Remove wen on the face


  • How do you know that you wen
  • How to get rid wen
  • Remove talc at home
  • Precautions for the treatment of folk remedies
  • Prevention of disease: how to avoid relapse

Wen (popular name lipomas) - a subcutaneous education, which usually occurs in the connective tissue loose. Lipoma is a soft, loose texture. Basically there are quite small tumors (from 1 to 3 cm). But there are cases of the big wen, whose dimensions were a hen's egg (10 cm or more). Lipoma most often white or flesh-colored. They typically arise due to violation of the metabolic processes in the body.

How do you know that you wen

Wen to distinguish from the other entity may be in its mobility and painless. Lipomas are not malignant (cancerous) cells, so they do not degenerate into a tumor. Therefore, such education are a problem only from an aesthetic point of view. What the ladies will want to go with such a good color?

The most frequent sites of localization Wen are the following parts of the face: the upper and lower eyelids, the forehead, the lips and cheeks. You can not understand it inflamed pimple or wen appeared to be urgently removed? Feel neoplasm fingers. If the seal is smooth and elastic to the touch and while pressing moves slightly, then you have to face wen. To ensure that this education - still lipoma, you must undergo a medical examination.

At the hospital, you may be offered several puncture Wen, which is done using a special fine needle. As a result of this procedure, the contents removed and sent for histological examination. Usually, needling is performed completely painless for the patient and takes only a few minutes. To the doctor could make the diagnosis, the fair sex may need ultrasound sealing. Through ultrasound can detect the accumulation of fatty tissue under the skin. Only after this will be possible surgical or laser removal of all wen.

Why did all this have to do? It is often confused with Wen atheroma, which appears due to excessive accumulation of sebum. That, in turn, leads to blockage of the sebaceous glands, thereby forming a "hump" on the skin. However, it is fundamentally different diseases. In the second case relates to a brush seal. And so the removal of tumors is completely different.

Only a doctor can be trusted with the treatment of lipomas. Many patients attempt to get rid of the annoying of education. However, this leads to sad consequences. Piercing the skin in non-sterile conditions, they will wear the infection. And after a couple of months wen reappears. Believe me, the alcohol can not cope with the majority of the bacteria that surround us. Furthermore, after such procedures on the face are ugly sores that heal very long and lead to scarring.

 how to remove a fatty tumor on the face

How to get rid wen

Removing wen on the face can be done in two ways: medication or surgery. In the first case, during operation, the doctor punctures lipoma and introduces special needle therethrough drugs. Then wen gradually dissolve, and then disappears. This method of treatment is effective only when the face sizes wen not exceed 3 cm. All other exclusive formation treated surgically.

Surgery is performed under local anesthesia, so the pain during the procedure you feel. Just a little numb face. At larger sizes Wen surgery is performed under general anesthesia. After a general anesthesia, the patient should be in a hospital under medical supervision, but it lasts no more than two days. It is necessary that the doctor was convinced that the removal of tumors was successful.

After the traditional surgery, unfortunately, the patient is often left scars that affected his personal life. Especially women feel bad if wen removed on his face. The fair sex are beginning to be ashamed of his reflection in the mirror. But there is a solution!

In recent years, modern medicine has become a widely used endoscopic method. Thanks to modern technology, can accurately track the progress of the operation and avoid scarring. During the procedure, the physician makes a small incision in the skin into which the endoscope is entered. This incision is made not on the lipoma, and not far from it, in the not too conspicuous place. Using a special tool doctor wen separates from adjacent tissue and removes it.

Remove talc at home

You can try to get rid of Wen traditional methods, but only on condition that the seal has reached a relatively small size. Remember, this should be done only in extreme cases when there is no access to a clinic to spent there the removal of lipomas. So, there are many different recipes that are available and easy to use:

  • Compress soap and onions

Preparation of the tool does not take a lot of time and effort. Plus, the ingredients have a home in almost all girls. Those who want to get rid of the oil lamp should chop coarsely grated soap and onion, pre-baked in an oven. This wrap will need to change 2 times a day. It is recommended to make a full recovery.

  • Compress from the golden mustache

To get rid of the oil lamp, we must take a fresh leaf of a plant, and mash it until a juice. Then attach to education, cover with polythene and a place to roll up a towel or bandage. Eyelids or movable parts of the face can be fixed, for example, plaster. After 12 hours, replace the paper and do the same procedure. Course lasts substantially not longer than 2 weeks.

  • Ointment garlic

In order to prepare a medical ointment, it is necessary to take young garlic, thoroughly crushed in the mortar. Once it turns into a homogenous slurry, add to the resulting mass of garlic oil. All done in a ratio of 1: 1. The mixture was stirred and gently rubbed into the seal. This ointment is considered to be perhaps one of the most effective folk remedies for Wen. After several such procedures lipoma completely disappears. However, such disposal is fraught with burns on the skin.

