the effects of cystitis


  • Who is at risk
  • Diagnosis of the disease, when to see a doctor
  • How dangerous or why cystitis should be treated
  • Treatment of cystitis in the clinic and at home

Cystitis - one of the most common diseases, which today meets almost one in five of the fair sex. The causes are many, and list all of the factors may be infinite. But the result is the same - an inflammation of the bladder, accompanied by pain, discomfort and sharp pains in the abdomen.

Cure cystitis is not so simple. This will require time and patience. But even if you get better, the risk of recurrence is high enough. It is therefore important to do everything prescribed by a doctor, constantly visiting a specialist and not to self-medicate. Otherwise, the consequences can be sad, until infertility.

Who is at risk

So, first you should find out which category of women often ill cystitis. At risk are women who do not pay enough attention to hygiene. Not many people know, for example, that after a bowel movement perineum should be wiped from the pubis to the coccyx, and not vice versa. The same applies to caving. Also, some of the ladies take a shower just once a day, forgetting that you need to wash after each bowel movement.

Another point, which very few people paying attention - is wearing pads. Ladies do not always replace them on schedule, both daily and ordinary. Just think, for half an hour long hike. As a result - on the surface of the bacteria begin to multiply that very quickly and easily get through the urethra into the bladder.

The next category of women who are at risk of cystitis - lovers passionate, diverse and unusual sex. Firstly, the dangerous part of the change of partners. This does not mean that you have to put an end to the personal and intimate life. Just use a condom.

Secondly, it is undesirable to engage in regular sex after anal. All bacteria contained in your intestines immediately get inside. Therefore, each time after these experiments, both you and your partner need to take a shower to wash the genitals.

But even if you follow all of these rules ahead of time to relax is not necessary. In some cases cystitis occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle, a malfunction of the body, wearing uncomfortable things constant constipation, hypothermia, and many of these factors.

 anesthetic implications

Diagnosis of the disease, when to see a doctor

Note: if day after day, you are constantly running to the bathroom (bolee3-4 times per hour), while experiencing discomfort during urination, you have a strong, sharp or nagging pain in the lower abdomen, should immediately start treatment. The situation is worse if the blood found in the urine, or it gets muddy hue.

Women, first faced with cystitis often initially take him for other diseases. And only after all the symptoms become too pronounced, go to the doctor. Of course, there are units that because of work, lack of finances, strong employment at home or out of fear of diagnosing sexually transmitted diseases, do not want to go to the doctor. And it is - one of the most serious mistakes, they admit. It later becomes chronic cystitis.

And now let's talk about what is dangerous for the lovely ladies chronic form of the disease. This means that even if you feel well today, tomorrow may occur exacerbation. Infections begin to spread throughout the bladder, and sometimes even goes beyond it. As a result - all affected the nearby organs.

It is therefore important time to pass tests (blood from a vein and finger, urine) to diagnose the disease. Laboratory will conduct tests to determine the number of white blood cells and proteins, as well as to detect microbes. If the performance is fairly high, the diagnosis is confirmed and begin proper treatment. In some cases, doctors prescribe more and ultrasound, x-ray.

Medications are appointed for a reason, and based on the results for culture, by which establishes what antibiotics the bacteria react. The fact that a particular category of drugs microbes completely indifferent. In this case, only harm tablets. Therefore, it is important not to self-medicate, even if you know exactly what you have cystitis.

How dangerous or why cystitis should be treated

You still hoping to chance and luck? Do not want to spend time on trips to specialists who constantly demand to hand over analyzes? Then you should stock up on finances, patience and courage. Because it will have to face complications in the treatment of which will take more than a dozen years. Thus, the most dangerous consequences of cystitis:

  • Infectious diseases of the kidneys

If not recovered until the end of disease, the infection will not go away. It should be a bit simple, alarmed as there will relapse, and serious complications. Pathogenic microbes enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. Primarily affected kidney. The infection affects them, causing kidney failure or pyelonephritis.

