• The beauty of the women's smiles
  • "Insidious" labial herpes
  • Just do not crust!
  • English wisdom for female beauty smile

The beauty of the women's smiles

Smile - the key attraction of every woman. Smiling, you not only increase a hundredfold its charm, but also improve the mood of themselves and others, train facial muscles, strengthen your immune system and cope with stress.

The smile is more attractive than even the make-up applied by a professional! It is your business card, and a great help in communicating. Women can smile happily, mysteriously, invitingly, gentle, sexy.

Easy half-smile, a bit's revealing pearly teeth, or a broad smile carefree smile ... Women have always served as the inspiration for great writers, because before their irresistible charm. However, these "plenitelnits" are the enemies of human hearts.

"Insidious" labial herpes

Herpes labialis, or cold sores on the lips, perhaps the most "insidious" enemy of women's smiles, as he appears at the wrong time in the form of unpleasant itching bubbles. Herpes on the lips with ease can not only take away the charm of your smile, but also significantly spoil the mood.


Herpes on the lips can appear almost everyone, because this virus is in the cells of a significant number of people on Earth 1 .and Thus it can be in different cases on the lips to a week!

Just do not crust!

Herpes on the lips developing quite quickly and passes through several stages. It all starts with tingling at the site of the future accumulation of bubbles. After the itching and burning of the skin over the place of occurrence of the so-called "cold" red. It is at this stage, it is time to take action! But even if the time to think suddenly did not work, it should be remembered that the fight against herpes on the lips is never too late.

However, many people simply do not pay enough attention to the first symptoms, and herpes continues to evolve. Starting stage of inflammation, the bubbles grow and the liquid therein darkens. At the last stage of the bubbles burst and in their place are formed crust.

It would seem that the worst is over, but the crust is strictly not recommended to remove, because then at your charming lips can appear unpleasant reddish scars.

English wisdom for female beauty smile


How to preserve the "unbreakable" charm female smiles? There are a number of traditional methods to solve the problem of herpes. But the difficulty is that the herpes virus began to adapt to them 2 . This means that standard methods of medical treatment can not be as effective as before.

The key to the preservation of incendiary smile without herpes can become a drug of a new generation with a molecule Erazaban Docosanol, who came to us from England. Docosanol molecule, part of it, does not give the virus to penetrate the membrane of healthy cells in your body that could eventually lead to the destruction of the virus.


Erazaban It contributes to the rapid removal of the symptoms of herpes on the lips: itching, burning, soreness 3 . And if you start using the funds in the first or second day after the onset of symptoms, may help prevent the formation of scabs.


Smile more often - it makes you irresistible! To help maintain a flawless smile, try to use the drug with the active molecule Erazaban Docosanol.

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There are contraindications, you must read the instructions for use.

Registration certificate: LSR-007 705/10.

 Do not let herpes spoil smile!


Tingling. Burning sensation. Pain. So begins the morning with herpes on the lips, and in fact only yesterday there was nothing! Such a hurtful situation can happen to anyone of us. This is not surprising, because the virus can live in the nerve cells of almost every one of us 1 . Bursting into our lives and tearing all the plans, herpes can "misbehave on the lips" to the week!


With such a problem no one will sit idly by. Moreover, the methods of struggle with it from the time of occurrence of herpes invented a lot.
You can use folk remedies, such as fir oil, garlic, alcohol ... But as a rule, they are either too aggressive or not effective enough. Moxibustion, for example, has no effect on the herpes virus and its activity, but burn the damaged skin and mucosa in a way very easily. Needless aggravation of herpes on the lips treated with special antiviral drugs.
Modern "chemist" workarounds herpes mainly on the basis of acyclovir is also well known. First of all, because the herpes virus started to get used to them 2 . This means that over time, your treatment may become less effective.

 Assistance in solving the problem is the emergence of new herpes virus drugs to which the herpes virus has not had time to adapt. In Russia, this is a new generation of drugs with a molecule Docosanol Erazaban. This drug has come to us from the UK, known for its fog and rain, which is located to the manifestation of herpes. But back to the molecule itself Docosanol. It makes the cell membrane is impermeable to the virus causing herpes can not pass into the cell. The virus does not get the desired simply dies.

