called the "Pharmatex." Another very important plus, which have similar birth control while breastfeeding, it is a complete security for the baby, since the active substances do not penetrate into breast milk. The following describes the main types of contraception in the group.

Kontratseptin belongs to the "chemical contraceptives," disinfects, has an antibacterial effect and kills sperm. This is the best contraceptive for women whose sex life is irregular. This tool does not require systematic use enough once, immediately before sexual intercourse, vaginal suppositories to enter the vagina.