how to bring yourself to anorexia


  • Types of anorexia and its manifestations
  • Symptoms of anorexia: diagnosis of the disease
  • Treatment for anorexia nervosa: is it possible to independently handle
  • The effects of anorexia: the fraught starvation

Being thin, like a chip, do not eat, to get into a size zero - in this endeavor, many of the fair sex. They do not have enough to be happy just guide, "How to bring yourself to anorexia" for twenty days. However, some benefits for weight loss look like such literature.

You consider all this ridiculous and stupid? In fact, this trend is depressing. Unfortunately, with each passing day anorexia is gaining popularity among young nymphets, and female its age. Modern women believe that the protruding ribs and drawn into the belly - it is fashionable. Every second exhausting itself different diets and exercise, than bring the body to exhaustion.

Someone wants to change his appearance to be like your favorite model, while others decided on a desperate step because of their complexes. However, striving for excellence, do not forget about your own body and its needs. Those who regularly sit on diets, often can not stop to return to normal activities and diet. For such a short period of time the body loses not only the extra kilos, but also nutrients. It is therefore important to know what anorexia is and what it is dangerous.

Types of anorexia and its manifestations

Anorexic called syndrome, which is characterized by a lack of appetite or refusal of food conscious. At the same time if you continue to lose weight in the future simply can not stomach to digest the food. Even a spoonful of soup will not be absorbed by the body.

So, there are several varieties of anorexia:

  • Primary anorexia

The disease begins with the fact that she simply ceases to feel hunger. The reasons for this condition can be covered, and hormonal disorders, and neurological disorders and cancers. Therefore, if you have no appetite for a long time, should urgently pass a medical examination.

  • Anorexia nervosa

In this case there is complete loss of the sense of hunger or deliberate refusal of food. This happens due to a sharp suppression of appetite due to mental disorders: depressive, catatonic states and so on. Unfortunately, this is rarely time to pay attention. Women are simply unable to understand what she wants to eat.

  • Anorexia nervosa

Stress, problems at work and in the family, a strong emotional load - all of the above can lead to anorexia. This requires the intervention of a qualified psychologist to help deal with the situation.

  • Drug anorexia

In some cases this can cause a variety of anorectic substances that suppress hunger. Often, loss of appetite girls abusing antidepressants. This type of anorexia is considered the most common and can lead to serious consequences.

 how to bring yourself to the symptoms of anorexia

Symptoms of anorexia: diagnosis of the disease

The most obvious symptom of anorexia is severe weight loss, which becomes apparent when the body of the patient is very close to exhaustion. To detect this pathology in the early stages can be, but this is unfortunately not always possible. You should be alerted if a person is frequently refuse to eat on the grounds that he had recently eaten or had a stomach ache. At the same time he can talk a lot about different diets, calorie foods. Women often after a hearty dinner special cause vomiting, do an enema to cleanse your body.

When the disease progresses, people with anorexia are constantly experiencing malaise, gets tired quickly, and sometimes even lose consciousness. Dull, brittle hair, bluish skin on the hands and feet, sunken eyes - they are also symptoms of the disease.

The patient was constantly cold, because the body does not have enough energy to keep warm. Arms, back, abdomen covered with a layer of fine hair, by which the body tries to keep warm. Besides, very often develop osteoporosis, impaired digestion, may experience failures in the central nervous system.

As a rule, patients with anorexia are constantly experiencing feelings of fear associated with weight gain. He completely covers all the feelings and emotions, and does not release the person even when he is on the verge of death due to exhaustion. Mostly, the causes of anorexia are as low self-esteem, which also acts as one of the main symptoms of this severe disease. The victim of anorexia believes her body weight and shape parameters have a close relationship with the self-awareness and personal status. Patients often deny the danger of their own state and can not be realistic about your weight.

Treatment for anorexia nervosa: is it possible to cope with it on their own?

In the treatment of advanced forms of anorexia sometimes it takes more than one year. The average recovery period takes 5 years. At the same time the patient must want to and strive to get rid of this disease. Otherwise, after leaving the hospital she again begins to starve. Approximately 60% of patients starting therapy for anorexia, back to the previous full life. More than 20% recover almost completely. However, in order to avoid possible complications they need to be screened regularly and additional treatment.

The first stage of treatment is to restore the physical health of the patient. In some cases, patients are hospitalized in very serious condition. And they need not only parenteral nutrition, which involves the installation of the system (drip), but the effects and treatment of anorexia are often very dangerous. Once the patient is stabilized, it helps to go back to a normal weight, gradually accustomed to eating.

Then begins psychotherapy, in which the patient and experienced professionals looking for the causes of the disease and ways of its solution. It is used cognitive-behavioral therapy to rid the patient of a distorted representation of their body. So, for example, in one polyclinic girls were forced to constantly look in the mirror, so that they can get used to her figure. At the same time all the fashion magazines in the institution were banned.

Sometimes it can be assigned to antidepressants that help overcome fear and some other problems. However, prolonged use of undesirable. This is done in extreme cases, when a woman refuses to acknowledge that she has a problem.

 how to bring yourself to anorexia views

The effects of anorexia: the fraught starvation

Today, anorexia has become something of an epidemic. Usually this affects young girls aged 14 to 18 years. They are deliberately resorting to such torture, to look just like their idols. And many of the fair sex is not considered a disease anorexia. For them, the refusal of food - one of the ways to lose weight. But not so easy as it seems at first glance.