As a result, the drug promotes rapid 3   Withdrawal symptoms - itching, burning, soreness and makes cold sores less visible by reducing the portion of the defeat of the virus, and at the beginning of treatment in the first or second day of the disease prevents the formation of crusts.


Thus, a molecule Docosanol Erazaban - modern tool of a new generation for the treatment of age-old problem - herpes on the lips. It can help to quickly deal with its unpleasant symptoms, so you can maintain their flawless appearance!

Edelweiss, snowdrop, white iris - with these lovely messengers of spring compared a woman's skin soft. Now, no whims spring weather will not leave any stain on your beautiful face. After you have advanced protection against herpes - a molecule Docosanol Erazaban!

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There are contraindications, you must read the instructions for use.

Registration certificate: LSR-007 705/10.

 We treat herpes correctly

 causes the appearance of hemorrhoids after childbirth


  • The causes of female hemorrhoid
  • What are the signs and symptoms of the disease after giving birth?
  • Postpartum treatment of hemorrhoids
  • Therapeutic diets
  • Treatment of exercise
  • The principles of personal hygiene
  • Folk remedies treat hemorrhoids after childbirth
  • Summarizing

Women often suffer the appearance of hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Five out of ten women giving birth faced with the problem of hemorrhoids after childbirth. But, suffering from such disease, simultaneously caring for the child. Often, the symptoms of hemorrhoids during pregnancy itself does not appear. The manifestation takes place after their birth, birth is often the kind of trigger in the development of hemorrhoids. So what is it, hemorrhoids after childbirth, how to treat it, what are its causes and symptoms?

It is especially dangerous when the disease goes unnoticed or is asymptomatic. In the process of birth, when the baby passes through the birth canal, pelvic veins are under enormous pressure. As a result, some women begin external hemorrhoids after childbirth (went outside node).
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The causes of female hemorrhoid

During pregnancy, women often observed constipation. This is due to the increase in the uterus, which starts to draw in the pelvic organs. The result - the stagnation of feces in the intestine. It turns out that constipation is the main prerequisite for the formation of hemorrhoids. Violation of intestinal motility due to poor nutrition also affected the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, women often forget about physical activity, justifying their inactive lifestyle, and the severity of the sluggishness. Everyone knows there's no arguing that a sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise) is a prerequisite condition.

At birth vascular plexus anus experiencing a huge load. There is stagnation of venous blood vessels and squeezing. With such a huge pressure on the anus hemorrhoids can express themselves for the first time, and perhaps worsening undetectable currents already present disease. In such cases, immediately after birth there is an exacerbation of the disease.

 Hemorrhoid Treatment folk remedies
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What are the signs and symptoms of the disease after giving birth?

Symptomatic manifestation of hemorrhoids after giving birth is no different from symptoms in other cases. The signs (symptoms) of hemorrhoids:

  • the anus begins itching or burning;
  • discomfort or pain during the faeces, before and after these;
  • a feeling of heaviness in the intestine;
  • the presence of blood in the stool and linen;
  • pain in the sitting position;
  • swelling or edema;
  • mucous discharge from the anus.

Can hemorrhoids disappear itself? In 99% of cases the answer is no. We need as quickly as possible to begin to engage in the treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth. After a very unpleasant illness can seriously harm the health of mothers and prevent its complete restoration. But apart from that my mother must deal with child care.

Everything else, bleeding in the gut exacerbates anemia (iron deficiency), the field of labor. Mom begins to suffer from anemia, and experience a constant feeling of fatigue, which ultimately affects the breast milk. When anemia is too strong, the milk may disappear completely. For these reasons, the treatment of the disease in feeding is the most important task that a woman should decide together with your doctor. Otherwise, the disease can harm the child.
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Postpartum treatment of hemorrhoids

If you experience symptoms of the disease mother begins to wonder how and what properly treat hemorrhoids. The most important thing - immediately seek help from a proctologist.

He must conduct a survey and assign the necessary preparations. Self-medication is not recommended or contraindicated. Not all candles and ointments are suitable for use during lactation. All drugs must be non-toxic and safe as possible. A suitable treatment system can pick up a doctor.

At the beginning of treatment is required to be appointed by a cream and ointment, relieves swelling and relieve pain or itching. Symptomatic treatment can alleviate the symptoms of the disease. In addition, the doctor prescribes friendly tools that are designed to tone the walls of blood vessels, prevent blood stasis and relieves inflammation of the rectum.

