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Every woman knows that a glance at her hands to determine the extent of her self-respect. Self-respecting lady give a beautiful, well-groomed hands. A primary means of hand care since ancient times has been and remains a manicure. Even the word "manicure" translated from Latin means "hand care» (manus - hand, cur - care). A good manicure involves not only beautifully crafted and painted nails; With it you can successfully get rid of burrs, moisten the skin, to solve the problem of ingrown nails.

However, going to a useful, necessary and even pleasant procedure, it is necessary to be mindful of their safety. Master is not enough to know only how to use a manicure set. Master must strictly observe safety precautions. Working with cutting and piercing instruments, the master can inadvertently damage the skin, with a risk of falling into the wound infection (bacteria, fungi, pathogens of herpes, hepatitis B or AIDS)

What type of manicure less traumatic?

There are different types of manicure and pedicure, but lately especially popular European edging manicure - it is carried out without maceration of the skin without the use of cutting tools. On the cuticle and skin around the nail bed is applied to a special agent that softens the dead cells. Softened cuticle is then removed using an orange stick. As a result of the cuticle around the nail and the skin is not damaged, besides the cuticle itself with each such procedure is becoming thinner and nearly stops the growth.

European manicure is particularly suitable for those who have very thin and delicate skin or who vessels are located very close to the surface. And the results of such care on the delicate skin will be seen much more quickly. For those who have a tough skin and thick cuticle, have patience - the result will be visible after more treatments than people with thin skin, but also the result of this will be great!

Another kind of dry and not edging manicure - hardware. It differs from conventional nail trimmer that the cutters are replaced by special rotating grinding cup. Make a manicure more often in order to correct the shape of the nail and align their surface. With careful treatment of nails and cuticles using grinding cups completely exclude the possibility of damage to the blood vessels. And this is the key to your safety! After all, when damaged blood vessels is a risk of infection with hepatitis B or AIDS.

Skin resurfacing procedure used in hardware manicure, results in a uniform layer of dead skin cells peel off and the skin for a long time becomes soft and smooth.

Take care of your security!

In order to visit the manicure cabinet gave joy and not only caused the loss of health, it is necessary to know the basic rules, which are obliged to comply with all the specialists in manicure and pedicure. Knowing these rules, you can track compliance by their employees of the salon in which you asked for the service. Remember, that:

At the disposal of the master should have several sets for manicure (usually at least three). Complete tools disinfection takes several hours, and it is impossible to have time to service all customers with one to two sets unless shorten processing times. But the guarantee of security can serve only as required for complete disinfection time! Therefore, be careful to master when you opened the package with sterile instruments, which it will do you a manicure or pedicure;

In no case do not settle for the wizard to use the tool that he just held it in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Remember that doing manicures, hepatitis can lie in wait for you at the non-sterile instrument mastera.Dlya to completely clean manicure equipment from potential pathogens, such treatment is totally inadequate. Especially since the majority of the most dangerous bacteria and viruses very quickly adapt to any aggressive environment and mutate. Full processing is as follows: first the instruments are placed in a special solution for the time necessary to kill HIV and viral hepatitis. Then all of the accessories are placed in an ultrasonic bath, which removes the finest particles of the skin or the blood. Thereafter, instruments are washed in distilled water;

The final processing step - sterilization in an autoclave or oven top land. The autoclave bacteria and viruses are destroyed by dry steam cabinet top land in this happens by heat. Tools that are kept in such cells for several hours, completely sterilized and are absolutely clean and safe;

Most materials and tools, in direct contact with the skin and blood should be disposable. Cotton pads, capes, towels, bed sheets - all this should be a one-off;

All funds are used for manicure and pedicure (lotions, sprays, creams, etc.) Must contain antiviral and antibacterial components.

Of course, a small hair salon or a wizard that makes your manicure at home, is unlikely to have a full arsenal of tools required for disinfection and sterilization. For example, buy a sterilizer for manicure tools can afford more room than the manicure room at the barber shop. And despite the fact that the sterilization of manicure tools is important, not less than the disinfection of manicure tools. So worrying about saving money, and do not forget about their own health and safety.

In some cases, manicure contraindicated?

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It also happens: Salon, in which you used to do a manicure - it is quite decent, and craftsmen who work there - are real professionals, and manicures can not do anyway! There are situations when the manicure is contraindicated due to the poor condition of the skin or nails. And even if the disease is not yet fully manifested, manicure can cause aggravation. When to visit the salon to replace a visit to the doctor?

