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  • What are different men - Libra
  • How to conquer a man - Libra

The man born under the sign of Libra - extremely unstable and unpredictable man. His mood was changeable as the weather. That shines bright tender sun, then suddenly raid heavy wind and everything will spread ... And then the sun shines again. Moreover, the holder of such an extraordinary nature as sudden mood swings are not confused, he just finds them an explanation, apology and behaves on, as if nothing had happened.

So think seriously about how to win a man - Libra may, perhaps, only a lover of thrills. However, the majority of the representatives of this sign - the guys are not evil. They are simply testy. Well, pobushuyut and calm down. So why not discuss the conquest of some of them? Moreover, the heart can not command. Let's start ...

What are different men - Libra

Despite his fragile man - Libra is still committed to a relative equilibrium in life. This is a dreamer who wants to be surrounded by nice people and beautiful things. Wanting something he wants, but is not always able to hold a number of nice people. If a man born under the sign of Libra, somewhat dissatisfied, he is able to arrange an ugly scandal.

And set up against him all those who reached out to him. However, Libra othodchivy and are able to recognize all of its disgusting act. Therefore, they are usually forgiven, knowing that rages just explained Libra uncertainty in the reliability of the situation.

In general, the man - not the leader of the balance of nature. He does not like responsibility and tends to shift the search for solutions to some problems on the shoulders of others. People of this sign of the zodiac prefer to obey the circumstances, and not fight with them. At the same time they are trying to reinsurers and podstelit straw wherever you can. Scales are extremely careful in his actions, which, however, does not prevent them from time to time go out himself. But then they try to re-arrange all the fret. And for this may even transcend its own principles.

In short, with Libra women have a hard time. However, men of this sign are always plenty of fans. It is not surprising - Libra elegant, eloquent and able to take care of. However, seducing young lady, they do not always put the goal is to have a serious relationship with her. This is a long time admirer look closely, weigh, meditate. And then may decide that all this is useless to him, and to move away from that which yesterday called almost a deity.

So how do you tame the ever-elusive migratory bird?

 how to win a man scales

How to conquer a man - Libra

Since Libra is always in stock a lot of approximate to the throne of the ladies, one that seriously hopes to conquer born under this sign will not be easy. To be successful you need to be simply irresistible special attention which is very expensive. Every piece of clothing, every word, every gesture must be verified, outstanding and harmonious. A man of this sign truly interested in a woman, surpassing other women around. Libra needs a brilliant beauty, able to maintain a conversation on any topic. Otherwise, the young man is not only a novel, even on an easy affair with it will not be solved.

As we have noted, the man - not the leader of the balance and not a conqueror. Therefore, it will have to win the most. But we must act not impudently, and delicately and carefully. Start best with a long and interesting conversations about art, politics, cinema, literature. The main thing - to show Libra his erudition, intelligence and competence in these matters.

And if besides shine and wit, the gentleman just come in delight! However, consider that his victory over them is not necessary. In order to take a final decision, Libras need a lot of time. Use this time better, celebrating his triumph, and looking closely at this difficult person and picking up the key to it. Not a triumph in the end may result in a complete failure.

In general, women intending to win the heart of a man born under the sign of Libra, is to know exactly all his preferences. You need to be aware of what kind of books he likes, what music to listen to, which likes to spend time and so on. Scouting such information should be as if by chance, like not showing much interest. Libra can not stand the feel of game, to which the hunted. Then, after a while, it will be possible to hint at particular its attitude to this man. It is likely that he will rush to the attack. And the story will develop favorably. If the young lady would not allow any faux pas.

In fact, if you find a Libra approach with such a man would be quite comfortable. His impulsiveness is easily adjustable counter display of tranquility and gentle sensuality. Of course, the girl does not have much patience with the representatives of this sign is best avoided. It is not an initiative, can not make decisions, prone to reflection and sudden outbursts of anger. Unseasoned, nervous ladies long endure such not under force. Balanced the lady is quite capable of indulgent treat such quirks and loved to be with a man - Libra happy.

 How to win a man - Libra

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  • Aries and his character
  • How to win a man's heart - Aries

Man - Aries - nature is usually creative and somewhat contradictory. He is passionate and extremely and utterly cold. At any age, Aries is still quite naive, so the question of how to win a man-of Aries, in principle, be solved easily. But asking for such a purpose, should be taken into account: a temperamental and romantic, it can in an instant become unapproachable, aloof and arrogant. And to understand that so suddenly changed the mood of this man is very, very difficult. The reason lies in the fact that Aries has a peculiar nature. What is the peculiarity of his?

Aries and his character

Generally, Aries conquer pretty nice. Normally a man of this sign of the zodiac to almost old age looks and behaves like a guy. Aries long remains gullible, naive and childish directly. At the same time, he often has a remarkable courage, great strength of will and purpose. And when Ram something does not work, be with him is not very comfortable. This enthusiastic child can in an instant turn into a fire-breathing dragon, flashing because every nonsense. So if we think about how to win a man - Aries, it should take note of. And do not hang out at his feet when Aries is not in the spirit. Better to quietly step aside and wait for a better moment, not trying to argue and not asking stupid questions.

