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In the modern world it is often impossible to determine what the roots are inherent in each tradition. Indeed, many ceremonies - a kind of mix of existing and converted time customs. Many songs written specifically in honor of this momentous event in the life of every young couple as a wedding. Some of the most well-known rituals and traditions, dedicated to such an important day for all of the newlyweds, we would like to see more in this article.

What associations in our subconscious mind is the word "marriage"? This elegant beautiful bride in a smart dress and a little embarrassed by the groom, dressed in strict black (or other color) suit. This beautiful photo on memory and romantic mood, sincere congratulations and wishes for happiness from relatives and, of course, the first night of the newlyweds in the new status. Each of these aspects has its own, very special significance, and together they create a festive mood and atmosphere of a fairy tale.

Indeed, in most cases, this day every bride sees a princess finally met her prince. And it does not matter on which he appeared to her - you sailed on a ship with scarlet sails and came to the white Mercedes. What matters is that it is the date of the wedding begins a new, often unknown and therefore a very exciting life.

 Wedding traditions and signs

Wedding traditions around the world

Not every country brides valued harmony and slim waist. For example, in Nigeria's approach to this question quite differently. Tribal elders are free to decide about whether she is ready to get married. After the positive outcome of the newfound bride relocated to a separate hut, which can come only her mother. What is the purpose involuntary seclusion? It turns out that she was a few months (or even a year) to be as much stout! The girl tries to move less to later boast magnificent forms. The more weight it will add, the more successful will be able to get married. And the audience will be able to express their delight by loud applause. The original understanding of beauty - and cellulite are not afraid!

Indonesia does not welcome the spirit of patriarchy: the girls are free to choose their future husband. The probation period for the groom is 3 months. If he did not come to taste his lover, then he returned to his place of residence. "Coming" - that's an apt name for a young man: for the night, he remained in the house of his potential wife, and in the morning goes back to his mother's house. True, such a behavior of boys is somewhat unusual?

In Sweden we proceed as follows. Young people get acquainted, the guy then escorted her home, recognized on the way to his amorous feelings. As a result, they spend the night together ("night courtship"). The country is known for loose morals, so here premarital sex does not bother anyone. Sometimes young people live in a civil marriage for several years. Registration of family relations with the relevant authorities is made after the birth of a child in common, which is guarantee of future offspring.

In Japan, it is to come to the bride to the groom on their wedding day, and not vice versa. And the best time of year for this celebration is considered summer. According to the traditions of this country, the bride covers her head with a scarf, hiding his jealousy thereby. Newlyweds acquire the official status of husband and wife after they each took a sip of rice vodka.

The traditional Chinese color of any wedding is red because it symbolizes in the country of joy and love. And that is why the bride's dress is usually red, the same applies to candles, gift box and an envelope with money. In China, the bride's cousin also handed a small box with ornaments of gold. A wedding glasses newlyweds red tape linked to all future family life of their combined love and happiness.

But the Spaniards, unlike the Chinese, prefer orange. The customs of the people say that every wedding bouquet bride and her hair to decorate flowers such hue. This is due to the fact that the orange, the fruits of which are known, are bright orange, refers to evergreen plants, so the bride retain youth and health for the whole family life.

Striking in its splendor Indian wedding. Its customs and traditions are still strongly associated with the Vedic culture. The wedding and accompanying festivities that lasted four or five days, arrange the bride's parents. And the ritual takes place around the hearth with the sacred sacrificial fire. Traditions and rituals of Indian weddings are intended to make it clear to her future husband that his wife - is the most valuable gift bestowed on him from above, and the bride is obliged to accept as God's wife, without which her whole future life will be meaningless.

In Germany, the day before the wedding decided to beat the dishes, to family life has been successful. This is done by friends of the bride on her doorstep. At the time of the wedding ceremony in the pocket of the bride must be a pinch of salt and a slice of bread - ancient symbols of fertility. As for the groom, he must bring the grain to family life was rich and successful. It symbolizes and fresh green branches of trees, from which guests are doing a kind of carpet on which the young should pass after the ceremony.

