determining ovulation


  • Temperature increase
  • Signs of Ovulation - the changing nature of vaginal discharge
  • Drawing pain and increased libido
  • The position of the cervix

Ovulation - a certain stage of the menstrual cycle in women, which is characterized by rupture of the mature follicle in the ovary. The fallopian tube is supplied ready to fertilize the egg. If ovulation has occurred, then it is necessary to know every woman, for this there is good reason. It should start with the fact that the onset of ovulation for a woman is the most favorable time to conceive a child. Statistics show that during this period, more than a third of sexual intercourse lead to pregnancy. It should be noted that this figure is very high. Monitoring for signs of ovulation in many respects, and for the sake of being.

Signs of ovulation may be different, and how to recognize it on time, every woman should know.

It should be noted that some women are closely monitoring the ovulation with the opposite purpose - not to conceive an unwanted child. Although this method protect against unwanted pregnancy and is an efficient, rely on it 100%, of course, not necessary - the reliability is not the highest.

In addition, a woman needs to closely monitor the ovulation because of its offensive suggests that menstrual cycles a woman goes well. To their health must be treated carefully and timely ovulation period in this regard is of great importance.

It should be noted that usually the period of a woman occurs every 21-35 days, its rhythm can change throughout life. So, after one abortion rate after childbirth - another before menopause - the third. Ovulatory process stops during pregnancy and when fading menstrual function.

In most cases ovulation starts 12-16 days before menstruation occurs, no matter how long the cycle continues. The question of how long is ovulation, is not quite correct, since we are talking about a single release of an egg from the follicle, it can occur at any time of the day.

Determination of ovulation is required not only because it is the most favorable time to conceive a desired child. It is also the fact that, if the man has some problems spermogrammoj (insufficient mobility spermatozodidov or a small number), it is desirable that the sex was about 2 days prior to ovulation, between 3 days before between the partners are not It should be no sexual relations. Then you can count on the fact that the sperm concentration increase and one of them will fall into the egg, and can hope for a prosperous pregnancy. How to identify ovulation so as to be assured that when it is necessary to take into account any circumstances be borne in mind?

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Temperature increase

The main features are as follows ovulation. It should also be noted that there is some objective evidence of ovulation in women that can help you with absolute certainty determine whether ovulation advancing or not. This includes laboratory and medical research tools, which are used by experts to determine the problem, the cause of infertility for example.

Laboratory and instrumental examinations are not necessary in order to determine at what time should come or already come ovulation. Which can be determined with high probability the other way. What are the signs of ovulation in women are the most common? We must start with changes in rectal temperature, in this regard, women are recommended every morning before getting up out of bed, before the onset of any physical activity, measuring temperature, regardless of their state of health. In order to navigate in the data, it is sufficient to measure the temperature accurately, strictly on time (if it will be used the same thermometer, then that's great).

If the temperature has risen in women, it is a sign of ovulation (of course, if a woman at this time is not observed any infectious-inflammatory process). The fact is that if a woman has a jump in temperature, this indicates an increase in the activity of progesterone. It provides relevant morphological restructuring of endometrium, if pregnancy occurs, then the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine endometrium goes well.

However, it should be noted that the temperature change in a woman can affect a variety of factors: the reception of various hormonal agents, alcohol consumption. If the high temperature is observed after ovulation within 2 weeks, and menstruation is absent, then it is a sure sign of pregnancy.

 the changing nature of vaginal discharge
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Signs of Ovulation - the changing nature of vaginal discharge

What other signs of ovulation is characterized? Which one is the most reliable? These characteristics include the changing nature of vaginal discharge. That is, a few days before the egg is released mucus becomes more abundant during this period of isolation on the viscosity and transparency resemble raw egg whites. This substance is characterized by the fact that male sperm is much easier to overcome the resistance of the vaginal environment, which is detrimental to them.

