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Fitness continues to gain in popularity as one of the most effective techniques to maintain the figure in top form. Due to certain circumstances, not every girl can go to expensive fitness clubs where classes are conducted in specialized equipment together with qualified trainers who develop a fitness program tailored to your needs and the features of the figure. But this does not mean that fitness is for you available. Just for such cases and developed a fitness at home, which, if correct approach will give a stunning result.

The benefits of home fitness

Despite the fact that employment in the sports hall initially more effective exercises performed at home, have their own advantages, the first of which - is, of course, low cost. No need to buy expensive fitness passes. If you calculate the final amount of funds expended, it may be that it would be cheaper just to buy specialized equipment home.

The second advantage - it saves time. For those girls who live rich colorful life, it is sometimes difficult to allocate time on a hike to a fitness club, so fitness at home for their ideal. You can safely dispose of their personal time and not think about the fact that the subscription will soon "burn." In the case of large cities with women have to say about the cost of travel, which also entail a lot of money.

The third benefit - that's comfort. At home you can relax as much as possible and do the exercises without being distracted by other factors. Indeed, in fitness clubs is usually going to turn to simulators, too many people around and loud music, which not everyone likes.

All this may irritate and interfere with effective employment. In addition, for some girls who have just started to take classes, be unusual and uncomfortable to do the exercises in the sight of experienced athletes. About the endless queues for the shower and say no!

And here at home much easier. You can play music that only you like, choose the room that for you cozy and comfortable to wear the clothes that will not hamper you in movements - Freedom! Yes, and all the equipment that you have, belongs only to you. Try new moves and exercises to regulate the pace of their implementation - all these nuances depend only on you. Well, after you finish your workout, you can immediately take a shower.

 fitness exercises at home

Disadvantages of home fitness

Of course, home fitness has obvious shortcomings, which are primarily associated with motivation. For example, women with weak willpower and poor internal motivation exercises at home will not do much good. Such people and then lay all the "tomorrow" or do not try to do the exercises with good commitment. If you know you do not organize themselves better to go to the fitness center - so enter into a permanent training regime will be easier.

Because doing fitness at home, set yourself clear goals. It is better if you will make a detailed plan for your classes a week or a month - it is important to strive for a certain small achievements, and only then can you come to something more! If fitness clubs such classes already laid out, the house you will have the job take over.

In order for such training in the apartment is not bored, as often as possible enter into new training exercises, or simply replaced by a certain set of lessons to others. Otherwise your classes you can get bored after a couple of weeks, and your sports gust noticeably fade.

Equipment for fitness training

First of all, it is important to say that you need a place for themselves employment. There will be enough space, two by two meters. Of course, it would be nice to fitness you have selected a particular room, if it allows your house or apartment. Do not forget to buy a tracksuit - no need to hold the old, uncomfortable clothes and shoes.

Even if your finances allow you this, you do not rush for buying expensive fitness equipment. For the start of the course you would be enough rug and chairs, benches, dumbbells and other weights. If within a month to do the exercises at home you do not get bored, and your desire to improve the body of a rise, you can think about how to purchase additional sporting goods.

At this point, you will already know exactly what muscle group should work out special effort on that note. It will be only a couple of treadmills. Be sure to try out all the interesting exercise machines directly into the sports store, if allowed. If not, then pay attention to them in fitns center.

Home fitness lessons

Of course, a fitness at home requires special skills. You can find the whole video loops that demonstrate the implementation details of a particular exercise. But on television even has a special fitness channel, which is very convenient - switch and do it! However, there is need to adjust their time under certain programs.

Best option - is to buy a DVD-ROM designed fitness lessons. Advantages of DVD's that you can at any time to pause, to further develop the exercise by doing more repetitions. It is enough to buy a few CDs. On the ground, for example, abdominal exercises, the second - for the buttocks and thighs, etc. Emphasize that you need training complexes.

It is important to know that, starting the home fitness, there will be more than familiar with sports terminology and some of the principles that underpin the traditional fitness. This information can also be found on the Internet and in specialized literature, which certainly for you will not be superfluous.

If finances allow, consult a professional trainer who will make for you a detailed, crafted specifically for you a set of exercises. The instructor will take into account the peculiarities of your figure, age, state of health, will evaluate muscle mass. The exercises are tailored to the individual data, will bring maximum benefit.

