white spots on the skin after sunburn


  • Sunburn and its consequences: the white spots on the skin
  • All about safe tanning or how not to get white spots on the body
  • How to sunbathe during the holidays

Is it always the sun is our friend? Warm season we most often associated with the sea and sunbathing. Fans ultraviolet making a lot of effort, so that the skin has acquired a chocolate hue. In the course are the best new and advertised suntan. Many, lying on the beach, most prefer to open the body to leave no white patches of skin under clothing. For perfectly even tan ladies also apply to the solarium, where just a couple of minutes you can turn into a girl who recently visited the Maldives, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), not all of the fair sex can afford to visit this magical institution. This applies to the financial side of the issue, and medical contraindications. So, for example, from the solarium is better to refuse the presence of diseases of the kidneys, liver, skin, and heart. Pregnant women and young children as it is not necessary to visit him.

While the clock under ultraviolet light, many do not realize, bring any such sunbathing positive effect. For fashionistas extremely important aesthetic side of the issue. The benefits of being in the sun, of course, there is. Under its influence activated processes of formation and assimilation of vitamin D, which is very essential for the body. But you do not need to sit for hours in the open air, waiting for a miracle. Everything should be in moderation, is not it?

As the scientists, in sunny weather the probability of a bad mood is minimal, since under the action of ultraviolet radiation produces the hormone of joy, increases the protective functions of the body. However, in some cases, if you overdo it with a sun therapy can harm your health. Uncontrolled stay under beams leads to sunburn, premature aging of the skin, malignancies, white appearance of age spots, as well as to a variety of allergic reactions. However, if you follow safety rules and stay in the sun only in the morning, you can avoid all these hassles.

Sunburn and its consequences: the white spots on the skin

Sometimes after sunburn on the skin appear white spots, which do not want to disappear. Aesthetically it looks pretty unattractive. Plus, cover up creams bright islands is not always possible. Therefore, to avoid further occurrence of such troubles, should be aware of the reasons for the cutaneous manifestations, as well as the precautions.

  • The fungus and infection

White spots on the skin after sunburn often appear when your body is present a fungal infection. Many of the fair sex are not even aware that the skin is struck by pityriasis versicolor, because there is no specific symptoms. The first warning signs are detected, usually after tanning. Parts of the body affected by lichen, begin to differ in color, like a little efflorescence.

To determine what has caused such a reaction of the skin to sunlight is definitely not worth it. The best thing in this situation, immediately consult a dermatologist. Contribute to the development of fungal infections can various unfavorable factors. Among the most common release stress, prolonged use of certain medications, changes in the acidity of the skin. As you know, this is just a small list of why the immune system is reduced.

  • Genetics

If you have a genetic predisposition to reduce melanin production, prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to unpleasant and irreparable consequences. White spots on the skin after tanning in this case can not be eliminated. Gipomelanoz not treatable, so go out only after the strike on the arms, face, back, barrier cream.

  • Medication

Increase the sensitivity of the skin can some medications. Acceptance of these drugs, infusions and decoctions can damage the pigmentation. As a result, the skin becomes vulnerable to the effects of ultraviolet radiation, and then sunbathing on the open areas of the body a couple of hours later, the white spots are formed. It is therefore necessary to carefully read the instructions and descriptions of drugs. The list of contraindications such effects often indicated.

Note: If your work involves prolonged exposure to the sun, notify your doctor. And be sure to consult about the possible side effects when taking the drug. In no case do not self!

  • Sunroom

When visiting the tanning beds and do not forget about the rules and precautions. So, for example, if you rarely change positions during the procedure, it threatens the appearance of white spots on the skin. If any part of the body will be subjected to a stronger impact and irradiation, the blood flow to the site decreased markedly. This occurs most often with the skin at the elbow and pelvis.

 white spots on the skin after tanning tips

All about safe tanning or how not to get white spots on the body

The most intense and dangerous UV radiation is considered to be in the midday time. With up to twelve hours of the day likely to get sunburns highest. By limiting their stay under the direct rays, you will save from the aggressive effects of the sun on your skin. If it is not possible to wait this time indoors, be sure to take care of a headdress.

An important role in this case played by your clothes. The mesh and transparent fabric well passes ultraviolet light, so to protect themselves from exposure to sunlight can be matters of dense matter. Choose natural products made from cotton, cotton goods, etc. If you wear synthetics, you will be hot, plus there is a risk of allergy.

 white spots on the skin after sunburn consequences

How to sunbathe during the holidays

Be sure to use sunscreen. This can be a day cream or lipstick with an SPF of at least 15, and a special spray or gel with a light non-greasy texture. Lubricate all exposed areas, even the back, legs and arms. Unless, of course, you do not want to get white spots on the body.

