Stretching shoes at home

For many women shoes - is not only a mandatory subject of dress code, without which it is not customary to go out, but also a real all-consuming passion for the satisfaction that we are ready to endlessly change the styles, shapes, colors and decor of her shoe collection. You do not even paying attention to the little things like - "here a little bit too tight" or - "a bit cramped" in the hope that shoes made of leather or suede with time stretch and take a convenient form. And just getting blisters or wiping the blood fingers, we begin to realize that all the same a little carried away and purchased smaller shoes. And because it is already part of our higher powers, then it becomes a very relevant question as stretching of shoes at home.

How to stretch the shoes? Useful tips

How can we reconcile the size of our feet and slippers? Before proceeding to the existing methods of the home stretch, let's be clear that they are only effective for shoes made of genuine leather, but its artificial counterparts are reluctant to give in "to persuasion." In addition, increasing the amount of own shoe can only rely on the fact that the shoe "grow" only a few millimeters, and are generally wide.

If you do this enough, let's get down to the study of the relevant techniques. And we start with the professional tools, such as aerosols for stretching shoes. To achieve the desired effect, shake the can, and then, from a distance of about 10 cm spray an aerosol on the outer surface of leather shoes, or treat inside lacquered shoes. Now put it, and ten or fifteen minutes walk around the apartment. If your purchase is still delivers feet inconvenience - repeat the process. By the way, you can do without its own limb by using special extensions for footwear. It is often used in shoe stores or shops, increasing the size of the shoe in both length and width.

One can try to stretch the tight shoes with liquid soap diluted hot (500) with water in a ratio of 1: 4. Thoroughly spray the (spray) to this mixture and the inner surface of the outer shoe and giving soak, stick to it, or pad their own feet, wearing the woolen socks. Some women instead of soap solution using a triple cologne. Soak them two pieces of fabric, put into shoes or other products, and then wrap in plastic shoes and leave for the night. In the morning insert into shoes shoes, or walk around in them two - two and a half hours.

 Stretching shoes wide

It should be noted that the above methods of stretching, are the safest for the structure and appearance of your shoe. But besides them there are many ways in which you can achieve increased "apparel" for feet. For example, two plastic bags filled with water, tie them and shove in the shoes (or boots, shoes, etc.), and then send the shoes to the "north pole", that is in the freezer. Once the water is safe to freeze, remove shoes and unfreeze.

What is the danger? And remember the water-filled battery heating system, which burst at temperatures below zero. That is, if the water freezes easily breaks the cast, what can happen with your slippers? Will the leather the ice "extreme" - that is the question?

Another way that you can use at home, without referring to the shoe master - is stretching the shoe using castor oil. Lubricate the inside and outside of their shoes close castor oil, wear and start to stretch them, pacing around the apartment. According to some experimenters, the skin is not only stretched, but will become softer and more supple. This is a very convenient method, unless, of course, ignore the unpleasant smell and excess shine and darkening of the product.

Some increase the amount of tight shoes, stuffed it whole grains, and loading to the water. During the night the grain swells and stretches the skin and in the morning you have to just like in the shoes until its complete drying. That's just the time it can take a lot, it is well soaked with water "internal" boots can get rid of excess moisture per day, and two.

In any case, the best way - is very carefully and attentively to choose shoes for your feet. So, do not go shopping for new shoes in the morning, because your still not tired and swollen feet can "make a mistake" in choosing the size of the shoe. But in the afternoon, when they had enough work to do to be a more accurate fitting. In addition, buying sandals, shoes, boots, pay attention not only to their size, style and color, but for completeness (width). And before you go to a new thing on the street, diarrhea, her home and assess whether your feet comfortable in the newly acquired "clothes". If you have problems, you will not be difficult to return the shoes in store.

 Stretching shoes at home

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 how to clean silver at home


  • Ammonia
  • Lemon acid
  • Baking soda and salt
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Other tools

"Eugene, you have no idea even how to clean silver, not to mention the maintenance of cleanliness in the house."

(from the novel by Kathryn Stockett "The Help")

And you have about this concept? Of course, the need to clean silverware there is not every modern housewife due to the lack of silver. Once we have become accustomed to dispense with silver dishes and cutlery. Although, in some houses there and silver spoons and silver coffee pots, which were either received as a gift or inherited by inheritance, but most of us think about how to clean silver at home, when they lose color and luster of silver jewelry. For silver, unlike gold, it tends to darken and fade.

It gets dark silver for various reasons. If gold jewelry immune to the substances contained in a decorative and hygienic cosmetics, the silver rings, necklaces and earrings are actively react to them. More money may darken from the improper storage, moisture, contact with the body. In any case - the table is a silver or jewelry - it needs to be cleaned the same way. However, in contrast to gold, the metal reacts painless, not all agents. Thus, any means and methods suitable for cleaning silver at home? Let's face it.


Perhaps the ammonia can be called the most effective way to clean silver at home. However, not everyone knows that jewelery with stones ammonia should be used very carefully. And for the gold-plated silver jewelry with pearls, and he generally contraindicated. To clean silver, ammonia is used in different ways.