During the first week of classes, prepare your muscles to stress. Rate your body and pick Minimum load for up to half an hour. The second week means a little more of a burden than originally. Here it may need additional shells, and training can last up to forty minutes. And now somewhere in the third week of starting an effective fitness training.

 fitness at home

Standard exercises home fitness

Any workout always starts with doing the usual classic workout. Hold it should be in your usual manner, in a relaxed state. Do not forget about stretching muscles. It will not only make the body slimmer, but also give your gait easy grace.

The first exercise, which is part of the standard fitness complex - a push. They need to perform three sets. The first two - warm-up, for up to fifteen minutes. Between sets - range a couple of minutes. Last, the third - work. Here you have to overcome the maximum number of times. Exactly so long, is not completely knock out power. During pushups you train your back and arms. By the way, these exercises are particularly useful for people who work in the office, spending many hours at the computer.

The second exercise is a classic - a squat. By performing them, remember that the weight must always concentrate on the heels of it. Watch your posture and keep your back straight. During squats your thighs parallel to the floor. By the way, you can perform squats on two legs and on one. These exercises also require three approaches as in the first case. The only difference is that in this case there is an active workout and back, and legs.

Well, of course, exercises to train the press. It may be upgrades of the torso and legs, exercise "scissors" - whatever, depending on your body. Bob can press and on the mat and on the bench. Remember that the sign of a good workout - a strong nagging muscle from excessive fatigue. However, you can not overload yourself too - comply with the measure.

So how effective are your workouts at home it depends primarily on you. From your stubborn and aspirations, and, of course, on the regularity of classes. Fitness at home - it's a great opportunity to bring your body in perfect condition, making it even more elegant and graceful. One only has to want it badly and use their abilities to the maximum!

 Fitness at home: useful tips

 exercises for the buttocks in the gym

The high breasts, shapely legs and slim waist dream of almost all women in the world. To bring these attributes to the ideal of female beauty, and always maintain in this state, many spend a lot of time in gyms. But only a few know and understand, that part of the body that is below the back, is a major magnet for men's looks (and women, by the way, too).

The main feature is the beautiful buttocks of their round shape. This opinion is shared by many plastic surgeons in the world. An interesting fact is that men are 10% more likely to pay attention to the perfect ass than on the chest, and believe that this part of the female body more sexy. At the same time, in their opinion, the buttocks must be rounded, appetizing appearance and a higher degree of elasticity. Therefore, the priest women should not be too thin.

Saggy muscles nobody makes attractive. But the question of elasticity gluteus women should be concerned not only when it comes to beauty. It is necessary to know that one of the muscles responsible for the health of the back, the legs, the genitourinary system, as well as retention of the human body in an upright position, it is the buttock. Therefore, due to the strong and resilient pope, healthy female body is decorated with still and straight posture, which significantly adds its possessor sex appeal. But even the most slender and graceful figure will not conceive due attention when there are problems in the area of ​​the gluteal muscles.

How to get rid of them? In fact, the work of the muscles of the buttocks - is no easy task, since there is a possibility of concomitant pumping legs and others are not interested in you at this stage zones. In order to avoid such undesirable results, it should be very attentive to the technique of performing certain exercises to lift buttocks it.

The next question is whether to go to the gym or you can confine the exercises at home? Many believe that better, more efficient and easier to train at home. But in this case we should not forget about their "favorite" downstairs neighbor, who only waiting for the moment of the complaint for violation of the silence in the house. In addition, all the necessary arsenal of trainers will take a lot of useful living space. The answer: do you need to exercise in the gym. After all, only a complex exercise, coupled with the use of sports equipment, will help you in a relatively short period of time to adjust the shape of its priests to the extent that men will not tear from her eye.

For pumping buttocks in the hall, you will need about 1 month, but not shirking, and fair and regular working out in the gym. Remember that it does not need anyone, but only to you. Fulfilling special strength exercises, you increase muscle mass on the buttocks and thus get rid of the excess fat in this subject area.

