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  • Why in intimate places pimples
  • Improper hair removal and poor quality linens
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, viruses, infection
  • Individual features women

Unfortunately, such a problem as the acne on an intimate place, many of the fair sex do not know firsthand. This is despite the depilatory creams, super sharp razor-quality facilities for hygiene, natural linen. Modern women know how to care for yourself and your body, to avoid many serious diseases.

However, despite all the efforts and precautions in the body may fail to be followed by such unpleasant symptoms. And then almost all the women start to panic. Still would! They learned long ago that no one symptom does not occur simply never disappears completely. So do not wait until everything will pass. First of all, you need to diagnose the disease, and only then begin to struggle with unpleasant consequences.

Why in intimate places pimples

This small, seemingly a problem like acne in an intimate place, can deliver the ladies physical and emotional discomfort. Education may ache and itch. But even if asymptomatic, aesthetically unhealthy skin looks very unattractive. As a result, the girl begins to complete.

It is just to remind you that in any case, under any circumstances can not self-medicate. Diagnose and prescribe medication can only dermatologists and gynecologists. After all the pimples on the skin can be a symptom of a serious infectious disease, sexually transmitted diseases. And it is fraught with infertility, inflammation, etc. consequences. So, if you are faced with this disease, it is necessary to understand why it could arise from you. The most common causes are:

  • hormonal disorders in adolescence, during pregnancy;
  • virus infection;
  • neglect of basic hygiene, skin injury, etc.

Let us consider some of them in more detail.

 pimples in intimate places tips

Improper hair removal and poor quality linens

Acne in the pubic area concerned almost every woman who removes vegetation with a razor, epilator wax. Cracks and cuts that occur when using the blades are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. In this case, it is recommended to replace the above-mentioned funds, creams, laser hair removal or other modern facilities designed to deal with unwanted hair.

Another reason - ingrown hairs. Before the procedure, treat the skin soft exfoliating scrub. This will help get rid of horned parts that just grow and interfere with normal hairs. At the same time, be careful not to injure or cause irritation.

An important role in this case played by your underwear. Firstly, it should not be too swift you. Second, buy things made of natural materials. Synthetics probably looks more beautiful, expensive and pretentious, but the harm from her very much.

So, because of it you may have an allergy. Plus, clinging tightly to the skin underwear does not breathe it, do not miss the air and prevents the normal termoobmenu. As a result, a so-called "greenhouse effect" under the clothes, you start to sweat and his body appears irritation and urticaria.

Sexually transmitted diseases, viruses, infection

Venus - the goddess of love. It was named in her honor diseases transmitted during sexual intercourse. And how they say that you can not sleep with strangers, without using condoms. As doctors say, first - sweet, but because - excruciatingly painful.

Diseases in which you might be concerned rash in intimate places, may be the following: bartholinitis, abrasions, genital herpes. For acne can also take papillomavirus and genital warts, molluscum contagiosum, granules Fordyce. In no case do not delay a visit to your doctor. There you have a complete examination, pass tests (blood smear). And only after that you will be able to make an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, many of the fair sex wait until the last until the start deteriorating. And only then turn to a specialist.

  • Bartholinitis

Bartolini - inflammation of the Bartholin gland, situated in the interior of the labia minora and at their base. Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene leads to the penetration of pathogens such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas, and the emergence of the inflammatory process.

Outwardly it looks kind of education as intradermal seal, thus it causes itching and pain. Some representatives of the fairer sex take him for a harmless pimple and begin self. Women, after hearing "knowledgeable" people (friends, neighbors), applied bandages with absorbable ointment to problem areas, all picks open the needle, etc.

Such actions are dangerous to health, as with the ointment the content of the seal can get into the blood stream, causing her infection. Treatment should be administered only by a physician. Most often in the hospital under local anesthesia performed an autopsy and removal of the abscess pus. Usually it takes place in a hospital, so you do not have to break away from work, school, children, pets and small animals husband.

  • Furunculosis

Furunculosis - pustular disease of the hair follicle caused by staphylococcus. Appears in the form of one or more large suppurative lesions, most often occur on the buttocks or the labia. The causes of this disease may serve as a minor trauma to the skin, which are the gateway to getting infections, vitamin deficiencies, persistent hypothermia or overheating.

Furuncle in its development (from emergence to extinction) goes through three stages: inflammation, abscess, opening and healing. If such eruptions are not alone, it is worth to consult a doctor. Remember once and for all by yourself you can not squeeze a pimple. In order to avoid disastrous results all have to do a professional who uses sterile equipment. Under local anesthesia, the surgeon will open the abscess and remove its contents, and then apply a bandage with disinfectant. When multiple boils addition to treatment can be antibiotics.

  • Genital herpes

Genital herpes - another disease infectious nature, symptoms of which are small itchy rash on the skin and mucous membranes of the genitals. From the moment of infection and to the development of the disease passes from a few days to two weeks.

So, first on the body appear small, multiple bubbles, causing severe itching and tingling. In the future, it may increase body temperature, feeling worse. Treatment of genital herpes is administered as an antiviral ointments. Note that in this case, the antibiotics are not prescribed, because they are not valid with respect viruses.

For genital herpes is characterized by frequent relapses. To avoid them, you should do them and implement procedures that increase immunity. Join a gym, go for a walk at the weekend, eat only healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • Papilloma

As stated above, be confused with acne can be in intimate places, and genital papillomas, warts. The cause of the disease is the human papilloma virus. Most often, these tumors arise in places cuts or skin friction of underwear. In most cases, one is not limited to all wart. Over time, if you do not start treatment, new growths begin to appear.

The disease is transmitted through sexual contact and by sharing a towel with the patient through the toilet seat. Therefore, you should be careful when visiting the toilets in public places and swimming pools. By the way, if you have been diagnosed with this, a survey must pass all your family members.

  • Molluscum contagiosum

After sexual intercourse can cause contamination of molluscum contagiosum. At the same time the cause of acne is also a virus. Typically, there is no discomfort, but with constant injury of acne can spread to other parts of the body, and the infection is transmitted by contact partner. Treatment is carried out in a hospital or outpatient (cauterization by liquid nitrogen or laser removal).

 acne symptoms in intimate places

Individual features women

Fordyce granules or seborrheic cysts arise from the sebaceous glands. Fortunately, this is only a cosmetic defect, which is not an infectious nature and is not transmitted to others. The causes of these "spots" are not fully identified. According to one version, they can occur due to improper location of congenital sebaceous glands, which are closer to the skin surface. Papules appear as white, slightly raised above the surface of the skin. Optionally, you can remove in the clinic with liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide laser. It is possible re-emergence of the granules.

So you know about the most common causes of rashes in intimate places. The most important thing to be learned: it is better not to self-medicate. If you have any worrisome symptoms should go to the antenatal clinic at his residence or in Skin and Venereal Diseases Dispensary. Only a doctor after inspection and handing you the necessary analyzes can prescribe adequate treatment.

In order to prevent need to carefully observe good personal hygiene, and remember that the razor is disposable. And use it again unacceptable. During intercourse, should be protected. And do not take other people's towels. And then you will be beautiful and healthy.

 Acne in intimate places. Why are they there?