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  • The symptoms of boils
  • Causes of boils
  • Treatment for boils
  • Prevention and boils forecast

Boils - a rather frequent phenomenon, which may face in life, everyone. Repeated and multiple lesions in medicine classified as abrasions. This in itself is considered to be the occurrence of boils skin disease in which inflamed hair follicle (sac) then sebaceous glands, followed by coverage of the surrounding tissue.

The disease is characterized as acute within and chronic. Treatment of chronic forms longer. They are characterized by localization is on the hairy parts of the body, as in the inflammatory process involved is the hair bulb, so the boil on the ass - not uncommon. He often appears on the neck, face, into the external auditory apparatus on the back, forearm, underarm, or may be disseminated form (depending on the stage of the disease and the beginning of treatment). Chronic forms can be completely cured, but only with the right approach.
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The symptoms of boils

In the initial stage of the skin appears sickly seal which has a reddish color, then it increases in size, towering over the skin, itching may be present weak. Then the pain intensified, and in this stage it is said that began to ripen the boil. The general state of health is deteriorating while: there is a weakness, loss of appetite, body temperature rises and can be from low grade to high. It may also increase the lymph nodes.

After a few days on the surface of the seal can be seen yellow-white content - pus. It looks like a node abscess. Typically furuncle it opened independently, but sometimes it is impossible to cure without surgical intervention, since this disease is formed a pin which can penetrate deep into the tissue. After its opening, at which allocated abundant pus mixed with blood, the pain subsided a little, the body temperature drops, but redness remains. In place of the opening is a deep groove that unless treatment is started, long heals.

 boil treatment folk remedies
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Causes of boils

Because abrasions can not occur without concomitant bacterial infection, its causes are obvious - it aureus. Usually, it is revealed in the fence for laboratory research, the infiltration of which revealed the site. The disease may start from hypothermia. Failure to comply with hygiene infection can get into the invisible cracks or abrasions on the skin, which later becomes the cause of boils.

It is considered that generally furunculosis susceptible people with weakened immune systems.

Also it can not proceed as an independent disease, but as a companion. Treatment of this difference. For example, diabetes, HIV, anemia, endocrine diseases, hypovitaminosis and metabolic disorders very often this disease. Again, the reasons must be sought throughout the body. Often it susceptible people who abuse alcohol, are often faced with stressful situations, as this reduces the body's defenses. Therefore, if the underlying disease is present, the treatment of furunculosis should be carried out comprehensively. How to treat it?

 boil surgically treated
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Treatment for boils

Note that you can cure the boil yourself, if there is no suspicion that he has emerged as a concomitant disease or its location is not on the face. The head - an important part of the body, since it is the human brain, which is complicated, important and not fully studied organ, and any inflammation, and especially purulent, fraught with serious consequences. Curing in this case a doctor need only.

Of course, if the pope formed a boil, then it can be cured by conventional antibacterial ointments or folk remedies. That is the location, course and causes of the disease depends on the treatment, which may be local and complex. It is important to know that self open, for example, a needle, festering sore in any case impossible.

Local treatment implies a superimposition of antiseptic ointment dressings. Very good helps Vishnevsky ointment or salve ihtiolovaya. Beneficial effects are dry and warm compresses to accelerate the ripening process and thereby contribute to the opening of the boil. Supercool when treatment is started, you can not. From folk remedies to prove itself a great plant, as Aloe. Its sheet necessary to crush, and then applied to the affected area several times a day. If the boil formed on the buttocks, it can be cured by applying a swab on the ass of a dandelion or nettle broth. Broth can be taken inside.

If abrasions - not the underlying disease, and is accompanied by other, more serious, it is necessary to simultaneously treat both the disease. This treatment is called complex. Typically prescribed drugs that stimulate the immune system, tonic, vitamin complexes, and anti-bacterial drugs. Only local methods to cure boils impossible. If affected vast areas of the body, or it could not be cured by conservative methods, surgical treatment, in which the doctor reveals abscesses. It should be noted that the penetration of pus into other areas of the body can trigger the formation of new nodes, so moist dressings is strictly prohibited.
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Prevention and boils forecast

Cure abrasions, of course, you can, even if it is moved into a chronic form, but not to deal with this problem, it is necessary to observe hygiene. There are a number of occupations in which skin contamination is inevitable, and therefore it is necessary as much as possible to take a shower and wash your hands. Abrasions and other injuries should be treated with antiseptics. The diet must include fruits and vegetables. In cold weather, you need to be sure to dress warmly. Physical exercise helps to strengthen immunity.