In no case do not start to do the exercises without pre-workout that will help a good warm up all muscle groups. To do this, you can apply a light jogging or fast walking with the obligatory presence of elements maha hands. Do not forget about proper breathing. It is also worth considering for your joints: if they heard the clicking of high-grade paper, Post-Workout observed swelling and pain, you should warm up with the help of aerobic exercise on a treadmill, veloergonometre, ellipse for 10-15 minutes. Finish the warm-up should be a series of attacks without complication. At the end of the last exercise can be judged on the status of your joints to loads.

 the right exercises for the buttocks in the gym

Practising buttocks

Almost all basic exercises aimed at the formation and growth of the gluteal muscles, should ideally be performed using free weights, which often include barbells and dumbbells. To achieve hypertrophy buttocks try to take advantage of the so-called rule of "gold standard training buttocks" - to squat and deadlift plus lunges and kicks with weights.

  1. Squat

    Do not know can say, "Big deal, sit-ups! Well it's that simple. " In fact, these exercises are among the most complex and at first they should carry out under the supervision of a trainer and taking into account all the recommendations listed below. So, when lowering into a squat, remember that his foot must fully rest against the floor. Deep squats that cross parallel to the floor, not recommended as a particularly effective for the muscles do not bring, but can only seriously hurt the joints.

    The rise of squatting should be carried out not by the front of the thigh, which is also called the quadriceps, as a result of the strong tension of the gluteus maximus. Those who wish to gain weight in the buttocks may be advisable to perform these squats every other day 5-6 approaches, each of which will contain 8-10 povtoreniy.Esli appetizing forms are already available, it is to support them in this state, is sufficient to train this way one time a week, but in an amount of 4-5 sets of 12-15 repetitions each.

  2. We perform deadlifts

    Beginners will be useful when performing dumbbell deadlift. This maneuver will keep the longest note of the status of the blades, and will ensure that the physiological lumbar support throughout seta.Dalee should take a dumbbell, bring the scapula and a little laid back booty, leaned forward, looking at it in front of him as long as the rear surface (biceps) hip stretch is felt. Rectifies you should use the force of the buttocks.

    This exercise helps to pump fine buttocks. Also, a chance to increase lean muscle mass in the legs, in particular on the rear surface thereof.

    Forms will grow on the eyes when performing deadlift acquire regular character, namely a few times a week for about 4-5 approaches 10 repetitions each. To preserve the achieved result is sufficient to train only 1 times a week, performing 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions each.

  3. Lunge

    Modern fitness dotted with all sorts of variations of attacks. But strength training buttocks should be used exclusively attacks back. Some coaches are also advised to carry out attacks with the static platform.

    Use the steppe or other elevation, which reaches 15-20 cm in height. Before the beginning of the exercise turn your back on him. Further, lunging backwards. This sock feet must stand on the platform. After reaching this position should be lowering into a squat to a level equal to 90 degrees at the knee of the leg that is in front. With the efforts of the gluteal muscles rise from the squat, and then go down again. Do not return the leg to the starting position, which is located on the platform. That is why such attacks are called static.

    This exercise is carried out every other day for 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions each. If there is a need in addition to the buttocks legs pumping, then lunges forward wonderful classic cope with this task.

  4. Perform mahi with weights

    For the study of the small muscles - flexor buttocks need to perform exercises on special devices, which are often available in gyms. But, in the absence thereof, it is possible to do it another way. So, it should be put on ankle weights legs, kneel and stretch your hands on the floor. Then bend the leg with a weighting at a right angle and lift so that the quadriceps took a position parallel to the floor. The basis of the exercise are ejecting upward movement that resemble heel pressing the button.

    It should be performed several times a week in 2 sets of 20-25 repetitions for each leg.

  5. Spreads his legs apart

    This exercise is an isolation, since the work involves only the hip joint. The main burden falls on small and large gluteal muscle, which are arranged one behind the other, so that their functions are similar to one another. To exercise should sit on a special simulator to full touch pelvis and seats. The presence of a support for the back allows you to lean on and to fix its position.

    The outer surface of the thighs should be pressed to the special stop and isolated efforts by the powerful gluteal muscles dissolve legs apart. Having reached the critical point, make a clear break with no interruption by force of inertia and hold in this position a few seconds. Then, under control back to its original position. Do not rest, perform the next repetition. At the same knee and ankle should not be included in the work, as should use exclusively buttock muscles.

