how to keep skin young

Beauty and time. What a pity that these two concepts rarely make friends with each other. But in the strong hands of our women is the impossible becomes real. We are able to tame the relentless time and the fragile beauty! It is quite feasible.

Have you noticed one oddity? Middle-aged woman looks like a girl of twenty, not a wrinkle on his face, young smiling and glowing eyes. And the other, and like a young lady, but let all forty of its extinct look and dull mind. So, the time may be subject to beauty? Or is there a special secrets how to keep youth?

Let's talk about how not to let go of youth, but it was full, without the participation of experienced plastic surgeons and beauticians. Artificially can only be young in appearance, and for a short while.

Shake your body

Our body has the ability to be lazy. Imagine that the human body - a complex mechanism. If some little cog suddenly rust - will break the entire system. It is from this and begin a health problem and a variety of ailments - from some fallen asleep suddenly Circuits.

We need to rest, this one does not argue. But the rest can be active. In the gym, or taking up gymnastics. Especially good and fully act on the body yoga. It is only necessary to study this ancient science of rejuvenation under the watchful guidance of an experienced coach.

Make it a rule every week to visit the pool. And start your day with a cold shower to wake up your whole body. If you do not want to give a morning jog, turn fiery music and dance to the soul. Activities throughout the day you provided.

Body and soul

You've probably heard that a man two ages: a biological and passport. And almost always between the ages there is a difference. We must strive to youthful biological and passport shall be for the paper recording. How to keep youth? If the soul of the young, the body tends to youth.

You must learn to be distracted from the urgent problems that are constantly eating away his anxiety strength of our body. At least half an hour a day full relax, lying on a couch and listening to relaxing music (the sound of water and birdsong).

How to keep youth body and soul? The secret - do not think about their age, abstracted from it. Age offended and he abandons you. And it will bother others more doubtful women who believe their every morning wrinkles.

Find a hobby. Remember, what you wanted to do as a child, what are you dreaming? Can dance or take pictures, and can collect butterflies. If you want to become and to be always young, our dreams of childhood have to be there.

Clean your inner world, if you're a fan shout and swear, to sort things out - is fundamentally changing this attitude. Evil men, envious and scandalous will never look young and beautiful, even at a young age. Anger and jealousy - is extra wrinkles and general decrepitude of the body.

Improving the quality of food

We ate somehow, now in vogue fast food eatery. This eatery - ran a snack and ran on. Moreover, what we eat should be treated selectively. Food should not become a cult, it must be our helper, not an idol.

Slender people always look younger. The absence of excess weight is a very good indicator of proper operation of the whole organism. Do not strive for immediate results, especially if you have more than one extra kilogram. Diet - conscious and emphatic no!

We do not need the extra stress and shocks to the body, which is required to be present if we are to give up favorite foods. Eat wisely, more fruit, less flour. But to completely eliminate the chocolate cake is not necessary. You did not hurt your favorite cake, if you eat it to 12 o'clock.

In general, any meal eaten before noon, even the most nutritious, is not going to extra kilos on your waist. This is the tried and tested. But in the evening it is useful to give preference to products - milk and natural. These simple rules will guarantee normalization of weight and perfect mood at any time of the day.

Cleanliness throughout

This is true not only of our house, the cleanliness of the apartment - is sacred. It is necessary to make clear our body, to rid it of toxins and to actively work to spur your metabolism. After the first course of cleansing the body, you feel for yourself what the joy of life. Improvement comes at once and not only within the body.

Perfectly face and shiny hair will rapidly fade extra weight, and all the forces that the body previously sent for processing slag now go exactly to improve the functioning of all organs. If your skin is poor - go to a consultation with a dermatologist, sometimes the body is so intoxicated that requires professional help.

Unfortunately, we live in a stubborn ecology, that all does not want to improve. Acceptance of vitamin B complex will allow us to improve the environment inside our bodies. Especially in the bleak and rainy off-season. By the way a daily glass of natural dry red wine is very good for the heart and blood condition.

Love your body

Care for the skin. It is not necessary to become a regular customer of beauty salons. Better money set aside for visiting spas, spend updating your wardrobe. In fashion naturalness, and means for hair care and skin and body too.

