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Childbirth -radostnoe event for any family. In the light there is a little man who needs a clock love and care. Well, if a woman helps her husband, because for nine months, she bore little son or daughter, giving all the power and energy. And now that suffering behind us, it's time to do them.

The hardest thing to do, if during childbirth had to do a caesarean. Young mother needs time to recuperate. Only after complete rehabilitation she will be able to pull up your big tummy yet. But how to bring myself up properly, so as not to hurt yourself and your health? After all, for example, immediately swing the press, exercise, massage, exercise equipment can not go on.

 stomach after cesarean section how to clean

How to remove the stomach at home

Every woman, who has survived this emergency operation, wondering how to remove belly fat after cesarean section. After birth, the young mother sees in the mirror is not very aesthetic picture: stretching, hips, hanging skin in the womb. Of course, this is poisoning spoil the mood and the joy of motherhood. In this case, you have to be patient, because the recovery will take several months. But in the end you return your flat tummy.

It should be remembered that exercise after a cesarean section for the first time completely contraindicated. May in a few seconds to disperse the seams. Therefore, you should choose the means and methods that will not give the load on the muscles in your tummy.

  • Jockstrap

It purchased postpartum bandage. It covers the area from the chest to the hips and is an excellent means of support. This tool will help to keep the abdominal muscles toned, and will contribute to the rapid muscle contractions of the uterus.

  • Masks

If the stomach does not hang, and it just has stretch marks, you can use a variety of cosmetics. If you do not have time to prepare masks, buy them at the pharmacy. Of course, home-made products and is cheaper and safer.

Has high efficiency mask prepared from cream, honey and yeast. These ingredients in identical proportions to mix until smooth. Prior to the application on the stomach, you can add a couple of drops of essential oil of geranium. Keep this mask on problem areas need at least 20 minutes. When you feel that the composition of almost all absorbed, residues can be removed with a napkin and rinse with warm water.

  • Walking

You can get rid of the problem, if you spend more time outdoors, making a daily walk with the baby. Active walking contributes to the saturation of cells with oxygen leads to muscle tone. As a result - a flat stomach. Go outside at least one hour per day. It will be useful both for you and for your child.

  • Exercises

Some time later, when the doctor is permitted to perform simple physical exercises, you can gradually make the burden on the stomach and hips. We should listen to their feelings. If after a workout will scar or muscle ache, discontinue training. Remember once and for all begin to carry out such exercises should be with one or two pairs of slopes and lifts the hull. The load can be increased only if you feel fine, you do not bother, and belly ache.

By the way, it is better to enroll in specific courses that teach specifically for just given birth mothers. Businesses, more than a year working in these institutions know how to remove the stomach after cesarean section. When, after the birth will take six months to a year, you can start to visit the fitness club, where experienced coaches will pick for your particular case of individual programs. Previously, it can not be done! You can also enroll at yoga, where you will learn not only the right to do the exercises, but also love your body. Plus, relax and meditate, you will be able to receive a charge of positive energy for the whole day.

Unfortunately, group lessons - not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, if you do not have time and the opportunity to attend training, can perform certain complex home. Engage can own, enough to carve out a little time. Buy a special drive for young mothers. On it are written the most sparing workout that includes exercises for the cardiovascular system.

You can also play sports on the street. Walking, running, biking - all this is not only useful, but also interesting for a woman who last nine months he had been deprived of an active lifestyle. Thus, you not only gain a flat stomach, but also acquire new acquaintances.

  • Swimming

Swimming pool - a good way to stay active and at the same time get rid of the annoying stomach. But remember that doing water aerobics should only be under the supervision of an instructor. It is noted that the exercise of this complex coupled with massage give excellent results. However, we must be careful and consult a doctor beforehand, because not all women after childbirth, you can go to these places. In the postpartum period there is a great risk of infection, so you need to carefully consider the choice of swimming pools, as well as ensure that all participants have a health certificate.

  • Massage

Another effective way of helping to return a flat stomach after giving birth, a massage. You can visit specialized salons or perform a massage yourself. It should be remembered that by this procedure can be used only after complete healing of the joint.

You do not know how to remove the stomach after cesarean section, stretch marks, etc. defects? Massage - excellent recreation facility that helps to cope with the many troubles that have emerged after the birth. If the problem is not very big, it will take two to three month course.

This increases the elasticity of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, increasing its contractile function. Massage acts on the subcutaneous layer of the skin, accelerates the metabolic processes in the body, helps burn fat, it helps get rid of the hated abdomen. Unfortunately, in advanced cases, when the skin is much hangs, full or even partial recovery is not guaranteed.

  • Dietary

Recovery after childbirth is not possible without proper nutrition. Even if a woman - a breastfeeding mother should not forget about the figure. Of course, the child should receive all necessary materials together with breast milk. However, do not overeat, as the positive effect of gluttony would be no.

It is better to give up fried, spicy and so the list goes on. All this is of no benefit to any young mother or child. It is not necessary to rush from one extreme to another, begin to starve or to take various pills. This idea should not occur in your mind, especially when you are breastfeeding.

During the period of gestation "squeeze all the juice" from the mother, so after birth is necessary to restore the lack of vitamins. Otherwise, the woman will fall hair crumble teeth, nails break, there will be problems with the skin. Adoption of various dietary supplements can not only harm the health, but also to be life-threatening. Full quality assurance of these products do not. Who knows that the manufacturer has poured in a nice package. Plus, few people write on the label Honest composition. Therefore, give up such questionable purchases, take care of their health.

It should be remembered that the results of your labors will be seen at once, especially if you have much hanging skin. To achieve a positive effect, and tighten the abdomen will be easier if you use all the procedures in a complex and not separately. That is, you should wear a postpartum bandage, perform simple exercises, swimming pool, massage, use of cosmetics, go on a diet. At any load, even if you feel a slight discomfort, you should stop exercising immediately. Any vaginal discharge or postoperative suture - a reason to immediately consult a gynecologist.

You should not stop half way, continue to deal with them to the bitter end. A woman must love her reflection in the mirror. Then the mood is appropriate, and her husband never cease to love. By the way, your man needs to understand that the woman who gave birth in a particular state is, it is important care and support. That he no longer understands you, it is recommended to visit together a family psychologist and various trainings for young families.

 How to remove the stomach after cesarean

Recent measures to restore the previous forms

If postpartum been a long time, and the long-awaited recovery has not brought its fruits and stomach are still hanging, try abdominoplasty. Such an operation can be carried out only as a last resort and, of course, people who are overweight when you need to remove the fatty deposits. Plus, such a surgery is also removed that the seams are pulled abdominal muscles.

When the stomach is hanging because of an overabundance of skin and stretch fabrics, plastic may be the only effective way. In advanced cases, unfortunately, the woman does not help pull the sides any massage or exercise. However, after such a procedure will also need time to recover. Abdominoplasty - a serious step, so pre-consult with a specialist. But if you decide to have surgery, the result will please you for sure.

By the way, some women do not have to resort to drastic measures. Become a new slim, they can roughly nine months after childbirth. During this time, the skin is tightened, excess fat layer disappears. It should be understood that the birth - a physiological process. Therefore, even if they pass through the surgery, the body has its own return to the original state.

 How to remove the stomach after cesarean section, and do not hurt yourself?