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  • What is candidiasis: Highlights
  • How does Candida
  • What is candidiasis of the mouth
  • Intestinal Candidiasis: signs, symptoms and prevention
  • Thrush on the nipple: the dangerous disease
  • Candidiasis of the skin: what it is and how to fight it
  • Vaginal candidiasis: a serious women's issue

Thrush - is a serious disease, which, unfortunately, can appear at each of the fair sex. It does not matter what a woman is a way of life, how many times a day she runs into the shower and there is a constant partner. Candidiasis can be and the young virgin and an adult woman.

Manifested thrush each in different ways, but there are a number of common symptoms. If you find at least one of them, be sure to go to a therapist or gynecologist for an examination. The fact is that, for example, genital candidiasis and is similar to some other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. But even if the diagnosis is confirmed, though it is not necessary to self-medicate, because only a doctor can determine what type of mushrooms you (of which there are several kinds, and some may be resistant to certain drugs, and others - not).

What is candidiasis: Highlights

First of all, we should understand that yeast occurs because fungi of the genus Candida, which affects the mucous genitals. Please note: there are yeast-like fungi in the body of every person (on the skin, mouth, vagina and rectum), but in small quantities. Due to the special microflora, they do not reproduce and are not applicable. Usually candida appears after the fair sex than any serious pereboleet. Immunosuppression causes the fungi begin to grow very rapidly.

How does Candida

Candidiasis may be in the cavity and the skin and the nails and on the nipple, and genital. Symptoms of thrush, as you know, in each case will be different (depending on the affected area). General will only be itching, swelling, burning, soreness.

 symptoms of thrush

What is candidiasis of the mouth

To begin to find out why there was a candidiasis. The reason can be dentures (foreign body rejected by the body), the use of antibacterial drugs (inhalers, mouth fresheners), antibiotics and hormones. Often thrush occurs if a person received a burn mucous. In old age, the risk of the disease is much higher than in the young. Note: candidiasis often occurs when HIV.

Symptoms of thrush in this case will be the following: dry mucous, itching and burning, swelling, redness and white, curd-like patches on the tongue, palate, gums, etc. If time does not begin to treat disease, the fungus begins to spread to the tonsils, the esophagus, pharynx. This will occur incredible pain while drinking and eating.

Often two types of yeast infection: acute and chronic. In the first case there are cracks in the corners of the mouth, white islands on the mucosa. In the treatment of the disease takes an average of up to two weeks. If time does not see a doctor, you can buy already chronic candidiasis. This changes the color of the raid (on a light brown or dark yellow) appear perleches and cracks that are beginning to bleed. By the way, the chronic stage candidiasis is almost always accompanied by people affected by HIV.

To accurately diagnose, made oral scrapings from the affected areas, and then they are sent to microscopic examination. Also do the test, during which the set, which drugs the fungus is more sensitive. Identify other latent disease, and only then assigned to treatment.

How to prevent the disease? First, you need to follow the oral hygiene, time to brush your teeth, rinse your all alkaline solution. Secondly, is not keen on antibiotics. If you have treated such drugs, be sure to take antikandidoznye drugs. Third, sit on a low-carb diet. You also need to eat as many fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals, and juices.

Intestinal Candidiasis: signs, symptoms and prevention

In this case, not only affects the oral mucosa, but also esophagus, intestines. The reason - the deterioration of the microflora of the stomach. Affect the condition of the patient could, for example, mental problems (nerves, stress), poor diet, pregnancy, diabetes, antibiotics, hormonal failure, HIV and so on down the list.

If it is a non-invasive thrush, symptoms will be as follows: diarrhea (severe diarrhea or diarrhea with white cheesy patches), flatulence, bloating, severe cramps, discomfort or a squeezing pain in the navel. The patient always want to use the toilet, there is an incomplete emptying of the bowel.

With regard to invasive thrush, the situation is even worse. The fact that it appears only in the case if the person really serious problems with the immune system. Symptoms: stools with blood and mucous discharge, pain in the gut. To determine the disease need to pass tests (endoscopy done, Cal is taken for bacterial culture).

 correct symptoms of thrush

Thrush on the nipple: the dangerous disease

As surprising as it may sound, but the thrush can appear on the nipples lactating women. This occurs immediately after birth, when the body of the fair sex do not have time to recover. He is too weak to deal with such a serious load.

