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  • Wedding Anniversary: ​​Ceremony 5th anniversary
  • The tree - a symbol of life
  • What to give for the fifth wedding anniversary?
  • Greetings and wishes for the five-year anniversary of the family

5 years from the date of the wedding - the first significant anniversary in the life of a young family and a wonderful occasion to remember the love of the spouses.

This is an opportunity to sum up the life of the family, remembering all the dreams and hopes that the couple had once planned to bring to life. Perhaps all that was planned to run in the family life, has not yet found a place in it. But the fact that a husband and wife come to the line of living together in 5 years, says a lot.

Statistics of divorces inevitably suggests that 3- and 5-year anniversary of the wedding are the most critical. At this time, the relationship between husband and wife have the threat of destruction. And if a young family lived them successfully, then it is likely that the couple will celebrate together, and all future anniversaries.
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Wedding Anniversary: ​​Ceremony 5th anniversary

5 years wedding anniversary is celebrated as a wedding ceremony present in an abbreviated version: reception, presentation of gifts, feast, greeting, ceremonies, competitions. Spouses bestow such products, which is symbolic of a material corresponding to mark the anniversary. At 5 years, the wedding is a symbol of the tree.

Traditionally celebrated the fifth anniversary of the triumph of the wedding in nature (because the tree symbolizes the unity with nature) or in the restaurant, which serves Russian cuisine. Ancient Ceremony "family seedling" for the fifth wedding anniversary dates back to the 19th century.

The ceremony was associated with a well-known saying: "This man is obliged to fulfill in his life three things: build a house, plant a tree, raise a son." Invited guests to the anniversary demonstrates how to perform the second point of the plan. Seedling tree can be planted directly in the celebration. And the guests will be able to hang onto it in advance written requests, even on an ordinary sheet of paper, at least for a greeting card.

5 years of life, the family decided to celebrate mandatory, unlike previous anniversaries. Invite your relatives who were with you at the wedding, friends, and remember that memorable day of your life - the birthday of your own family. To do this, you can send out invitations on postcards or make an oral statement.

 planting a tree
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The tree - a symbol of life

The tree is known to be associated with life itself, flowering, fertility, longevity, stability. The roots of the tree - a solid foundation for a strong life, which every year becomes more and more difficult to destroy. In the process of tree growth and maintaining the viability of the family during the period of five years might consider a direct analogy.

Typically, to five years in a young tree growing deep enough to let their roots, begins to give first crop. And in the life of a young couple outlined the first changes: rooted tree of life and mercilessly drying, bending under the weight of life's difficulties and tribulations.

Unlike previous anniversaries, the symbol of which are softer materials (paper, cotton, linen, leather), the tree is the first more durable and solid material, which characterizes family life. In addition, the tree marks the comfort, warmth of home, love and understanding. It is the building material. It is estimated that in five years' joint residence spouses should "get used" to one another, in the relationship - flatten all the "bumps" and appear harmony.

Wood, for all its undeniable merits has one major drawback: it burns. Therefore, the house built of wood is different impeccable reliability, it can break out of the fire in an instant. And for family relations, aligned to the five-year wedding anniversary, as well as a wooden house, you need to watch carefully.

In the Slavic tradition it suggests that men over 5 years of life lived in their own family must not only strengthen his relationship with his wife, but to build a wooden house, equip it with furniture. The modern interpretation of the concept of "build a house" in the broader sense (to stand up, have the financial independence, to marry, to acquire their own housing). For the five-year milestone is desirable appearance in family and children: a son and a daughter.

 gifts for wedding wooden
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What to give for the fifth wedding anniversary?

In the five years of family life presented a variety of wooden souvenirs: frames for family photos, boxes, wooden figures. The couple presented dishes and kitchen utensils made of wood, which does not break and does not beat to it, and such was the relationship of spouses in family life.

It would be appropriate gifts are not the objects themselves and their images embodied in toys or souvenirs jokes. For example, a doll set of dishes. But they must be made of wood. Baseball bat for his wife, made of wood, as well as will fit in the comic souvenir. Or, for example, planed board, flooring for the future garden - they, too, can give a sense of humor. It should be noted that the tree for gifts joke - the material is very beneficial.

Original gifts in the event that the head of the family is interested in intellectual games, can become exclusive wooden chess set, made-to-order, or a variety of other games and accessories that have not only graced life of the family, but also become a fascinating pastime for joint pastime spouses. The gift can be wooden interior accessories. The idea for a gift for wedding anniversary may be limited only by your imagination and the type of material.

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Greetings and wishes for the five-year anniversary of the family

Take a cordial and sincere greetings that can only come from the souls of true friends who remember the road and hours and days spent with you, all joint activities and games, joy and sadness that we share together. We wish you eternal love, great happiness, unique moments of life, the gifts of heavenly and earthly pleasures.

We wish you a healthy strong children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, so that they together with us you would be honored in the upcoming anniversaries of weddings, marked with silver and gold.

Dear (name of husband and wife)! Today, we are celebrating one of the most beautiful days of your life: 5 years ago you made the sacrament of marriage. The day you changed my life radically, having decided to combine them into one. To your family grew stronger and more every day, I was happy and friendly, do not forget about such things as honesty, love, trust and mutual understanding. Let the time do not extinguish the flame of love burning and will cool your hearts.