    Remember that the jerky movements during the exercise should not be present. If you feel very strong pressure on the muscles, it is better to reduce the curb weight. Exercise is performed in 3-4 sets of 20 repetitions each.

  6. Reduce leg in the simulator

    For such exercises using the simulator that looks similar to the previous one, but different in terms of functionality and elaboration of muscle groups - in this case involved the hip adductors. If both are used in a single training session, the buttocks are pleasing to the eye. If hard work on only one of the training apparatus, it may cause disproportionate muscle development. The gluteal muscles will look beautiful only when worked and the surrounding area.

    Sit on the treadmill, while straightening his back and straightened the chest. Try to fix the position. Inner thighs should rest against the special pillows, and the center of gravity to move to the sitting bones. Keep feet together isolating effort adductors. Having reached the critical point, stay and create a peak contraction. Allow a few seconds of the voltage and a slow movement back to the starting position without allowing the work force of inertia. Without pause, proceed to the implementation of a new repetition. Exercise should include 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions each.

  7. Taps his feet on the block

    Many modern fitness - centers acquired special hilts-cuffs, which are attached to all block-level simulators. They will help you to isolate "hit" on the glutes.

    Secure the cuff designed for the lower block on the far leg and stand sideways to the machine. The back should take the natural curve and the gaze is directed forward. To balance its position should grab the block nearest to his hand. Please note - if the rope taut at the start of the trajectory, the starting position is taken correctly. Bends towards the foot should be slow and controlled movements without bending the knee at the same time, and without moving the other parts of the body, the torso. It is forbidden to rotate the pelvis.

    When the leg was at the top, pause for a second and slowly return it back. After touching the floor it, start a new repetition, and so 11 times more. Perform the same procedure with the other leg. Exercise is performed in 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions each on both feet. Girls, remember that the achievement of a critical point in this exercise is not intended for him too much leg abduction.

  8. Doing bench with one leg with the help of a simulator

    Oddly enough, but the girl was sympathetic to this simulator. Use it to perform the movement with the activation of both legs with high and widely spaced feet. This is great loads and buttock on the back of the thigh muscles. This version is a classic. In this case, try to complicate the problem by isolating the buttocks. For this purpose the bench, but with only one leg.

    Lie down on the simulator, designed for bench press platform and place the working leg as close to its upper edge. Please note - if between the support and the shin formed a right angle, the initial position taken correctly. The second leg should remain on the floor.

    Further work should be taken on the weight of the leg weights and bend it at the knee as long as the angle reaches 90 degree value, and then proceed to the squeezing platform up. The knee should not bend more than the required movement. Upon reaching the top, begin implementation of the new repetition. The most rational working range of this exercise is considered to be 4 sets with 10-12 repetitions each on both feet.

  9. Taps legs back via simulator

    As we have already mentioned, using lunge can be achieved very good results in the pumping of the gluteal muscles. But it will involve many other muscle groups, the additional pumping at all that you do not need.

    To avoid such situations, was developed and successfully engaged in the practice of special simulator, which involves work in an inclined position so that the unloaded back. If you speak a language accessible to us - the trainer for "enhanced attack" glute and hamstring.

    Uprites one foot in the simulator, and the hands grasp handles specially designed to maintain the balance. The second leg should rest against the platform. At the same time, both feet must be in a position with a slightly bent knee. Next, try a powerful force both feet to push the platform back and upwards. Note that the foot should not be strongly unbent. If abduction legs back line of thigh should be parallel to the floor. Having reached the critical point, without pausing, controlled start to return to its original position. Without respite starts the next repetition.

Remember that this exercise should be the final for the whole complex of your workout. It is ideally performed in 3 sets of 10 repetitions each on both feet. Do not forget about the choice of a reasonable operating weight. Otherwise, it may result in unwanted pumping quadriceps.

To determine the ideal in each individual case, the operating weight weighting listen to your feelings when performing the latter two approaches certain exercises - gritted his teeth and severe fatigue are a sign of your mistakes when choosing weights.

Do not believe promises of advertisements about the magic method of correcting the buttocks to perfection. Only work in the gym and eating right will give you a resilient and attractive "flavor".

 Exercises for buttocks in the gym. We select the appropriate set of