wen on the causes of the labia


  • The causes lipomas
  • Physiology wen and their types
  • Prevention and treatment of Wen

A responsible attitude to their own health is considered an integral part of human culture. Especially in recent years "younger" gynecological diseases: even young nulliparous women can easily find at abnormality, quite common among them are the seals in the area of ​​the genitals - talc.
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The causes lipomas

Many women do not particularly worry when the doctor reveals that they have genital talc, considering them a cosmetic problem. But this approach is absolutely unacceptable, because wen can increase in size, affecting the internal genitals.

The fact is that in nature lipoma - a benign (called cysts), the cause of which is often a blockage of the sebaceous glands. If you have a predisposition to oily skin and acne, the probability of getting this trouble in the labia increases dramatically. In addition, it does not trust the diagnosis girlfriends or acquaintances who allegedly has successfully overcome a similar problem.

During harmless wen may be hiding even a malignant tumor, a gynecologist, and only by means of special analyzes can decide on treatment.

If you still wen "normal", it is important to make every effort to avoid being hit by the infection, because in this case the treatment is complicated by the presence of festering and heat. In addition to problems with the subcutaneous fat cells, cause lipomas can also be a failure in the hormonal system, heredity or poor environment. But often, all the reasons are merged, and a woman a sense of shame and discomfort, postponing a visit to the gynecologist.

 to consult a gynecologist
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Physiology wen and their types

The most common reason leading to the appearance of genital lipomas is still hormonal imbalance, so the most vulnerable women after 35 years. So, the first step that should be taken - a visit to the doctor.

Experienced gynecologist will conduct all the necessary tests to determine, first of all, what kind of trouble as you dare to visit. Wen come in several forms:

  • fibrolipoma (talc consisting of a large number of connective tissue);
  • miolipomy (in which, besides fat, are muscle fibers);
  • fibromiolipomy (wen, combining the two previous species);
  • angiolipoma (characterized by a large number of blood vessels);
  • osteolipomy (are composed of bone tissue);
  • petrifitsirovannye lipomas (such talc composed of calcareous salts).

Externally, the untrained eye it is very difficult to distinguish one from another wen, because they are similar in appearance: round seals are under the skin, located at different depths. If wen observed almost on the surface of the skin, you can see that it is white, and with a deep location is impossible. There neoplasm regardless of the skin, ie the skin moves as though on the surface of lipoma, as wen held a particular place on a sexual lip.

Exceptions are "young" talc. They are quite mobile, and therefore more prone to mechanical damage, especially on the genitals, through, for example, underwear, and even infection. In any case, the gynecologist sends the material for histological examination, to avoid serious problems.

 biopsy for analysis
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Prevention and treatment of Wen

Let's start with the treatment yet, because women are rarely interested in the problem until you find something like this in their labia. Chronic lipoma virtually all cases subject to surgical intervention, especially if they are inflamed, fester or you are trying to get rid of the problem.

Most often, the surgeon uses the method of excision of lipomas in the labia when the capsule is completely removed the tumor and tissue damage around her. For several days, we recommend additional treatment with antibiotics.

Small "calm" as talc removed endoscopically or by liposuction. It also includes innovative methods of laser and radio-wave methods. Advantages of the latter two consist in the fact that they do not require prolonged anesthesia, infection and eliminate the appearance of scars and scars on the labia. A normal sexual life the patient may return after a few days if you follow all the doctor's recommendations.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of Wen also practiced and is quite effective. For this purpose, the leaves mother and stepmother, who are attached to the affected areas of the skin, but such procedures are relatively difficult to carry out in the labia. You can wash or do lotions of decoction of burdock root. The most conservative methods are methods using chopped roasted onion or garlic with vegetable oil. But let me repeat: in no way avoid consulting a doctor, because the affected wen often become infected, which only compounds the problem.

Women who once faced a similar problem, of course, are interested in the question of how to avoid it in the future. The basis of any prevention is primarily hygiene genitals. To wash twice daily soap. If you have oily skin, and talc appear not only on the genitals, it is recommended to adjust the diet, the deletion of the fat and carbohydrate foods. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables, cereals.

And another tip for those with talc still continue to appear: visit an endocrinologist, as malfunction of the thyroid gland are the cause of lipomas, difficult to treat. Frequently inspect your labia and in case of seals immediately contact a gynecologist.

 Getting rid of lipomas in the labia

 causes of genital herpes


  • What is genital herpes genital lips?
  • Ways of infection: the virus is transmitted herpes
  • Symptoms of genital herpes: how the disease manifests itself?
  • Diagnosis: how to diagnose genital herpes?
  • What can provoke an aggravation of genital herpes?
  • The effects of herpes why it is important to timely treatment
  • Treatment of herpes: how to deal with the disease
  • Prevention: how to avoid infection and relapse?

