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Although gold and called the noble metal on it in due course there different kinds of pollution, because of which lost the original luster of gold. Jewelry becomes dull look messy and not very aesthetically pleasing. Previously, problems with the restoration of attractive types of gold products did not arise, because it is very well-developed service network has been manufacturing, repair and cleaning of jewelry. But today, to find a studio is difficult. Therefore, sooner or later, to the holders of gold jewelry raises the question: how to clean gold at home?

In order to free him from the oxide layers and dirt can apply some simple techniques. Armed with the experience of housewives and jewelers professional advice, you will be able to clean the gold at home, not to damage or scratch it. And also learn how to properly clean the gold with diamonds that sparkle and stone glittered all sides. In addition, we will tell you how to clean gold is ammonia, which is part of some media and, finally, how to clean white gold, so as not to damage the top layer.

Shoe gold home remedies

To gold has not lost its luster is best to remove jewelry during homework, and especially when dealing with abrasive products. Do not expose your product to bleach gold - it may eventually discolor it. But even with careful treatment of the gold ornaments fades with time. It appears bold raid and sometimes dark spots. How to clean gold at home without work and without harm to the jewelry?

Minor contamination can be removed with soap solution. Products immersed in warm soapy vodichku and leave it for a couple of hours. Then the dirt is removed using a toothbrush and decoration is washed and dried. If such cleaning gold have failed, it is necessary to apply a more effective means.

It is possible to purge the gold ammonia (half a teaspoon per cup of water), and then wash it off with soap and water. Even better wipe the product smelling salts, mixed with chalk, and also wash it in soapy water. In this case the purging is carried gold both chemically and mechanically.

Gold jewelry without the various impurities not usually found - it is added to the strength of the alloys of other metals. It appears their oxidation products at the surface in the form of dark spots. The following sample of gold jewelry, the more their alloys. Therefore, cleaning of gold jewelry you can buy special tools or clean their usual toothpaste. How to clean gold toothpaste? Elementary. Just take your toothbrush, paste, apply it and clean your jewelry. To clean the chain can be lubricated paste product, clamp it with a soft cloth and pull it back and forth several times. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

You can make yourself a cleaning paste. To this must be mixed in equal proportions pounded into powder chalk, petrolatum, water and soap flakes. Pasta should get thick. This paste is easy enough to clean gold. It is applied to the surface of the product and wipe with a soft cloth. Thereafter decoration washed with water to remove the oily film, and dried.

Returning Items can shine with the help of lipstick. Contained in its composition titanium dioxide makes it easy to clean the surface of black gold. Lipstick is put on a cotton swab or cloth that wiped the product, and then polish it lightly.

Clean the gold in the home, you can juice from the onions and vinegar. These funds will be able to remove the darkened spots. After cleaning, the product should be washed off with water remains of juice or vinegar and dry decoration. You can also use special chemical solutions for cleaning gold. They are well dissolved deposited on the surface of the jewelry fat and sulfur compounds of metals. If the surface of the product is very dirty, but does not have dark spots, then you can wipe it with an aqueous solution of borax, moisten it a woolen cloth. This is followed by rinse and rub jewelry to shine.

It can be diluted in a glass of warm water 2-3 teaspoons of sugar and put in a solution of decorations for the night. This method of cleaning products will give gold luster, but not free of dirt. Clean the gold at home can be carried out using washing powder (tablespoon to a glass of water). Decorations are kept in this solution for half an hour.

Mark vial of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and vial half teaspoon of soap powder, diluted with water. The solution is mixed in a glass jar, which is then not five minutes put gold jewelry. Thereafter, they were washed well with water and dried.

Very rarely, but it happens, and so that there is a spot of gold jewelry from iodine. How to clean gold at home in this case? To remove stains from iodine is necessary to lower the product for 20-25 minutes in a solution of hyposulphite used in photography as a fixer. Buy this preparation may be in store for the amateur or the pharmacy. The solution is prepared at the rate of one tablespoon per cup of water preparation. However, this procedure is not always crowned with success. Since iodine stains - the result of a chemical reaction. You can try to increase the concentration of the solution twice. But if does not work and that it should be referred to specialists.

 both in the home to clean gold

Cleaning gold jewelry with stones

If your gold items are decorated with precious stones, the cleaning should be done very carefully. Especially with such stones as malachite, amber, pearls, turquoise, opal and moonstone, that do not tolerate high humidity. Clean rings and rings with stones can be done using cotton swabs, which should be dipped in cologne and gently clean the stone from above and below. Sharp objects to clean the rim of the ring is not recommended because it can damage and scratch the stone.

Shoe gold with stones can be carried out with the help of alcohol and if you want to remove them from the long-standing grease. Keep in mind that if the stones are glued, then in any case, do not immerse them in water. Suffice it after applying alcohol solution simply wipe them with a cloth moistened with water, and dry.

The fat film can be removed with petrol, using a soft toothbrush. It is not recommended to use dentifrice, as they may leave scratches on the stone. Gold jewelry with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, and can be cleaned in a solution of any powder detergent with a soft cloth. After that the product should be rinsed with water. Jewellery with opal, turquoise, malachite, moonstone must be washed with soapy water and then wipe with a damp cloth and dry. All products with stones should be protected from temperature changes, since many of them, such as turquoise, garnet, topaz and ruby ​​sunlight may change color.

Cleaning gold and diamonds should be carried out on a monthly basis, as they are quickly covered with fat. But the jewel in its pure form to better reflect light and appear larger. Clean gold with diamonds is best done with liquid detergent in warm water using a toothbrush. It is best to use liquid soap or shampoo, because the soap degrades glitter of gold or platinum, which usually recover diamonds.

To clean gold with diamonds ammonia, in a glass of cold water drip six drops of ammonia and lower back Decoration for half an hour. Then the cotton swab on a stick, wipe a thin space around the stone and the back of the rim. Again, dip into a solution of the product and immediately blot the paper.

Clean white gold

How to clean white gold, so as not to damage the surface layer? White gold is called an alloy of gold, copper, nickel or palladium. And made of white gold covered with rhodium, which is worth more than gold. Although it is chemically stable element may eventually wear off. Therefore, clean white gold should be carried out only with a soft cloth.

White gold is often made diamond jewelry. It is believed that the rim of the metal does not distort the color of the stone, perfectly reflects its shine and creates the effect of additional illumination. Cleaning the white gold is conducted with a solution of equal parts water and ammonia, which can add a bit of shampoo. The product is kept in this solution for half an hour and then it should be rinsed and thoroughly dried. Another means for cleaning white gold from grease and dirt is a 25% aqueous solution of ammonia. And in any case it is impossible to clean white gold different powders, pastes and the toothbrush.

Cleaning products with pearls and turquoise

Pearl relates to organic compounds and can quickly lose their pearlescent. And since it is quite fragile by nature, then treat it should be very careful. How to clean gold with pearls right? To do this, use a soft brush for shadows. It is necessary to moisten and warm water with a neutral shampoo and then gently wash the pearl, then wipe with clean water and leave to dry. Be careful not to use gold jewelry with pearls vinegar, because it dissolves pearls.

How to clean the articles of gold and turquoise? Turquoise afraid of practically everything - water, alkalis, alcohol solutions, high temperatures, sunlight. It responds to fat and can go green. The more clear gold with turquoise prompt you to specialists who will conduct it and refinement without removing the stone from the product.

 pure gold at home

Cleaning products with gold

There is jewelry that is not made of gold, but only covered with a thin layer - gold leaf. The oldest method of making such jewelry is gold foil pasting articles. Note that no harsh or abrasive materials to clean the gilded clearly not suitable, because with time the top layer can be erased. How to clean gold items at home to avoid damaging the gold leaf?

Gold plated jewelery can be cleaned with a piece of cotton wool soaked in wine alcohol or beer. A good cleaner is gilding raw egg white, which is very gently rubbed decorations. Gold-plated products can be cleaned and vinegar. Moistened with a mild vinegar solution with a cotton swab gently spend on an ornament, and after five minutes the vinegar wash off with water and allowed to dry the product.

In order to jewelry please you for many years remember some simple rules for the care of jewelry:

  • keep them in the best box, or in the case away from light and heat;
  • gold jewelry should be removed when performing household chores;
  • Pure gold is desirable at least once a month;
  • to jewelry does not scratch each other during storage, they need to shift the soft flannel.

Jewelry - very whimsical little things and need regular care. Their apparent hardness and inflexibility only visibility, but in fact they need attention and care. Keep your jewelry and take care of them. Then your gold rings, chains, kulonchiki, earrings and bracelets will last you for many years without losing its original beauty and luster.

 How to clean gold at home right?

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