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  • Diagnose thrush: signs and symptoms
  • Errors in diagnosis of thrush
  • Going to the doctor: examination by a specialist
  • How to reduce the symptoms of their own
  • What is fraught with self and inaction?

Intolerable itching, white cheesy discharge, redness and inflammation of the reproductive organs - the very first signs of candidiasis. Unfortunately, faced with thrush at least once in the life of each of the fair sex. The reason - the yeast-like fungi genus Candida. Wrong medication, neglect of hygiene, promiscuity, weakening of the immune system and many other factors can cause the disease.

Today the fair sex, providing a great life at work or caring for a family, all the less likely to seek professional help. They are used to either ignore the symptoms or seek advice from friends and the Internet (on different forums and sites). Worst of all, when the ladies are perfect, at first glance, a variant of the disease and start treatment. The results may be sad, until infertility or cystitis, if the diagnosis was wrong.

So do not rely on luck, looking for similar symptoms. This article is given for guidance only. And if you do have any concerns for feminine, immediately make an appointment with a gynecologist. And the sooner you do it, the faster and easier to get rid of the existing disease.

Diagnose thrush: signs and symptoms

  • Selections

As stated in the beginning of the article, vaginal thrush woman starts to separate thick mixture resembles in appearance cottage cheese. This selection can be either thick white or cream-colored, yellowish or greenish tinge. Number - especially individually. At one of the fair sex there are abundant, while others - the meager selection.

  • Itching

Also, there are unpleasant sensations tingling, burning or itching of the external genitals and near the entrance to the vagina. After taking a shower symptoms subside or disappear, but after an hour and a half, they again returned. In the night time, in the heat during the critical days these symptoms only intensified.

  • The rash and irritation

The next thing you should pay attention - this rash, redness, inflammation, swelling a little. However, with this sign must be careful, as pimples can be a symptom of other diseases and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Smell

To say that in the early days when yeast infections in women will feel a distinct smell - it is impossible. Besides, it will not be as sharp as in inflammatory processes. However, in advanced stages it necessarily becomes slightly sour, unpleasant.

  • Pain

Often sick from the fair sex there is pain when urinating. There is a feeling that if urine corrodes and parboiled genitals. Plus, over time, it felt uncomfortable even while walking, if you wear too tight clothes.

During intercourse, pain is felt, even if the girl is very excited. By the way, it found that Candida is transmitted during unprotected sex, so it is recommended to use a condom. Of course, ideally, do not make love, not only in acute but a few weeks after a complete cure.

Errors in diagnosis of thrush

You checked the symptoms and found that you have - thrush. However, inflammation and release are not necessarily signs of the disease. In fact, the causes can be many. This is how the heat that accompanies and cold and pneumonia.

Second, if you do not go to the doctor, how do you know the form of the fungus. It turns out that there are several types of them. And each is treated individually. Do not take medications without establishing the cause. Otherwise you and greatly harm yourself and do not get rid of the disease.

 thrush symptoms and treatment

Going to the doctor: examination by a specialist

If you find yourself any signs of thrush, buy special gynecological set, consisting of gloves, mirror, bed sheets, and go to the doctor. Before the visit to the specialist better any medicines, ointments and creams did not use, do baths and steam baths. This may affect the disease, enhance or distort symptoms.

So, at the first examination, the doctor will be able to identify the degree of damage and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the genitals. Also, the gynecologist will need to take a smear, to rule out other diseases. The same day, the doctor will prescribe you the necessary medicines and recommend a special anti-fungal ointment. If treatment will be right on the second or third day all of the symptoms disappear.

How to reduce the symptoms of their own

As stated above, to self-medicate in any case impossible. But what if, prior to the visit to the gynecologist another week, and you can no longer tolerate the itching and discomfort? There are several safe ways how to ease their plight, reducing the symptoms of yeast to a minimum.

  • Disclaimer sex

The first thing you will need to abandon all sexual contacts. You can infect your partner, that in the future you will backfire. That is, after you recover, you can again pick up a fungus that thrives and multiplies on the male genitals.

  • Health

Next - is the observance of elementary rules of hygiene. These days you have to wash as often as possible, using slightly acidified water. By the way, in stores and pharmacies sell special gel for intimate hygiene, which have a disinfecting effect.

But what you should not do - so it's taking steam baths with soda. Such mockery of his own body to practice 30-40 years ago, our grandmothers and mothers. The results can be unpredictable. This is only provoke a reproduction of the fungus, the symptoms intensify. Relief comes in the first half hour (maximum), but then you will not know where to go from itching.

Douches are also not recommended. For example, you may have an allergy to components. Plus, so you wash off the grease allocated for protection. In addition to irritation and reduce the acidity of the worsening state of health, you will not get anywhere. As a result - the infection (not necessarily the fungus in nature and full of other harmful microorganisms) and hit the cervix, and ovaries.

  • Eat right

Remember once and for all seasonings, spices, pepper, salt, vinegar and various other substance use during yeast is not recommended. All this provokes itching, burning, increases discomfort in the perineum. The same goes for baking, sweet, food, which is composed of yeast. Because of such a food fungus begins to multiply much faster. Then what can you eat? Choose fruits and vegetables (domestic, rather than imported from abroad), porridge. Drink lots of water, green tea, freshly squeezed fresh juices.

  • We select the tools for critical days

During menstruation, use only seals that are changed every three hours. Otherwise, germs and bacteria will multiply on the surface, gradually getting inside. For the protection of your body because of yeast greatly reduced.

As for tampons, as if they were not comfortable, they have a long time to forget. First, they injure injury and inflammation of the vaginal wall, and secondly, it will be you and not very comfortable. Any, even the slightest movement in this case will cause terrible pain.

  • Choosing lingerie

Underwear must be comfortable, natural, and quality. Compresses the string - not the best option, not only in this case but also in everyday life. Wen, irritation, inflammation - this is just a small list of what will experiment with tight, but incredibly beautiful cowards.

And do not forget about the material. It's over, no one would argue with the fact that synthetics looks much more attractive and seductive cotton. But the damage from her very much. It creates a greenhouse effect, not allowing the skin to breathe. And, as you will remember, because of the high temperature, the fungus begins to grow rapidly.

 correct signs of thrush

What is fraught with self and inaction?

Often, the fair sex prefer to remain idle or self-medicate, hoping that the disease will soon recede. In fact, it does not matter how you do not like. But these young women at risk to get a new bunch of diseases that are not so easy to get rid of.

Thus, this can lead to inflammation of the bladder, the spread of infection of the uterus, etc. If you are not completely cure the disease, it will turn into chronic. Plus, such a representative of the fairer sex is a carrier of the fungus candidiasis. It not only transmits this to his partner during sex, but also infect their children during pregnancy.

Note: candidiasis may be accompanied by any disease, but is not the main. For example, diabetes or HIV Thrush is much more common. Therefore, be sure to turn in all the necessary tests (blood, urine, etc.), make sure that you do not have dangerous diseases.

 Symptoms of thrush: diagnosis of candidiasis