  • Hematuria

Hemorrhagic cystitis is an anomaly that in the urine of patients show an admixture of blood. As a rule, the initial stages of this quickly eliminated. In some cases, as an additional treatment prescribed excessive drinking. Sometimes the ladies because of antibiotics starts bleeding. If this happens, abolished all medicines, and sometimes even appointed a transfusion.

 the effects of cystitis in women

Treatment of cystitis in the clinic and at home

In the period of acute patients must comply with bed rest. That is, no walks with friends, working in production and household chores. The patient in such cases it is recommended to drink as much as possible a normal liquid (weak tea and water without gas). You also need to go on a strict diet. Thus, you can not eat sharp, pickled, smoked, fried foods, as they can trigger worsening of your condition.

As a complement to the treatment prescribed herbal tea. Pharmacies can buy kidney fees are not bad cope with the task. Please note: they are diuretic, so drinking too carried away so not worth it. Otherwise, it is fraught with dehydration.

In addition, you will be assigned drugs, relieves spasms. They will help get rid of the unbearable pain that even move around the apartment hindrance. And, of course, do not neglect the anti-bacterial treatment. All - only on your doctor's appointment.

In chronic cystitis the first thing you will need to restore normal urine flow, relieve inflammation. Then you appoint a bunch of tests to identify the affected organs and foci of infection. In this case, antibiotics are prescribed only after conducting tests on urine culture.

In the future, you have to take precautions: keep track of their own hygiene, use of special products, in time to empty the bladder, to avoid contact with strangers and eat right. Plus, every six months - to visit the doctor.

 The effects of cystitis: what happens if not treated

 from what appears thrush


  • Why do I get thrush
  • Who is at risk factor
  • How does thrush
  • Treatment for thrush in the hospital

Thrush - a rather unpleasant woman's disease, which gives the fair sex is not only physical but also moral discomfort. According to statistics, today almost every second woman at least once in his life was treated for candidiasis. And every year the number of applicants to the hospital increases in dozens of times.

What can we do to avoid stolkutsya with the disease or prevent recurrence? That's right, you need to take every precaution. And for this you need to know that it can provoke the appearance of candidiasis. Agree, prevention costs us much less expensive than treatment.

Why do I get thrush

  • Sex

Having sex with an unfamiliar partner without using a condom - a big risk. In addition to thrush, you may be infected, and other more serious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Remember that you should always be protected and should be legible in intimate terms. By the way, despite the fact that the disease can be transmitted to you during sexual contact, it is still not considered to be venereal.

Do not forget that you can re-infected by a steady partner and if the disease to have sex with him. Remember that in this case should be treated both men and women. Representatives of the stronger sex, the disease sometimes runs completely asymptomatic.

  • Food

Our health depends on what we eat. Of course, if you eat only junk food, force us it is not only not increased, but also lead to the appearance of candidiasis. In this case, trigger and accelerate the development of thrush could flour, sharp, salty, smoked, sweet dishes, as well as food, which consists of yeast.

Chain appearance of the disease is quite simple: at the beginning of the fair sex so there are serious problems with the stomach, causing gastritis, ulcers, etc. As a result - the lady is disturbed intestinal microflora. Then follows a banal goiter. And it ends with thrush.

That is why, even in everyday life need to adhere to proper nutrition, make sure that what you do eat. Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables, cereals and salads. Cooking meat, fish is better for a couple, or in the oven. Also, for example, you can just boil a piece of fillet in lightly salted water. This delicious and useful.

But excluded from the diet will have all the products and ingredients that have sugar, fructose, glucose and the like simple carbohydrates. Of course, full stop using them you are unlikely, but can be minimized, especially when it comes to your health. And, over the same in any case can not be refilled dishes mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, vinegar. May provoke the degradation and spirits, beer particularly dangerous, since it also contains yeast.

  • Hormonal disbalance

Cause the appearance of thrush could even hormonal failure. Of course, to confirm the speculation, the fair sex will have to be tested. But the first bell can serve as an exacerbation, which occurred during the second half of the cycle. During this period, in the body starts to be produced increased amounts of the hormone progesterone, and immunity wherein the order of magnitude decrease. Since the microflora also changes, there is virtually no protection, so the fungi of the genus Candida just occupied territory.

Note that exactly the same thing occurs during pregnancy and while taking oral contraceptives, which are hormonal. Such are the pills also affect our immune system, and negative. Certainly, a fully healthy person is unlikely because of the problems begin. But candida fungi and bacteria may be present in your body naturally in small amounts. Enough of a shock that they were activated and began to multiply.

By the way, if you have a yeast infection, be sure to complete physical examination to verify the absence of diabetes, AIDS and other diseases. If something happened to the endocrine system - you should not play with your health. Only a specialist can help determine the cause of this instability and prescribe treatment to get everything back to normal.

  • Antibiotics

As you know, antibiotics - not entirely harmless drug. Yes, they kill bacteria, but both harmful and helpful. In this case suffer lactobacilli that prevent fungi multiply in the vagina. When they die, women appear thrush. Plus, antibiotics negatively affect the immune system, because of which the body simply can not cope with the load.

By the way, how many times stated that we can not take such drugs are not prescribed by a doctor. But many believe that one of the two is not bad tabletochek. Remember, even if antibiotics are fun (without a prescription) are sold in a pharmacy, it does not mean that they are safe.

  • Syringing

Ladies Vintage prefer not to use, for example, condoms to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, and do post-coital douching. The people believed that so it is possible to get rid of many diseases. Unfortunately, this is not so. In fact, such a courageous woman simply wash off the beneficial bacteria than change the vaginal flora. A single procedure to be ill then candidiasis. Therefore, without an appointment your doctor can not do douching, baths and other manipulation of the body.

 from what appears thrush in women

Who is at risk factor

In fact, thrush can appear at any of the fair sex, regardless of age, status and place of residence. But more often, the disease is found in pregnant women (because of hormonal failure) have suffered stress or mental shock, lovers of self, ladies taking OK.

You find yourself at risk if you plan to move to another location. For example, you live in a clean city with a dry climate and plan to relax in Thailand, where high humidity, more food, etc. In this case, the first day of try to eat less "exotic" dishes are not to go on a trip on the water. On acclimatization may take from 1 to 3 days, consider this.

How does thrush

Candidiasis distinguish from other diseases can be, but do not rely only on their own experience. It may be genital herpes, gonorrhea, etc. by the list. In the initial stages the symptoms are similar. So always, that ye be not troubled, contact a specialist. And only on the basis of analysis and examination can make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

So, you may have thrush if the sex organs begin to not just itch and burn. However, this symptom is always enhanced by nightfall. After a warm shower, you may be temporarily better, but half an hour later all again repeated. If you take a hot bath, you will immediately become very bad. Remember: warm mushrooms Candida multiplies rapidly. When urinating felt a strong burning and pain when the urine hits the mucosa. In menstruating ladies are so bad that they are willing to run to the bathroom to wash every five minutes.

Genitals thrush are bright red, severe inflammation, and mucous begins to ache and tingle. Because the vagina is allocated mushy curdled mass of white or yellowish color. However, a pronounced odor in this case absent.

Sex with thrush - it's the last thing I have had a representative of the fairer sex. Even the usually it touches the genitals and mucous bring incredible pain. What to say about the full intercourse with deep penetration.

 from what appears thrush in women

Treatment for thrush in the hospital

Now, you know, from what appears thrush, so in most cases be able to prevent the occurrence of unpleasant and quite dangerous disease. But what if you are faced with this problem? One answer - to go to the gynecologist for an examination.

If left untreated yeast infection, the consequences can be dire. Firstly, during pregnancy can infect her baby. And then you have to suffer for you and the newborn. Secondly, such negligence leads to defeat the bladder cervix. This infection will spread rapidly to other organs, which are close by. Plus, get rid of chronic yeast times more difficult.

During treatment, you will have to give up many pleasures, you will need to stick to a diet, avoid visiting places with a high temperature (saunas). But after taking the first medication and the use of special anti-fungal ointments to you on the second day will be easier. You will be able to work normally, without being distracted by the itching and pain in the genitals.

 From what appears thrush and what will happen if it is not treated?