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  • Diseases that can cause acne pubic
  • How to quickly get rid of acne pubic

Acne pubic may be a sign of quite nasty diseases that can be transmitted sexually. Of course, any rashes on the genitals - a reason for seeking medical attention. The doctor will examine the rashes visual and direct the delivery of the necessary tests to make a diagnosis as quickly as possible and prescribe treatment.

It is worth noting that the festering rashes in the groin area may indicate a virus or sexually transmitted diseases.
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Diseases that can cause acne pubic

Pubic lice. It is very unpleasant disease, which provokes pubic lice. Even if you are 100% sure that you do not have pubic lice, it is best to be checked, since they are very easy to catch, without necessarily sexually. The incubation period is long enough - one month after the introduction of this place begins lice strongly scratched because of irritation occurs, there are big spots in the groin area. The main symptom of head lice is severe itching.

Genital herpes. To date, the disease occurs in one in three people. Herpes is transmitted through sexual contact. Chance ill increases considerably if one of the partners on the lips of a "bubble cold." After 3-10 days after infection affected pubis, it appears small spots, filled with a clear liquid, which causes burning and itching in the groin area. Rarely appear in the lower back aching, nagging pain or discomfort.

Acne, which appeared due to the herpes virus, are filled with liquid and eventually begin to burst. At the site of acne are sores that heal without leaving any traces. If a person at least once in their lives had been ill with herpes, the virus remains in the body for life, so there may be relapses. Relapse is totally dependent on human immunity. They can provoke respiratory diseases, pregnancy, hypothermia, or even ordinary stress.

Molluscum contagiosum. The disease is contagious, it is caused by a poxvirus. In order for a person infected with the disease should occur Skin Contact already ailing person.

The incubation period - 2 months. During the incubation period, pubic pimples and women and on the outer labia. A typical feature that distinguishes these from the usual spots - dense papule having a shiny surface and pink. She did unpainful, and if it a little push, instead of pus will be allocated curdled mass.

If pimples in the groin was not caused by a virus, they will be painful and filled with yellow pus. Causes of acne can be very different from poor hygiene and improper complications after depilation to hormonal imbalance.

 Acne treatment with hydrogen peroxide
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How to quickly get rid of acne pubic

If pimples were caused by molluscum contagiosum, genital herpes or head lice, you will need specific treatment, which must appoint a physician. Do not try to remove pimples pubic yourself, as this could lead to even worse consequences.

If this is acne vulgaris, it is in any case impossible to squeeze them. The pubic area is very sensitive subcutaneous fat, and when you try to get rid of the inflammation using extrusion possible very rapid spread of the infection and getting complications that can even lead to death. In some cases, after squeezing ordinary pimple is formed abscess is an infection and blood.

In order to get rid of acne pubic hair, there are many very simple and accessible in every way.

  • Iodine lotions. With iodine can cause acne mature faster, moreover, it is well sanitizes skin. Apply iodine needed locally. For this purpose, perfect, special Lekker - markers, which are filled with iodine. They can be purchased in almost any drugstore.
  • Aloe plant. Clean the knife to cut a piece of aloe leaf pulp and apply it to the pimple. Aloe is best to fix with the help of "breathable" patch. This procedure is best done at night for 3 days. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and healing effect and dries pimples pubic.
  • Vishnevsky ointment. This ointment should be applied to the acne and shut this place a piece of gauze. This procedure is best done at night every day.
  • Levomekol. This cream can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is an anti-inflammatory, and it must be applied two times a day.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Since acne can also be combated through ordinary hydrogen peroxide. Acne and the area around them need to handle peroxide several times per day.

If acne pubic hair started to appear after hair removal, it is necessary to change the method of hair removal, and follow the hygiene during the procedure.

 Acne in the groin area: how to get rid of them?

 the causes of acne by the pope


  • Why there are pimples on the ass?
  • What's good for the ass?
  • What kinds of pimples on the ass?
  • How to get rid of pimples on the ass?

Do not think that the priest - not a very noticeable part of the body. It is not visible to you, but others may well be her "contemplate". Especially in the summer on the beach. What to do if you do not butt in perfect form? Especially, if there were pimples on the ass?

Cellulite, sagging, generic extensions, terrible acne - these are the problems faced by ordinary women pop throughout his life. If we take the age limit, it is possible to distribute these problems as follows: the first problem - acne, then - cellulite, and after - stretching and sagging.

Today let's talk about acne. How to remove pimples on the ass? Why are "chosen" is you? What is the cause of their appearance? What to do to cure this attack?

Acne - it is usually a problem of youth. Sometimes very early: the first spots on the pope appeared at the time when the baby is peeing in diapers. This disease is called diaper rash, and in most cases does not require serious medical intervention. Just bathe a baby in a decoction of chamomile, or succession of causal place and sprinkle baby powder. Sometimes pediatricians are advised to use a special cream on diaper dermatitis. And it all goes, it does not leave marks!

So, we found out that the problem is actually the trouble of both sexes. One joy that acne does not cover the entire surface of the buttocks "crust." There are only a few redness and micro-foci. Many of them, as a rule, does not happen.

However, with age, the problem of how to get rid of acne by the pope, becoming more serious. For pimples "insidious" and, if we were in a certain place, it would not want to get out of there. Even when they disappear, it is often left unsightly marks and redness. And this is a real problem for the creation of a normal sex life. And by the way, not only for women! Men are more often affected by the presence of unsightly red pimples on the buttocks. That too, you see, does not give much pleasure partner. The cause of acne in men - excessive sebaceous glands, rough clothes and a "penetration" hairs. Bring them also not very easy. Especially when many of them. The appearance of acne in men is hormonal in nature. In addition, the annoying sweat contributes to the disease.

 talcum powder to remove excess moisture
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Why there are pimples on the ass?

