a set of exercises for the press


  • A set of exercises for the press of Pilates
  • A short set of exercises on the press in the morning

What girl does not dream of a perfect flat stomach, which is not even a hint of laxity and excess fat! But alas, some dreams to create a beautiful figure, unfortunately, is impossible. Even if you are very lucky to heredity, to work on his body and stomach in particular, need to regularly. If this part of the body is a problem area for you, you should be working harder. We have prepared for you an effective set of exercises for the press, which will allow you without a visit to the fitness center to find an admirable figure.

 the right set of exercises for the press

A set of exercises for the press of Pilates

Pilates is a special set of exercises, the implementation of which requires a focus on respiratory rhythm. The main thing in Pilates is not the number of repetitions performed or that exercise, and the correctness of their execution. Here the principle of "a lot - does not mean good." So if you're ready, we can start to work on your perfect tummy.


Lie on your back. Lift straight legs at an angle of forty-five degrees, lift the body so that the blades do not touch the floor, his hands pull at your sides, palms down. Direct lift the arms a little up and return to the starting position - imagine if beat his hands on the water. In carrying out this exercise, the main thing to breathe - inhale for five accounts (five swings with his hands) and exhale for five accounts (five swings with his hands). If you find it difficult to keep your feet at an angle of forty-five degrees, you can pick them perpendicular to the floor. This exercise is considered to be a classic Pilates and is present in many complexes.

Rotation feet

Lie on your back. Lift the right leg perpendicular to the floor (at an angle of ninety degrees). Start doing circular movements, first right, then left - six times in each direction. Repeat for the left leg. Now lift both legs perpendicular to the floor and do the first rotation and left six times, then six times to the right. Exercise, despite its apparent simplicity, it is difficult - in order to facilitate its implementation, you can put your hands under your buttocks. Do not forget to save even breathing.

Rolls feet towards

Lie on your back. Bend your knees and pull them in. Your position should look like, if you sit on a chair. Hands straighten and arrange in hand, put his hand down (they should form a straight line of the shoulder girdle). Now, without changing the position, tilt legs, first left, then right. Alternating sides, repeat twenty times. This exercise works out great lateral abdominal muscles and makes the waist thinner.


Lie on your back. The legs bend at the knees and pull up to her, his hands behind his head clean. Alternately tighten the abdomen right leg, left pull forward, then vice versa. At the same time follow the twisting of the body stretches -rule elbow to the left knee, left elbow to your right knee stretches. Remember the breath - the entrance to the two accounts (two twisting) and exhale for two counts (two twisting). This exercise is working all the muscles of the press, including sides and bottom.

Raise legs bent

Lie on your back. Knees slightly bend, start to pull myself trying to press closer to the stomach, and then pulled back, without touching the floor underfoot. If it is difficult to carry out this exercise, place hands under the buttocks. Do ten to fifteen repetitions. This is enough to get a good work out lower abs.

Raise legs straight

Lie on your back. Hands are along the body, toes pointed. Slowly begin to raise the legs (straight), throwing them back and return to the starting position. If you are still difficult to throw his legs over his head, you can just start to raise them up to an angle of ninety degrees. And after a few workouts, when the muscles get stronger a little bit, you can already carry out this exercise in full force.

There is this exercise and another more difficult variation. The starting position is the same. Legs are stretched but did not touch the floor, socks are extended. Hiking, spreads her legs slightly apart. When will throw them over the head, reconnect and tighten the socks. Slowly lower leg down, but not completely, so they do not touch the floor. Repeat three times. Then, a little change technique execution. Now, legs spread slightly apart, and when climbing you need to connect them back. When will throw them over the head, feet should be kept, and stretched the socks. Slowly return to their original position. Perform three repetitions.

Raising the trunk

Lie on your back. Legs straight, toes stretched hands to throw back (your body should form a straight line). Slowly lift the body to inhale, exhale bend the feet, back at the same time try to keep straight, hands drag along. Repeat these raise eight or ten times, saving even breathing. Exercise is working well almost all the abdominal muscles, especially the lower.

And now a little complicated. Starting position - lying on the spinet also. The legs bend at the knees, a little slide to himself, feet pressed to the floor. Straighten your right leg and lift up to the angle of ninety degrees. Hands Cast ago. Lift the leg to the body, with the drag arms up. Repeat three or four times. Then adjust the leg and make three or four repetitions.


This exercise is one of the most difficult in Pilates, as it requires full concentration and control of his body. Take the same starting position - lie on your back. Foot lift to an angle of forty-five degrees, lift the body so that the blades are not touching the floor, arms outstretched let down his head. On the exhale, pull your knees to her, clasping their hands on a breath return to its previous position. Perform eight to ten reps. Try to maintain regular breathing and body throws back.

 useful set of exercises for the press

A short set of exercises on the press in the morning

Not every woman has plenty of time in the morning, and yet you want to be in shape at all times. Therefore, in this case we have prepared for you a short set of simple exercises to perform that you will leave no more than ten minutes. The main thing - do it every morning, and visible improvements very soon.