Fungal disease. The fungus on the nails - not such a rarity. It can not be underestimated, because the sick nails become a source of infection for others. A person with a fungus, is a danger to everyone with whom he comes into contact.

Symptoms of the disease: the nail becomes rough, thickened, exfoliates. Changes nail color - from yellow to brown. At the beginning of the disease as soon as the fungus spores enter the skin, visible changes yet, there is just itching. But at this stage it is important to start the treatment, otherwise the mycelium sprout in nails, and treat it will be much harder.

Of course, visiting a nail parlor, if you have suspected at the fungus, you should not. Not only will you be at risk of contracting the master and other clients, but you have during the procedure can be a fungus unit tunes from patients to healthy nails. During illness or for prevention of disease fungus use special antifungal nail lacquers, which are sold in any drugstore.

Office of the nail plate. Detachment or complete separation of the nail plate from the nail bed usually occurs after trauma or severe injury. This may happen after contact infection or as a result of reactions to certain drugs (antibiotics).

Detachment of the nail is usually accompanied by the appearance of a large bruise under the nail plate and severe pain within a few days. If you want to do a manicure at a time as you took such trouble, do it only on healthy fingers. Finger on which flaked off the nail, do not worry. Some special treatment is not required - you just need to wait until the nail otrastёt. In extreme cases, your doctor may appoint you to the reception of vitamins.

Inflammation of the base of the nail. The skin around the nail becomes red and swollen, in some cases there is even fester. Most often this happens after injury. More such inflammation can be caused by bacteria or yeasts. Inflammation is treated with ointment Vishnevsky. The ointment is applied to the base of the nail, then it is necessary to thumb wrap with plastic film and leave it overnight.

Warts around the nails. Warts are considered to be a viral disease. They are in the form of hard nodules, towering above the skin. Warts grow not only in height, but also in depth. There are many different ways to treat people's warts, but wise to consult a dermatologist.

Skin diseases. In no event it is impossible to do a manicure at purulent skin diseases. If you are sick with eczema, then visit the nail salon for you is also very desirable. Multiple lesions in the skin lesion may become true gateway for any infection or fungus. In addition, skin contact with chemicals may cause severe exacerbation.

Some skin diseases can be transmitted by contact with carriers of infection. Any manicurist knows about it and will not do you a manicure, if you suspect that your skin is not all right.

Non-infectious skin diseases - psoriasis, vitiligo (pigmentation disorders of the skin), acne and similar diseases - not an obstacle to visiting the office manicure.

Deep burrs. Normally burrs arise due to lack of care of nails. Burrs can be quite painful, since through the damaged area of ​​skin bacteria and penetrate the wound is inflamed. A good manicure usually prevents burrs or helps to cope with already available. If you have a deep, inflamed bumps, with a manicure you will have to wait. You must first treat your hands - do baths mitigating every day to rub in cuticle oil or cream for hands and nails. Do not forget to wipe the wound with a disinfectant solution, or at least wash your hands often with soap and water. When the barbs are healed, go for a manicure. And remember, the only regular maintenance will help your hands and nails always be healthy and beautiful.

How often can I do a manicure without harm to health?

To make your nails look healthy and well-groomed, and his skin shone with freshness and youth, it is enough to pass the processing of manicure and pedicure is not more than once a month. At other times, enough to take care of their own nails at home. It is worth remembering that at home you have to remember about their safety. Few decide what is best manicure set. After all, no one best manicure set will not be able to replace all of your cosmetic nail.

First of all, be careful in choosing the means to care for nails. Unfortunately, the market for quite a lot of various agents which contain toxic chemicals. The composition of some nail polishes is that not only can damage the texture of the nail, but also cause skin damage, and even affect the nervous system. Some chemicals can cause disruption of the internal organs. Buying agents for nail care, think not only about how to spend less money. Think about how not to harm your health. Carefully read the composition of the ingredients, if you have something embarrassing - check with your manicure, you trust. Use only high-quality products of famous brands.

Buying polishes and varnishes, consider the state of your nails. If you have brittle nails and constantly break down, most likely you have a calcium deficiency. You should buy the paint, which further contains calcium in its composition. To care for problem nails, which do not grow, exfoliate and break, you need to use the funds only the best quality. And base and top coat should be composed of such substances, which not only will not dry or thinning the nail plate, but on the contrary, will nourish and moisturize.

Knowing all the rules of preserving security during the manicure, you'll always look good, staying healthy. After all, if you are not alien concepts such as beauty, manicure will always be present in your personal beauty program. And your beautiful hands really become your calling card!

 Safety and kinds of manicure

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