  • Juice of celandine

When using this tool should know that the plant can also cause burns, as well as garlic. So use it with caution. It's best to buy a ready-made juice of celandine, which is sold in any drugstore. The tool is carefully applied to wen, you want to delete.

The procedure allowed to hold no more than 2 times per day. After that, the treated celandine place should be applied ointment Vishnevsky. Top should be accompanied by a piece of cotton or a cotton pad, then you will need to fix it with a bandage. Change the bandage with ointment should be at least 2-3 times a day. Doing so is necessary for 4 days.

  • Ointment grain wheat

In this case, the ointment is not so dangerous, so it can be used even women with sensitive skin. You will need to take the wheat, grind them and add them to the boiling water. Stir the contents until smooth. Put the resulting slurry on the gauze or bandage wrap. Attach the cheesecloth to education and cover with polyethylene. The procedure to carry out 3 times a day.

 remove wen on the face

Precautions for the treatment of folk remedies

If you decide to choose one of the above methods, use extreme caution while procedures. Each time Check the skin sensitivity. In some cases, it may manifest allergic to one of the ingredients. Therefore Test the mixture on the elbow.

In the case where the processed Wen began to grow in size, immediately contact a dermatologist. Perhaps you have a more serious disease than you thought at first. And any thermal or chemical effects on the tumor leads to tragic consequences, including death. Removal of a malignant tumor should be held immediately.

Prevention of disease: how to avoid relapse

Removing a lipoma - is just the beginning. Once you get rid of Wen, take care of the diet. It should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is important to minimize the consumption of fatty foods (fatty meats or fish, butter, margarine, lard, etc.). Green tea is useful because it removes toxins from the body. After adjusting for lifestyle, many patients notice that talc dissolve and disappear on their own.

You should also play sports, walk at least an hour a day in the fresh air, take twice daily douches. The face should be cleaned with special tonics and lotions, to use higher-quality creams and cosmetics. Wash decoction of herbs. Excellent for this fit chamomile, oak bark, yarrow. And if you follow all of the above advice, that is wen will never remember.

 Removing wen on his face: how to cope with illness

 acne on the shoulders


  • Causes of Acne on the back
  • Pimples on the shoulders: how to prevent the emergence of
  • Struggling with acne: medical advice
  • Traditional methods of treating a rash on the back

Many of the fair sex suffer from acne and pimples. Someone rash occurs on the reach of prying eyes, and quickly passes, you just apply some cosmetic. Someone even less fortunate, such as education and cover the whole body: chest, back, shoulders and arms. Plus, acne can not go on for several months.

Why is this happening? Today, there are many reasons for the appearance of rash on the body. This, for example, can be a negative influence of the environment, metabolism in the body, poor diet, lack of exercise, a serious illness. But first things first.

Causes of Acne on the back

All the reasons because of which there are spots on the shoulders or back, can be divided into 2 types: external and internal. In the first case, it is the environment provokes a rash. In the second problem is deeper than it seems at first glance. This is due to disturbances in the body. The fact is that any changes that take place within us, do not go unnoticed. Our body sends a signal that something is wrong. Therefore, should first undergo a full medical examination and not to self-medicate.

  • Problems with the digestive tract

Did you eat too much fatty, fried, spicy food, and your stomach just does not have time to deal with such load. Gastritis, ulcers and other diseases also affect the skin. Try to eat as little as possible of these foods, preferring porridges, salads, dairy products.

  • Hormones and endocrine system

Pimples and acne can also be caused by certain disorders of the endocrine system. It should look at what age the problems began. For example, at puberty, the human body produces hormones that increase the sebaceous glands that just stimulates the blockage of the sebaceous glands. But once a person is executed 20-25, testosterone levels should return to normal. If not - contact your doctor immediately.

  • Women's disease

It can also be gynecological problems faced by only the fair sex. The rash is inflammation, problems with the genitourinary system. Also, acne can be caused by abortion during pregnancy.

  • Beriberi

Acne can be due to vitamin deficiency, so you should reconsider your diet. Every day, eat 1 apple, banana or orange. You can also drink a course of brewer's yeast and ascorbic acid. But again, only after consultation with the doctor.

  • Allergies

Another reason may be allergic to clothes, bedding (blankets, sheets) or cosmetics. In such cases, on the back or shoulders there are small red spots, similar to hives. The skin thus strongly scratched. Try to time to change the shower gel, buy clothes made from natural materials. By the way, use other detergents.

Do not wear synthetics, or acne you will never get rid of. The fact that such a fabric does not absorb moisture and is not breathable. As a result, you sweat, and skin bacteria begin to multiply. In the hot season give preference to lighter things. Tight-fitting blouse can apply pressure to the skin or rub it.

