menopause in women

The word "climax" constantly on the ear, but as long as the woman herself does not face this period of his life, this phenomenon, as well as the symptoms of menopause in women who are absolutely not interested in women who have not attained the age of forty. And that is why, having entered the menopause, a woman feels insecure and confused. But if she had known that she expects the woman would know how to behave in a particular case.

As a rule, the very first symptoms of menopause in women are emotional instability, fickleness of mood, irritability. Then there is no passing feeling of chronic fatigue, insomnia may occur, or, conversely, excessive sleepiness. After that the woman begins to notice menstrual irregularities - initially small, then harder and harder.
That these first signs of menopause in women and forced her guard and think. The most reasonable would be at this time to see a doctor, who will assess the woman's condition and give the best possible recommendations. In order to safely take to their new state and accept it, a woman must know what is happening to her body than it is due to these or other processes.
The cause of the first signs of menopause in women is the so-called menopause. Start of menopause in women is after about 40 years. At this age begins a gradual decline in progesterone - the hormone of the corpus luteum. This is not the beginning of menopause, as such, but the first premise. A few years later, about 45 years of age, a woman's ovaries begin to produce less estrogen much more than before. As a result of this process of menstruation become chaotic, and after some time, and disappear altogether.

I would like to draw the attention of women to such an important issue as reproductive function. Despite the fact that a woman's ability to conceive is greatly reduced at the very beginning, you need to pay close attention to the issue of contraception, as quite often in this period of pregnancy occurs, which the woman has no idea writing off the instability of the absence of menstruation cycle.

And during menopause sometimes there are so-called hormone "jumps" during which a woman's body could not be better prepared to conceive. Therefore, if you are certainly not planning to become a mother, take care of reliable contraception. In order to choose the best option, you need to see a doctor. By the way, only a doctor can reliably say whether you should be afraid of pregnancy. For this woman should have a blood test to determine the level of FSH hormone in it. Hormone FSH - Follicle stimulating hormone is responsible for the normal functioning of the ovaries. In the event that blood is a significant improvement of the hormone, it indicates that ovarian failure was complete, at which no egg. This usually occurs after years of absence of menstruation.

The word "menopause" is of Greek origin and means "ladder". And descend the stairs can be quite difficult if you do not treat their health responsibly and with due care. It was during this period of menopause in women can prevent most of the diseases typical of older age.

During menopause women can appear symptoms such as:

  • Sensation of so-called "hot flashes."
  • Sweating.
  • Violation of the usual cycle of sleep - insomnia or hypersomnia.

After some time, may appear mid - time violation, expressed as follows:

  • Incontinence from mild to pronounced.
  • Sear the vaginal mucosa.
  • Decreased sexual desire.
  • Emotional imbalance.

If a woman is to their health lightly, has a genetic predisposition, or subjected to external negative influences, complications can be even more unpleasant:

  • Metabolic disease.
  • Disorders and diseases of cardio - vascular system.
  • Osteoporosis.

About osteoporosis should talk a little bit more, because just knowing about the problem, we can win it. Osteoporosis - is none other than the disease of supporting - motor apparatus. As the disease progresses there is a gradual disruption of the normal structure of the bone, bone mass is also reduced.

Incidentally, throughout the life quality and structure of bone as well as bone loss, are constantly changing. Indicators are changing under the influence of many factors, chief among which are:

  • Character supply. The most optimal diet in which the correctly balanced protein, calcium and vitamin D.
  • Physical activity also plays a role in the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • The content of the sex hormones.

Since conception and about thirty years of age in the body of any person is intense accumulation of bone and therefore the bone mass. After 40 years, due to loss of normal ovarian function, the aging process begins bone. If this process is in the form of hard, it is the development of osteoporosis. This type is called postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Insidious this disease is that the symptoms do not appear for the first time when the menopause occurs in women, and in 10 - 15 years. The most common fractures of the spine, forearm and hip. And fractures occur due to an insignificant physical impact on bone.