  • Lean on your toes and bent at the elbows (brushes can connect to the "lock"). The enclosure must be a straight line. Hold this position for one minute. It will be very difficult, especially the first few days, but eventually the body will get used to such a load. Over time, you can increase the duration of two minutes. But remember that the main thing in this exercise is not the time, and correct performance - does not bend back at the waist and do not attempt to lift the hips up, in order to facilitate his task.
  • Feet should be placed at shoulder width, join hands in "lock" in front of him, and follow the normal turn of the body. Movement should be smooth, to avoid being pinched vertebrae. Exercise is extremely simple, but effective. Take ten or fifteen turns in each direction.
  • Another very simple and very effective exercise for training the abdominal muscles - abdominal retraction. Pull the stomach, hold for a second this position relax. Can you repeat ten or fifteen times, and it is possible and more. This exercise is convenient because it can be done, for example, while cooking breakfast, watching TV or during a morning walk.

Which set of exercises for the press to choose - it's definitely you. If the abdomen is your problem area, it is better not to be lazy and do the exercises from the first complex (system pilates), because they involve all groups of abdominal muscles. And if you just want to keep your belly in shape, it will be sufficient, and the second ten-minute set. Remember, work on yourself - the most rewarding!

 A set of exercises for the press every day

 Caring for the skin around the eyes

For beautiful women there are no trifles. They always tend to look at 100%, so that even the process of the skin around the eyes and pay attention to the time. And no wonder! Eyes are called the mirror of the soul, the skin around the eyes can be called a rim of the mirror. Do not forget that this frame emphasizes the beauty of the mirrors, so the skin care around the eyes should be attributed to the most important component of beauty and attractiveness .

Before you learn about skin care around the eyes at home, it is necessary to talk about its features. There are quite a few features:

  1. The thickness is only half a millimeter.
  2. No subcutaneous fat layer.
  3. A small amount of the sweat and sebaceous glands.
  4. Few of elastin and collagen.
  5. Hypersensitivity.

Bad effect on the skin around the eyes has a lack of sleep, lack of oxygen, lack of or poor skin care age. There may be bags, dark circles, wrinkles, fading. Also, there are natural causes wrinkles. No one can stop blinking. This is one of the most powerful urge to wrinkle. To avoid all these hassles, it is better to know how to care for the skin around the eyes. Even better, if you take care of the eyelid skin every day at home. But do not forget that very carefully deal with the skin up to 25 years does not make sense. At this age, every day is enough to wash off applying makeup and maintain a sufficient amount of nutrients. Generally, the process of skin care in this area consists of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.


So, how to care for the skin around the eyes at home?

The first thing you should always clean the eye makeup on. This is one of the operations to be in the care of the skin around the eyes to 25 years. For this purpose, use a special cosmetic milk. Recent trends in this area contain two immiscible liquids. The structure consists of the first ultra-light oil (for the purification of water-resistant makeup), and in the second - herbal ingredients that remove the standard makeup and reduce irritation. If you do not use waterproof makeup, there is no reason to apply the cream or fat pads with oil. For people who use contact lenses, there is a fat-free make-up remover lotion. Also, it would be better if the skin around the eyes after 25 years they will not use waterproof mascara.

Remove make-up should be daily. This is done by soft movements that will not stretch the skin. To do this, put the milk-soaked swabs on the closed eyes for 50 seconds. Then remove makeup move downwards. It is impossible to care for the skin around the eyes after 25 years of using the funds for removing make-up from other sectors. They may contain spread components, which can easily get into the eyes and cause irritation. These creams are not tested by ophthalmologists, and therefore doubly dangerous.

Hydration & Nutrition

 skin care around the eyes at home

For food and wetting uses special lotions, creams and gels. These funds should nourish and moisturize well to penetrate into the inner layers of the skin, do not irritate the skin of the eyelids.

For dry skin, the best option skincare century home is a cream. They will help to restore the balance of lipids, to cope with the wrinkles, give elasticity and smoothness of the surface of the skin. Better not use creams with lanolin. This component causes redness and inflammation of the skin. Apply the cream should be on the lower eyelids, as from the top, they can get into the eyes and cause irritation.

Lotions have lightened up, so absorbed by the skin very quickly. Skin Care century home using lotions give elasticity and smoothness of the skin, get rid of wrinkles.

The most useful tools are gels .  They are suitable for the eyes prone to swelling and increased sensitivity .  Change skin care around the eyes every four months will help to avoid allergies and conjunctivitis .  A variety of means for care allows you to choose the best option for any type of skin around the eyes .  Besides skin type should look at the age of .  So, skin care around the eyes after 45 years to perform better drugs with concentrated substances updated elastin and collagen .  There are components that fill the space between the fibers of collagen and restore skin elasticity .  To care for the skin around the eyes after 30 years, requires only the use of extracts of fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils .  It is necessary to carefully consider the choice of means of slowing down the appearance of facial wrinkles .  Some of them are only temporarily improve skin .  If they stop using, the skin looks even worse .  Just the action of the cream is aimed at reducing the power of muscles, so they are weakened and can not independently maintain skin elasticity .  This leads to the appearance of wrinkles and aging effects .  Caring for the skin around the eyes after 30 years it is possible to carry out more and using masks .  They smooth out wrinkles, pigmentation will be removed and will help get rid of edema .  It is necessary to properly apply the cream on the eye area .  Otherwise, even the best cream will cause negative effects .