  • Nervous breakdown

As they say, all diseases of the nerves. Eruptions on the back may appear because of the emotional stress, mental illness, or stress. Remember, you may be due to something very worried yesterday. If the reason is this, that the rash will pass quickly.

  • Direct rays

Acne can occur due to long exposure to the sun, because UV accelerates the sebaceous glands. Therefore, it is important to use protective creams, even if you are on the street no more than ten minutes. Unfortunately, this rule many girls forget.

  • Excessive cleanliness

If you keep your skin clean, wash rough washcloth to wipe tonics, etc., can break down its protective layer. Bacteria will begin to penetrate, because any obstacles will be absent. So do not be too fanatical attitude to cleanliness. In the hot season, take a shower 2-3 times a day.

  • Wrong way of life

Bad habits can also affect the appearance of acne on the body. Smoking, alcohol abuse - all contribute to the formation of slag and toxins in your body. Later, they are removed from the body through sweat, thus clogging the sebaceous glands.

 Treatment of acne on the shoulders

Pimples on the shoulders: how to prevent the emergence of

To acne from appearing on your body, you should take care of their health and clean the skin. It is necessary to use a variety of means for cleaning of dirt and grease. This can be lotions or tinctures. Today this good enough on the shelves. Plus, some of them you can prepare yourself.

It is also recommended to consume more foods containing vitamin A or buy special charges in the pharmacy. should eat plenty of fluids every day in sports, there is as little fatty foods. It would be nice and get rid of bad habits.

If you popped a pimple, it is not necessary to squeeze. You can carry infection, and because of this there will be other tumors. Plus, formed pit or scar. Just wipe it with alcohol, tonic or any other disinfectant. Also copes with inflammation of aloe juice.

Struggling with acne: medical advice

Today there are many medications that are used in the treatment of acne, not only on their shoulders, but also throughout the body. Before using any medication is best to consult with your doctor. You can use the tools that have anti-inflammatory (different types of ointments against acne) and antimicrobial effects.

Sometimes your doctor may prescribe treatment with ultraviolet light. Buy quartz lamps and to self-medicate, as it was accepted earlier, it is not necessary. After all, the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, you'll earn one more headache - burns on the body. Plus, there are a number of contraindications when the fair sex can not use ultraviolet light.

When acne doctor necessarily appoint a special diet that excludes the use of any hazardous products. Plus, if the problem is local, you will register antibiotics. After getting rid of pimples should always observe measures to prevent, to avoid recurrence.

 unpleasant pimples on his shoulders

Traditional methods of treating a rash on the back

  • Decoction of herbs

Unfortunately, the fair sex have forgotten folk ways that will not only help to cope with acne, but cleanse the body of toxins. This applies to various concoctions of herbs. Chamomile, nettle, rose hips - They stimulate metabolism. However, in most cases they cause an upset stomach. Therefore it is better to drink herbal tea when you are sure that you will not need to go. By the way, does not necessarily take all orally. From broth can be prepared lotion or permanently do the bath.

Herbs can either collect himself outside the city or over the counter. If you are not an expert in this matter, and can not be distinguished from the yarrow, fern, better to prefer the second option. In no event should not take plants to markets. You never know where they were collected.

Help get rid of acne and sun. Just take them, and must be carefully dosed, so as not to burn the skin. It is better to try to make body was covered with a light tan that will not only be beneficial for the skin itself, but also hide some of its defects.

  • Masks made of clay

Clay masks are struggling with inflammation of the skin and reduce its fat content, soaking up the selection. Add the mixture of a pair of spoons tea tree to get rid of bacteria that may be on the surface of the epidermis. Make a mask should be in accordance with the instructions printed on the package.

  • Baths

Every evening for twenty minutes, take a warm bath with sea salt. Only use not one that is sold in stores, and pharmacies. The final less coloring, flavoring and other harmful elements. If you wish, you can add a little potassium permanganate.

By the way, the fair sex should always be mindful of the rules of personal hygiene. For example, in the bath should be 3 towels. The first is used for the face, a second wipe his hands, the third - the legs. Separately should be based bath which is erased in a day. This is necessary so as not to pick up an infection.

  • Cosmetic products

As mentioned above, acne on the back can occur due to the action of shampoos or conditioners. If you have very oily skin, it is best to use anti-bacterial shower gel. And after that you need to wipe the skin lotion and put on her moisturizer.

Now that you know how to deal with acne, as well as what to do, so they're not there. And if you follow all the rules, begin to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, this problem will no longer run. Plus, do not forget at least once in six months to see a doctor.

 Pimples on the shoulders: diagnosis and treatment