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Each of us strives to meet a reliable and decent life partner with whom you can establish a long-term and lasting matrimony. But do not be mistaken in choosing a partner and be able to interest him in a long time? The answer will tell astrology. For each sign of the zodiac is peculiar to its own set of personal qualities and characteristics, knowing that, we can avoid many mistakes from the outset to choose the right strategy of behavior. Today we tell about how to win a man-Virgo, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo.

How to arouse the interest of the male Virgo

How to generate interest in a male Virgin? The feelings experienced by a male virgin, expressed in constant ridicule and irony. It is his defensive reaction to a potential threat, depending on the emotional love. He always tries to hide their true, deep love experiences.

If you manage to convince a man-Virgo that in a loving union may find peace and harmony of feelings and emotions, he can trust you with time and become a loving and caring partner. In a relationship with him you do not have to expect any special emotions, ups and downs, but they will be full of permanence and stability, which are not less important.

To win distrustful and cautious man, a virgin, have to work hard and stock remarkable patience. After all, he let to his heart only the one in whose reliability and the ability to support in difficult times to be sure. For it is particularly important economic and orderly, as he himself extremely meticulous in this respect, likes to lay everything is always in place and can not stand the dirt and untidiness.

How to arouse the interest of the male Aries

Aries man is capable of a very strong ecstatic love, like a volcanic eruption or explosion of the atomic bomb. Most of all, he appreciates her love unpredictability. Aries always loved sincerely and with all his soul. But as far as his passion is burning, and carried away all his thoughts, just as it is, unfortunately, short-lived. So if you notice that his interest begins to fade, and the flame of love slowly fade, it's time to prove himself from an unexpected quarter.

The most preferred option in this situation would simply disappear for a while, and then re-entered his life in unexpected ways. At the same time you have to hit him in the heart of its stunning beauty, sexuality and intriguing femininity. Throughout your relationship with Aries do not forget to present his diverse and unexpected surprises. Surprise him with something new and unknown, even to him will always be the discovery of how you behave at one time or another.

Aries women like initiative, but not when a woman is trying to "pull the blanket" over all possible ways. It is important to not be afraid to appear with him weak and defenseless. This will affect the Aries calming and he'll want to protect your feelings. In short, in order to conquer the Ram, it is always important to stay true woman - fragile, unpredictable and mysterious.

 Virgo man how to win

How to arouse the interest of the male Taurus

Male Taurus is reliable and at the same time gentle, sentimental and vpechatlitelen.Telets capable of deep and lasting feelings. He was very constant in the relationship quickly becomes attached to the object of his love, and always tries to keep its alliance. His attention to be able to win only a balanced and calm woman.

Taurus abhorrent extravagance and unpredictable reactions. He does not like extravagant women and those who may try to use it. If you start to win the Taurus, forget for a while about all the plans to live at his expense. Male Taurus frugal and thrifty, but when his feelings for you will be deep and serious, he will begin to make a pleasant surprise.

Taurus needs a woman, able to create the comfort of home, with its golden heart and kindness. He immediately able to determine whether the woman in the role of the companion of his life or not. For him the most important sincerity, he hates hypocrisy in all its manifestations.

Taurus will not tolerate the slightest flirtation with other men, he was very jealous. It is also important to be able to quietly convince him to their cause, to find the right arguments, avoiding any pressure to which it organically can not stand.

How to arouse the interest of the male Gemini

The duality of Gemini is also manifested in his love relationships, in which he held a rather contradictory behavior. You'll never know what to expect from the twins in the next minute, because all actions Gemini depend exclusively on his mood is very changeable. Captivate him much easier than to keep.

Gemini characteristic of constant thirst for new experiences. By nature he was very curious, so you will need to constantly throw up his new themes for debate and motivate his interesting affairs. If you can convince him that his life with you is full of a variety of colorful and dizzying adventure, he will follow you around like a little kid waiting for a surprise.

At the same time there are moments which clearly should be avoided in a relationship with him, so as not to lose it once and for all. In conversations with a male twin can not always demand the details they irritate him, he is quite superficial. Also categorically counter with the twins somehow try to limit his freedom. He is a very freedom-loving and can fly forever.

 how to win a man Maid

How to arouse the interest of the male Cancer

Man-Cancer is characterized by particularly tremulous tenderness in the relationship and will be a real boon for women with impressionable nature and fine spiritual organization. Dreamy and vulnerable, he is sincere from the very beginning. Presenting himself to his beloved, he trusted her completely. From your favorite, he is waiting for the same in return.

Cancer - the most sensitive to harsh words zodiac sign. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious in his statements. To conquer cancer, you need to constantly be soft and pliable. nature, it draws it as a magnet. Complexed by nature, he was sensitive to any criticism of his words or actions. Cancer is always very closely connected with the family, so you can not speak negatively about his relatives.

How to generate interest in a male lion

Man a left able to really get carried away only truly regal person. He repelled any mediocrity and philistinism. Against them to the beloved demands deep enough and varied, and to impress him, you should try. Lion companion will only truly outstanding, wherein a sharp mind, excellent education and dignified woman.

For Leo are important qualities of the soul partner. He needs a decent and has a soft gentle-minded woman. For him it is important that, admiring his achievements and praising his personality, at the same time she was modest and content with his position in the shadow of his authority. At the same time it must command respect from others for their achievements and develop a personal plan.

 How to win a man Virgo, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo

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 sexuality and horoscope

Connected male sexuality and male zodiac sign among themselves? Astrologers say that, yes. But this relationship is not evident when he was still young. Then, almost all young men hormones play a vengeance, and my head is spinning only one thing - as soon as possible to drag in bed slender and cute girl. Influence of the zodiac sign of sexuality becomes evident in adulthood. In this age of man is like plenty enough to "slender and cute" ladies and now must be suitable to have sex more thoroughly. About what and who Sexuality Zodiac signs, we'll find out.

Horoscope male sexuality

  1. Man-Ram

    This representative of the stronger sex sexual excitement of youth passes into adulthood. He gladly climb into bed with any pretty lady, and then jump out of it and rush forward. No, family Aries behave so recklessly. They struggled keep themselves in his hands, trying to settle down. But nature has a nature! It makes the imagination run amok, creating fantastic sex scenes with appetizing girls. Well, free Aries in anything does not deny. Having conquered one victim, they begin to survey the neighborhood in search of the next. And so until then, until we landed in someone's trap;

  2. Male Taurus

    Mature Taurus sex circumstantial and hardy. He does not abandon the idea of ​​youth seduce more women. But chasing them, as a young man, it will be gone. Taurus slowly probing the soil slowly, eyeing the woman, and then making a strong assertive attack. And bore down on the dazed by his sudden overbearing lady. Having thoroughly studied all her charms and bringing the poor to insanity, he switches his attention to another object. And again begins to slowly probe the soil;

  3. Man-Twin

    This enthusiastic to the idea of ​​sex is a delight. He rushes enthusiastically discuss how and when to do it better, then jumps to the sport, work, internet, cars ... and forget with what, in fact, the conversation began. No, if you do not let the Gemini long talk, and get right to take action, sex, of course, take place. But what exactly need this fidget in bed, no one knows. Even he himself;

  4. Man-Cancer

    Sexuality Cancer and Taurus like. But, unlike the bulls, soil Cancers probed only for one partner. And the approach to this issue is very selective. If we are preparing an attack, the only one that seems most appealing in all respects. Cancers attack with lightning speed and virtuosity. However, if the resistance of the ladies too actively, draw back and at times get into the hole. Then again protrude from the shelter in order to select the most-most ... and it all starts again;

  5. Man-Lion

    Lions in adulthood sex are lukewarm. Not imperial this business. Tsarskoye thing - beautiful in style and charm to seduce a woman, showing her that Leo - the steepest in the world. I must say that it manages. Women are ready to go with Leo and the edge of the earth, and in the bed. Here are just a bed, he does not call - there have to strain and Leo laziness. It is much easier, sitting on a throne in a luxurious robe to conquer the fairer sex manners ruler of the world;

  6. Man Deva

    Virgin adulthood sex love. Especially the preparations for it. They will be worn on the sex shopam, flipping Kama Sutra, buy silk underwear and aphrodisiacs to choose as long as the woman does not get tired of waiting and go away. However, Virgin will not survive long. They die down in the silk underwear, a little on the subject pofantaziruet sex and sleep. And the next day again to outline the object ohmureniya and begin to fuss, inventing recipes from aphrodisiacs and enveloping bed linen new;

  7. Man-Scales

    Mature Libra demonstrative sexual behavior are not seen. They are quietly waiting for someone from the women to begin their sex ubaltyvat. Ubaltyvat Libra long, painfully thinking - is it worth? It may be better to wait another more perfect in all respects, lady? And wait. Then, finally, wait, lie in bed with her and begin to think - and was it worth? Perhaps it was necessary to wait for more?

  8. Male Scorpio

    Scorpios are interested in sex in so far as. They are quite satisfied with the Lady constant, even when it has studied the length and breadth. Why strain, trying to seduce the other? In life there are more important things. Decide the fate of the world, for example. However, if there would be some kind of stunning beauty, then why would it not be alone ... If she nameknёt. And not, and is not necessary. Come to deal with the fate of the world;

  9. The male Sagittarius

    Archers are only interested in sex when he promises something extraordinary. No, not necessarily that it was some kind of exotic sex. The main thing that the Lady amazing, the rest will follow. But the trouble - to capture the imagination of Sagittarius, if he has seen enough of all, the traditional ways of seduction is hard. Damn it outright neckline and transparent negligees. Adopt a Sagittarius can only what he still does not even have representation. So try then, surprising that bore;

  10. Male Capricorn

    Sexuality Capricorn at any age deserves some praise. Its main motto is: "Bigger, better, more fun." He does not ask consent to sex with women. Yes, and it is not necessary. Ladies and so are in place. No, Capricorn will not sleep with anyone. He simply chooses the most worthy of the queue and assign them the reception. And it will take in strict accordance with the regulations;

  11. Man Aquarius

    Aquarians are also always quite sexy. But not particularly picky. In short, who will warm, and are happy to try. A warm Aquarius sought by many, the main thing - have time to warm up. Most interesting is that Aquarius succeeds. And it makes it easy, ease, without offending anyone, and especially not sweating. Surprisingly, this lady's pet is almost never punished for their many intrigues;

  12. Male Fish

    Fish in adulthood are big dreamers. They keep dreaming about what kind of a woman it would be nice to see in his bed. Represent its shape, voice, eyes, chest, legs ... And then puzzled - yes there is such in the world at all ?! Pulls himself down to the ground and begin to dream again. Here are here eyes, like this form, so that's chest ... Well, there is such in the world, no!

 Sexuality and Sign in men

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