  1. The first method. Suitable for silverware and jewelry without inserts from precious stones. Take ammonia (10%) and soaked it in silver. We soaked in ammonia for ten minutes, and then washed with pure water, dried and polish.
  2. The second method. Also suitable for cleaning silverware. It is necessary to mix five tablespoons of water, two tablespoons of ammonia and one tablespoon tooth powder. In this solution, you need to wet the cloth and wipe the dishes and cutlery. Then silver rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe dry.
  3. The third way. Make a solution of warm water and soap or household. Then, in the soapy soak silver twenty minutes, remove, rinse and wipe dry. Now mix the crushed chalk and ammonia to a state of pulp, put it into money, and wait for the mass hardens. Then thoroughly rinse items under running water and dry with a soft cloth or chamois leather.

 Cleaning silver home

Lemon acid

To clean silver jewelry with stones can be citric acid. For this hundred grams acid (powder) should be diluted with two cups of water, and then with a solution of the dishes put in a water bath. Put in a bowl with a solution of its silver jewelry and simmer for twenty to thirty minutes. Then rinse them in clean warm water.

If you do not run the risk of boil your jewelry, then proceed as follows. Squeeze fresh lemon juice, strain it and pour it into a glass or cup. Then put in the lemon juice rings, earrings, and (or) the chain and leave it for a while. Once the initial return to silver color, remove jewelry and rinse in warm water.

Baking soda and salt

Perhaps one of the most accessible means for cleaning silver - baking soda and salt. To clean silver using soda, pour into a metal (not aluminum!) Mug two glasses of water and dissolve in it two tablespoons of baking soda. Stir and put on fire. When the soda solution to boil, lower to a first piece of food foil, and then the product needs to be cleaned. Count to ten and remove the silver from the solution. Rinse and wipe it dry.

Just rub the powder soda silverware impossible. Soda powder - is abrasive, so the dark patina of course you remove, but damage by scratching it. However, cutlery without a lot of patterns you can use this method. Pour soda into the dish, add a little water to baking soda dissolved, but turned into a liquid slurry. Now Macau this mush cloth and gently wipe the product and purifying it from the dark coating.

If you decide to try to clean your silver salt, make a saline solution for this: teaspoon salt to a glass of water half. Then soak it in silver, and leave an hour or two or three. Then boil products in the same solution for ten or fifteen minutes, then rinse and wipe.

Hydrogen peroxide

Some housewives, by analogy with the hydrogen peroxide cleaning gold, silver, and try to clean peroxide. However, when cleaning the silverware and silver jewelry with hydrogen peroxide have to be careful. The fact is, silver, hydrogen peroxide affects extremely positively, restoring shine and removing a dark patina. However, other metals (except gold) in contact with the hydrogen peroxide may oxidize. A silver products are made not of pure silver, and of its alloys with other metals. Therefore, before cleaning silver with hydrogen peroxide, a preliminary test.

If gold jewelry is perfectly cleansed, when placed for some time in a mixture of water with hydrogen peroxide, then silver jewelry and silverware, this method can be devastating. So feel free to take this tool to harmful chemical compounds for silver, and give up their silver jewelry cleaning with hydrogen peroxide.

Incidentally, some cleaning recipes silver recommend using ammonia in combination with hydrogen peroxide. It supposedly increases the effect. Perhaps this is so. Just not knowing how to behave your silver under the influence of hydrogen peroxide, the risk is still not worth it.

 you clean silver at home

Other tools

In addition to these funds available for cleaning silver, there are funds that were used long before in the home the same arsenal of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid or soda. And there are modern, but very unexpected means.

  • Garlic peel

To do this, you need to prepare a concentrated broth of garlic, peel and boil it in silver. Boiling time will depend on the degree of browning and the tarnishing of silverware.

  • Potato broth

Cook one or more peeled potatoes. Remove the potatoes, and the resulting broth lower silverware and leave for ten minutes or fifteen. Then rinse and wipe dry.

  • Eggshell

To use this tool, you need aluminum saucepan or mug. Fill it with water, add a tablespoon of salt, the shell of two raw eggs (per liter of water) and put on fire. As the water begins to boil, wash silver items in hot water and then dip them in boiling water with salt and egg shells. Count to twenty, and remove. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth (preferably cloth).

  • Vinegar

Try cleaning with vinegar silver. To do this, take an ordinary household vinegar (6%), dilute it with water and soak a cloth in the solution. Then just thoroughly clean the silver, rinse it and wipe it dry. Vinegar is great purifier of silver from the organic contaminants and mold. So one can not use it for a radical cleaning, and for preventive maintenance.

  • Coca Cola

The fact that this popular carbonated drink any good body does not work (and even on the contrary!) Much has been said. Some housewives successfully clean cola teapots from scale and silver plaque from the dark. If you believe their experience is boiling in this drink silverware in five minutes it returns the color and luster. However, the experiment with this tool, as well as hydrogen peroxide, it is not necessary.

  • Lipstick

Take an old toothbrush, put on her coat of lipstick and carefully polish the silverware. If you deal with a dark touch of this remedy may not always return the shine to silver with it's real.

By the way, clean silver at home is possible and professional tools. If you buy in a jewelry store is a special tool, the long save yourself from troublesome clean smelling salts, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking soda, and others of that ilk. First, you will be able without any risk, and easily cleaned and silverware and jewelery with stones, and secondly, to protect the product from rapid oxidation. According to the manufacturer, cleaner silver jewelry they form a protective layer. However, you can always verify this, using such means in practice. Good luck!

 How to clean silver at home? Effective and safe

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