No ultra-modern cream does not replace the use of medicinal popular recipes. What a wonderful hair and complexion were our grandmothers! Heavy chic braids down to the waist and a natural blush of his cheek. Pharmacies can be quite inexpensive to buy a variety of useful herbs and oils. How to keep youth face and body skin? Resort to the help of nature.

All masks, compresses, various creams can and should do themselves and only from natural resources. Even hair color can resort to old recipes. Henna, Basma, broth onion peel and chamomile flowers. The wonderful, natural colors and long, plus and a significant improvement in the hair structure.

Our nature gives many answers to your question: how to stay young and keep the feminine beauty. The world around us is created in harmony and beauty. If we become closer to him, and we get closer to solving the eternal youth.

 How to keep youth face and body skin?

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 hormonal contraceptives

Unwanted pregnancy Unwanted life ... a new man. Abortion is a terrible word and action. But this is murder legalized murder. But our dear girls and women, we live in a modern and civilized society. Now on the market a huge number of pharmaceutical means of protection against unwanted pregnancy: hormonal contraceptives, coils, caps, candles, condoms, etc.

Many couples avoid condom use - uncomfortable and it does not bring the whole acuteness and completeness of sensations during sex. Broad popular spiral. Easy and simple - set and for a few years, forget about worrying about the delay menstruation. Did you know that the spiral - is abortifacient?

That is the conception can take place, but the spiral helps get rid of the fetus at very early stages. There is the same abortion, only invisible. And the most effective and beneficial for the health of women condoms are the new generation of hormonal contraceptives. But they must choose carefully and be able to sort the names in order not to cause yourself harm. Let's talk about this.

The most accurate advice and professional advice to you, of course, will only gynecologist. You pass a blood test ovarian hormones in the middle of the menstrual cycle, and, based on the results, your doctor can recommend exactly the hormones that you are perfect. But if you do not have such an opportunity, we hope that this article will help you understand the world of hormonal contraceptives.

Types of hormonal preparations

Modern hormonal contraceptives are divided into several groups, each group is suitable in composition for a particular category of women, taking into account age, general condition, etc.

  1. Drugs with micro dose of hormones.

    These tablets are designed for young, nulliparous women who are regular sex life. Ideal for those girls who first decided to start taking the hormones. This means the following: Mersilon, Logest Three-Mercy Novinet, Lindinet 20, Yasmin, 20 Miniziston fems, Klayra, Jess.

  2. Hormonal low-dose preparations.

    For the young, has not yet given birth Women who have constant intimacy with a partner. You are recommended drugs such as: Lindinet-30, Belarus, Silest, Jeanine, Miniziston, Marvelon, Rigevidon, Femoden, Regulon, Mikroginon.

  3. Preparations with srednedozirovannym adding hormones.

    Very good contraceptive for women have given birth or middle-aged women are sexually active. Stop your choice on one of the following: hormonal contraceptives: Chloe, Diane-35, Milvane Three-regolith, Desmoulins, Trikvilar, Triziston.

  4. Hormonal high-dosage preparations.

    In addition to the safety function, the tablets used for the treatment of certain disorders in hormone levels. This drug is not recommended for women of mature age, leading a regular sexual life. For you pharmacology experts have created the following courses of tablets: Non-Ovlon and Ovidon.

  5. Mini-pill - the most considerate measures

    Hormone pills mini-pill is the most lenient in the number of all other hormones. They contain only one analogue of the hormone progesterone. These pills do not guarantee one hundred percent barrier against unwanted pregnancy, but in life there are situations when recommended and resolved in order to protect from conception only accept such funds.

    1. The period of lactation. Mini-pill does not affect the composition of breast milk and are completely harmless to the body lactating women. During lactation, this method of protection is the most effective 2. If you have problems with the heart and blood vessels 3. For women from 35 years old who have a passion for cigarettes

    Take such tablets since the first day of menstruation in the continuous mode. Mini-pill should also be applied in the same time and try not to miss taking the drug. If you have not taken a drug in time, do it as soon as possible, and within the next week, use additional means of protection.