Subject to the simple rules the person is less likely to encounter this disease. The forecast, if treated correctly abrasions favorable. Therefore pull with the treatment should not be, and it is always better to contact a specialist, then cure it will not be difficult.

 Causes of boils in intimate places

 papilloma in intimate places


  • What are the symptoms of the appearance of warts?
  • How to cure papilloma?

Papilloma on intimate places - it is a common viral infection (HPV), which is not familiar to many ponaslyshke.Papilloma above the surface of the surrounding tissue in the form of a benign tumor. It delivers aesthetic discomfort for both men and women.

Burning, and even copious bleeding after intercourse - is the emergence of obvious symptoms of papillomavirus in intimate places (labia, vagina, cervix and perineum). The disease adversely affects the quality of sexual life, and leads to psycho-emotional disorders. Ignore this new formation is not necessary, because the papilloma may lead to cancer of the cervix in the fair sex.

 treatment of warts

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What are the symptoms of the appearance of warts?

Causes of warts are identical to all sexually transmitted diseases.

The most common cause is promiscuous. After a single sexual intercourse with a person infected patients is almost impossible, and frequent sexual intercourse with an infected person - a 100% guarantee that you will catch the virus. Once the virus enters the body of a healthy person, it provokes a rapid division and growth of cells in the skin (in intimate places). After some time, you can notice a small build-up to the naked eye in a simple survey.

The wet laundry can maintain papillomavirus long time, it should be taken into account if you have a family there is an infected person. To use a common towel in the bathroom is strictly prohibited. For the same reason you can not use washcloths, both at home and in public places: baths, saunas. The probability that a bath before you visited an infected person, always high. To avoid possible contamination, using personal hygiene items and bedding.

The risk of infection is particularly high papilloma in people who have recently suffered infections (genital herpes, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and others.). Stress, low immune system against the backdrop of frequent pregnancies, hormonal disruptions and regular oral contraceptives - also common causes that increase the risk of infection papilloma.

 Laser removal of papillomas
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How to cure papilloma?

If you have not saved the rules of personal hygiene and it so happened that the virus got into the body and manifest in intimate places, you should immediately seek specialized help. Self-treatment - no way out of this situation. Practice shows that sexually transmitted diseases are similar to each other, and it is possible that you confuse it with any other disease, and as a result, choose the wrong decision to fight tumors.

In the area of ​​the cervix and vagina can not be detected by simple inspection of the virus. But you can feel the itching and burning. In this case, you want to visit the gynecologist, which should be carried out every six months or a year (even if there are no signs of the virus) for prevention.

Today, medicine offers a new way to remove warts in the private parts - laser removal. This treatment can be carried out only in the acute stage. Papillomas can be removed, and the depth of its location is not as important. The advantage of this method is the absence of scarring after the procedure, and if there is bleeding during the operation, it can be stopped immediately. The drawbacks of the method have not, except in cases when the hurt healthy tissue, in this case, treatment after surgery and the healing process may be slightly delayed.

Another method of dealing with the virus - cryotherapy. Treatment by this method offer many beauty salons and medical institutions. Using liquid nitrogen to produce visible areas of the skin papilloma moxibustion. In the vagina and the cervix to cauterize the tumor is simply not possible.

Special radiowave device can also remove trace papilloma. Waves affecting papilloma not affect the surrounding tissue, so after the healing procedure usually lasts no more than 2 to 3 days. Radio interference This eliminates the re-development and the appearance of papillomas.

Species papillomas very much, and if less severe cases, you can get rid of tumors via infusion celandine regularly lubricating the affected area of ​​the skin, in other cases, you may need surgery.

After removing the warts you need to guard against recurrence. It would be good to consult with an immunologist, who will prescribe a course of immunomodulators.

Remember, sexually transmitted diseases are not "in itself". Viruses of this kind significantly worse ordinary flu. And if the flu can be treated at home, without the intervention of professionals, the treatment of papilloma requires a special approach, you can not hold yourself. Skilled care more quickly will help you get rid of the disease and to prevent its recurrence in the future. Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases can not be put off until tomorrow, when the first symptoms consult a specialist! & lt;

 Causes and treatment of papilloma