causes of hemorrhoids


  • Stages of the disease and its symptoms
  • What causes hemorrhoids in women?
  • The treatment of hemorrhoids in women
  • What threatens the absence of treatment

To hurt no one likes. And it is quite logical statement. Moreover, one can even say that the essence of it lies almost on the surface. However, among all other diseases have a number of which are referred to as "inconvenient".

They are not accepted to speak. Sometimes with them even hesitate to go to the doctor, which significantly hinders the treatment and subsequent recovery.

For such "inconvenient" diseases include hemorrhoids. In fact, some people even to themselves is difficult to admit that they suffer from this awkward, unpleasant, but very serious illness. Today's topic will be considered the treatment of this disease in women. It will also provide information about some other aspects related to hemorrhoids in women.

 symptoms of hemorrhoids
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Stages of the disease and its symptoms

It is unlikely that the disease can be confused with any other, because so many things about him. But, as already mentioned, the disease is considered shameful, so in the early stages (when the problem can still be solved without pain and problems), many are not in a hurry to see a doctor. Meanwhile, precious time is, and the lack of timely treatment can lead to the emergence of the need for surgical intervention. Thus, the description will be presented with this ailment step, and then, what has the features of each.

The first stage is characterized by the fact that at the entrance of the anus, a small-sized lump. Gradually, it can grow in size. Thus whenever there is enough commission defecation discomfort. This may be itching, tingling, burning and other symptoms that are not related to the normal state. If we pay attention to the disease at this stage, it is very successful and virtually no casualties can be cured for 15-20 days. But, as practice shows, at this stage a doctor treats only 15-20% of patients.

The second stage of hemorrhoids delivers much more discomfort and extreme discomfort. Cone at the anus is greatly increased in size, while defecating, they may even appear to the outside, and then go back. Often the anus oozes blood and yellow liquid. The latter, incidentally, is a hell of an itch. The person becomes nervous because of the permanent and passing for a moment of discomfort in this area. It's time to see a doctor, so as not to bring everything to the third stage.

At the third stage of life becomes a living hell. Now hosts from the rectum fall out not only during defecation. This can happen at any time of the day and of life: when walking, running, heavy lifting and other manipulation. A woman can not sit comfortably, relief brings absolutely nothing. Already, the situation can become so neglected that it would require surgery.

In the fourth stage, all symptoms of early stage compounded repeatedly. There is not enough without surgery. However, until that time has long sane person should see a specialist and treat. By the way, is doing proctologist. It is to him and make an appointment.

 hemorrhoid treatment
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What causes hemorrhoids in women?

Preventing disease is always easier and easier, than to engage in a long and painful treatment. It spends much time and money and power.

Just for this reason it is to learn about who is at risk when it comes to the occurrence of such unpleasant disease. What triggers hemorrhoids?

One of the risk factors in women - a pregnancy. The fact is that constipation is a natural companion interesting position. In addition to this fruit quite noticeable pressure on the intestines women, which only exacerbates the situation. The best thing to do in this situation - is to carefully monitor the situation with constipation, so that they ultimately did not become something more. Attempts during childbirth in women, too, can become a risk of developing hemorrhoids.

Provoke the disease can and passion for unusual types of sex among girls, more precisely, to anal sex. This is due to the fact that in the anus (unlike the vagina) no lubrication. Because of this, there may be cracks, tears and other troubles. Therefore, often practicing this kind of "love", you need to carefully monitor their condition. Furthermore, the use of lubricant required. But it is better to leave this kind of entertainment for special occasions. Yet the nature of it was designed a little differently.

In addition, hemorrhoids may cause other factors: sedentary work and inactive, permanent lifting, power sports craze, genetic predisposition, poor diet, stress and some other reasons.

 Operating method for the treatment of hemorrhoids
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The treatment of hemorrhoids in women

The most common treatment of hemorrhoids does not require a hospital stay. It is enough to pass therapy in the clinic. Sometimes prescribed bed rest, the hospital issued to no treatment was interrupted.

To eliminate the disease A combination of drugs. These include ointments, gels, rectal suppositories. The most relevant data preparations for first and second stages, but may be prescribed, and at other stages. They relieve itching, irritation, reduce discomfort.

Additionally, the tablets are appointed from hemorrhoids. These can be added antibiotics and painkillers.

Another way to treat - is laser photocoagulation. Infrared radiation excels with the first and second stage of the disease.

Copes with hemorrhoidal sclerotherapy and phenomena. The drug is injected in the nodes, which greatly facilitates the disease and brings recovery. The method is also good in the early stages of the disease.

In more advanced cases, the only option may be surgery alone. During surgery, hemorrhoids removed.

Recently, however, there was an alternative to surgery. This procedure is known as minimally invasive therapy. Hemorrhoids are as special rings. After some time, the blood flow to them broken and they gradually fall off from the anus.

However, the conventional methods may be used and some traditional methods to actively treated. But it is necessary to understand that they must go hand in hand with the classical therapy. One only traditional methods can only run the course of the disease.

By popular methods of treatment include: treatment with leeches, baths from broth of onion or pepper water, baths with potassium permanganate, cotton balls with honey and butter, cream cones of ash, self-massage units and some other ways.
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What threatens the absence of treatment

Any disease can not ride, all you need to treat. This case is no exception. What can threaten the lack of treatment? Perhaps the following reasons for someone to become decisive.

The first dangerous hemorrhage arising from hemorrhoids. Any bleeding dangerous to humans. Of course, they are not so large, but, nevertheless, can lead to decreased blood hemoglobin. And it is fraught with anemia and other problems. Lack of iron in the blood of a negative impact on the whole organism. In addition, there is lethargy, constant sleepiness, strong fatigue.

