causes of acne on the labia


  • Types and varieties of acne
  • The main causes of acne on the lips of sexual type
  • Additional causes of acne
  • Methods for the treatment of inflammatory acne formations and

Pimples on the labia - this is a fairly common cause of concern for many women, regardless of their age and nationality. As a rule, this inflammation causes a lot of experiences that are often associated with lack of knowledge of the causes of external defects on the skin. As soon as a pimple jumped, women once there are many issues related to the cause, as well as methods of treatment of this problem.
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Types and varieties of acne

Typically, the spots on the labia have a certain species, each of which has its own causes, methods of treatment and selected characteristics. For a more clear-cut classification of the inflammatory process is to list the most common types of acne in this location:

  • Pretty little white spots, which are considered the most common type of inflammation. Typically, these pimples do not itch, which eliminates the causes of physical discomfort or inconvenience. This inflammation is not in need of treatment have been independently passes for 10 days;
  • Purulent inflammatory process type. This spot is quite large and is causing a lot of inconvenience to his master, associated with pain and discomfort;
  • Ranka small quantities that combing pretty soon become purulent, painful and unpleasant;
  • Acne watery type that, due to its shape, can cause inconvenience carrier.

 to avoid the appearance of acne on the labia linen cloth should not irritate your skin

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The main causes of acne on the lips of sexual type

The most common cause of acne can safely assume that the awkward age at which every second teenager suffers from this type of skin irritation. In other words, if the girl is found in a few small intimate place gaskets, this should not cause panic, because the occurrence of such stimuli in the transition to adulthood can be considered quite normal.

In addition, it may even be pimples, hair follicles and simply type, because at this age is completely rebuilt the hormonal cycle that can affect the endocrine system.

Because of the intensive work of the sebaceous glands, which are part of a new working rhythm can be described inflamed follicles or white and appear unpainful pimples. Once the hair begins to break through the skin, described the inflammation disappears in just a few days, which suggests the futility of all the experiences in this regard.

If the inflammation takes a painful character, and the hair in the spot and did not germinate, the cause may be zagnoenie pimple, who had previously been combed. In other words, if the seals in an intimate place scratched, should resort to the use of a special cream or gel, which can reduce the sensitivity of the inflammatory process.

Treatment of the inflammatory process is not necessary, and it is worth noting the fact that the resulting squeeze acne is not worth it, because it can only increase the discomfort and affect the formation of new seals.

Do not forget about the possibility of the emergence of small wen, who are often mistaken for acne. From this we can conclude that, before the process of self-interference in the inflammatory type is necessary to consult a specialist.

After a cause related to puberty, it is worth recalling an inflammation of the hair follicle type. This cause of acne is considered to be the second most popular with women. As a rule, such inflammation is the nature of acne, red inflammation has weak points and the amount of pus. The reason for this can be considered a festering inflammation of the hair follicle type that requires little care and proper care.

 treatment of acne on the labia
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Additional causes of acne

It is worth remembering that often happens to break this inflammatory independent seal, but in some cases it may be necessary and compulsory care. If such spots are scratched, you should consult your doctor for a prescription ointments, after all, are combing the red seal can be brought into the wound infection, which cause a lot of inconvenience to the owner. Next described is not less important cause, by means of which there are spots on the genital lips.

This reason is substandard or non-underwear all the rules of personal intimate hygiene. Once in an intimate place there is even a slight wound, lack of hygiene can cause skidding infection in the skin, due to appear white and bright red pimples. As a rule, described lesions appear due to the use of poor quality or tight underwear that rubs and irritates the delicate skin in the intimate place.

The most high-quality and relevant material from which shall consist underwear type is cotton. Such material allows the skin to breathe freely, eliminating even the slightest opportunity to create the greenhouse effect and moist, which becomes the direct cause of allergic symptoms and inflammation of the skin.

Special attention should be paid to the observance of personal intimate hygiene, which include the use of sanitary napkins everyday type.

The absence of such measures of hygiene, even to a small extent, with synthetic materials underwear cause the development of pathogenic organisms in an intimate place, where he actively begin to multiply and grow harmful bacteria. Most often, inflammation begins in those women who choose to wear a thong.

 to avoid the appearance of acne on the labia should regularly observe the intimate Gigen
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Methods for the treatment of inflammatory acne formations and

Treatment of acne in an intimate place has some of the methods of preparation, which should take into account in any case:

  • The first is to ensure the quality of underwear by checking the label. In the case of synthetic substances in the material should be postponed until such linen better times. In addition, it does not use tight clothes, which will only increase the effect of the inflammatory process;
  • In identifying the problem, due to which the labia formed or jumped pimple should pay maximum attention to intimate hygiene. Hygienic processes brought up since childhood, but many parents just do not dare to speak in a more intimate topic. For this reason alone you need to pay attention to this issue, which may turn out to be precisely the reason for the inflammation and appeared in an intimate place;
  • If jumped painless pimple, it is quite possible to handle special types of disinfectants that are sold in pharmacies of any city. In the case where such inflammation are itching, they should treat the green paint that will reduce inflammation and remove inconvenience. Do not be afraid to get dirty underwear green paint, it's one of the few tools that can kill staphylococcus, successfully resisted all known alcoholic solutions and ointments. In other words, the treatment of green paint can be considered quite safe and effective;
  • The big risk for the body can carry painful festering that cause cramps while urinating. These pimples can cause the appearance of herpes, which can be considered one of the most common sexual diseases. Not dangerous at first glance, the white point and inflammation may be just the disease, the treatment is considered to be an extremely long and uncomfortable. In this case, the best decision would be to go to a clinic and see a specialist. More trouble can be considered the use of other people's advice on this matter.

From the above it can be concluded that for the most part the appearance of acne on the inner labia can be considered harmless phenomenon that take place on their own in a relatively short time. But do not forget about the small possibility of the presence of such diseases as herpes, which requires timely and professional treatment by a specialist.

Not advised to use traditional remedies and treatments for acne in the intimate area, because even in the treatment of inflammation in such a small place can cause harm to microflora of the genital organs.

 Causes of acne on the intimate lips