When does the menopause in women?

 symptoms of menopause in women

As mentioned earlier, menopause occurs at about 45 years. However, this average data, and often there are various deviations from the norm. Early menopause in women can have a variety of causes. Listed below are the most common:

  • The strong stress factor in a woman's life - the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job.
  • Infectious diseases that occurred during puberty women.
  • Several immunological diseases of the thyroid gland.
  • An abnormally low activity of the ovaries.
  • Gynecological surgery involving the removal of a uterus and ovaries.

Accordingly, all the symptoms of early menopause in women occur much earlier than their peers. The woman begins to change the structure of the skin, which begins to lose its elasticity, modified condition of nails and hair. Because of hormonal changes may increase or, conversely, a decrease in weight.

The analysis of blood marked change its biochemical evidence, possibly resulting in the development of coronary heart disease, heart attack, atherosclerosis. In addition, the natural age-related changes in bone tissue and begin to happen ahead of time - greatly accelerated the process of reducing its density.

Of course, do not leave this process of early menopause without attention - because its onset suggests that aging also occurs prematurely. In case of you have the above symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Only a doctor is able to pinpoint early menopause in women, the treatment must also assign it was he.

Typically, the most common cause of early menopause in women is precisely the artificial termination of a full-fledged functioning of the ovaries. This occurs either by surgery or by irradiation with X-rays.

The most important difference between the artificial from the natural climax is abrupt cessation of hormone production. Of course, during this period can be pronounced signs of early menopause in women, the treatment would be much more effective than the natural process of extinction of reproductive function. This is explained by the fact that in any event, whether natural or artificial menopause, women require the body some time to adjust to his new condition. How much time is necessary - it is very difficult to say - this process is very individual and depends on many characteristics of an organism a particular woman.

Of course, the younger the female body adapts much faster and less painful than the old one. And, as a rule, artificial menopause often encountered is young women who have an abrupt termination of the production of sex hormones by medical intervention into the organism.

Treatment of early menopause quite diverse, women doctors should be consulted more narrowly focused professionals:

  • A neurologist will help you choose products, normalize the work of the central nervous system.
  • Endocrinologist conduct a full examination of women, prescribe tests to determine the level of hormones in the body.
  • The cardiologist will help to eliminate existing, or prevent the emergence of possible disorders of the cardio - vascular system.
  • The surgeon will help to cope with osteoporosis.
  • Gynecologist help cope with the frequent diseases in this period of the genitourinary system.

Talking about women's health, menopause should be noted separately. Hormonal changes during menopause the body goes hard every second woman. A woman experiencing both physical and psychological discomfort. She develops various complexes, which may eventually develop into a serious psychological problems. Most often women complain of "hot flashes", during which the woman may experience symptoms such as:

  • The sudden appearance of strong perspiration.
  • Vertigo of varying intensity.
  • Unexplained emotional race.

Most often, women suffer very painful "hot flashes." They try to avoid the company of strangers, which, in turn, can lead to so-called "social exclusion" and serious psychological problems whose solution requires a psychologist.

"Tides" occur both during the day and at night, and can cause a variety of sleep disorders, up to insomnia. Often women themselves provoke attacks "tides". In order to reduce their occurrence and intensity to the minimum possible, observe the simple rules:

  • Avoid drinking hot beverages, particularly those containing caffeine. Replace them with iced tea or juice.
  • The same is true of hot food. Before use, allow food to cool to 36-37 degrees.
  • Try to avoid stressful situations. If it is impossible to cope, should seek medical advice.
  • Try to avoid clothing made of synthetic materials.