Many have heard about herpes genital lips. Some have faced this problem personally. The following is written in detail on how to identify the disease and how it should be treated.
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What is genital herpes genital lips?

Herpes, which is localized on the labia and other genital mutilation of women, called genital. What is it like? It is a virus that enters the body and remains there forever. That is to say the disease is not eliminated entirely, but only muted. Dangerous to call it impossible, but, for example, if the herpes struck a pregnant woman, it can adversely affect the fetus (fetal malformations often occur and pathology, known cases of fetal death).

In addition, if the disease is in the acute stage, when natural childbirth is a risk of infection of the newborn. But for the girls in a normal state, it is important time to begin treatment of the virus. The disease usually affects the external genitalia (vagina, perineum, labia). But in the absence of the necessary measures to address the outbreak of the disease may begin and spread to the uterus, which can lead to serious consequences (such as sterility).

 the cause of genital herpes can serve as unprotected sex

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Ways of infection: the virus is transmitted herpes

Genital herpes is sexually transmitted. But the virus can penetrate not only during normal vaginal sexual intercourse, but also anal and even oral.

Moreover, even if the partner has no obvious symptoms of herpes, it is not to say that the infection is impossible. By the way, if a man is sick, then the likelihood that his partner will also be a carrier of the disease, is 18-20%. When used for contraceptive, particularly condoms, the risk is reduced by 2-3 times. So if you search for the cause of herpes, it can be called the most important and widespread among them - promiscuous and unprotected intimate relations.
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Symptoms of genital herpes: how the disease manifests itself?

So how do you manifest genital herpes in women? The incubation period of the virus is from about 2 to 20 days. This means that since the penetration of the virus into the body before the first symptoms of the disease may take a few days or 2-3 weeks - it all depends on the characteristics of the immune system (if it works well, it will attempt to deal with "outsiders" for longer ). Below are the main symptoms of this unpleasant disease.

  1. First, there are redness and itching of the external genitalia (specifically, the labia).
  2. Then begin to appear some bubbles. They are filled with fluid and look like small balls.
  3. Bubbles may itch or even hurt, their appearance in the skin will be red.
  4. About a week later the balls burst of them is liquid. Then they dry up, there are brown, soon just fall off.
  5. Lymph nodes (groin) are increasing.
  6. Can raise body temperature.
  7. Often felt aches throughout the body, weakness, muscle pain. There is a general deterioration.
  8. All these symptoms can last about 1-2 weeks, then pass without leaving a trace.

All of the above symptoms usually occur in the acute stage. That is, the symptoms observed during the initial virus enters the body and then in periods of relapse.

 one sign of genital herpes is gubov fever

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Diagnosis: how to diagnose genital herpes?

As a physician determines that it is dealing with genital herpes, and not with some other venereal disease? After all the bubbles on the genitals can occur and other similar ailments. Of course, experienced venereal diseases can up to 90% of said case may be.

But he has to take a scraping from a rash on the analysis during which such material is placed in a particular environment, thereby starts to reproduce the virus. Moreover, herpes may leave traces in the DNA, so that such an analysis can be assigned. Once in the laboratory will investigate your blood content therein of antibodies to the virus. But only all these methods together will determine exactly what is present in the body herpes.

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What can provoke an aggravation of genital herpes?

As already noted, the herpes virus enters the body only once and remains there permanently. But this does not mean that it is not necessary to treat. It should be noted that treatment only addresses the symptoms and, as it muffles eliminates herpes activity. For a while, it will be "sleeping" and will have an effect. There are people who are infected by genital herpes, then forget about it almost all my life. Some also suffer from recurrences several times a year. But what causes exacerbations why herpes "wakes up"? Here are the main factors.

  1. Overwork. If the body periodically experiences heavy loads, then at some point it will not be enough force to restrain the activity of the virus. And then it escalates herpes.
  2. Stress. They are also for the hard work of the body. It is known that many diseases arise because of nerves. And herpes (or rather its relapse) is no exception.
  3. Injury. It is clear that any injury or damage are stressful to the body. All the forces he has to be sent to the healing, and at this time the herpes virus just activated.
  4. Overheating or hypothermia. These factors may also trigger a relapse of the disease, because the body and the immune system can work properly only in the optimal temperature range for humans.
  5. Avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis are often the trigger for the activation of the herpes virus.
  6. Hard diet and food restrictions. It is clear that for the normal functioning of the body must get enough nutrients. And if this does not happen, then the body's defenses are weakened considerably.
  7. Other infections. For example, it often happens that a person simply and soon noticed a genital herpes symptoms. Although most colds occur herpes around the mouth, but the labia may well become a place of its manifestation.