Aries are too intolerant of others, too arrogant and too demanding. They loved-but at the same time are capable of true love to the one that will win his heart. We must say at once that it will have to make an effort. Because Aries is prone to idealize his chosen and wants to see it as a sublime creation. It is not necessary to give him to understand that we have the same terrestrial origin, as well as all - appear in an unfavorable light, while Aries apply makeup, manicure and so on. Otherwise, he may give up and go further in search of the ideal.

Aries - great owner, but he at the same time is quite windy. Girls who will win it, you need to consider: flirting with another man Aries will not tolerate, and in its flash of jealousy when he flirts, will not pay attention. However, they are, in fact, useless. Because Aries hardly allow himself any lasting relationship on the side. His woman, he can appreciate. And will not change. Rather, just parted with her at first, and then zavedet new novel.

Lady, reflecting on how to win a man's heart, Aries, you need to remember - he never recognizes himself wrong. And if we suddenly begin to prove that he did wrong, boy, born under this sign, deems such behavior is a betrayal. Aries is a human fireworks. It easily turns a passion, bright flashes, and then, if something does not suit the woman quickly extinguished.

In general, if you have patience and take note of idealism and romanticism of Aries, with his side can feel preotlichno. Aries is able to surround with care and affection. As we have said, it is capable of true love and is able to be faithful. Courted several women at the same time these men do not know how. They first stopped relationship with one of them, and then fall in love with another. And do not pretend to be in love with Aries and his intentions to break the link does not hide.

 how to win a man ram

How to win a man's heart - Aries

In principle, the lure of Aries is not difficult. The main thing - that it drew attention to the girl. This happens when it looks invitingly, well maintained and quite bright. Not worth trying to bring this extraordinary man, to be too modest, constrained, boring. And do not give him to understand what is interesting to us. Very good tactic in this case - briefly disappear, appear to tease again disappear. Aries need to fend for themselves gradually. But do it carefully. Otherwise, the beloved may get tired of playing cat and mouse, and it will go away.

Oh well. Here we will succeed, Aries tempted. But the need is more and to conquer his heart! What's next, then? Please remember that Aries does not know how to recognize the wrongfulness. And do not try to impose his opinion. It is wise not to argue over nothing, once again silent or poddaknut. Cavalier like a warehouse person appreciates that support it. It is hard to disagree with him everything? It can be a little bit and be patient, look, find the key to the character. And then it is very delicate and sometimes insist on his. All spent on this effort will pay off with a vengeance. Aries male is very attentive, hard-working and persistent. They seek to provide for his family and become a reliable support it.

In a word, how the relationship will develop further, it depends on our endurance, observation, intelligence and talent to listen. Plant is best not to talk about myself, but about the affairs of Aries, his plans and challenges. Let him speak. And we will make conclusions, nothing without consulting. And do not give up on his offer to visit even those places where it will be unbearably boring. This is useful for strengthening relations, since then it will be possible to speak openly about their feelings Aries. You should not be embarrassed - he was very impressed with the sincerity.

In general, when dealing with Aries should try to be upbeat and energetic. Men born under this sign, attracted little too staid, too prudent ladies aspiring to regular life. Aries All we need new impressions and fresh experiences, unexpected events. Therefore, we have to be smart and ingenuity, and all the time to surprise a loved one with its unpredictability. For example, today you can be humble, naive, weak. But tomorrow suddenly become a strong-willed, self-confident and determined. Such behavior surely go astray Aries confused and interested in it. A stone calmness and phlegm repelled. Aries pulls to the strong, but not afraid to show their defenseless women. Such impulsive ladies pacify his tendency to aggression and tied to itself for long.

If you are going to conquer the Aries, you need to remember - in communion with him to avoid hostility, cunning, innuendo, obscure allusions. His annoying prone to complicate anything female. You should not confuse something and try to hide. Aries appreciates frankness and is able to notice the slightest false behavior of the girl. And if we start to play a role, he immediately understand everything. Therefore, for example, do not need to build from a touchy at the time, in fact it is not so. This is a sure way to kill a relationship instantly.

It should not be met with Aries, to strive for leadership, rude, swear or exhibit some masculine qualities. Women's strength - it is something special and it is not similar to men. Men of this type of hate vulgarschinu and hardly carried away rough lady looks like a grenadier in a skirt. They must always be men and have complete freedom of action. No innocent solutions we can also accept, of course! For example, a mouse pad to buy or what to cook for dinner. All serious cases will administer it. And if you try to take away that right of Aries, then we will not see a loved one, as their ears without a mirror!

 Aries How to win - a man

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