how to reduce the size of the feet


  • The brutal methods of dealing with big feet
  • Plastic surgery as a last resort
  • Big foot: how to reduce the size of his feet visually
  • We visit a psychologist, when without the help of a doctor can not do
  • Adjusts to positive: think correctly

Each representative of the fairer sex at least once in their life read a fairy tale of Cinderella. We remember how she escaped at midnight from a rich and handsome prince. And he was looking for her, giving all the girls try kingdom crystal shoe that dropped conquered his heart is beautiful. If you belong to those women on whose shoe would be small, do not worry, because nowadays everything is fixable. Well, not bestowed upon the nature of your feet "a la Cinderella", but you can resort to some tricks that will help deal with this nuisance.

The brutal methods of dealing with big feet

By the way, you wonder how this fight other nations? Such barbaric methods as the imposition of tight bandage on foot in childhood, we do not fit. Much to the happiness of the fair sex in our country is not so popular mutilated legs. But in the east, in some villages up to now this method enjoys incredible popularity. Tight bandage compresses the leg almost from birth, causing a terrible strain of the foot, which is why a woman can not go to adulthood. Furthermore, such violence on the body leads to disease in all of the musculoskeletal system.

But if the fair sex does not have these legs, it may not even get married. Men are proud of their wives who have to constantly be on hand. But the resulting "Lotus" maddening and excite. Plus, it shows the high status of the husband.

By the way, in some countries using a more "humane" manner. The fair sex buy a size smaller shoes. Of course, it causes discomfort in the evening at the young girls begin to hurt the feet. Plus, again, the deformation of the foot. Let's look at how to reduce the size of the feet, without resorting to extreme and radical measures.

Plastic surgery as a last resort

Indeed, many women and girls have complexes about the large size of the foot. Correct situation can only radical plastic surgery. But why should we make such sacrifices, because surgery - this is no joke and play. It makes no sense to go under the knife to remove excess centimeter (by cutting off fingers or solntsevidnoy bone). Plus, there may be complications that deplorable way affect the health of the whole organism. Sometimes the ladies even then they can not go.

To operate or not - to choose, of course, you. If you decide to reduce the size of his feet with the help of plastic surgery, get a good clinic. Otherwise, you can get into the hands of non-professionals who disfigure your body. Take all precautions. So, for example, signing a contract, we reduce the risks to a minimum.

 how to reduce the size of the legs without surgery

Big foot: how to reduce the size of his feet visually

  • Pick up shoes

You can visually reduce the size of the feet, if you pick the right style of shoe. So, for example, can not buy sandals on a flat sole. This will add a couple of extra centimeters. But high heels lengthen the very foot of the fair sex. This foot is a little bend, so will look shorter.

The advantage is that the heels add femininity and confidence. You will catch admiring glances from passers-by men who are unlikely to stand in front of you. And it will become bolder. After all, in most cases, systems are embedded in our minds.

If you wear shoes with a rounded nose, your feet will seem a little neater and less. Shoes with pointed nose lengthen the opposite foot, and make you like a little flour on the fairy tale. Try to choose footwear dark shades because the light attracts the eyes and makes the foot visually more.

Transverse stripes on shoes "slash" big foot, thanks to this it will seem smaller. But add length shoes with buckles, straps, buckles massive. Do not get involved shoes with rhinestones and other flashy decor. It will draw attention to what you are trying so hard to hide. When choosing shoes, prefer shoes with wedge heels. They are very nice on the large size feet. By the way, these shoes are now in vogue. Plus, it is suitable for women of all ages.

Owners of large feet know that it is sometimes difficult to pick up shoes in size. In no case do not buy shoes, flip flops, sandals size smaller, thinking that they are carried. It is better to use the services of online shopping, there is always a large assortment and a wide range of sizes. Or you can sew to order. There also will be higher quality, and they will sit like a glove.

  • Manicure

In summer, you can reduce the size of your feet with proper manicure, in which the nails must be oval in shape and polish - dark shades. It is not necessary to grow a centimeter kogtiki doing fancy figures. It looks ugly on huge feet

  • clothing

An important role for visual reduction of the size of the legs plays properly chosen clothes. Trousers better to choose wide and long to conceal excessive centimeters feet. You can buy fancy "pipe" or a classic flare. Tapering pants do not fit the fair sex, so they are clearly allocate a large foot.

Skirts can be a smooth cut, it is appropriate and will be flared. Light summer dresses on the floor do not hand over their positions for several seasons. Use this. Try to choose natural fabrics such as linen, cotton or silk. If the figure allows, wear dresses-cases. But it is better to choose bright colors, with some unusual prints, to divert attention from the bottom of the figure. Do not be afraid to be vibrant and confident. If you give a man the counter smiles, it and forget to think about your big feet.

Wearing bright tights ladies with rather big feet in size - it is completely contraindicated. With its plain, which would merge the color of the shoe, reducing leg. By the way, some of the fair sex for some reason put under open sandals socks. Remember once and for all, so do not. It moveton (bad taste)!

  • Gait

Do not be amiss to recall and gait. If you go the same way as Lyudmila Prokopevna of "Office Romance", urgently find your Vera. And let it will show you the basics right and sexual gait that would drive crazy men. Seriously, many women with larger feet of the complex and try to go as fast as possible, making the wide steps. Thus, they attract more attention to their non-miniature legs. The gait should be smooth and graceful, is not worth all the time to look at your feet and attract unwanted glances of passersby.

How to learn to walk? So stand up straight, look not down, in front of him. Take a step the right foot so that looking down (eyes, not your head), you could see the tip of the nose. Try gently wagging her hips - is wildly excited men who by nature are males.

We visit a psychologist, when without the help of a doctor can not do

As mentioned above, many women complement for nothing. Some people do not like the nose, eyes, ears, feet. And if one has measured with his shortcomings or even turn them into advantages, else it prevents live, work, play. In the second case without the help of a specialist is not enough. Not only possible, but also need to go to a psychologist, if you decide to change something in yourself with the help of plastic surgery.

 reduce the size of the feet

Adjusts to positive: think correctly

Mental attitude on the issue of how to reduce the size of the legs is very important. Perhaps even basic. We need to wake up every day with the thought that you are beautiful and unique. Find more positives in the fact that you are the owner of a large foot.

Most likely, you have a high growth, so you could participate in the filming of promotional clothing and lingerie. Try yourself as a model, you may like it. And if you're lucky, this will be the main job. Owners of large size feet as inherent strength and endurance, so it is possible to do sports such as athletics and cycling. You have a great time, even if the great success achieved in this field will not succeed.

Next, remember the story of a brilliant actress Uma Thurman. She - the owner of a large size feet, but she did not stop to become popular worldwide. Plus, the star of the movie managed to make it into the highlight. It stops actress attracted eccentric director Quentin Tarantino and he invited her to appear in his paintings. He calls his favorite actress Uma and her feet often takes a close-up.

So if you have not been able to love yourself for who you are, work, engaged in auto-training, after all. Remember how in the movie: "I - the most charming and attractive," let this catch phrase will be your motto, repeat it aloud or silently, as soon as the free time will stand. Outbound from you confidence be passed to others, they will perceive you the way you want to. Love yourself and the whole world love you. And then no operation is required.

 How to reduce the size of his feet and plastic clothes