 Diagnosis of the disease by a doctor

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The effects of herpes why it is important to timely treatment

While herpes is considered harmless disease that occasionally reminds himself bubbles, yet treatment is necessary, because in the absence of complications can occur, which in some cases are very serious . It should list what you would expect from treacherous genital herpes.

  • If treatment is not available, then the symptoms can persist for a very long time. But bubbles on the labia - is not only ugly but also very uncomfortable. From this sexual life will suffer (so not everyone will want to see). And the intimate sphere is important for women's health.
  • If symptoms of herpes are localized near the urinary system, it may cause symptoms such as incontinence or urinary retention. Do you need it?
  • If you love your man, you probably do not want to hurt him. But if left untreated, the herpes will be active continuously, which means that the risk of infecting a sexual partner will be from 5-10% and above.
  • If untreated, genital herpes and the human immune system is greatly weakened, the virus may begin to spread throughout the body and even to reach the brain. This rarely happens, but cases of deaths due to herpes medicine known.
  • If a woman's body, along with the herpes virus, there is also a papilloma virus, this increases the risk of cervical cancer.
  • If symptoms of herpes is stored for too long, it can also affect the psychological condition of the woman. For example, it can begin a serious depression, frequent nervous breakdowns.

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Treatment of herpes: how to deal with the disease

Get rid of the virus from the body can not be forever, but if you take certain measures and carry out treatment in time in case of symptoms, it is possible to ensure that the disease will not really be felt. The person will live a normal life.

Since herpes - a virus, it is logical that to be effective anti-viral drugs. The most effective and widely used in the practice of the treatment of genital herpes are medications such as Famvir (Famatsiklovir) Zovirax (acyclovir), Valtrex (Valacyclovir) and penciclovir (Denavir). Any of these funds must appoint a doctor. It is important that the treatment was timely only if it is effective. So already at the first symptoms should see a doctor and start taking medication.

If relapses occur too often (sometimes literally every 2-3 months), the doctor who monitors the course of the disease, may appoint a supportive treatment, which will be a kind of prevention. May recommend some serious drugs that have some contraindications and side effects, so start taking them on their own without consulting an experienced professional is strongly recommended.

Often doctors prescribe so-called immunomodulators, ie products that support the immune system (Viferon, Grippferon and other interferon-based and similar components). But until now, their effectiveness is in the fight against herpes has not been proved. Although the purpose of preventing an action data and resources will be provided. But if misused, then the immune system just gets used to this kind of support, and at some point may refuse to work independently.

 testing for detection of herpes

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Prevention: how to avoid infection and relapse?

So, as you know, the best method of preventing a disease is prevention. It is divided into two categories: measures to prevent contamination and steps to help avoid relapses.

Let's start with prevention of infection. Here they are.

  • The first is a responsible approach to the choice of sexual partner and sex life. So, if a person is unfamiliar, it is worth when joining with him in sexual intercourse using a condom. And just in case one hundred percent sure that he is not a carrier of the virus, it is possible to abandon this means of contraception. By the way, from oral sex with strangers and untested partners also best avoided, as the risk of infection in this way is very large.
  • There are cases of infection through personal care items, such as through the towel. So it is essential to follow some simple rules: wash your hands often and have their personal hygiene.
  • If you have had contact with the sick man, and found out about it immediately after the connection with it, then you can try to take emergency measures. Thus, in order to use some of these drugs (Gerpferon, for example) to be treated place likely the virus is in the body for at least a few hours after contact.

And how can you avoid relapses?

  • Avoid overheating and overcooling. Dress for the weather.
  • Try not to expose yourself to stress, as they may provoke an exacerbation of herpes.
  • Observe proper sleep and rest. Get enough sleep and do not overdo it. Allow yourself to relax and rest after a hard day's work.
  • Watch for health: be careful not to catch a cold, and do not infect other infections. Avoid contact with sick people and visiting crowded places (especially during epidemics).
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, bad habits weaken the body's defenses.
  • Eat a varied, properly and fully. In the body through food should do everything you need. You can take additional vitamins (after consulting a doctor).
  • Keep your immune system: Tempered, spend more time outdoors.
  • Watch and psychological health. A positive attitude is important!
  • Talk to your doctor. He tells some preventative measures.

Finally, you can add that genital herpes - an unpleasant disease. And in vain people think that it is not dangerous, it is not. In the absence of proper treatment for the virus can be spread to all the organs, affecting them. So when the first symptoms contact a doctor! And if you are serious about your health, then follow the preventive measures in order not to be infected.

 Causes, symptoms and treatment of genital herpes