Once ovulation has passed, the amount of vaginal discharge is less abundant (they even may vanish), but if they are present, they become sticky and thick. It also happens that when ovulation, vaginal administration secret becomes bloody hue. Worry about it not worth it, because the presence of exudates such color is also one of the signs of ovulation in women.
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Drawing pain and increased libido

On what grounds can still determine ovulation? One of these signs is the offensive pulling pain in the abdomen, which occur usually in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Pain pulling character may appear in the lower back, in the breast, when such pain tolerance, then do not worry because it is the time of ovulation.

Many women at the equator of the menstrual cycle significantly increases libido, sexual desire becomes larger, but it is quite natural sign of ovulation. The fact is that during this period the blood is ejected a large amount of sex hormones that during ovulation is a very natural thing. Talk about what sign do not trust entirely correct, however, you should always consult with a physician, who by the way are critical days will be able to give the right advice.

 nagging pain
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The position of the cervix

What other sign of ovulation, every woman should know? This change in position of the cervix. The fact that it is the cervix can give the most accurate hints about when a woman is ready to conceive a child. However, in order to begin to feel its position, it will take several cycles. Check the position of the cervix is ​​best daily at the same time to learn what her situation is changing, and not whether every day in one place.

Before you check the condition of the cervix, it is necessary to wash your hands. Keep in mind that if the cervix is ​​low, fertile women are not ready, at this time it is different stiffness (reminiscent of the tip of the nose), yet it is characterized by dryness. If ovulation has occurred, the cervix is ​​open, high, has high humidity.

To test whether this occurred during or not, it can be used specifically designed for this test strip. They work like pregnancy tests if the strips 2, it means that this period began. You can still use the microscope for such purposes. In this case, the saliva should be put on a piece of glass and carefully examine it under a microscope - a certain pattern suggests nearing ovulation period or not.

 How to recognize the approach of ovulation?

 hormonal contraceptives


  • Method spermicides effects on the female body
  • How to use barrier products?
  • Trademarks nonhormonal drugs
  • Advantages and disadvantages of topical spermicides

Today it is no secret that the correct and timely use of contraceptives depends largely on the health of women and their future children. The choice of means of protection against unwanted pregnancy today is large enough. Many drugs in addition to its direct purpose are additional steps, such as protection against infections, the normalization of the cycle, the decision cosmetic skin problems and so on.

In addition to the hormonal contraceptive, known to our mothers were non-hormonal contraceptive pill - a drug of a new generation.

Such remedies are barrier (topical), and belong to a group of spermicides.

These birth control pills are designed for women who do not lead a regular sex life, or for some medical indications can not use oral contraceptives or intrauterine. Means of oral contraception have some side effects and contraindications that stop many women and forced them to seek new ways to protect against the effects of sexual intercourse.

Barrier protection in the form of non-hormonal drugs and tablets indicated for use in women of reproductive age in the following cases:

  • the presence of contraindications to the use of oral pills and intrauterine devices. (spermicides can be used in the presence of uterine fibroids);
  • while infrequent sexual intercourse as a means of protection from unnecessary cameo pregnancy;
  • after childbirth and during lactation, as the drug, like other contraceptives, misses the mother's milk;
  • during an early menopause;
  • Some time after the abortion;
  • when there was an unscheduled break in oral contraceptives;
  • as a preventive measure prescribed by the doctor to prevent the disease, sexually transmitted diseases.

 the selection of contraceptives

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Method spermicides effects on the female body

Although hormonal agents referred tablets, they are not applied within all other oral contraceptive agents. This topical preparations which are administered directly into the vagina, and available in the form of suppositories, creams, gels, pads.

Means of barrier contraception, which are considered contraceptives, knowingly got its name. The fact that the active chemical compounds contained in them, contribute to thickening of mucus in the cervix, which creates a barrier. On the walls of the vaginal mucosa appear film, which protects against the penetration of infection.

The composition of modern tablets from the group spermicides include nonoxynol surfactants or benzalkonium chloride. These components adversely affect the sperm flagellum gradually destroying the membrane, and then the male head of the cell. Thus, sperm, neutralized in just a few seconds, can not overcome the barrier of dense thickening of mucus and die.
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How to use barrier products?