    If the intake of the drug became pregnant, if you wish, and you can save, the drug is very gentle and does not affect the development of the unborn baby.

Acceptance of modern hormonal therapy in addition to unwanted pregnancy also helps to improve the skin, hair, and they have therapeutic and cosmetic effect. Do you think that the hormones - it is dangerous and harmful? This is misleading. New generations of contraceptive hormonal contraceptives carry a minimum dose of hormones that in its composition containing drugs as close as possible to the female sex hormone.

Modern hormonal contraceptives include the new generation is a hundred times lower dose of hormones than their predecessors, which are already there in the Russian pharmaceutical market. In the opinion of women, the greatest popularity gained following Jeanine hormonal contraceptives, Yasmin, logest, trikvilar and regulon.

 hormonal contraceptives new generation

Terms of supplementation

All contraceptive hormones taken daily at the same time, according to a certain pattern, which is described in detail in the annotations to the package. Carefully observe the rules and the reception, otherwise there may come unexpected birth or occur menstrual cycle.

One hundred percent protection from pregnancy comes with receiving a second package of hormonal contraceptives, so the reception of the first pack, use additional contraception.

The effectiveness of the use of contraceptives may be reduced because of the simultaneous use of antibiotics, analgesics, tranquilizers. If you are the first time in his life began to take a course of contraceptive hormonal contraceptives, be sure to visit the gynecologist in the first month of use of the drug in the 11-12 day of your menstrual cycle, to ensure the effectiveness of the chosen drug.

If you ever forget to take another tablet from the package as soon as possible take the next one. If you are detained by the drug use of hormonal contraceptives for more than a day, you should additionally be protected from conception all the other means while receiving the rest of the tablet pack. If your delay in taking the pill had up to twelve hours, then nothing extra you can not take.

Side effects

When you are receiving a course of birth control pills, you feel bad, there was nausea, headache, change the pressure, there is a sharp increase in weight and psychological dysfunction (depression, irritability, frequent mood changes), you must cancel these contraceptives and move to a more nizkosoderzhaschie hormone preparations.

If you suddenly vomit after you take the pill, take another one exactly the same (you need to have an extra unit of the drug). Then continue on a course of tablets to take by the scheme before the end of the package. If nausea repeat - change hormonal contraceptives.

If you notice during the reception course of hormonal contraceptives appearance spotting, spotting, change to other tablets with Bole high dose of hormones. If the appointed date have not come to you monthly, so a drug that you have been drinking, and you do not fit too vysokodozirovannym for you. It is necessary to make a week break and change in the hormonal contraceptive means with less hormones.

But if you suddenly notice at the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain, cramping and strong
  • Permanent long-term weakness of the whole body
  • Severe and prolonged chest pain during the menstrual cycle
  • Visual impairment or speech
  • Sudden and severe pain in the legs

You must, without delay, immediately see a doctor. Such signs may diagnose you of the presence of any disease that requires serious treatment.

How would clearly did not show side effects, never stop taking the course in the middle of the package, otherwise you may be in breach of the menstrual cycle, heavy bleeding or open. Contraceptive hormonal contraceptives sure to guzzle up to the end of the course and then change the tablet.

It is desirable to limit the duration of acceptance rate up to two years, with a long reception of hormonal contraceptives may occur ovarian dysfunction. If you still do not plan to become pregnant, take a break for six months, then birth control pills can be continued.

Contraindications to receiving oral contraceptives

  • Women aged 35 years old who smoke
  • If you have liver disease (cirrhosis, cancer or hepatitis)
  • If you have a constant high pressure
  • If you suffer from diabetes
  • If you have kidney disease
  • When deep vein thrombosis
  • When cardiac ischemia, as well as after a heart attack or stroke
  • Within a month after surgery
  • Cancers of the breast or uterus
  • The presence of systemic lupus erythematosus

We hope that this article has been helpful to you. The consequences of abortion can sometimes lead to catastrophic changes in the rest of their lives. Let's, let's prudent and cautious. For our health we are responsible in the first place we are. Hormonal contraceptives new generation brings tangible benefits. We must take care of yourself for the family, for the children's future. We must live for the sake of life!

 Hormonal contraceptives new generation

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