What is dangerous to prolonged starvation? When a person has anorexia marked lowering of blood pressure and slow pulse. In addition, there is a weakening of the myocardium - the heart muscle, which leads to the development of cardiovascular disease. Very often, the disease is accompanied by a decrease in the level of potassium, sodium and magnesium - minerals that are necessary for normal functioning of our body.

Eventually comes a persistent and severe dehydration, and anemia. In women, the menstrual cycle disorder occurs and a decrease in the level of hormones in the blood. If time does not detect this anomaly and do not hold the appropriate treatment, then the person with anorexia can reach extreme exhaustion - cachexia, which often leads to death.

How do you know if you have problems with body weight? Find out your ideal weight, you can use a simple formula.

Your normal weight = your height - 100 cm.

Your ideal weight = your normal weight - 10%.

For example, you increase of 175 cm.

Your normal weight = 175 cm - 100 cm = 75 kg.

Your ideal weight = 75 kg - 10% = 67.5 kg.

 How to bring yourself to anorexia or dangerous than the disease

 douche for thrush


  • What is thrush: diagnosis of the disease
  • Treating Thrush: how to get rid of candida
  • How do douching at home

One of the most common female ailments is candidiasis. In people, this attack is called thrush. Frankly, the disease is not the most pleasant. This name the disease was due to the most severe symptoms - white cheesy discharge from the vagina.

What is thrush: diagnosis of the disease

Any representative of the fairer sex, when faced with this problem, knows how it poisons life, manifesting itself in the form of a discharge, itching and discomfort. The cause of thrush are fungi genus Candida, which, as you must know, are conditionally pathogenic flora present on the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, genitals, bowel. Yeast can be found in almost any human being, if you take a swab from the mucosa, but normally the number is insignificant and does not cause disease.

Provoking factor, which stimulates the growth of fungi and the symptoms of the disease, a decrease in immunity. Dysfunction of the immune system is usually seen after acute respiratory infections, prolonged antibiotic treatment, at dolgotekuschih diseases, debilitating body.

 soda douche for thrush

Treating Thrush: how to get rid of candida

Unpleasant feature of yeast that completely cured of it is almost impossible. We can only achieve stable remission of the disease. The range of products offered by pharmaceutical companies, today is quite wide. We should not forget that the treatment of thrush should be assigned to a gynecologist. The diagnosis is made only after passing the required tests (taken blood smear is done, etc.).

Treatment usually consists of receiving antifungal tablet formulations, topically applied candles containing ketoconazole. Douching with thrush can be a supplement to the prescribed treatment, however, must first be consulted with your gynecologist. Today, many doctors are moving away from the practice of douching, since this procedure with the pathogens are washed out and normal.

 douche for thrush Tips

How do douching at home

Vaginal candidiasis can make douching soda, chamomile, chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil. The above compounds have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, relieves swelling, itching, irritation. To prepare the broth, you must chamomile (2 tablespoons) Pour water (1 liter), bring to a boil over paravoy bath. A decoction is used for douching in ostuzhennoy form, its temperature should be slightly higher than the room. This procedure is contraindicated in pregnant women, in the first weeks after birth, as well as in acute inflammatory processes in the genital organs,

Such manipulation of chlorhexidine are not the most reliable method, and sometimes even dangerous, as are cases of severe allergies to this drug. Douching with thrush hydrogen peroxide is also a procedure which has already moved away from the civilized world. Careless use of peroxide can cause severe burns of the mucous and destroy normal microflora. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties silnovyrazhennym, so it is often recommended to combat this problem.

Douching with candidiasis soda relieves itching and eliminates the discharge, and the main thing - destroy the structure of the fungus that causes the disease. On the other hand, there is a perception that soda has adverse effects on vaginal microflora of the fair sex, thus breaking the acid-alkaline balance.

If, however, douching soda imposed, it is necessary to properly prepare medical solution. For this purpose one teaspoon baking soda should be diluted in a liter of warm water, then stir to obtain a uniform solution. Making such procedures may be using douches mug of gynecological or syringe. You must select a comfortable position, such as lying in the bath, dilute legs, bent at the knees, put a ship under the buttocks. Mug Esmarch need to hang over the lumbar region at a height of one and a half meters. Vestibule smeared with Vaseline, from the tube is deflated, the tube or the tip of the syringe inserted into the vagina along the rear wall.

The solution is prepared warm, so as not to get burned. He should wash the vaginal wall and come back, this procedure takes 10-15 minutes. After douching soda it is desirable to soak for 20-30 minutes. After the procedure, the tip should be disinfected by wiping it with 70 percent solution of alcohol. It is important to remember that the local treatment soda used only in combination with antifungal medications.

Douche soda and other solutions strictly prohibited during pregnancy, during menstruation, in the first weeks after birth, as well as inflammatory diseases of the external and internal genital organs. Douching - a medical procedure that can be performed at home, but only after a doctor's prescription.

 Douching with thrush: are treated folk methods