Causes of acne which were known. Any doctor will tell you that the problem of acne should be associated with the general psycho-physical condition of the person. What does mental state? If you do not wear your "ass" for a walk, do not walk "with her" on the sea in the summer, and instead sit all day "dead weight" in tight jeans and synthetic shorts have a computer, then a pimple on the ass necessarily arise. If your food at the same time - it is chips, Coke, greasy burgers, beer, the pimples on the ass and not avoided. As well as gastritis, colitis and other diseases of all sorts of unpleasant domestic.

Are the pundits who argue that the sick pancreas - this is nonsense, but if a pimple on the pope sprang, it is a serious problem! We hasten to assure you that no one else can really not be. Therefore, if the spots (not only on the "fifth point") - is your problem, better go to the doctor and explore your gastrointestinal tract. Why is that? Everything in the body is connected. Perhaps you need a diet that eliminates junk food for the skin. You can recommend dietary supplements, local agent or drug. Do not ignore the advice of your doctor.

Another problem contributing to the appearance of acne on the priest - a banal lack of air. Underwear made of natural fabrics is now "out of fashion". You know, it looks like "healthy underwear?" Cotton Panties unpainted semiadherent cut with very tight elastic bands do not and normal waist. Only natural fabrics such as cotton, cotton, etc., passed a sufficient amount of air to the skin on the pope to "breathe." And besides, between the fabric and the booty panties must pass a finger. Pass freely, but not squeeze! Regarding the "strings". This terrible clothes. Not only do they "rub anus" synthetic inserts, so still and allow the skin to rub against your ass jeans or tights (also harmful synthetics). This friction is not conducive to the health of your skin on the priest. As a consequence, there are spots. So if you really wear a thong, it was only in the summer and with a skirt.

Ladies known another problem - excessive moisture that occurs "out there" in the critical days. It should change pads more often and take a shower, wiping himself dry. Excessive humidity - the first "friend" of acne. Use powder and cream. With their help, acne can be "cured", ie to withdraw definitively.
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What's good for the ass?

As is known from advertising diapers, friends ass - cleanliness and dryness. As well as air baths. This means that the skin on the priest is very useful at all to go without panties. Of course, if this does not disturb the public order and in your apartment is not cold! In this regard, like the real fighters for healthy skin on popah, we recommend ... nudist beaches! Ultraviolet is very useful in fighting acne. Same - solarium. But swimming in a bathing suit, on the contrary, harmful. Especially in the pool where the water is "poisoned" with anything. If you go to a resort, be sure to take in a suitcase two pairs of swimsuits and change them after each swim. Remember the dry ass !!!

Why do I get acne, we understand. Let us now try to deal with how this attack cure.

 acne treatment in the sauna
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What kinds of pimples on the ass?

Pimples are acne, purulent, inflammatory. If a pimple jumped, I consider it in the mirror.

The most harmless and the most ugly - acne pimples. They have black spots on the foci. You can fight them with scrubs and masks. Good tool - cream. Cream containing biocorrector function, improves skin condition. Ask your beautician, what cream is most suited to your skin. Usually painless acne and the treatment of pass quickly. Good to regularly go to the sauna and take there with a whole "arsenal" of anti-acne masks, scrubs and medical cream. After a few visits to the sauna you will forget about the pimples on the ass (unless, of course, will observe hygiene).

Inflammatory acne - it is a signal of disease in the body. If they were, and each pimple is large and sore, it should be "alarmed". Accumulation of purulent foci or red pimples indicates that at this point "tragically died" lymphocytes to fight with an unknown infection. Acne may result from fungal diseases, so that if the red pimples did not pass and the centers are located, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist.

If the dermatologist did not reveal you serious infectious diseases, the fight against acne can continue to cosmetic methods. To do this, prepare the ointment and cream. Thus, the treatment would be much more efficient. Typically, these are large and painful pimples. And there are many. By the occurrence of painful pimples often cause colds, or banal mud. This problem should begin to heal from the "inside." If colds - frequent your problem, you should start doing the course of procedures that enhance the immune system, as well as general tempering procedures. It is smaller than sit and do exercises.

 Drying cream for the treatment of acne
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How to get rid of pimples on the ass?

Topical treatment of acne is reduced to their "drying" through cauterization alcohol solutions (tincture of calendula, the usual alcohol, tincture of oak bark). Subcutaneous fat layer affects the epidermis (skin), moisturizing it naturally. If there is any imbalance, the overheating or, alternatively, the supercooling often have red spots, which are then converted into acne. Conclusion: should maintain the natural balance of the skin. If he has broken acne, the body needs to be treated.

Salicylic ointment - the perfect remedy to combat acne. After its use does not leave marks. Another medicine - baziron. With regular use, it is able to save you from the problem of acne once and for all.

Remember that all medications should be applied only ochazhok disease, but not the entire surface of the skin.   Otherwise it will appear excessive dryness of the skin, which is also bad. So long pimples do not pass.

Use moisturizer for the skin. However, in the process of applying the "bypass" centers of acne inflicting on them, on the other hand, dries ointment or cream. Especially if the sore spot! Be sure to let the ointment absorb, and only then wear underwear.

Pot - a bad companion for the skin of your priests. Eli, you go to the gym, be sure to visit shower and then spend all of the procedures that are described were higher. In time treat colds. Smear inflammation. Treatment - an important condition for health. Otherwise, acne marks remain.

Now that you know how to remove acne on the pope. It is a snap. Skin health - in your hands.

 Why are pimples on the buttocks, and how to fight it?