From the ability to properly use barrier contraceptives depends on the degree of protection against unwanted pregnancy. The substance is administered vaginally (in the vagina) as far as possible in the supine position. The action of the active substance starts contraceptive 5-10 minutes after administration and lasted from 3 to 24 hours depending on the name of tablets.

We must remember that during the application of non-hormonal agents, that is, within 3-5 hours, it is impossible to carry out a deep bath douching and sexual organs. Water and soap can wash away the protective film and prevent the action of chemical protection against pregnancy. Toilet after intercourse is necessary, but without any water inside the female genital organs.

One tablet is able to act once only. If ejaculation is repeated several times, you will need to use the new means of packaging. The woman should take care in advance so treasured box with contraception was always at hand.

 different brands of contraceptive
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Trademarks nonhormonal drugs

Pharmatex - the most common and popular contraceptive preparation of local action. It is produced in the form of tablets, suppositories, tampons, creams and vaginal globules. In addition to the contraceptive effect of the drug to prevent infection with chlamydia, it is effective against Trichomonas, Candida, herpes, fungi and Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Before the direct application of the pill should be moistened with water. The term active tablets to 3 hours, vaginal suppositories - 4 hours, tampons - 24 hours. Cream farmateks takes effect immediately after the introduction of special device required dose m and establishes protection for 10 hours. Each subsequent sexual act requires the introduction of a new dose of contraceptives.

Ginekoteks in a manner similar to the effects of farmateks - Gen spermicides, has an antiseptic effect. Validity - 4 hours. Ginekoteks has contra-indications: inflammation of the vagina (colpitis), irritation of the uterus and vagina.

Patenteks Oval is available in the form of cylindrical white suppository (candles), which are suitable for women. The drug can be applied for a long time. Contraindications include abnormalities in the development of sexual organs, cervical erosion, and individual intolerance of components. If intercourse lasts more than 1 hour, you will need additional introduction of the next candle.

Kontseptrol made in the form of vaginal suppositories in packs of 10 pieces. This contraceptive has bactericidal activity. It can not be used by women suffering from erosion, salpingo, vaginitis, colpitis and abnormalities that prevent the introduction of suppositories. You may experience side effects such as burning and itching, dermatitis. Duration of the active ingredient nonoxynol - 6 hours.

Tratseptin refers to the number of effective contraceptive spermicides, which are non-hormonal methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy. As with other similar drugs tratseptin has disinfecting effect. Not applicable as obesity and cervical erosion. It may cause an unpleasant burning sensation or intense itching of the vagina, penis.

Pasta gramitsidinovaya keeps a list of names of chemicals contraceptive group. Unlike other tablets, suppositories and creams made based on the nonoxynol or benzalkonium, gramitsidinovoy active substance is an antibiotic gramicidin paste. It provides efficient bactericidal and spermicidal action. This tool is prescribed for women who suffer from inflammatory processes and diseases of the cervix and vagina.

The above are the names of the main representatives of the contraceptive group that belong to non-hormonal contraceptive local action. Among the variety of forms submitted by each lady will be able to choose for themselves the appropriate pill. To do this, you need to see a gynecologist, who will help you choose the best solution, because each drug has its own particular use and methods of influence. The decision in the selection of tools to individually contraception should only take a gynecologist.

 acceptance of contraception
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Advantages and disadvantages of topical spermicides

The undeniable advantages in the use of non-hormonal means of the new generation include the following:

  • It can be used without restriction in all age.
  • Have a minimum of contraindications and the almost complete absence of side effects.
  • Do not harm health.
  • No need to take pills every day.
  • Protects against infection.
  • A good solution for women leading an irregular sexual life.


  • It is important to use for 5-10 minutes prior to intercourse.
  • With each new intercourse necessary to the re-introduction of the tablet.
  • Water treatments have to be postponed for a certain period of time.
  • If you are hypersensitive may cause irritation of the vaginal walls.
  • At very frequent use is possible goiter (disturbance of the microflora) of the vagina.

Before using these drugs is better to consult a doctor.

 Non-hormonal contraceptive