5 years lived as if only 5 days!

Who is happy, those hours are not watching!

You celebrate its first anniversary!

All warmly congratulate you on this!

People wonder wooden calls

This wedding! Today we wish

May you forever rooted hearts.

 5-year wedding anniversary

 pearl wedding


  • Most preferred embodiments of gifts
  • What else can you give?
  • Additional Gifts

Thirty wedding anniversary - a great excuse for a luxury gift. Present for pearl wedding, and this is how it is called, it can be different. The thirtieth anniversary of marriage - is not just an occasion to give flowers or decoration, and the ability to please a loved one with something interesting and memorable.

Naturally, you can do the most ordinary gift, but the spouse does not surprise. The name "pearl wedding" means a gift, which will be decorated with pearls. Fortunately, now many products are decorated by him.
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Most preferred embodiments of gifts

The most expensive, and a great gift on this date is considered a pearl necklace.

It will look great on any woman.

  • In the necklace must be exactly thirty pearls, as it is celebrating the anniversary of a spouse. Of course, you can choose an option where there will be more of pearls, but fewer admire not. In this case, the necklace would not look as elegant as I would like.
  • If not afford to buy an expensive necklace, the suspension can be dispensed from a precious metal with one large pearl. It's a beautiful piece of jewelry that will not leave indifferent any woman.
  • By necklace pendant or a pair can be purchased and bracelet with pearls. This set is perfect for any woman, the more he will appreciate the excellent half if presented on pearl wedding. You can donate separately and one bracelet. He will decorate the woman's hand, making it even more elegant.
  • Wedding gift can be of a ring with a pearl. If you give this jubilee, they will always feel the warmth and support. It is a sign of respect and honor for each person. This token is best to present to children or other close relatives. Although such a gift could make a close friend or a family friend who is always close to those who are currently celebrating pearl wedding.
  • If we talk about the gifts with pearls, it can be a good option barrette. If the gift is addressed to a woman, it can be an ordinary hairpin to include pearls, and in the case of men, tie clip. Both items will be rich and beautiful to look at the people who have lived together for thirty years.

We are talking about pearls, because only he is a lifelong resemble jubilee of their beautiful years of family life. Today you can buy not only the white pearl, but a color that will add any decoration breathtaking views. This option would cost a bit more expensive, but the joy of heroes of the day would never end.

On pearl wedding is presented not only pearls and other jewelry options.

 gifts for wedding pearl
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What else can you give?

Considered a good gift of pearl products. The variant with a gift shells, which used to be a jewel. This will be a unique and very precious gift that the couple will appreciate.

  • You can pick up a lot of options of various products of pearl, which fit perfectly into any interior and will remind the couple of the giver, and that they have for many years lived a happy family life. These gifts include: bowls, candlesticks, vases and other beautiful things.

Do not be limited solely pearl gifts in this memorable day, as if everyone will give some pearl jewelry, then you can forget about the originality.

  • A unique gift will be some antiques. These gifts are always appreciated by the recipients and guests of the celebration. As a rule, antiques are very expensive, but for the loved ones should not spare the money, especially since such a date once in a lifetime. Especially nice is the spouses to receive such a gift from the most close relatives, such as children or grandchildren.
  • On this remarkable day for two people friends or relatives can give couples their joint portrait. It will look great in the house anniversaries, and to please them every day. It is better to give a large enough picture to hit their spouses sensitive towards their pair.

The perfect gift can serve any original piece of furniture.

For example, a good gift - a rocking chair. Of course, this gift can cause laughter among the guests and the owners of the house, but then the couple will be nice to sit on a cold winter evening in his chair and swing it while listening to your favorite music.

 gift for 30 years of wedding
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Additional Gifts

On pearl wedding can be presented and appliances. These gifts are always in place, regardless of the holiday. For example, you can give the TV. Such an expensive gift is sure to be appreciated as the hero of the day and all the guests. The couple will long remember the donor, sitting in front of a blue screen warm evenings and watching your favorite movies. You can give away not only television, but also other household appliances, which will be useful on the farm.

  • Microwave or oven will appreciate the hostess who knows a lot about cooking.
  • You can go ahead and give spouses the Pearl wedding very original gift, namely, any pet. Children are likely to have such couples have long grown up and left home, and the pet can brighten their everyday lives.

In addition, you must take care of the animal, and it will make your anniversary to remember the days when the children were young. It should first ask the couple whether they need a pet. Many, having received such a gift, disappointed, as it brings more trouble.

  • You can go even further and presented to him a seedling tree. This tree will be planted at the couple in the yard, it will grow and will sit under it with his grandchildren and great grandchildren. You can present a fruit tree or a tree, which is a sign of one of the spouses.

On pearl wedding, you can give a variety of gifts. The most important thing in this situation - attention that friends and family have a couple. Surprise can be absolutely anything.

The main thing is to give it a soul, so that anniversaries remembered for a long time donor. Pearl wedding - it's a good excuse to get together all the relatives and friends who are lifelong walked together with their spouses and helping them in every way.

Gift must express the emotions and feelings that a person feels for a married couple, which has existed for thirty years. So that the choice should be approached thoroughly and not to postpone the issue until the last day. It is better to prepare in advance for such an important event that brings together people of many generations.

 Gifts on the thirtieth anniversary of marriage