These "flushes" are the result of menopause occurs when a hormonal imbalance, which leads to disruption of the normal full functioning of the thermoregulatory system. The manifestations of menopause in women is very varied in its intensity and frequency of occurrence. Some women "tides" occur no more than once a week, and do not cause absolutely no discomfort, while others - up to 30 times a day, thereby turning life into a continuous agony. If menopause occurs is very difficult, a woman should see a doctor. After inspection and complete examination of women will be assigned to hormone replacement therapy.

 symptoms of menopause in women

However, unfortunately, "tides" - is not the only sign of the start of menopause in women. As mentioned above, among them women are often faced with problems such as: problems in the field of sexual activity, changes in appearance, cardio - vascular system, diseases of the genitourinary system.

Due to hormonal changes during menopause state changes of the vaginal mucosa and urinary tract. The mucous becomes very vulnerable and sensitive. And so that sexual intercourse with a male can cause quite a lot of pain. In addition to the moment of orgasm often it happens involuntary leakage of urine that is usually very confusing and frustrating woman. As a result, in addition to the physical discomfort a woman experiences a strong psychological discomfort that adversely reflects on her state of mind.

Changes in appearance as a woman bring a lot of grief, and added hassle. The tie to the fact that a woman's body is significantly reduced levels of estrogen, the skin is much thinner, loses its moisture. As a result, the skin loses its former elasticity: Facial wrinkles are new, but the breast becomes flabby and sagging. In addition, the deteriorating condition of the hair and nails - hair also become overly dry, actively falls. Nails begin to thin, flaky and break. These changes also significantly worsen the psychological condition of the woman.

But do not fall into apathy and give up. Then, when the start of menopause in women, the most reasonable is to actively engage in their own appearance. Nutritious masks, healthy lifestyle, as well as vitamins for women in menopause will help save women's beauty and health for many years.

In addition, the use of vitamins for women in menopause helps prevent osteoporosis, which has already been discussed above. Among other complications, loss of calcium can result in rapid development of caries and shape deformation, until the reduction in growth.

There are also complications of menopause, which manifest themselves only in five or even ten years. The most unpleasant complication - atherosclerosis. This is due to the fact that declining estrogen levels. And in fact, estrogens have powerful protivoskleroticheskoe action. During menopause the level of estrogen decreases, so cholesterol is deposited on virtually unchecked vascular walls. If a woman who has not attained 45 years of age, atherosclerosis is 10 times less than that of men, the women and men who reached the mark in 55 years - the incidence of the disease is the same.

No matter how sad it was aware of, but menopause in women, age and state of health - links in a chain. It is absolutely natural and inevitable process. But if our grandmothers and mothers were forced to just "go with the flow," modern women more opportunities to resist the negative effects of menopause. The most important thing - is to act and not sit idly by. I would like to once again remind you that there is no single universal scheme, perfect for all women. After all, one climax comes in 45 years, the other - 55, one woman has no symptoms at all, and the other they are pronounced.

Of course, hormone replacement therapy significantly facilitates the participation of women, but this is not the only way.

In the event that you experience "hot flashes", be sure to lock in writing, how often there are attacks that preceded them and how long they last. Pay attention to everything, even minor facts - clothing, food, the situation itself. During the "tide" doctors are advised not to try to overcome it, and vice versa - to relax. So it will take much more quickly and painlessly. Significantly relieves the intensity and frequency of "hot flashes" normal Vitamin E, which can be bought at any drugstore. The composition includes almost all vitamins and E, but the most effective action of vitamin E in pure form by 400ME tablet twice a day.

Hormone replacement therapy should be conducted only by appointment your doctor and only under its strict control. Otherwise, the woman risks a completely opposite effect.

Be sure to remember that menopause cornfields no way indicates that your full life came to an end. Do not short in themselves and do not dwell on his condition. Be sure to communicate with people, especially with women your age. The realization that such phenomena occur not only you, but also with other, much easier emotional state.

As mentioned above, it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle. Try to create for itself a clear schedule, be sure to turn it exercises and walking. Try as much as possible to be outdoors. These measures will help you regardless of everything, to stay in good physical shape and maintain vitality.

We have already mentioned that many women during menopause could pose problems in intimate life. A woman can take a number of measures to reduce the problem to a minimum:

  • Pay attention to personal hygiene.

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