 Therapeutic diets
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Therapeutic diets

In parallel with the treatment of hemorrhoids after delivery must be prepared to stick to a diet specialist. Without a change in eating habits treatment will not achieve the desired effect.

So what should be the diet of the patient? It is essential to daily diet to include foods that improve digestion and intestinal peristalsis, which would exclude the possibility of constipation and provide daily defecation without indigestion. Typically, such a diet includes foods rich in crude fiber, buckwheat and rice cereals, dairy products, vegetable oils, natural origin, bran.

The special features of this diet is the fact that it is required not only to maintain the intestine in a normal state, but an organic combination of feeding. After all products used in the food her mother, directly depends on the quality of milk and the baby's health.

The diet must contain dried apricots, prunes (dried), fresh fruits and vegetables. The most suitable fruit are apples and bananas. They contain a lot of fiber. To protect against constipation you need to drink not less than 1, 5 liters of water a day.

Smoked, salty, hot and spicy dishes have to be avoided. Their action is not only aggravate the disease, but also adversely affect the baby's digestion. Employed fish and meat should be lean. In addition, the possible need to give up sweet and baked foods, carbonated beverages, spices and all the legumes.
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Treatment of exercise

Thinking about how to get rid of postpartum hemorrhoids, few women will remember the preventive and curative physical culture, but it is special exercises will help to strengthen the abdominal wall, improving blood flow from hemorrhoids, vascular tone.

A simple and totally safe exercise program will help in the recovery of the body after the delivery and return of the vessels in the pelvic tone. In the course of pregnancy the uterus compresses the abdominal organs. And with the passage of time only increases the load of pregnancy, walls of blood vessels lose their elasticity and stretch, and after birth is necessary to come to normal. For this purpose and appointed by physiotherapy. Just 10-15 minutes of exercise greatly accelerate the healing process. Sitting at home is impossible. It should be more frequent and longer walks with the child. Walking is great help in the treatment.

 Medical treatment of hemorrhoids
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The principles of personal hygiene

The most important element in the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids after giving birth is a strict adherence to hygiene rules. After each trip to the toilet you must wash with water at room temperature. During treatment of the toilet paper is to give and use wet sanitary napkins. Visit baths, swimming pools and saunas is strictly prohibited. This will strengthen the process of inflammation.

To speed up the healing process can be shared with medication to take daily therapeutic baths. They are taken in a sitting position in the morning and evening for 5-10 minutes. Trays can be made from a decoction of chamomile, sage, oak bark, calendula.
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Folk remedies treat hemorrhoids after childbirth

  1. Take 100 grams. birch leaves in 2 liters of hot water. All this is infused for half an hour and is used for sitz baths.
  2. With constipation and hemorrhoids drink fresh juice onions. Take 4-5 times a day for 1 teaspoon for 10-15 minutes before eating. Treatment is carried out within a month.
  3. The rubber bulb is filled with 1 cup of weak solution of potassium permanganate. All that is introduced into the anus and hold for 1 minute. The treatment course is 1 week.
  4. Inflamed visible nodes daily at bedtime lubricate Menovazin. The course of treatment 2 weeks followed by a 2-week break. If the effect is negligible, the course is repeated.
  5. Cure hemorrhoids to help a glass of brine pickled kale, which is taken orally before meals 3-4 times a day. This tool is especially useful for constipation and severe bleeding.
  6. Take sitz baths of decoction of the bark of horse chestnut. Take 50 grams. dry crust and poured liter of boiling water. Give broth brew. Take up to 10 baths.
  7. Geranium leaves washed in running water, dried and lubricated with sunflower oil. Then rolled into a tube and inserted overnight in the anus. Treatment is carried out within 7 days.
  8. 1 teaspoon colors pharmacy chamomile pour boiling water in an amount of 400 g. We need to sit on a hot infusion, which is based on steam, covered up to the waist. Duration of the procedure is 15 minutes.

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For effective treatment of hemorrhoids requires quite a bit.

  1. Proper nutrition can help prevent constipation.
  2. Compliance with personal hygiene.
  3. Physical exercise.
  4. Try not to hurt the common cold.
  5. Promptly seek medical attention.

Compliance with all of these simple rules will help to forget about the disease and to enjoy motherhood without pain and discomfort.

 Treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth