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What is the astrology of love? The zodiac horoscope is responsible for feelings of Venus. The situation in which it was at the time of birth of a person determines the further features of its affections and sympathies. A specific combination of these attachments and its change under the influence of the position of the stars and astrology is called love. In other words, astrology love and marriage - is our love horoscope. In order to know what it is, it is necessary to determine the position of Venus at the moment of birth. Let's see how it affects the character and personal lives.

Love and signs of the zodiac

So, from where Venus was at the time of our birth depend on in the future all of our love relationships, our temperament, behavior toward the opposite sex, and our personal lives. In it, you can believe or not believe, but the centuries-old practice shows that such a formula of love in astrology really works. Influence of the location of Venus in the person's life looks like this:

  1. Venus in Aries. People with such an arrangement of Venus is quite temperamental. In personal relationships, they prefer to take the initiative in their hands and are often overly assertive. Often, those with Venus in Aries, carried away by some person not notice anyone except his object of love. But their passionate feelings are easy and can be quickly supplanted by sympathy for another person. At the same time representatives of Venus in Aries will not hide from a former partner that cooled him, pretending to dodge, to lie. They just put him on notice that love has passed;
  2. Venus in Taurus. Representatives of the location of Venus are usually accompanied by success in love affairs. In private life they aspire to a stable relationship. The lack of those who have Venus in Taurus - excessive jealousy. It is the owners that do not allow competition. In most respects, they value harmony and physical displays of affection. Then, when that's all right, representatives of Venus in Taurus are loyal to their beloved or chosen one until the end of days;
  3. Venus in Gemini. People with Venus in Gemini in the feelings of some variable. They can quickly change their sympathies, while experiencing light and not very deep feelings. In their partners these flyers appreciate, first of all, sociability and intelligence. Long-term and stable relations among representatives of Venus in Gemini are added only when a partner with a lot of common interests. If these interests no partner they get bored. The man with the location of Venus easily fits in with someone and could just as easily break off relations with him. He loves beautiful words and a lot of importance is given to the opinions of others about your partner;
  4. Venus in Cancer. These are the people the ability to experience deep feelings, but usually conceal them. They are afraid to open up to someone until the end, fearing that they will not understand. This can happen only if the long-term relationship, when the representatives of Venus in Cancer begin to fully trust your partner. In this case, they are gentle, caring, gentle. People fall in love with this type of earnest and long experience of failure in love. Love them flat, home, nepotism;
  5. Venus in Leo. A man of this type of love beautiful courtship and expensive gifts. Men love to do such gifts, and women - to take. Representatives of Venus in Leo extraordinary artistic and relationships often try to look better than they really are. Their feelings, they do not hide any of the chosen one, nor of others. Astrology love them is not just constantly have someone signs of attention, but also to demand the same from him. In love man with Venus in Leo is quite demanding and selfish. However, my boyfriend is open, generous and, despite his tendency to flirt, faithful to his partner or the partner's;
  6. Venus in Virgo. These are people who prefer only serious relationship. They are often very demanding and critical. Representatives of Venus in Virgo is very serious approach to the choice of a life partner. They see the disadvantages of his partner, and they tend to exaggerate, often prevents the development of relations;
  7. Venus in Libra. For people in this type of relationship the most important thing - the balance, harmony and equality. Representatives of Venus in Libra large role in the appearance of love plays chosen. However, if a person is poor is a beautiful spiritual, relationship with him will not develop. In general, the love for those who have Venus in Libra, is very important and without a love relationship they can not imagine their life. People of this kind can easily fall in love and to idealize the object of his infatuation, despite its shortcomings are obvious;
  8. Venus in Scorpio. These people are exposed throughout their lives multitude of temptations. Often they become sexually mature early and are showing increased interest in the sexual side of the relationship with the opposite sex. Those with Venus in Scorpio, sooner come into intimate contact. They are very passionate and can for this passion to give even a very strong platonic feelings. Representatives of Venus in Scorpio can not imagine loving relationship without sex. Relating to sexual life moral norms and taboos for them practically do not exist. However, they are jealous, suspicious and different complex character;
  9. Venus in Sagittarius. A man of this type is needed in the relationship in the first place, the spiritual side. They are drawn to people erudite and intelligent. In love, Venus in Sagittarius representatives do not suffer restrictions, so if the partner is overly jealous, they would part with him. These are people who are constantly striving for adventure and new experiences. They love life and attract the opposite sex;
  10. Venus in Capricorn. People with this arrangement of Venus apparently reserved and serious. But often under the guise of a hidden passion and temperament. They tend to be faithful to their partners and very serious about love and relationship. Sexuality representatives of Venus in Capricorn is usually not immediately disclosed, and only with a more experienced partner. The partner they appreciate, above all, self-confidence and the ability to support. So can marry or not marry for love, but for the calculation. Those with Venus in Capricorn are often attracted to people older than their age - they are more reliable, more experienced and more interesting than the same age;
  11. Venus in Aquarius. Representatives of the location of Venus prefer variety in a relationship and are often advocates of free love. In his partner they most appreciate the intelligence and the opportunity to discuss with him or that his idea. For those with Venus in Aquarius, it is important to an understanding partner. They are welcoming, friendly, but even with a very close relationship with someone, remain somewhat cold and aloof. People with Venus in Aquarius are independent, unpredictable, and often tend to idealize the model of relations with the opposite sex;
  12. Venus in Pisces. This exalted people with strong feelings, seeking primarily to spiritual love. For the sake of a loved one they are capable of self-sacrifice. Astrology of love and marriage they prescribed lofty sentiments, but the sexual side of the relationship is important, not least spirituality. Those with Venus in Pisces, seek unity with your partner and sex, and interests. It is very important to them, and spiritual kinship. If in a relationship with a person of some of these factors are missing, they can invent it and then prosper in his dream world.

Astrology of love and marriage guided mankind for centuries. She helped and helps to determine the type chosen and with their feelings and successfully build family relationships. Stars, anyway, affect people's behavior. And love here - is no exception. About how to determine in which of the signs of the zodiac are Venus, will be discussed in future articles.

 Astrology love. What it is?

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 horoscope relationship zodiac sign

Most of all, we appreciate the interior comfort, which is achieved only in the case, if there is understanding and a loved one. However, to find such a person is not very easy. That, apparently, and there was a fateful meeting, and all is well, there is a mutual attraction, and the desire to always be around. But is quite a bit of time and the surge of love somewhere disappears. Instead of coming emptiness and indifference. Why is this happening? Because our mood at any given time controls the Almighty Zodiac. Location constellations it not only affects people's behavior, but also on the nature of their interpersonal contacts. Horoscope relationship Zodiac sign for 2012 will help you understand yourself and in what way to choose the communication this year with representatives of the stronger sex.

Love Horoscope for Women for 2012

  1. Aries woman

    Lonely Aries year of the Dragon promises a rich new dating life. They will become more sexy and are extremely popular with men. Events will begin to grow rapidly and quickly lead to the desired result. With men at singles Aries 2012 fold easily. Representatives of the stronger sex simply can not resist their charm and allure. However, the rush to connect with someone from their fate is not necessary. Year of the Dragon conducive to mutual understanding and romanticism in the relationship as a whole. Therefore, there is a risk to make a mistake in his chosen one, who from a careful and very gentle man then could turn into a rude and boring grumbler. So Aries better be more careful to temper not connect his life with the wrong person.

    Married Aries year of the Dragon suddenly realize that the most expensive in the world the warmth of the hearth. They will try to eliminate in a relationship with her husband all the misunderstandings and minimize conflicts. In the family, there will be peace and understanding. A dialogue between husband and wife will have forgotten the elements of eroticism, so intimate life acquire an aura of novelty.

  2. Taurus woman

    Taurus 2012 promises a long-awaited stability in relations with the opposite sex. They are finally able to get rid of doubt and uncertainty, and look at yourself and your partners mind. This will help the calf to understand the situation and choose the desired style of behavior with men. Simply put, they find a way to make sure that the chosen loved them and understood. If the chosen one yet, in 2012, usually chilly and not too sensual Taurus will be willing to flirt and to move closer to the stronger sex. Those, in turn, will respond to them in return, causing quite possible to create a harmonious and lasting relationship.

    Family calf in the Year of the Dragon suddenly felt an unquenchable desire to be alone with his pious as often as possible. In this year decided the fate of their marriage, so it is impossible to resist such a request. It depends on the Taurus, it will collapse or will acquire a new, more profound and lasting quality. In 2012, they should, at least briefly, to push its business and other ambitions into the background and go somewhere on vacation with her husband. And already there both to try to understand the feelings and perspectives of further relations.

  3. Woman Twins

    Lonely Twins in 2012 will realize that it was finally time for a serious relationship. They will cease to hold all that was until now. And the Twins will actively making new acquaintances with men, to arrange his personal life as best you can. Choosing have quite a large range of applicants, and will need to appeal more to the intellect than to the senses. Because the fans will be among those who are set to marry and intend to take care of and nurture, and those who are attracted only flirting. This means that the twins should be more careful and become more demanding in their approach to the partner.

    With regard to married Twins, they must be in the Year of the Dragon to control their emotions. They become nervous, conflict and can permanently damage the family atmosphere of constant and often groundless quarrels with her husband. But if the Twins will be able to restrain himself, relationships within the family move to a new, more robust level. And the marriage will be much stronger and happier.

  4. Female Cancer

    In 2012, free Rachih relationships with the opposite sex will be more calm and certain. They are finally able to realize their dreams and become who they really are. Cancers in the Year of the Dragon will not get any unexpected changes in the relationship, which will become the character of stability and reliability. However, it does not get the gift. To all entered the flat track, with a partner will need to decide on a frank conversation, explain to him his position and desire to find a partner. The time for such talks will come the most appropriate, promote mutual understanding and the warm fellowship.

    In general, 2012 promises Rachiham many tempting Me, so they can be in the position of choice. However, crabs come out of the worthy ambiguous situation, since the Year of the Dragon possible balance between their mind and senses. Therefore, they will be able to tell the men about their desires and the principles of peace and friendly.

    But family Rachiham in 2012 should be discreet and cautious - the probability of divorce in this year increased. However, if it seems a long time the only way out, then you can put an end to the relationship. Ability to create a new family also increases significantly since 2012 for Rakov - fateful year.

  5. Female Lion

    Lonely lioness in 2012 is destined to become intolerable active. They will try to shake their partners, and to stir up their feelings even when the relationship is stable. Lioness begin to oppress just this stability. They want bright bursts, causing the representatives of this sign may have changed beyond recognition. This change contributes to difficult situations and complicated relationship with the male sex. However, if you want to be able Lionesses, make the effort to overcome all obstacles. As a result, they are freed from the burden of problems and to acquire, finally, true love.

    Family Lionesses in the Year of the Dragon will be extremely conflict and try to put my half in rigid frame. If a family has some chronic complications, they will be eliminated. But the process of elimination will be held quite painful. However, it will have to go through, or happiness in the family will not. But when the problems will disappear, the Lions will begin luck in everything. And the bright lights on the horizon of their lucky star. Particularly insists on such developments horoscope love relationships of women and men Leo Scorpio.

  6. Female Virgo

    Lonely Virgo 2012 promises dramatic changes in his personal life. Despite the fact that the general situation is stabilized, romance will be unsteady and unreliable. However, all that will happen or this year, will change for the better. Virgin will doubt my choice, but in the end, will be able to make the right decision and to establish themselves in their position. In this Year of the Dragon to be a lot of favorable points. Representatives of this sign we just have to wait quietly, relying on their intuition and sober assessment of folding for a correct choice of the circumstances.

    In general, 2012 promises many unexpected Virgo dating and increased activity. They acquire a special appeal to the stronger sex, and romantic situation will develop quite often. At the same time the emergence of strong feelings automatically create obstacles that need to be overcome. In order to avoid significant problems in relationships, Virgos need to control emotions and judgment.

  7. Woman Scales

    For single Libra 2012 will be a year of reflection and evaluation of the events that have already occurred in their personal lives. They need to analyze their own good wishes and actions. Therefore we have to remember a lot of situations from his past and realize the feelings that arose earlier. Scales can adequately assess the experience, better understand their inner world and make the appropriate conclusions for future action. As a result, they will calm down and begin to control their actions by means of self-control. This quality could not be more sincere correspondence that helps us to come to a certain dialogue with a partner, if he is already there. If the partner is not, Libra Year of the Dragon will have the opportunity to meet a loved one who will respond to them in return. But in order not to be lost, the representative of the sign should give up any manifestation of intolerance.

    The same change in behavior is very useful in 2012 and family Libra. The quiet atmosphere in the home will lead to a restructuring of relations on the basis of an already lived experience. The couple will realize their mistakes and come to a common solution that will contribute to the harmony of relations and peace of mind.

  8. Scorpio woman

    For single Skorpionchik 2012 - the tumultuous passions. The wave of change will take place almost every day, which may bring down the Scorpions confused. Life begins to change rapidly and in different directions. Skorpionchik will constantly be exposed to temptations. Many new appointments could force them to sacrifice the existing relationship with a man. It would be necessary in this case guided by intuition. But it is silent in the Dragon year. In order not to get confused to choose the person with whom you can link their fate, Scorpios should be encouraged to help willpower and try to pull myself together. Otherwise, life will come confusion that can lead anyone to despair.

    The fate of family Scorpions in 2012 is similar. They will rush from one extreme to the other as long as there do not realize that this little independent. It is better to try to calm down, to not act rashly unreasonable and not to destroy the family. After all the hassle, generating a desire to change something - the result of planetary positions, which can not be changed. Therefore, in 2012, Scorpio remains patient and wait, when there will come other times.

  9. Sagittarius woman

    Lonely Sagittarius in 2012 will realize that the turn has come to radically change privacy. Surprisingly, even to the representatives of this sign will exchange views on the nature and relationships with men. Suddenly declare themselves some secret desire, the presence of which the Archers had not suspected. They suddenly begin to perceive a different love, sexual passion, affection and easily will enter into new relationships. The success of the male sex Sagittarius in the Year of the Dragon is guaranteed. It will enhance their chances of fateful meeting, and Sagittarius in the Year of the Dragon lucky. They'll find someone who can give happiness.

    Family Sagittarians, too, will change. They have the desire, which never happened before. New desires may well shock the second half. However, if the relationship is normal in the house, the husband will be pleased. After all, Sagittarians will be incredibly sexy and passionate. They finally appreciate the depth of feeling of husband and all related actions. If the marriage is on the verge of collapse, Sagittarius must be restrained and guided by common sense. Changes in behavior can cause jealousy. And it will end is unknown to anyone.

  10. Capricorn woman

    Lonely Capricorns in 2012 is very attend to the condition of their heart affairs. It was at this time in their lives will be the person with whom Capricorns can be incredibly happy and very unhappy. The meeting will be an unexpected and immediately exalt the representatives of this sign straight to heaven. They become very romantic royalty and believe in what has finally found his destiny. The man surely reciprocate. However, in order not to lose, Capricorns will have to soberly assess their behavior and understand the mistakes of the past. Do it will not be easy, but then the reward for the effort - happiness!

    Family Capricorns will be loving and to show their feelings more openly. If the relationship with the spouse uneven, they are able to stabilize. When they moved into the category of boring and mundane, Capricorns will be able to make communication with his half a warm and bright.

  11. Aquarius woman

    Lonely Vodoleiham 2012 promises constant passion. The behavior of the representatives of this sign will be guided by emotions and will make them unusual behavior. Lack of judgment will allow Aquarius to make a lot of romantic dating, but they do not promise a Year of the Dragon prospects and significance. But it increases the likelihood of the resumption of the previous relationship with a man, destroying the fault of Aquarius. In order to revive this relationship, Aquarius should give vent to his feelings. However, we must remember - back not only good but also bad, once the cause has become insoluble conflict. If we have a bad Aquarius not developed immunity, better to abandon the resumption of relations. New meetings will be more pleasant.

    Family Vodoleihi in the Year of the Dragon will look at your marriage differently. Someone noticed in him a lot of positive sides, someone will see a lot of negative. If the marriage seem successful Aquarians need to show their sensuality. If not, put on a mask of impenetrability. In any case, you must first try to balance emotions and judgment, and then to take some decisions. And do not deny yourself the opportunity of happiness in the future.

  12. Female Fish

    Single Pisces relationships horoscope for 2012 will have a good opportunity to love and be loved. Everything that I dreamed, will start to come true easily and without any effort on the part of Pisces. They all Year of the Dragon promises great good fortune to be communicated to all who are near, and who meet on life's journey. Fish will be very attractive, and the representatives of the stronger sex will fly to them like moths to a light. Pisces this year will be able to easily turn flirtation into a serious relationship, running into a strong and happy marriage. However, for such an idyll was not overshadowed by anything, they need to avoid encounters with humans full of negativity. Fish in the Year of the Dragon is too sensitive and vulnerable. Someone's rudeness and meanness can cause them severe emotional pain and destroy the romantic euphoria.

    Family Fish in 2012 will receive from their halves lot of attention. In the house of trust and tenderness reign, allowing the couple to understand each other without words. Marriage acquire a new quality and will become even stronger and happier.

 Horoscope relationship Zodiac sign for 2012

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