In Poland, a neighbor and friend of the bride weave a special rosemary wreath that lay on her head on the wedding day. Suite also laid to drain filled to the brim with a glass of wine without spilling a single drop. Many of the wedding customs in the country are connected with money. For example, wishing to dance with the bride should buy it right attaching to her dress banknotes. According to another tradition, often takes place in an unusual way and mandatory delivery of gifts: the groom holds his bride removed the veil, and guests are invited to throw in her notes.

In Portugal and Hungary also came up with the "money dance": anyone who wants to dance with the culprit celebration, to put a few coins in the shoes of the bride put on the middle of the room, engaging the manner currently the Lady dance. In Switzerland, every young couple must personally plant a pine tree - a symbol of success and monetary wealth. In Norway, on the occasion of Christmas trees planted next two.

In any country, and sometimes in each city has its own unusual rituals. Each of them in their own interest. It's wonderful that such practices are stored in the depths of people's memory and are always present at relevant events. After all, so we support an invisible bond with generations of our ancestors and bring into his future family life of a huge piece of wisdom learned by centuries of experience and spiritual values ​​that have no age.

 Wedding signs and customs

Wedding customs, traditions and signs Russia

Often, even the most modern wedding is complete without the ritual of courtship, when parents are young men come to the house of the girl for dating and for permission to take her daughter to her family. Now, this tradition is purely conditional, but before that it was of great importance, because of how eloquent words of matchmakers will often depended on the fate of the future newlyweds. It is not always the parents agreed to give the daughter of the man, the merits of which were uncertain.

Few people know, but also popular now practices related to the kidnapping of the bride at a wedding, trace their history to ancient Slavic times when the groom and his nobles could force decorate the bride from home, if you do not want to pay a ransom or her mother and father opposed possible Union. At that time, it did not cause the fun, so the girls carefully guarded from the eyes of men, and marriages in a preliminary conspiracy families.

Probably all familiar with the customs and the bride price on their wedding day. Their story is also very long, because before everything really Slavs originally sold their unmarried girls in the groom's family. Now, this tradition has acquired a symbolic value and is designed, first and foremost, to amuse the guests. Friends, family and the groom himself greeted on the doorstep relatives and bridesmaids with a demand to pay them any money for it, or performing some fun activities such as solving of mysteries associated with family life.

Often it also happens that the future husband led into a room where people are sitting, covered with sheets, and offer to guess where it is hidden bride. In case of an error the groom must pay a sum of money to continue the attempt. By the way, this ritual also has deep historical roots, where the girl hiding from the young man behind the curtain, and the outcome of a successful courtship depended on whether the youth will be able to forcibly kiss a future wife.

Often mentioned in folklore braid of a young girl - a symbol of the loss of her innocence and gaining the status of a wife and mother. Previously, it was decided that on the eve of the wedding the bride came to her friends, singing songs that youth is gone, and unravel her hair, thus preparing for family life. This tradition is now in many celebrations has its continuation, when at the end of the first day in-law or the groom is removed from the hairstyle of the bride pins, remove the veil and covered her head with a scarf - a symbol of the fact that now she has become a young wife.

All guests at the wedding, the newlyweds shout: "Bitter! ". But few know that the original word was not associated with the requirement of the newly-married couple kissing. Once upon a time the bride came up with a tray, where there was a shot of vodka to each adult guest at the wedding, offering a taste of her hands intoxicating drink. Guests have a drink with the word "bitter", which is proof that the liquid was not drunk water, put on a tray of money as a gift.

Popular is still a tradition, when the bridegroom takes the bride in his arms on the verge of marriage registry office after the procedure, which means now, what it will do with it throughout their married life, too, is a transformation of ancient rites. According to one of them, if the young husband will take over the threshold of the house his wife, thus he will be able to deceive the homes to the woman she admitted her and did not suit her small dirty tricks.

Generally, wedding traditions, and take in our country there are so many. Many of them managed to overcome a long historical path and transformed, some merged with the cultural heritage of other nations through mixed marriages, but something brought our contemporaries through their own observations and conclusions. So, here are some of the most common types of wedding will take.