Often thrush nipple appears when during pregnancy the lady already had vaginal candidiasis, which are not treated. The woman could infect the baby while he was in her womb. As a result - infected child is a carrier of fungi genus Candida. Another factor that could provoke thrush - a systematic skin injury. It is important that the fair sex was able to take care of the nipples during breastfeeding.

Symptoms of yeast infection: skin around the nipple slightly blush, it appears roughness, erosion, cracks, which are visible on top whitish coating. After a while you can find small bubbles inside which you can see the muddy liquid. This woman feels discomfort, tingling, itching, burning, pain in the affected areas. After feeding displays only increase.

Get rid of the disease on their own can not be! You will need medical treatment with antifungal ointments and pills (to choose should not be, because it can affect the health of the child). If you find that the baby is also infected with thrush, the doctor will prescribe a suitable remedy for babies. In addition, the patient will have to initially stick to a strict diet.

Candidiasis of the skin: what it is and how to fight it

Thrush appears on the skin in a warm and humid microclimate, obese people in the folds, and if a person has to go a long time with a bandage or plaster. Often, this face in the spring and summer.

Please note: The symptoms of thrush occur in the event that a person is a long time in a stuffy and hot room, walking in tight clothes, do not take a shower often. Initially, the diseased body of the fair sex appear spots that develop into erosion. After some time begins to crack growths, sores inside the white curdled mass is seen. The affected areas sometimes have bubbles that can be very itchy.

To get rid of the problem, will not only take the medication and ensure hygiene. Observe a healthy lifestyle, eat right, to continue to never deal with candidiasis.

Vaginal candidiasis: a serious women's issue

Infected candidiasis of the fair sex would non-compliance with the elementary rules of hygiene (the fungus falls from the intestine into the vagina), and unprotected sex, with a weakened immune system, diabetes. The list is endless.

The main symptoms of candida (thrush) - is intense itching in the genital area, irritation, burning, vaginal pain. It may stand out from the crotch white or grayish-yellow curd. At first, the smell is not there, but a few days later, you may receive an unpleasant slightly sour flavor.

Get rid of this scourge is possible by means of modern antifungal agents (applied topically). Note: compresses, baths and steam baths in this case should not do. Only it will be worse! To self-medicate - a thankless task. You can distort the symptoms, temporarily suppress the symptoms, and after a month and a half thrush reappear. Only the affected area will be much more.

 How do you determine that you have thrush?

 anorexia nervosa


  • The causes of anorexia nervosa
  • Anorexia: symptoms and consequences
  • How to recognize anorexia nervosa
  • What is dangerous for a woman to anorexia
  • Clinical stage of anorexia nervosa
  • Diagnosis of anorexia nervosa and its treatment

Anorexia nervosa is a disease which is manifested in the conscious rejection of food. The main objective of the girls - weight loss. Against this background, the development of various degenerative changes in the body that lead to hormonal disruption.

So, to begin to understand that anorexia nervosa - a psychosomatic disorder. This disease requires specialized care. This disease is inextricably linked with bulimia nervosa, which is characterized by a constant feeling of hunger, encourage women to absorb very large amounts of food, followed by artificial induction of vomiting.

Most often this disease affects young girls seeking to lose weight significantly. And the young beauties want as quickly as possible to get rid of extra kilos, without making any effort. Much less frequently anorexia occurs in boys. And if time does not pay attention to the incipient changes, such experiments on his body may lead to tragic consequences. Until death. Therefore, it is important to know that anorexia is, its symptoms and the most common methods of treatment.

The causes of anorexia nervosa

  • Genetic predisposition

It was found that many mental illnesses are transmitted to us by inheritance. Unfortunately, anorexia is no exception. It usually manifests itself as a result of any emotional impact: stress, problems at work, problems with the family, etc.

  • Personal factors

If the ladies low self-esteem, problems with the opposition of the floor, there is a little extra weight, in this case the risk of anorexia is high enough. Worse, when family members do not support the woman and begin to mentally or physically abused her.

  • mass media

In fact, in the 21st century the problem is particularly acute anorexia. The fact that the media not only promote leanness, and imposes ladies dystrophy. And even one extra kilogram is perceived as a disease of modern society, from which to get rid of. Remember the movie "The Devil Wears Prada," where the main character all reproached its sixth resolution. In fact, she was a normal constitution. But in the fashion world that values ​​painfully thin ladies, it was hard.

 anorexia nervosa symptoms

Anorexia: symptoms and consequences

Initially, patients deliberately restrict themselves in food, and then it becomes a habit that is not so easy to get rid of. At some point, there is disruption in the body diseased the fair sex. Often in the early stages appears insatiable hunger that makes everything there. Typically, the use of food is not digestible, and subsequently there is vomiting. If it does not, some of the girls are trying to artificially clean the stomach from just eaten.

Despite the high prevalence, the causes of this disease have not been established definitively. It is proved that a big role in the emergence of anorexia plays excessive neatness, the desire to be first in everything, excessive attachment to the mother, etc.

If someone in your family stopped abruptly eat properly, continuously monitors the weight and experiencing for each kilogram, consult a psychologist. And do not ridicule to treat a lady. The disease poses a serious threat to human life, as it can lead to death. Gradually exhaustion, disrupted stomach, cardiovascular system. By the way, even unto death, patients are able-bodied and active. Therefore, the mobility of patients you should not confuse.

How to recognize anorexia nervosa

Usually, anorexia nervosa is caused Dismorphomania, that is a negative perception of their own body. Sick people consider themselves to be too fat, almost the most fat on this planet. This idea does not give them rest. They are struggling to lose weight, even if their body weight lower than normal. The idea gradually becomes obsessive. In addition, it reinforces taunts her friends, boys, friends. These comments are taken very painful, sometimes even before the panic.

Often, people with anorexia nervosa, as a child had any problems with completeness. However, while it does not bother them, even if he had to listen to the taunts of children. But in adolescence, these statements begin very sensitive. And when the fair sex reaches the age when she had to be the guy, but he is not to blame the lady begins her figure.

As a result, all the troubles of life are charged to the extra weight. This makes such people refuse to eat in order to achieve the ideal forms. However, they try to hide such behavior. Ladies by all means reduce the amount of food eaten, but do it imperceptibly. For example, a girl suffering from anorexia shift meal in a bowl neighbor in a bowl dog or cat, wash the toilet. By the way, a pet they lead to the same end. So they get rid of the food, at the same time justify this behavior of his love for your pet.

The fairer sex, anorexia nervosa, carefully study the table calorie meals. They know it almost by heart. All so-called harmful products exclude women from their diet. They eat only salads, low-fat dairy products. Meat, flour products and other high-calorie ingredients are not acceptable.

By the way, to lose weight quickly, these ladies are not only refuse food. These people actively start to exercise, take laxatives and diuretics, which can lead to indigestion, exhaustion. Starvation and dehydration - a double blow to our health.

Many people are mistaken when they think that a sick person to criticize other people's diet. The most interesting thing is that a typical feature of the anorexic is the desire to feed all the people around them. To do this, they are studying cookbooks, dishes from around the world, learn to cook a variety of dishes that do not eat.

For people with anorexia nervosa, is a problem as soon as your weight. He - like a red rag to a bull. Therefore, after a meal, if the ladies could not resist, they try to induce vomiting. They think that this method is very effective. In severe cases, women have resorted to a very strange and dangerous methods and techniques. It looks terrible when young beauties independently administered probe in the digestive tract (for "deep cleaning"). Such measures are taken to ensure that the stomach was nothing left. After all, the main task - to get rid of that would be absorbed, assimilated and cause weight gain.

What is dangerous for a woman to anorexia

Slimming the fair sex very quickly get rid of excess body weight. However, in spite of everything, the ladies are not satisfied with the result. Even if their weight falls below the accepted standard model, they are still trying to lose weight. Over time, it becomes pathological. As mentioned, all of this not only affects the nervous system, and internal organs.

The first responds intestine. Insufficient intake of food leads to its atrophy. Against the background of complete inactivity develops intestinal, which is manifested by constipation. Besides, if there were originally some gastrointestinal diseases, they become aggravated. This leads to additional weight loss. Gastritis, enteritis and colitis accompanied by pain, nausea, vomiting. Later, you may receive the plague, which sometimes develops into cancer.