Another dangerous consequence - it is death of tissue. Thrombophlebitis in the acute form - the worst that can happen, if not treated. It is extremely risky.

After injury to the anus can begin even blood poisoning. Festering phenomenon is also not uncommon.

Well, the treatment of hemorrhoids can pass quite successfully and quickly, if the time to pay attention to it. It is important to carefully monitor the state of their health, to see how they occur, or other processes in the body. And if you notice any strange to not hesitate to consult a doctor. After all, where better to do without a scalpel and treated in time to begin. Health and well being every day! And be sure to cure hemorrhoids, if any.

 The treatment of hemorrhoids in women

 methods of calculating ovulation


  • What is ovulation?
  • We are counting the days on the calendar
  • Signs of ovulation and how to determine the

Every woman sooner or later, given this question: how to calculate the day of ovulation? And if for some it is the cherished hope of seeing the two strips on the test, while others, on the contrary, use that knowledge as a method of contraception. Therefore, you should have a clear understanding of this physiological process. Ovulation is called oocyte maturation and release it to the fallopian tubes, where it awaits fertilization. Like any capricious girl, she waits a little longer. According to doctors, about one day mature egg ready for fertilization, and if it does not, it dies. And repeat the process until the next menstrual cycle.
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What is ovulation?

So the way nature intended, just once a month can occur conception.

Therefore, a pair of actively planning to become parents, sensitive to the accuracy of calculating the date of ovulation. But we should not forget that the human body - it does not watch where everything goes with maximum precision, our gear is much more difficult time.

We absolutely healthy woman with no previous gynecological problems, the year comes just 10 ovulation, ie there are cycles where ovulation does not. At the same time, women who are not planning a pregnancy, do not forget that sperm are more tenacious than the egg, they retain their ability to fertilize up to several days. Therefore, unprotected sexual intercourse that occurred even a few days before the X, can lead to conception. In addition, not every healthy woman completely regular menstrual cycles, and hence to determine the coveted day becomes more difficult. Therefore, you should know how the calculated day of ovulation.

 through days on the calendar
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We are counting the days on the calendar

One of the simplest methods of determining a favorable day for conception is the so-called rhythm method. Its essence lies in the fact that it is possible to calculate the day of ovulation as possible. This will require only know the length of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurs 14 days before menstruation. It does not depend on the cycle time.

Can only change the first phase of the cycle (before ovulation), but the second is already ongoing. This method is perfect for women who have regular menstrual cycle, which is called "the day." They know the exact day of the following month, just take away from it 14 and get the very most probable date of conception. And then have each acts according to the aim pursued. Some people are sexually active at this time, while others, on the contrary, to abstain from sex or use other means of protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Consider the example of how to count. Take accepted as normal cycle of 28 days. Suppose last month began on January 9 next menstrual cycle will come on February 6. This takes away from the date of 14, we see that the day of ovulation - is January 23 therefore in this period can occur conception. Now there are many ready-made calculator to calculate ovulation online.

It is necessary to enter the value of the length of your cycle, everything else they consider themselves and give the finished result. Very simple and easy way, but completely trust him not worth it, because ovulation can be shifted under the influence of external factors such as stress, colds, fatigue, hormonal changes.

 Signs of Ovulation
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Signs of ovulation and how to determine the

  1. The basal temperature. During ovulation the basal temperature rises. But to rely on this feature can only be the case when the regular schedule of basal temperature is conducted for several months. Measure the temperature should be every day at the same time, immediately after waking up, getting out of bed.
  2. Sensations: increased sexual desire, pulling abdominal pain, increased vaginal discharge (they become more viscous and transparent, like egg white), breast tenderness, bloating, discomfort during sexual intercourse due to changes in the position of the cervix.
  3. Ultrasonography. The most accurate to date method for determining ovulation is ultrasound changes follicles. It shows one of the growth of follicles, indicating that it oocyte maturation. Ultrasound is done for a couple of days prior to ovulation. If the cycle is irregular, the study is carried out starting from 10-day cycle every 2-3 days. When the follicle reaches a size not less than 18-20 mm, it is its rupture and release of an egg that is ovulated.
  4. The test for determining ovulation - a modern method of calculation. It reacts to luteinizing hormone (LH). Ovulation occurs when the hormone is at its peak. A very convenient way, but it should comply with certain rules of use.
  • Testing should start 17 days before the next menstruation. If the cycle is irregular, select the shortest in the last six months and be guided by him.
  • Conduct testing better in the morning and evening, as LG is at the peak of only about 24 hours, and likely to miss the point.
  • Select one and the same time in the interval from 10 am to 8 pm.
  • The first morning urine is not used.
  • For 1-3 hours prior to testing to reduce fluid intake.
  • Be sure to follow all manufacturer's recommendations.

Calculating the presumed ovulation day, women will be understood that in the body there is a huge number of different processes interconnected with each other. Fit them all at the exact formula for the calculation is impossible, especially under the influence of constantly changing external factors. Keep this in mind for calculating ovulation calendar. It should be noted that we should not be limited to a single method of calculating ovulation. Only in the complex all the ways to help determine the "peak" days. Do not forget that in some cycles and ovulation may not occur. This does not mean its absence in general.

Do not immediately panic. Pay attention to your own feelings, watch for himself and his body, because he tells about the processes occurring in it. Be sure to schedule recurring changes and symptoms, and over time you will learn to understand their meaning. Be patient, follow these guidelines and you will realize that it is not so difficult - to capture the moment favorable for conception.

 Methods of calculating ovulation in women