Happy family life

If you plan to marry and currently puzzled choice of rings, then pay attention to those who have a classic shape that is rounded with a smooth surface, without cuts and bends. It is these decorations symbolize a flat and prosperous married life. In no event should not be given to measure their wedding rings to your marital happiness is gone to the other, it has not been stolen or ruined by envy. It is considered a bad omen to drop the wedding ring before he will be on the finger of the bride or groom. If this does occur, then it is necessary to pass through a string that is burned after the ceremony. In order not to repeat the fate of their parents do not take their rings themselves, even with the aim to melt and make their own.

A sign that promotes financial independence of the couple, is as follows: on the day of the wedding the groom's right boot put copper coins, which later became the mascot of the wealth of young families. To protect themselves from the evil eye, newlyweds need to have in their formal attire on a small safety pin fastened head down and hidden from prying eyes. Bride to be pin the hem of her dress, and the groom - to hide in the buttonhole.

It is said that the future of family happiness as the wife of the bride need to think about your outfit so that it was something new, something to wear, as well as any thing blue. It is best if it is the mother lends her daughter at the time of marriage as a talisman any thing that has long kept in the family as a relic. And after the young couple will have its own heir, this object will always be with them.

Quite a lot of popularity gained customs rice sprinkled young couple, investing in this ritual is the desire to have numerous offspring. In Russia, the newlyweds also showered with small coins, symbolizing excellent financial security for the future (analogue money rain). In other countries, bless the bride and groom with rose petals, nuts, millet.

Tribute should be paid and the traditions associated with the birth of children in light of his young wife. To do this, her waist at the wedding should not adorn the waist and flowers. As for shoes, it is better to give preference to models with a closed toe and heel. Since the happiness without tears do not happen, then the bride should be a little cry before the wedding. Suite can not see myself in the mirror in full regalia. Fitting should be carried out without veils or gloves. And, importantly, the bride should avoid looking at his future wife in a wedding dress until the moment they went together to the registrar.

Few people know that the bride's bouquet - is not just a holiday supplement her dress, a symbol of happiness and a young couple. Therefore, before the marriage can not give it to anyone except the groom or his mother. At the banquet bouquet should stand in front of the bride in a vase, and at night - in the bedroom newlyweds. To an alliance was strong on the day of the wedding the newlyweds best to hold hands so that no one was able to pass between them.

 interesting wedding signs and traditions

Signs associated with the mother-in-law, and

If the wedding newfound daughter-in-law calls affectionate name, it is an indication of the future cordial relations between them. Parents of the newlyweds having fun and rejoice at the celebration? So, the life of all generations of families will be marked by mutual understanding. If the bride toast to address the first-in-law, the relationship they will be calm and confidence, and if it will raise my glass in honor of her father, it could be a sign of future well-being of a young couple.

Face at a wedding with a private-law - a good sign for the achievement of mutual understanding between you. It is said that if the mother of your spouse a good bake pies, then get on with it would be pretty easy. But if in the course of the meeting of the newlyweds on the threshold of the family home or the grand hall on the caravan turned and woke halophyte salt, the daughter-in-law, and may in the future have difficulties in communicating with each other. Torn bride dress at the wedding said that the mother of her husband is evil and scandalous woman.

It is believed that the son-in-lucky to have a good mother in law if it ... loves to sing. To prove the mother of his wife's financial viability, the groom must give up her feet handful of copper coins. If the mother-in-law-in-law to look through his left shoulder, it may mean that it has a grumpy and bad-tempered, or simply not enough to drink. And if her gaze directed over the right shoulder, then the relationship with the young daughter of the spouse will develop successfully. It is believed that, in order to achieve mutual understanding mother-in-law, and in the future, at a wedding party they're supposed to drink together from the same glass. And do not ask their mothers not cry in such a solemn day. According to national signs, tears parents bestow on their children's wedding happy marriage.

Signs associated with the time of year and weather

The people say, that the strongest marriages are those that are in the fall, in September or November. The origins of these traditions are rooted in the distant past.