Degenerative processes that occur throughout the body, leading to heart, kidney and liver failure. What is the patient's condition worsens dramatically, creating a real threat to life. Man should be hospitalized immediately, otherwise it may just die in a matter of seconds. At the hospital, the first thing appoint a dropper to normalize the metabolism and cope with dehydration. And only after a crisis has passed, begin proper treatment.

 anorexia nervosa treatment

Clinical stage of anorexia nervosa

During anorexia can be divided into three phases which are different from each other predominant symptoms. As soon as the specialist can determine which is the patient. Each has its own functional or organic manifestation. So isolated dismorfomanicheskuyu stage, anorectic, cachectic.

  • Dismorfomanicheskaya

Dismorfomanicheskaya stage is mainly manifested dissatisfaction with their own bodies, which leads to panic desire to lose weight. In the sick person becomes depressed mood, almost depressed. Any comment can cause tears, hysterics.

  • Anorectic

In the second stage begin to be changes in the patient's body. And as the level of psycho-emotional and physical. It was during this period begins a sharp weight loss, deterioration of health. By the way, the first signs of anorexia nervosa - an unnatural pallor, dark circles under the eyes.

Next come the following symptoms: disturbed cycle until the end of menstruation, there is a malfunction of the adrenal glands. This lady does not stop there, and try to eliminate from your diet all harmful (she thinks) foods. Sometimes women go on bread and water, and in the truest sense of the word.

  • Cachectic

There comes the third stage in about a year and a half. Due to the constant hunger, the grueling diets, physical activities woman loses about 50 percent of its weight. But even such "achievements" are not satisfied, patients think that a little bit more - and the ideal will be achieved.

In the third stage (cachectic) occur somatoendokrinnye violations and failure of internal organs. In such cases, a girl says "just skin and bones." If the fairer sex has brought himself to exhaustion, without the help of doctors in this case is not enough. Unfortunately, mortality at this stage rather high. It is rarely possible to save the patient. But even if a woman survives, it will be pretty hard to continue to eat normally, to work. After all, virtually all organs or cease to function or operate a third.

Diagnosis of anorexia nervosa and its treatment

Actually diagnosis of anorexia nervosa no difficulty to even the initial stages. It is based on a careful analysis of symptoms, patient examination, an interview with a psychologist. The main thing - time to notice the manifestation of the problem and see a doctor for help. This should be done urgently, if the weight of the girls has fallen sharply and is 15 percent less than normal. When losing weight person ceases to use any food and after eating causes vomiting. If a woman can not adequately perceive your body. And when there are major changes: the dream is broken, there are frequent mood swings, sexual attraction disappears, etc.

In advanced cases, will have to undergo a comprehensive examination. At the same time, and will need to do ultrasound of internal organs to diagnose changes in these. Often, anorexia of the fair sex can not even eat properly - give the body simply ceases to perceive food. Even drunk water leads to vomiting. In this case, it has gradually introduced into the diet of small amounts of liquid dishes, ranging anywhere from a teaspoon of broth.

We should not engage in self, forcing the patient to eat. As soon as the specialist will be able to deal with how to persuade a girl to review your diet. In most cases, this behavior only harm caused by internal protest losing weight women.

In the first stage of the disease the treatment is performed in an outpatient setting. Ie the patient is under observation, psychologist and visiting other doctors, but spends the night at home. However, on the second and third stages, when there is a violation of the banal and the depletion of the bodies shown only inpatient treatment.

In this case, we recommend that the therapy and correction of violations of somatoendokrinnoy function. Appointed by the cardiovascular, metabolic, and vitamins that enhance overall body of the sick person. Well-proven carnitine, which helps manage the many bodies with degenerative changes.

A large role in the treatment given to the normalization of supply. It must be balanced for protein, fat, carbohydrates, macro- and microelements. Food should be taken 6-7 times a day, as more frequent dosing may cause spastic pain. Plus, it will not contribute to the normal absorption of nutrients.

What usually ends with anorexia nervosa? There are three options. The first - the girl recovers fully, begins to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and once a quarter visited a specialist. The other two - are less optimistic. Either the woman breaks down again, he stops and continues to eat to lose weight, or it is not treated at all, and her condition is getting worse. In both cases, I expect the worst - death.

Therefore, all women to attend the dietitians recommend losing weight. Specialists will help calculate the extra weight (if any), as well as to develop a safe way to deal with the problem. Plus, they will control and watch over you. And if something goes wrong, it is immediately detected. Even the most minor symptoms will not go unheeded. With self-weight loss you can hardly understand if there is a problem.

 Anorexia nervosa: how to recognize the problem