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Every bride wants to look great in such an important day for her. Gorgeous dress, original bouquet, veil and weightless, of course - the bag. Many believe that this accessory is almost not needed. Maybe this thing will even interfere. And little things (like lipstick, mirror and comb) can be trusted girlfriend. But it is better to keep her with him. And to complement the image and give it originality, some experts recommend to make an unusual handbag hands.

Many brides, waving his hand, say, "Why did I do it right! These ladies accessories are sold in every store! ". But you can create a design thing just a couple of hours, which is perfectly complement the entire ensemble. By the way, do not need to be a professional seamstress or attend sewing classes on the eve of the celebration. Some models are so simple in design that need only a little patience and time. And hand-sewn bag for the bride can be combined not only with the dress, but with a garter or buttonhole boutonniere groom.

Models bridal handbags

Today, there are many options for wedding bags which can make their own hands. One of the most popular designs - a small pouch that is just over an hour. And you can do without expensive sewing machine and overlock.

Options handbags for brides:

  • Handbag-bag with handles made of lace or ribbon, made of lace or satin.
  • Handbag a heart or flower. The shape is selected depending on the wishes of the bride. Unfortunately, such beauty alone can make a skilled needlewoman.
  • Handbag in a floral bouquet.
  • Handbag purse with a metal clasp.
  • Clutch or envelope.
  • The original model, crocheted from several kinds of beautiful and expensive threads.

Bag for the Bride-style fashions Pompadour

It will be an original supplement the general attire and contain all the necessary stuff for the bride. You can sew it yourself from knitted or satin fabric. In choosing the material it is important that the edge is not poured when cutting. If you wish, you can pick up a beautiful braid or cord of gold or silver thread, as well as a variety of jewelry: beads, sequins, rhinestones and flowers.

Make a pattern is actually very simple. In the conventional sheet drawn circle diameter of 12-15 cm, and a rectangle (length 30 and height 20 cm). Of the chosen fabric cut one rectangular and two round parts. The latter are used for the bottom of her purse. To the bottom does not bend, it is necessary to strengthen it with cardboard. We put a solid paper between the round parts and zastrachivaem seam on a typewriter (or processed manually). Moreover, the density can not use the cardboard circle and a regular DVD disc. It would be much better to keep the shape.

After the bottom of purses is ready, it is necessary to steam iron. This is done through a cheesecloth or cotton cloth. The next step - sew a fabric rectangle with the short side. Tack receipt of the item to the bottom of the next bag. We sew the bottom to the sides, and then again otglazhivaem.

Now bends the upper edge of 2 cm, newly sewn on a typewriter (manual processing is allowed). We make a small incision to insert the cords or ribbons that will handle future handbag. In order not to dissolve the tissue in the incision site, it handles obmetochnym seam. Now adorns everything with the help of sequins, beads, rhinestones, roses, tulle etc. In fairness it should be noted that such a cute little thing will become a queen in your best day, any girl.

 bag with his hands for the bride

Wedding handbag-bag

To sew a bag for the bride with his hands in the form of a bag, you can choose a tight knit, satin, lace or wide lace. It is worth noting that the fabric should be good to keep the shape and the texture combined with the dress and other accessories.

So, first draw the pattern on the album pages. Depending on the wishes and possibilities, choose the future shape of the bag. It can be made as a semi-oval (with round bottom), or have a rectangular bend. Do not forget that too large bag will look pretentious. The optimal size: height - 25 cm, width - 30 cm.

When combined not one but several types of tissue to be cut by two identical parts. Sew together the workpiece. Between the seams insert lacing that will simultaneously serve as handles and zipper bags. Then stitched by them on the sewing machine, stepping back from the edge of the fabric of approximately 0, 5 cm. Wrenched joints in and stripped iron.

Decorate the bag with artificial flowers, beads, beads and other trifles. Create an original accessory of the fair sex perfectly complement your image. By the way, while talented bride can easily stand out among the other beauties.

Bag purse for brides who prefer a retro style

For tailoring the fair sex is necessary to take a large flap tight lace, a length of about 1 m and a width of about 50 cm. The lining fabric has to be the size of 25 by 40 cm. You also need to frame bag with zipper and a chain of metal (pen).

On heavy paper draw a pattern of two pieces (the size of 13 by 15 cm), which will become a major part of the bride's purse. The side - 35 4 cm. Cut all with SEAM. Before starting impose lace wrong side, then tack it to the base. Then treated fabric on the sewing machine. Similarly, we sew together parts of the pad.

Wrenched future purse on the front side and put podstezhki. To the seams do not bristled, stripped billet iron, giving the necessary form. Attach the handle. Tack only with their hands, while collecting tissue in small folds. Gently Fasten the strap of a chain with the small carabiners or metal wire. This bag looks no worse than what you can buy in the store.

 Handbag for the bride's own hands

Handbag envelope clutches

Recently, many brides prefer a handbag in an envelope. You can buy ready-made accessory or make it yourself. Moreover, having decided to make the bag with your hands, you can create an original and unique little thing. For everything it will take less than an hour, but in the future with such beauty you can even go to parties.

For sewing bags, envelopes require dense fabric with a smooth surface, the thin skin of white or cream color. You can save substantially by purchasing the remnants of material from a large roll. To fix the tissue requires a special glue that connects the base to the top.

In stores you can find quite a large number of original accessories, the value of which you will surely be expensive. Fasteners, buckles and other little things make even the most ordinary-looking thing is bright and attractive. The main thing - to show imagination. By the way, some brides even sew their own hands flower decorations.

As for the pattern, it is on the cardboard that will frame handbag. The size depends on your personal wishes and preferences. But too small or too big envelope is not very comfortable to wear. It is better to make the average rectangle (length 30 and a width of about 15 cm).

In order not to spoil the fabric may first try to fold the envelope of plain paper. After a few workouts proceed to cutting the fabric and create handbags. According to the selected shape cut out of the base material, which is glued on a cardboard blank. We give our creation to dry. If you wish, you can make the inside lining of silk or crepe satin. It is attached with contact cement.

Now carefully bend a future handbag to get a rectangle in the form of an envelope with a lid. On hand side sew strips of fabric or skin (with a width not more than 4 cm). To fix the lids can be used with magnet buckle or Velcro fabric. All of this is sold in specialty stores. If you plan to wear a handbag-clutch on the shoulder, make a long handle of dense tissue flap or a metal chain. Congratulations, chic accessory, made with their own hands, is finally ready.

Crochet Handbag for the bride

For those who "you" with knitting and crochet, you can choose such an unusual model of bag. This thing made by the hands, will be much more convenient and practical. You will need yarn, which is chosen to match the dress. We also need plastic or cardboard folder to give rigidity, tight silk ribbon or string of gold or silver thread.

Knit two circles with a diameter of about 20 cm. In the last two rows of holes for future reserve handle your bags. Stripped iron items received, so they do not look too wrinkled. Cut the cardboard or plastic circle (equal to knit from yarn circles).

Sew the details among themselves. We leave a small hole to insert a frame made of plastic. Put sealant. Finally, around the diameter of the circle of the fastening parts bags. Fold in half the resulting product, giving the shape of a semicircle. On both sides sew the edges, leaving a small distance to be able to put the necessary detail for the bride. Decorate product with ribbons, beads, artificial flowers. We cling to handle. It can be as crocheted or satin stitched tape.

Choosing for yourself your favorite model handbags for the bride, it is possible for only a few hours to make an original accessory. This beauty will be an excellent complement the overall image and cause white envy among friends. And the happiest day of his life will be boasting not only a gorgeous dress from the salon, but also the ability to create a beautiful little thing yourself.

 Handbag of the bride with his own hands: be original - just

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