What about those who like to sunbathe? After all, not everyone has the opportunity to go every weekend to the sea. So try our compatriots in one week vacation to get as much as possible. As a result - serious burns, spots, etc. Remember once and for all: not on the first day to sit with six in the morning until eight in the evening on the beach, even if you're under a canopy.

Sunset in the sea to cool down, you are at serious risk. The water in this case acts as a magnifying glass. Now consider what would happen if the eyepiece to direct the paper. That's right, after a few minutes she lights up. If possible, do not sunbathe wet, it can also cause burns. After bathing the skin should immediately get wet towel.

Always wear sunglasses, as UV detrimental effect on the retina of the eye and can lead to various diseases. By the way, delicate skin century, can also be covered with spots of UV. Acquire points better specialty stores. So you protect against counterfeiting. Plus, wearing a cap, hat or bonnet.

If you gradually increase the time in the sun, you can protect yourself from burns. Such daily gentle tanning suitable for those whose skin is very white, and is rapidly becoming the sun red. And do not forget to use sunscreen. Do not think that such products - an invention of beauticians who want to earn as much as possible. Before you get on the shelves of shops and pharmacies, this product is tested and is subject to numerous studies.

Very carefully sunbathing should be girls who have markings on the body. If nature has awarded you a large number of moles, do not get carried away with long sunbathing. Such an abundance of formations may indicate a predisposition to skin cancer. If you obgorite, and then you will have white spots on the body, immediately consult a specialist.

To cope with the harmful effects of UV exposure helps the consumption of foods and beverages rich in antioxidants. They reduce the probability of occurrence of cancers and slow the aging of the skin. It tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, grapes, fatty fish and green tea.

Observe all of these rules and tips that you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun and aggressive. And if you want to purchase a bronze tan, like yuzhanok, obzavedites special tools, which give the body a chocolate color.

 White spots on the skin after sun: why are they there?

 treating depression in home tips


  • On what grounds can define depression
  • What can be done at home

What is depression? Some think it's just a bad mood, others believe that it is plain laziness. Doctors argue that depression - is a real disease, which has symptoms that stage of development. Of course, clinical depression - a serious disease where the patient is all the time, no one speaks, does not want anything. This condition should be treated in a hospital under the supervision of a qualified doctor - a psychiatrist or psychotherapist.

But let's leave the clinical cases and physicians understand, when possible treatment for depression at home.

 treating depression in home measures

On what grounds can define depression?

In the beginning, these signs do not cause much concern - not enough deep sleep at night, irritability. If you do not pay attention to these symptoms, then there are difficulties in everyday life - is especially hard to focus on a certain lesson. In the team this behavior will not go unnoticed because the person starts to make mistakes in their work.

Characteristic sign of depression - loss of interest in activities, hobbies that fascinated before (reading, knitting, fitness). Man like a "throw" from side to side, from one class to another. It appears weight started and then abandoned projects, flashes on and off of interest to a variety of things, sometimes surprising for the man himself and to others.

Early stage of depression

In the early stages of depression sometimes this phenomenon - the patient is trying to attract the attention of outrageous antics. Surrounding it seems strange, but that's how depressed people sometimes try to escape from the captivity of negative thoughts, which are increasingly pursuing them. For example, they can be heard on some grandiose plans, and it is dedicated to a large number of people. However, the next day everything is forgotten, and any reminder of these plans leads the patient into a rage.

Depression middle stage

If you do not treat the initial stage of the disease, then further develops the middle stage. Here are its characteristic features:

  • slurred speech and quick;
  • illogical statements;
  • unpleasant banter over others;
  • insults and criticism of others;
  • intolerance of criticism of the patient;
  • bouts of melancholy moods and deep reflection;
  • from the first stage here go inability to concentrate and focus on the deterioration of any occupation;
  • fatigue;
  • often observed weight loss.

Symptoms of severe depression

The patient gradually more withdrawal, insomnia becomes chronic, it can last for several days, and it slows down traffic. During this period, the person tends to be alone, he can spend hours lying in bed, he was not pleased with absolutely nothing, loved ones cause irritation, so it tends to as little as possible into contact with someone else.

Patients may acquire suicidal thoughts, and without proper treatment by a qualified psychiatrist or psychotherapist likelihood of suicide increases significantly. If you live near or working people in this state, we must by all means to convince him to be treated by a specialist. In most cases it is very difficult - these patients do not consider themselves ill, even offended when they are offered treatment.