Here are some tips on the correct application of the cream:

  1. Rub the cream should be light circular massaging gently around the eyes. If there are circles around the eyes, do faint tapping fingers. This stimulates the local blood circulation and promotes the absorption of the cream.
  2. The cream is applied from the outside to the inside corner of the eye, many do the opposite - it's not right.

Compliance with these rules in the care of the skin around the eyes after 40 years will help avoid stretching the skin of her injury.

Do not use a normal day cream for the skin around the eyes. There is no guarantee that he will cope with the task and will not cause irritation. Such creams typically are not tested by ophthalmologists. If you want to protect the skin around the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, it is possible to safely use the ordinary cosmetics for sun protection. It must be sufficiently intense and at the same time does not irritate the skin around the eyes.

Toning. Masks for eyelid skin

 how to care for the skin around the eyes

For the skin around the eyes after 45 years and not only possible to use plant extracts in the form of a tonic, lotion or gel. They soothe and refresh the skin. It is to moisten them and pave the swab to the skin for 5 - 10 minutes. Well-toned ice cubes. For this morning, after washing moisten the skin around the eyes and let it dry on their own. Caring for the skin around the eyes in the home must include a mask (at least once a week). Sufficient supply, toning and refreshing masks for skin care age below.

  • A good tonic is cucumber juice. Apply to the eyelids cucumber slices for 5-10 minutes. You can make a tonic mask: mix and apply to eyelids for 10 minutes, mix 1 teaspoon of cucumber juice and the same amount of milk powder. After carefully removed wet swab.
  • To moisten the eyelids, use olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil.
  • 2 tsp. Dried dill on 0, 5 cups of boiling water. Infuse for 15-20 minutes. Soaked tampons to impose on the eyes for 20 minutes. It refreshes the skin.
  • Nourishing Mask: 1, 5 tablespoons of tomato juice mixed with 1 egg yolk. Dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of infant formula in a little water and mix with tomato yolk mixture. Apply to the skin around the eyes.
  • A decoction of parsley: 50 g. parsley at 0, 5 liters of water, boil for 15 min., then drain. Cotton swabs wetted and applied to the eyes for 1-2 minutes .. The swab should turn a blind eye from the eyebrows to the zygomatic bone. Repeat 3-4 times, soaking tampons in a warm broth. At the end of the procedure is necessary to make a cold compress, dry skin and cause fat cream. Applying in the skin around the eyes of the recipes, you will be able to soothe and refresh the eye, if necessary - reduce inflammation.
  • Cut grape and hold on a lower eyelid of the eye. Eyes get natural food. Very useful so nourish the eye.
  • Natural yolk and honey mask for dry skin around the eyes: Take 1 egg yolk and 1 hour a spoonful of honey. Apply to the eyelids for 10 minutes.

Masks - can be carried out using for this purpose the berries: raspberries, strawberries, rowan, watermelon. If you can not cook and prepare a special mask, you can simply wipe the eyelid is cut berries or juice.

During the skin around the eye to do the soothing mask. One good option is the oatmeal mask. Its very easy to make oatmeal and milk. Put the mixture into the swollen gauze and put on the skin for 20 minutes. Very good smoothing and nourishing effect has a Spanish mask broth of beans. Boiled Beans should be rubbed through a sieve, mix with the rest of the hot lemon juice (half a lemon) and a spoon of vegetable oil. Apply on the eyelid skin and keep for 15-20 minutes. Rinse first with hot, then cold water. Among folk remedies mentioned honey oatmeal mask. It get rid of wrinkles, but to use this mixture often not worth it. Preparing it two teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of very strong tea. It's mixed with two tsp. Oatmeal. The mask should be on the eyelid skin for 20 minutes.

To learn how to care for the skin around the eyes in the home you now know .  It remains to apply the knowledge on how to care for the skin around the eyes, in practice, .  Remember that it takes so much time and brings a lot of benefits .  Your eyes are beautiful: a complete lack of wrinkles, bags, dark circles .  You own surprise the skin around the eyes .  There will be no discomfort, fatigue, pain and discomfort .  Use the most natural ingredients, do not overdo it with creams, use the correct technique of application and solve problems as they come .  At any age, including caring for the skin around the eyes after 35 years, it is not necessary to use anything that comes their way .  Protect thin and delicate skin around the eyes from ultraviolet radiation hard, enough sleep, remove makeup every day, nourish your skin .  Once a week, apply one of the masks .  The effect of the skin around the eyes will be obvious to you and others .  The influx of attention is guaranteed, as one-third of the men immediately draws attention to a woman's eyes .  Make your mirror of the soul perfect frame .

 Caring for the skin around the eyes at home

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