But only a doctor can determine whether this state of depression alone or is a manic-depressive syndrome, and depression when depression gives way to a sudden improvement in mood and arousal.

 treatment of depression in the home right

What can be done at home

I must say that the mood swings happen in every human being. Sadness, depressed mood and insomnia occur almost every. Particularly affected are residents of large cities, where the stress level is very high, the air poisoned by exhaust gases, and high density of population provokes conflicts.

In addition, in life there are a lot of stress associated with the death of loved ones, divorce, the loss of his beloved work, even moving to another town sometimes gives impetus to the development of the doldrums. The so-called "midlife crisis" with the same force as the effort for women and for men. This weakens the will of man, obsessed with negative thoughts more often, there is a feeling of guilt for any occasion. Man loses the opportunity to make the right decisions, sharply lower self-esteem.

But this illness can and must confront their own. At home we just have to learn to relax after a busy day. It can be easy exercises, regular use of herbal soothing, relaxing warm baths (they can add aromatic oils, herbal infusions). Necessarily it is necessary to normalize the daily routine. Let's look in more detail what you can do for yourself at home, to bring back to normal nervous system.

How much you need to sleep and wake up?

Remember in school my mother forced to go to bed at 10 o'clock, and in the morning at 8 o'clock exactly been lifting, washing, gathering in school? Perhaps the lifting and bedtime was different, but the meaning remains the same - the school schedule has taught us to go to bed and get up at about the same time. The amount of sleep was ideal for children and adolescents - 9-10 hours.

And now look at the date. Rather, yesterday failed to go before 12, but still have to get up early. For mothers with young children day and night, and all are reversed - because the baby can not explain what is necessary to sleep at night, and a day to sing a song!

But even if you do not have to get up in the morning alarm clock and rushing to work, there is a danger of "sex", that is to sleep too long, and then the whole day will be a headache and felt the overall "weakness." What should be the ideal work and rest?

If you do not take into account the fashionable doctrine of biorhythms, and not to divide people into "owls" and "larks", the adult enough full 7-8 hours of sleep. Moreover, it is necessary to go to sleep no later than 12 midnight (and even better - about 23 hours), and wake up - around 6-7 o'clock in the morning. When you can set yourself a sleep without breaking it, even on the weekend, you'll notice the improvement of the general condition and the nervous system.

Learning to observe the regime of the day

Adjust bedtime and rise - that's half the battle. It is necessary to organize the working day. The main thing - the balance between work and leisure. Psychologists believe that it is best to divide the day into 3 parts. The first part should be devoted to work, second - physical stress, and the third - a hobby or other enjoyable entertainment. According to the number of hours allocated to each activity - is a personal matter.

There is no doubt that the day must be at work and muscle and mental activity. Incidentally, entertainment and activities that brings pleasure, is also very important in the treatment of depression. For example, during the day or after a few minutes of work, you can lie down and listen to music.

We are treated through exercise

Yes, yes, we are treated! Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that the exercise benefit the body. However, we must remember that many species of gymnastics, but it is necessary to choose the one that is right for your body. Hot yoga for some could be a panacea, while others, on the contrary, experiencing just an annoyance and consider it monotonous and boring.

Doctors say that the morning exercises to do necessarily. Let this be a "two imbedded three prihlopa" but to accelerate blood circulation, muscles get the desired tone. No need to convert morning exercises in a full workout, but also leave the body without the morning warm-up is not recommended. This is especially true of people who are prone to depression.

Perfect cure for mild depression, walking at a fast pace. It is estimated that 5-6 walks lasting 30 minutes fully provide the body with hormones of happiness - endorphins (and in fact they are too little in the blood of depressed patients).

Good nutrition treats depression!

The diet of modern man is often an excess of harmful substances to the body (canned and fried foods, too sweet, salty or fatty). Nutritionists have long been sounding the alarm on this matter. Doctors say that a balanced diet - it is half the success in the treatment of many diseases.

Should eat in moderation, overeating as harmful as grueling diet. It is best to eat a fractional - 4-5 times a day gradually. The food must be present in sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber and, of course, inseparable trio: proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the right proportions.

If you can not eat enough fruits and vegetables, you can drink drugstore vitamin-mineral complexes. Of course, you must first consult with a physician.

A new look at old problems

It is no secret that different people react to problems in different ways. Psychologists say that it is how a person perceives what is happening, and depends on his mood. We need to develop a positive view of the world, look for the positive aspects rather than focusing on the negative.

The best way to deal with depression - is its prevention. My favorite work and family play a primary role here. Try to fill the life of positive developments, to communicate more with your friends, be active and enjoy each passing moment!

 Treatment of depression in the home - is it possible?